Dolltopia From the moment Kitty a ballerina doll is assembled in the Doll Factory she questions her existence She ends up in a suburban home where a little girl plays domestic games with her and Soccer Scott

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  • Title: Dolltopia
  • Author: Abby Denson
  • ISBN: 9781931160704
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the moment Kitty, a ballerina doll, is assembled in the Doll Factory, she questions her existence She ends up in a suburban home where a little girl plays domestic games with her and Soccer Scotty, a male doll happy with the status quo The restless Kitty escapes, along the way meeting Army Jim, a military action figure He s heading for Dolltopia, where dolls have cFrom the moment Kitty, a ballerina doll, is assembled in the Doll Factory, she questions her existence She ends up in a suburban home where a little girl plays domestic games with her and Soccer Scotty, a male doll happy with the status quo The restless Kitty escapes, along the way meeting Army Jim, a military action figure He s heading for Dolltopia, where dolls have created their own society, separate from humans She joins him on the journey and the biggest adventure of their lives They give themselves makeovers, meet a helpful black cat and other free thinking dolls, lead a raid on the Doll Factory, and Kitty undergoes plastic surgery by Dolltopia s mysterious Doctor Just as she s getting settled in, Soccer Scotty tracks her down Things get even worse when a human discovers Dolltopia Acclaimed graphic novelist Abby Denson brings her trademark manga and punk inflected style to this imaginative graphic novel.

    One thought on “Dolltopia”

    1. Identity is the central theme of this bookting look at how we model individuals based on our perception of their gender identity.

    2. This book was kind of weird. My friend let me read it and there was (gay) people in it. It wasen't that confussing to me but it was okay.

    3. Really funny, but also in a way weird. I finished it in about 30 minutes and read it twice. I think the second time when I read it was better and It made more sense.

    4. Incredible. I read it in one sitting. Feminist but still friendly. It should be written into middle school curriculums to battle body dysmorphia among young girls. Abby Denson may be the next great feminist graphic writters.

    5. This book is odd. It seems on the surface to be pro-feminist and in favor of female and LGBT equality and liberation, but if you look a little deeper it gets quite disturbing. Although Kitty and Jim have been liberated from their human physical manipulators it seems as though they've merely traded that for equally terrible psychological manipulation by other dolls in dolltopia. The dolls of dolltopia claim they want to be free from being forced into cookie-cutter molds, but they really seem to j [...]

    6. Uncomfortable with her "life" in the Fantasy Home with Soccer Scotty, Kitty the doll walks out, meets Army Jim (who is similarly uncomfortable in his military milieu), and the two escape on the back of Mr. M a silent but friendly cat--and ally--who delivers them to Dolltopia. Here, they meet partners Candy X and Candy O (both former "Darling Candy" fashion dolls), who run Jigsaw, a used clothing store where they can choose the clothes that make them feel most them, and they move into the doll ho [...]

    7. This was a great book that I read in about one sitting. I teach 6th grade and contacted the author because I want it incorporated into my classroom. I think it would be great in middle school and high school libraries EXCEPT for the "Afterword" at the end of the book. It is not written by the author, but is a review from a feminist critic. Whereas Dolltopia is subtle and cute and clean, the Afterword talks about women "banging aging rockstars" and stripper dances and so onWhen I received several [...]

    8. First, any graphic novel that comes with it's own paper dolls is pretty freakin' boss in my book. (How very DIY)This graphic novel is a modern day humanist/post-humanism query into societal function, with a riot grrrl, queer, feminist attitude. Plus it's pink. And who doesn't like hot pink.

    9. I honestly think this was a pretty liberal review, maybe I should have given Dolltopia one star. When I first started, this book seemed to have cute feminist ideals and when you read the book your first thought is "wow this author is trying to tell me that it's ok to be whoever you want to be and that there's a place for all of us" but in reality when you look a little deeper it has some pretty misogynistic and disturbing undertones. For example, the book seems to think that wanting to live happ [...]

    10. I loved this book. I'm not sure why it was in my library's Adult Graphic Novels and not just general gn's because the message was truly appropriate for YA. The idea of being an individual, and not conforming to the cookie-cutter life that seems predestined for us, is one that I think all of us may need to read.Kitty Ballerina wants to know the meaning of it all. She wants to understand the purpose behind her cutesy ponytail and tutu. She has no interest in her predetermined beau Scotty or their [...]

    11. A strange book - The message seems straightforward, "it's okay to be different," but in practice it gets weird. It's hard to tell what the author meant to be positive and what was meant to be negative. So, that might be a good thing, more nuanced characters than expected, but it also makes for a slightly uncomfortable reading experience since you don't really know who to trust in the narrative. It also doesn't tell a whole story Every time it seems like something's happening, that plotline just [...]

    12. The theory behind this book is great -- dolls escaping their oppressive existence and rocking a punk-rockabilly look. But don't look too hard for plot. The story itself feels plodding. There is a lot of good concept here, but it doesn't translate further then a Womans Studies 101 lecture. The characters are literally cardboard cutouts with little to tie them together and it is choc full of plot devices. If you like feminism and women in comics, give it a read. But don't get your hopes up.

    13. A sweet, feminist, humanist fantasy for children that still manages to be pretty punk rock, written and drawn by one of the nicest people working in comics today. Way to go, Abby!

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