God on Mute: Engaging the Silence of Unanswered Prayer

God on Mute Engaging the Silence of Unanswered Prayer Pete Greig the acclaimed author of Red Moon Rising has written his most intensely personal and honest account yet in God on Mute a book born out of his wife Samie s fight for her life and diagnosis

  • Title: God on Mute: Engaging the Silence of Unanswered Prayer
  • Author: Pete Greig
  • ISBN: 9780830743247
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pete Greig, the acclaimed author of Red Moon Rising, has written his most intensely personal and honest account yet in God on Mute, a book born out of his wife Samie s fight for her life and diagnosis of a debilitating brain tumor Greig asks the timeless questions of what it means to suffer and to pray and to suffer through the silence because your prayers seem unansweredPete Greig, the acclaimed author of Red Moon Rising, has written his most intensely personal and honest account yet in God on Mute, a book born out of his wife Samie s fight for her life and diagnosis of a debilitating brain tumor Greig asks the timeless questions of what it means to suffer and to pray and to suffer through the silence because your prayers seem unanswered This silence, Greig relates, is the hardest thing The world collapses Then all goes quiet Words can t explain, don t fit, won t work People avoid you and don t know what to say So you turn to Him and you pray You need Him than ever before But somehow even God Himself seems on mute.In this heart searching, honest and deeply profound book, Pete Greig looks at the hard side of prayer, how to respond when there seem to be no answers and how to cope with those who seek to interpret our experience for us Here is a story of faith, hope and love beyond all understanding.

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    1. If you're going through a tough time in life (as we all do at some point so don't take the good times for granted), this book is just such a comfort.

    2. I have met Pete a few times and been impressed by his depth of insight, and read The Vision and the Vow, laughed at the naked lift episode and wondered if he had anything to say on unanswered prayer - a mystery to many air head charismatic evangelicals like myself. I have found him riveting on this subject.In particular the summaries at the end of each chapter will make it possible to quickly re-read the elements of the book that have been most helpful.If you or a friend are confused about unans [...]

    3. A dear friend at work recommended this book. I absolutely loved the first half, and couldn't put the book down. The second half kept me engaged, but left me less inspired. Overall, absolutely worth the time. This book gave me plenty to think and ponder about. Put it on your list!

    4. Great book, really helps you to understand and feel clearer on your own understanding of why sometimes prayers go unaswered for some time. Also on the popular misjudgement of those who assume that without an immediate answer there is something wrong with you.

    5. This book touched me profoundly. With elegant simplicity and yet appropriate complexity, Pete explores the mystery that is unanswered prayer. Without providing any single answer, Pete begins to touch on the many possible permutations of unanswered prayer, while ultimately leaving its mystery with a loving God who Himself suffered on our behalf. I'm grateful for the thoughtful tone and the compassionate wisdom shared in this book.

    6. Answers for meI have learned much from this book. I'm also going through a similar situation with my health. Sometimes it just helps to know that you're not alone. Thanks for this book.

    7. Peter Grieg is the founder of the 24/7 prayer movement and wrote God On Mute after his wife Sammie had been diagnosed with a brain tumour.In his strikingly honest, personal look at Prayer Pete takes a hard look at why God might not answer, or does not seem to answer prayer. God On Mute is written from his own personal experiences with his wife Sammi, who although underwent successful treatment for her brain tumour, still suffers terrible epilepsy after the treatment.I used to think that God alwa [...]

    8. The book is all about dealing with unanswered Prayer. Pete Greig, as one of the founders of the 24-7 prayer movement has seen and experienced God answering many prayers in exciting ways. Yet at the same time, the prayer that he would most like to have answered has not. There are obvious parallels with the Apostle and his thorn-in-the-flesh. The book is especially good in that Greig does not provide those suffocating answers that are all too common. Rather he deals with unanswered prayer from a n [...]

    9. I really enjoyed the vulnerability of the author and his candid way of describing just how hard unanswered prayer can be. In my own life I have been dealing with unanswered prayer for over 3 years. You do wonder where is God and how can He leave me this way for so long? I loved how he used Jesus journey from Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and eventually Easter Sunday to contrast our own suffering and loneliness that can accompany unanswered prayer. The part of the book that really [...]

    10. It’s difficult to review a book without giving too much away as this was a very good book and one I would recommend everyone to read, where having experienced unanswered prayer or not. For me there were some great truths expressed in the book, those truths coming from scripture, and even the fact that Jesus himself experienced unanswered prayer.This book gives 16 suggestions to why prayers can be, or can feel, unanswered and again without giving too much away these suggestions range from incon [...]

    11. This is the second of Pete Grieg's books I have read and to my surprise I enjoyed this one more than Red Moon Rising (which was very good) It is amazing to me how at this time in my life this book has come along and God spoken so clearly to me through it. It's a very honest book, which does suggest some answers to the dilema of unanswered prayer, but also enters into the frustration of it. He opens up his onw and that of his wifes situation and reveals his own ongoing struggles, its not a book t [...]

    12. This is not a formulaic book that makes excuses for unanswered prayer. It is honest, personal (his wife deals with epileptic fits and other challenges they pray about throughout the book), and unflinching. Pete Greig is a man who believes prayer is still one of the most important, if still quite mysterious, things we can do in chasing after God and wanting to know Him. Reading this book will help you come to prayer more honestly, and—believe it or not—with greater confidence, determination, [...]

    13. God on Mute is perhaps the most poignant and relevant book I have read since Captivating, and perhaps even moreso. Grieg sensitively intertwines stories, both personal and historical, with theology and wisdom, historical to contemporary. He takes inspiration from hymns, poems, literature and contemporary music to grab at the soul-wrenching dilemma of God's silence in our pain. I anticipate that this book is one I will return to frequently throughout my life, with joy and the sometimes flinching [...]

    14. I feel fortunate to not have suffered much in my life so far. I've seen important friends and family members suffer and I'm sure I will have moments of deeply painful unanswered prayers. This book was beyond moving it spoke truth in a conversation usually saturated with Christian platitudes and mumbo jumbo. This book seriously changed my life and will hopefully help me through tough times and help understand how God can still "be" in the silent moments. So thankful for this book and the author f [...]

    15. I read this book at the right time in my life. I'll definitely read it again and use the study guide in the back to help facilitate some deeper thinking with it. The book flowed really well and addressed the key issues with unanswered prayer and the silence of God. This is a subject that is completely glossed over in churches today and it's a subject that needs to be addressed. What a needed and refreshing book on such a core problem. I personally felt comforted reading the book and finally foun [...]

    16. Musím uznať, že sa autor s touto témou "popasoval" veľmi zaujímavo a určite povzbudí nejedného zlomeného človeka, aby na Boha nezanevrel. Pretože keď Boh mlčí, tak to ešte neznamená, že mu na nás nezáleží. Dielo je naozaj pekné, avšak mala som s ním spočiatku problém. Čítalo sa mi ťažko a v niektorých prípadoch som nedostala dostačujúce odpovede alebo Boh nevyznel práve najlepšie. No nemení to nič na fakte, že by ste mali po knihe siahnuť, pretože odpove [...]

    17. Pete uses the story of his wife's illness to teach about prayer and what happens when it seems God is silent.Like "Red Moon Rising" this book is an amazing read. It is full of emotion and questions and answers and uses the outline of Easter week wonderfully. I had never thought about the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, and what that day must have been like for the disciples, until reading this book.

    18. This is one of my absolute favorite books, I have read it through several times. It very honestly looks at the disappointments that come in life, discusses why that may be (if there can even be a reason), and helps the reader to engage and be proactive. This is not a traditional self-help, inspirational, book (though I find it does help and inspire me), this is a 'man, life can be really horrible, and sometimes it appears that God just ignores us, what the heck?' book.

    19. Brilliant! This is probably the best book I have ever read on the subject of prayer, it is a masterpiece. It looks at the many reasons why God does not always answer prayer. It is honest, moving and thought provoking, eg. Jesus promises 'you will have trouble' (John 16 v 33) but not many people stick that verse on the fridge! Everyone who prayer should read this book as it give insight into how not to pray.

    20. It's a book about unanswered prayer and with that, it is really a book about how to deal with the suffering that life inevitably brings. The author shares a lot of his own personal story of dealing with his wife's illness, and that makes the book even more powerful. He has no easy answers but gives perspective and hope. The book is an easy read in some sense (style of writing) but difficult in another sense (subject matter). I'm glad I read it.

    21. My friend in Cornwall is reading this for her Bible Study. I was so intrigued by the first meeting that I went to their house and downloaded the book. I read it in a week. It is a great book that talks about why God allows prayers to go unanswered. The author references a few of my faith heroes including Corrie Ten Boom and C.S. Lewis. It was a very readable book that made me think. Not my typical vacation read, but one that I am glad to have found.

    22. This book takes an honest look at what do you do when you pray and don't get an answer? I have given away every copy I buy, even had a copy I took to Ethiopia and ended up leaving that one there as well. This is a behind the scenes look at honest reflections of life from the author of Red Moon Rising's Pete Greig.

    23. This is a very special book. If you want to make sense of everyday Christian life and prayer, then you must read this book. There is a great deal of common sense contained within these pages. Within days of reading it, a vicar friend who was visiting us in France was hooked on it. I would like to study it with our house group.

    24. Deep, readable, vulnerable & hopeful. Not formulaic in attempting to answer the mystery of unanswered prayer. It's my 2nd reading and I think it's a great book to return to over again at different stages of life.And I could not believe when I shared a passage from the book at music group this week most of them had never heard of it!!

    25. This is the best book on unanswered prayer I've ever read. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It is clear, concise, and approachable. Thank you so much, Pete Greig, for your insights. May God continue to bless your ministry.

    26. An amazing book. Very different from many that you will read on the subject of prayer. Deep yet readable, beautifully honest, profound because it is almost organically formed through tears and trials and praise and relationship. A book to engage with and keep returning to.

    27. Pete Greig is so vulnerable in this book that it takes you by surprise. I read this at a time in my life that was extremely difficult and got a lot of hope and perspective from it. It is brilliantly written.

    28. This is not only the best book on prayer that I've read (of which, admittedly, there are not many) - it is also the most helpful & encouraging teaching on prayer I've received in any form. I may be the world's worst pray-er, but if anything can change that, I'm hopeful that this book can.

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