The Many Deaths of the Black Company

The Many Deaths of the Black Company In Water Sleeps the surviving members of the Company regroup in Taglios determined to free their fellow warriors held in stasis beneath the glittering plain Journeying there under terrible condition

  • Title: The Many Deaths of the Black Company
  • Author: Glen Cook
  • ISBN: 9780765324016
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Water Sleeps, the surviving members of the Company regroup in Taglios, determined to free their fellow warriors held in stasis beneath the glittering plain Journeying there under terrible conditions, they arrive just in time for a magical conflagration in which the bones of the world will be revealed, the history of the Company unveiled, and new worlds gained and lost In Water Sleeps, the surviving members of the Company regroup in Taglios, determined to free their fellow warriors held in stasis beneath the glittering plain Journeying there under terrible conditions, they arrive just in time for a magical conflagration in which the bones of the world will be revealed, the history of the Company unveiled, and new worlds gained and lost all at a terrible price.And in Soldiers Live, no Black Company member has died in battle for four years Croaker figures it can t last Then a report arrives of an an old enemy newly active again It attacks them at a shadowgate setting off a chain of events that will bring the Company to the edge of apocalypse and, as usual, several steps beyond.

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    1. This is my review for not just this omnibus edition consisting of the last two books, but for the entire series.------------In the beginning, there was the Black Company. In the end, the Black Company remains, relentless and unyielding, refusing to surrender to the jaws of death.If you’re actually intending to read all of this, then I would urge you to pour a cup of coffee or tea and make yourself comfortable. This will be the longest review I’ve written, complete with tons of quotes to make [...]

    2. These two books (Water Sleeps and Soldiers Live) may be my favorite in the series. Saying that about the last two books (at least for now) in a series says a lot about Glen Cook as a writer. Yes, there are "many deaths" as the title says but each one feels fitting considering what's been established before. Some endings are happy, most are not which shouldn't surprise the reader given Cook's world thus far. The conclusion is satisfying to me in that there is closure regarding most of the storyli [...]

    3. And it's over. Like many series, this one went down hill a little as it dragged onwards. The characters in the later stories (especially the books of the south onwards) just aren't as compelling or interesting as the Books of the North.Also, especially in Soldiers Live, there seemed to be some completely unnecessary and gratuitous deaths, including characters who had no right being killed by what killed them. Also, many of the characters dropped out of the story with no explanation as to what ha [...]

    4. "That is us. The Black Company. Wicked deeds done dirt cheap. But by damn! You had better pony up when payment is due. Otherwise, if we must, we will come back from the grave itself to make sure our accounts are properly balanced."

    5. I liked this omnibus about as much as I expected but much less than I'd hoped. Better than the third, not as good as the second, nowhere near the first. Ah, well.The first book, Water Sleeps, is narrated by Sleepy, who's taken over as interim Annalist in the last fifteen (!!) years since the end of She Is the Darkness. Meh. I found myself wondering why it took her so long to enact all her plans. Strangely, I didn't mind her as a narrator, but that might have been because she was the only remaini [...]

    6. Wow, this did not go in the direction I thought it would, but that's not a bad thing in this case. It wraps up the series in a way that is satisfying without being too overt and in a way that has hints of realism and the randomness that we've come to expect. It is less about awesome heroes and more about the ability to adapt to changing conditions and alliances and technologies and knowledge and, above all, the indomitable soul of the Black Company. That is, that no matter who dies, who defects, [...]

    7. As an avid fan of the Black Company, I would dearly love more books following their exploits and continent-spanning adventures and infamy, but if none ever surface, The Many Deaths represents, whether intentionally or otherwise, a perfect place to end the series. A superb and thoroughly satisfying end to the best Fantasy series I've ever read. Conclusion and resolution both, with space sufficient to explore and extrapolate further (as I believe is Glen Cook's intention).Commensurate with the res [...]

    8. Unlike many people, I cannot rate the individual books, I can only rate the series as a whole. I read them all in omnibus form, one following the other, and enjoyed pretty much every page of them. I have read a good deal of reviews, where the later books are panned, but I thoroughly enjoyed the gritty writing style throughout. The characters DO "write" in a somewhat similar tone, but I dont find that to be a detractor. They do serve together, and are bound to share attributes. I was impressed wi [...]

    9. As far as I can tell, this is the last of the Chronicles of the Black Company. I felt this resumed the quality of the other books in the series, after a mild dip found in the Glittering Stone Vol. 1. The end of a series is always tricky, and going in I had pretty low expectations. Given the nature of the Chronicles, and how characters come and go throughout, I wasn't sure how Cook would wrap it up while remaining true to the series. While there were parts of this that I wasn't very happy with, I [...]

    10. I really enjoyed the two books contained in this omnibus. Glen Cook does a great job of sweeping you into his world and involving you with this characters. There are two more books scheduled to be released in the future, but with no update on when/if these will ever be released you could consider Soldiers Live the finale of the Black Company series, and what a finale it was.I found myself sad and heartbroken at times as Croaker outlives a lot of his friends and allies in the Black Company but st [...]

    11. Holy hell. I'm finally finished. I can't explain the lack of active interest I had in this one. I feel like I SHOULD have liked it more than I did. And I do actually like the fact that this omnibus comes back around to focus on Croaker's viewpoint. I like the storyline. I like the characters. But for some reason I couldn't summon up any enthusiasm for getting this book read. There was no point in time while reading it, that I felt I just HAD to read one more chapter before putting it down. I eve [...]

    12. A satisfying completion to the black company series though it leaves me asking what next for lady, croaker, and their daughter. It opened up whole new possibilities through croakers new role, ladies new powers and glimpses into other worlds and histories. Dont get me wrong though, it does end the story line nicely wrapping up the main antagonist/antagonists.

    13. This final Omnibus for the chronicles of the infamous Black Company brings the whole story to a powerful close. I was very satisfied with the ending. Croaker is still a complete badass well into his 50's. If you've gotten to the point where you'd read this book, you've obviously been through 8 books before it. Enjoy!

    14. -I'm going to use this to review and catalog my thoughts on the series as a whole rather than just the two books in this omnibus-Ten books. One story. The story of The Black Company.Where to start? This is the longest series I've read to date and it was a journey that I think will stick with me for a very long time. I ended up reading the final seven books one after another, devoting almost all of my free time over a two week period without being able to stop. I finished feeling emotionally exha [...]

    15. Now this books ending was amazing, and something I never saw coming at all. The re-introduction of Croaker as the narrator was also something fantastic to bring back. Sleepy was alright as the annalist/narrator, but just didn't have the same flare for surprise and mystery as Croaker did. The same goes for Lady and Morgan. All in all, the ending was shocking, and to me leaves the series open to continue, if Cook wanted (and I wish he would). Despite that, you'll never know if there's disaster, en [...]

    16. The two novels in this omnibus mark a fitting conclusion to the annals of the Black Company. There were some loose ends and incompletely explained events, but that works with the “life is messy and confusing” vibe that permeates the series. Though there were a few clunkers in the series (the omnibus before this one was unimpressive), I’ve become attached enough to this band of morally ambiguous mercenaries that the many deaths promised in the title were truly moving. Enough of the company [...]

    17. For as long as this series has hung on, you'd expect Cook to be just going through the motions by this point. But: not. He's actually ringing the changes with a sure hand. I'm not thrilled with what he's done to Lady, but nevertheless, love the story(ies)

    18. Да се завърнеш в света на най-обречената дружина неспокосници – тръгнали да спасяват света, защото друг избор никога не им е даван – след около 4 години и стотици други книжни приключения, бе истинско изпитание на паметта и упоритостта ми като читател. Попадаш на непознато [...]

    19. Water Sleeps: **1/2Soldiers Live: ***1/2The end (?) of one of the most unique fantasy series I have ever read.

    20. I was hesitant going into this volume. The Black Company has been a hell of a ride, and has had some stratospheric highs and some rather disappointing lows. Yet the lows were never so low as to detract, and indeed served only to underscore how astounding were the highs (the Silver Spike shining brightly as my favorite of the whole run).Water Sleeps was the low point of the volume. Not because it was bad. On the contrary, it revealed a great deal of the mysteries of the series, and opened the way [...]

    21. I'll have to add a full review a bit later, but for now I'm just extremely satisfied with the ending of the series. This omnibus probably ended up being my favorite of them all.---------------------------Ok, so I've had some time to think about it, and also time to sit down and write my thoughts out. It's hard to judge the last book (or two books in this case) of a series without thinking about the series as a whole - a big part of endings is looking back at the whole thing, the journey that bro [...]

    22. I'm a huge fan of the Black Company and I'm more than satisfied with Water Sleeps and Soldiers Live. I preferred Sleepy as a narrator in Water Sleeps to Murgen in Bleak Seasons and She is the Darkness. Water Sleeps contained more deceit and sneaking around than previous installments and much less combat. Lady and Croaker were not among the main characters which brought some new characters into the spotlight while mixing in some familiar faces. I'll admit that I missed the staple characters of th [...]

    23. I liked Sleepy's chronicle, and the idea of her playing a long game. Her own observation of it being a struggle between powerful women was an interesting one; in the first series, women were few and far between, and discounted even. There were 3 major female characters in the first Black Company novel, but over time their prominence has increased, and the respect of the men earned.The increased magic being so common bothered me slightly, as I feel it did Croaker in the final book; the Black Comp [...]

    24. Made up of 'Water Sleeps' and 'Soldiers Live'. A satisfying conclusion to the grim fantasy of the Black Company story, but not quite as fun or weird or life-changing as I would have liked. Obviously if you've come this far you have to finish it out though!First off, 'Water Sleeps' was excellent. **** has my vote for the best Annalist and is a downright charming character. I really enjoyed the change in narrative tone (suddenly more articulate, cynical, and wry), the occasional revisiting of old [...]

    25. At long last, I finished this series. I read the first trilogy in college 30 years ago and would reread it every few years as I was unaware of the following stories (which were a nice discovery for me round about 1995). It's a bitter sweet ending for me because the first trilogy is on my top ten list of all time favorites and I have a level of attachment to Croaker and the Old Crew as he calls the Company from north of the Sea of Torments. I give props to Cook for evolving the Company as it trav [...]

    26. Well, that was a conclusion!The two books contained within this omnibus are different enough that they deserve their own separate reviews. The first one is all about underground warfare and guerilla tactics, as what's left of the Black Company after the previous book's ending is thriving to sabotage the regime and rescue their comrades. Also, ghosts. It's an interesting change in tone carried by a change in character focus, particularly with more ladies in charge.***some spoilers below***The sec [...]

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