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  • Title: You are Happy
  • Author: Margaret Atwood
  • ISBN: 9780060101640
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Hardcover
  • poetry

    One thought on “You are Happy”

    1. Even her titles grab me. "You are Happy" - I mean, that puzzles me. That's a poem I have to read right away. And "There is only One of Everything"? Someone liked the poems of this library copy I have enough to rip out the pages they liked, leaving me with a mystery - how am I happy? or who is happy? I had to look it up online. Oh, the other thing I like about Atwood, she uses Greek mythology a lot. An example:Siren SongThis is the one song everyonewould like to learn: the songthat is irresistibl [...]

    2. This book of poetry has become one of my favourites. From the start I instantly understood I would love Atwood's poetry. I haven't read any of her other fiction, but I surely will. The poetry is both moving, sensual, sad, angry and at times even funny. I love how she covers such vast topics, yet manages to make the book feel whole and interconnected. Her Circe/Mud Poems were delicious to the literary feminist in me, and everything else appealed to everything else in me, simply. The language flow [...]

    3. If I abandoned a baby with nothing but this book and instructions to return to society a poet, I would have created a genius.Atwood's sense of motion and development of metaphor is astounding, magnificent, horrifying, the lucid and sparse descriptions, it's as if she said "I want to show you where I live" and at the end of the tour we went into her closet and ended up in my closet.

    4. "So much for the gods and theirstatic demands. our demands, former demands, death patternsobscure as fragments of anarchaeology, these frescoeson a crumbling templewall we look at now and can scarcelypiece together historyis over, we take place in a season, an undividedspace, no necessitieshold us closed, distort us. I lean behind you, mouth touchingyour spine, my arms around you, palm above the heart,your blood insistent under my hand, quick and mortal"Pg 95

    5. The Circe poems are some of the most incredible things I've ever read. I come back to them every few years and read them obsessively, over and over, for a day or two. A wonderful commentary on ancient epics, the power of story, the role of women in heroic tales, and so much more.

    6. There’s something very friendly and pleasing about these small poetry collections, the way they can be carried around and dipped into as one has a moment here and a moment there. I quite enjoyed the structure of this! It starts off with the ironic, sad "You Are Happy" section, full of poems of loss and endings and fights and similar negative emotions, then it moves on to the "Songs of the Transformed," funny, joyful poems, then we move on to "Circe/Mud Poems," poems about the transformer Circe [...]

    7. It's 1974. Can this seemingly insecure poet really be the brilliant Margaret Atwood of the future? Why yes. "Songs of the Transformed" and "Circe/Mud Poems" already contain the the DNA that will evolve (or rather be genetically engineered) into MaddAddam's pigoons:This is what you changed me to:a greypink vegetable with slugeyes, buttockincarnate, spreading like a slow turnip

    8. There were some really knockout poems in this collection, but overall it didn't leave me with a strong impression--possibly because so many of the works were published earlier in different collections. It all felt a bit patched together for me, which was a shame, because Margaret Atwood is incredible.

    9. Recommended to me based on my own writing, this is one of my favorite books. Hers is a voice of power. She inhabits what she chooses and tells it like it is. Uncompromising. Full of terrifying beauty. "The story is ruthless" indeed.

    10. I read this in my late teens and never realized what an influence it had on my own poetry until recently. Replete with EYE imagery and Atwood's trademark irony.

    11. It was intense and passionate at times, something I wasn't used to reading. Still, it was deeply insightful and left me with a warm smile.

    12. I thought this was pretty okay overall, but god, the second section, "Songs of the Transformed," is amazing. I could've read a whole book like that.

    13. Good collection. I liked some poems much better than others. My favorite was "Gothic Letter on a Hot Night." I love reading it when I feel like i cannot write again.

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