Silent Witness: The Karla Brown Murder Case

Silent Witness The Karla Brown Murder Case Pretty Karla Brown was a former high school cheerleader savagely murdered in broad daylight in St Louis The case seemed impossibly complicated but years of work by police and investigators led by P

  • Title: Silent Witness: The Karla Brown Murder Case
  • Author: Don W. Weber Charles Bosworth Jr.
  • ISBN: 9780451404237
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pretty Karla Brown was a former high school cheerleader, savagely murdered in broad daylight in St Louis The case seemed impossibly complicated, but years of work by police and investigators, led by Prosecutor Don W Weber, resulted in a plan to lure the murderer into revealing himself Photos.

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    1. This is the 2nd book I have read by this renowned prosecutor the first one being Precious Victims which was brilliant. This was another rich procedural true life crime drama. This case was very complicated but the professionals never gave up on bringing it to a conclusion. The book brings us from the crime and right through the many investigations. Weber writes his true crime like a novel and as he is at the heart of the action, the book is rich with detail. He knows the family well and all the [...]

    2. Silent Witness is written by DA Don Weber who prosecuted in the Karla Brown trial.In 1978 Karla Brown body was found dead face down in a 10 gallon drum of water in the basement of her home. Some experts say she was strangled but others maintain she died of drowning. Police at the time suspected John Prantee who was friends with Karla's next door neighbour but no evidence was found. It was not until 1983 that Karlas's body was exhumed and a bitemark was found. Experts matched the bitemark to Pran [...]

    3. Sad story of two sickos who killed a harmless woman, apparently just for something to do. It was good to read about how they were finally caught and prosecuted.

    4. It is amazing how computers were advanced enough in 1980 to solve this case. Thank goodness it was advanced enough so everyone only had to wait for 2 years to be solved and one more for a conviction.

    5. This book had all the makings of a 5 star book. Why wasn't it? Because Don Weber and Charles Bosworth spent as much time dwelling on the brilliance of Mr. Weber as they did on the actual case. When you're reading this book you get the idea that the justice system, nay, the entire judicial branch might collapse if this brilliant man wasn't there to shoulder the weight of seeing justice done. It was an embarrassing display of ego stroking that would have caused most people to blush again and again [...]

    6. Too much Weber,,The murder of Karla was a horrible occurrence. Unfortunately, too much of the story focused on the heroic personality of Weber. Also, over and over was statements about the physical beauty of Karla and her sisters,,overkill,,it would make one wonder with the evidence in the basement, were there no hair or blood from the accused,,no foot or finger prints,,,most evidence was hearsay by other s, years later,after evidence had been in the news for awhile. Not saying he didn't do it,b [...]

    7. This was definitely an interesting book and I was hooked from the start. It was amazing to learn how profiling got its start. I tried to go into this blind so I could follow it like it was happening right now, but because of an assignment I had to do some research and I accidentally found out who the killer was before it was revealed in the book. When I found out that Prante was on the USS Enterprise I was so mad because my dad served on it and Prante just kept coming back to his time in Vietnam [...]

    8. Interesting readSaw this handled on investigative discovery channel, written by the cop who screwed up the OJ Simpson trial. There were so many spelling errors and grammatical errors that Can't say it was well written technically. The true story is so sad but I'm glad justice was served. If the murder happened later, they would have solved it quickly by the improvements in forensic science. I think he should have gotten life in prison without parole since he didn't get death. To think he will be [...]

    9. This book is both interesting and sad. The audible is tough to let go off; you will keep listening to the end. This case is not at least for me a well-known case, so I found it absorbing mainly the information about the bit marks which makes me think of the Bundy case. If you're into true crime I'm sure this book will be for youYou can always find my full review at my blog - link in the description

    10. True murderThis man was a real scuba. He could have tried to rape her and when that wasn't successful he could have let her go. Going to prison on an attempted rape is much better than going to prison for murder. Now, they are numerous suspects in this case and the scuba I am speaking about won't be revealed until you read the book yourself. I really enjoyed it.

    11. This is a very thorough and complete chronicle of this tragic murder investigation and trial. It includes an epilogue with additional information and resolutionto the case. Kevin Pierce's performance of this audiobook is superb. This is true crime at its best. NOTE: I received a free copy of this audiobook in exchange for this unbiased review.

    12. Would definitely recommendThis book is very well written. It goes into great details about the victim and numerous suspects. The only problem with the book were all the typos and grammar errors. It needed to be proofread.

    13. Definitely found my new favorite true crime writerHis writing style is easy to read and the pace is perfect. He has an uncanny ability to get inside the criminals head and makes it easy to see why he takes the risks he takes.

    14. The very detailed (but never boring) account of a 1978 murder case and its eventual adjudication. The hero worship of FBI profiler John Douglas is laid on a bit thick, but overall the book is quite interesting. Bosworth is a reporter who covered the case and Weber is the DA who prosecuted it.

    15. Excellent true crime! I liked that the book presented the science and behavioral analysis behind catching the killer.

    16. Just okThis book was about an interesting case but was much too long.It stopped being intriguing when every little detail had been written

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