The Cranes That Build the Cranes

The Cranes That Build the Cranes A brilliantly macabre and suspenseful short story collection from the co creator of THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN

  • Title: The Cranes That Build the Cranes
  • Author: Jeremy Dyson
  • ISBN: 9781408700877
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A brilliantly macabre and suspenseful short story collection from the co creator of THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN.

    One thought on “The Cranes That Build the Cranes”

    1. ‘…This was what he was like. His own actions were mysterious to him. He made himself feel sick.’There are some works of fiction which readers will take to heart in spite of their quality. This is an unpredictable, unreliable process, and it is probably what certain people are talking about when they declare at all opinions about art are subjective; but they themselves know what they like, of course, and might even press upon you some treasured volume, their eyes full of hope. But when you [...]

    2. There were a couple of creepy stories here, but generally they were all far too long, with an awful lot of preamble for not a lot of payoff.

    3. A mildly entertaining collection of macabre stories, penned by the co-writer of The League of Gentleman and Funland - the latter being a little-remembered BBC TV miniseries which I absolutely loved. A quick read and often intriguing, but patchy. I didn't like the first story, 'Isle of the Wolf', at all: it was too obvious, tried too hard to shock and the message was heavy-handed. Thankfully, most of the rest were better, with particular stand-outs being 'The Challenge Club' (an unremarkable acco [...]

    4. The Cranes That Built the Cranes How horror has changed over the years – from the gorefests of the 1970’s to 1980’s body horror and now the living dead walk the earth on primetime TV seemingly unstoppable.But there is a new strand of horror in which there’s an unsettling atmosphere, a strong sense of the world having gone slightly askew and that the reader is seeing it as in a shattered mirror with different images are shaped by the jagged edges of its shards.I really enjoyed The Haunted [...]

    5. This book from the 'silent partner' from Britain's The League of Gentlemen gives prospective writers hope: all you have to do to get your books published is create a popular television show! Now, that's not meant as a bash on Dyson's talents or this book at all. The stories herein are competently written, interesting and thoroughly readable. But they're not anything terribly special, and I have almost no doubt they wouldn't have been given a second look by publishers (book or magazine) without t [...]

    6. I don't normally read collections of short stories and this reminded me why. A couple of the stories are very good indeed and a couple are really very poor. The rest are somewhere in the middle. Comparisons with Roald Dahl are made on the cover which I can understand for one or two of the stories but unfortunately there is no consistency of quality. I think I'll carry on avoiding them.

    7. This was amazing. Apart from a couple of stories I felt didn't really unravel as fully as they could (which keeps me from giving it top score), there are some brilliant moments I'll surely remember vividly. Also, Dyson is a boss at character development. I'll be reading him again some time.

    8. I was a bit disappointed since it had great reviews. However, some of the stories stand out even if they sound like something from Tales of the Bleeding Obvious.

    9. Modern horror/suspense short fiction from one of the minds behind "The League of Gentlemen". Artfully written, literary without being pretentious.

    10. In the same vein as "Never Trust A Rabbit" with some interesting nods to Saki. One or two stories had rather unsatisfactory endings but mostly engaging stuff

    11. Modern day tales of the unexpected, all quite good but remember how I dislike short stokers as there is no chance to warm to the characters

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