Honeymoon With A Killer

Honeymoon With A Killer A true crime writer teams up with a retired L A prosecutor to tell the shocking true story of Rebecca Cleland a manipulative money hungry woman who plots and carries out her husband s murder with th

  • Title: Honeymoon With A Killer
  • Author: Don Lasseter Ronald E. Bowers
  • ISBN: 9780786019298
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Paperback
  • A true crime writer teams up with a retired L.A prosecutor to tell the shocking true story of Rebecca Cleland, a manipulative, money hungry woman who plots and carries out her husband s murder with the help of members of her own family Original.

    One thought on “Honeymoon With A Killer”

    1. This is a true crime story about a woman who marries a man only for his money and what he could give her in material goods. Rebecca Salcedo is now 46 years old, but at the time she met and married Bruce Cleland, her unfortunate husband, she was about 28. She had met him at a flea mart and he was immediately smitten with her, as many men and even women were. (She had the reputation of being a party girl from the time she was very young, and grew up in an extremely dysfunctional family. Her mother [...]

    2. I enjoyed the story telling about how she met Bruce and the back stories of Bruce and Rebecca. I loved Bertha Awana. I think she was fantastic.I did not like that the case and the court were too long and could be very boring. The only exception being Rebecca post-murder and her arrest and also the prosecution's case. I enjoyed the book honestly.R.I.P Bruce Cleland <3

    3. Pretty goodrendering of a twisted and convoluted life, lives rather; the unmitigated greed of this woman and her cohorts is mind boggling. The only doubt I have is whether she got what she deserved, then again the hope she no doubt held towards her second trial and subsequent conviction, provides a little satisfaction, but not nearly enough. I prefer more background information on individuals in a true crime telling, this narrative lacked in that regard.

    4. After reading this book, I kept thinking why in the world that Bruce went back to the spice stall that day? If he never had been with any woman for the last 41 years, what compelled him to do that? It was such a fateful meeting. Fate what an elusive thing. The moment you think there is no such thing, something like this presents itself and make you wonder yet again. It will keep me wondering for some time, I'm sure.

    5. Excellent read.Would recommend to others. Pictures at end of book which is unusual for eBook. Thoroughly investigated. Trials take up a good part of the book but I found them interesting. Retrials were summarized, otherwise book would have been boring since the same evidence was presented by prosecutors in subsequent trials Book meets or exceeds Ann Rule's writing style.

    6. True CrimeMy goodness, what a story. A tale of romance and marriage, of greed and hatred. Did the bride kill the groom? How did their trials turn out? It is an interesting book, with enough twists and turns to keep a reader going.

    7. Wow What an Evil StoryWoman married a man strictly for his wealth. He had worked very hard and long to reach his current financial status. However the honeymoon was not a good one. Did either or both of them survive the honeymoon?

    8. Good BookThis was a good book. I would have given it 5 stars but in some parts it was hard to hold interest.

    9. Interesting but unsettling. A lot of repetition of the story in the last few chapters going through the trial.

    10. True murderThis woman was out for the money and her poor husband loved her so much he couldn't see it. He was very naive right until the end.

    11. InformativeFast paced. Keep me reading. All the facts were compelling and easy to follow. I recommend Honeymoon With A Killer.

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