Brilliant Everybody knows who Quinn Avery is She s the smart calm responsible Avery sister the one who s kept it together in spite of all that s happened since their mom lost her job But when the family hous

  • Title: Brilliant
  • Author: Rachel Vail
  • ISBN: 9780060890506
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Everybody knows who Quinn Avery is She s the smart, calm, responsible Avery sister, the one who s kept it together in spite of all that s happened since their mom lost her job But when the family house goes up for sale and Quinn faces the prospect of losing the home she loves, something snaps inside her, and a new, wild, reckless Quinn emerges Soon Quinn s lying, sneakiEverybody knows who Quinn Avery is She s the smart, calm, responsible Avery sister, the one who s kept it together in spite of all that s happened since their mom lost her job But when the family house goes up for sale and Quinn faces the prospect of losing the home she loves, something snaps inside her, and a new, wild, reckless Quinn emerges Soon Quinn s lying, sneaking out, and partying with a brand new crowd When Quinn adds ditching her best friends and kissing the wrong boys including her sister s boyfriend and her own piano teacher to her list of crimes, she may finally have gone too far Can Quinn find her way back to the family that needs her and the only boy she s ever loved

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    1. DONE! So I gave this book 2 stars and that's saying something because I RARELY give books 2 stars. Sooo Quinn Avery. There are no words to describe how much I dislike her. Allison managed to redeem herself in this book and Tyler somehow crawled back into my heart (just barely) but Quinn. She frustrates me to the point where I want to climb in the book and slap her like she's a friggin Lala Loopsy Doll. So, without further ado, the complete list of why I hate Quinn Avery:1. She's so friggin annoy [...]

    2. Quinn always seemed so composed in the other books, and it was interesting g to read the story from her broken point of view, this book made me laugh, smile, and cry, all at the same time, I am officially in love with this book.

    3. “We are Avery Women” is what their mother always told them. Avery Women are strong, independent, and make others bow down to them. Their mother, a shark in the insurance word, married and kindergarten teacher and had three beautiful daughters. Phoebe, the lucky lovable baby sister and her popular friends. Allison the stunning middle child with a bad temper. The oldest Quinn who is brilliant and keeps a calm, Zen like status throughout her life. Lucky told us the story of Phoebe and her dress [...]

    4. ***SPOILER ALERT***The most interesting thing about this series (Lucky, Gorgeous, Brilliant) was watching the same stories unfold from three different points of view. Three very different points of view, in fact--major events from one story don't even appear in the others. Also each one covers a slightly different block of time, which makes everything even more complicated and compelling.That said, the girls are going through life events that I probably don't have as much sympathy for as I shoul [...]

    5. Brilliant by Rachel VailHarperTeen, 2010249 pagesYA; Contemporary2/5 stars3rd in TrilogySummary: The conclusion to the Avery sisters trilogy, focusing on eldest sister Quinn and her learning to let go and accept their new life.Thoughts: I enjoyed the first two books of this series so I was thrilled to pick this up, especially because I love the cover. I want those shoes even though I don't think I own a dress to go with them.The first problem was that I couldn't really remember either of the fir [...]

    6. *Rubs eyes*I had two problems with this book.One: Quinn. Quinn was just I did not like Quinn. I've read the other two books (and in order), and at least with Gorgeous it showed that Allison was more than just what we saw in Lucky. But Quinn? Quinn actually got worse. She got more annoying, more arrogant, more insufferable than she appeared to be in the previous two books. And the thing is, I don't feel like she actually changed too much in the end. At least not in a "wow I've actually been a pre [...]

    7. Quinn and her family are going through some problems that will change the way that her family has been living. And the three sisters will face challenges this summer that will test their love for each other and for their parents. Can Quinn make it through the summer with dignity, her friends, and a new outlook on life without losing herself? Will she find love? She is changing and is acting like she has never done before. She is making some wrong choices. Will she still be considered brilliant b [...]

    8. Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadTooThe last book of the Avery sisters' trilogy comes from the eldest sister, Quinn's, perspective. She's always been the one in control, the good girl, the serious girl, and the nerdy girl. Her youngest sister is lucky and her middle sister is gorgeous. Quinn finds herself wanting to compete with them and become someone. Quinn wants to shed her good girl image.A new friend she meets at camp might help her. She wants to fix up Quinn and her best friend wit [...]

    9. Brilliant is the conclusion to the Avery Sisters Trilogy written by Rachel Vail. I didn't think it was as brilliant as I thought it would be. It seemed that with each novel in this trilogy, the novels get less and less amazing, and I think that it is because I could relate to the first novel more because of the girl's age. In this novel, Quinn Avery, the oldest sister, is normally a good girl; she is practically perfect- with her amazing grades, her zen-like personality, and her talent at piano. [...]

    10. This was my least favourite of the three novels in the Avery Sisters trilogy. From the beginning, I had a hard time relating to Quinn. In fact, she came out sounding like a very selfish, small person and I was surprised that Rachel Vail decided to paint her that way. Allison and Phoebe turned out to be better representations than the versions they were viewed as, but Quinn turned out to be much worse. She was painted as fake – “the ultimate con girl”. I wasn’t able to connect with the ul [...]

    11. Please let me hang my banner first which reads "FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST, STOP SUMMARIZING THE FUCKING BOOK IN YOUR REVIEW."In case you aren't literate enough to notice, the description is a summary, and a summary is something different from a review. This isn't a newspaper; there's a summary next to the picture of the cover, so please save yourself some arthritis and me some rage and just spit out your tiny, sheltered words that pass for opinions and move along.Didn't know this was part of a tril [...]

    12. I love how Rachel Vail did this trilogy; you get the same situation with different events in each book as it's told from each sister. There's the same family situation told over several months, I think. The timeline was a bit confusing for me as I thought it was going to be the same period of time told through each sister's perspective. But aside from that, it's interesting to see how each sister views the other two, then to read how the outer appearance is different from the inner. In this one, [...]

    13. This is the worst book that I have ever read for the following reasons:1. The writing was just awful, and hard to read.2. The main character starts of as an unlikable show off, but becomes a terrible and ridiculous "bad girl".3. The ending was just UGH! It solves the problem with her change from a bad character to an awful one, but it doesn't explain what happens to the mom! She broke the law, I would like to know what happens to her!4. She made the great choice of ditching her piano teacher cru [...]

    14. Well, this was a rather disappointing end to the trilogy. Quinn's POV of view was messed up more than just mentally. She had mood swings that contradicted everything she said she was. (aka not very consistent writing)First, there is no plot. The fact they're losing their house is the main thing. Even that isn't new, as it's been the same thing in the other two books. Quinn's obsession with her mother, and her mother's shoes was disturbing. She looked up to her mother--that I understand. But when [...]

    15. I enjoyed reading this book. It includes the sappy love story elements that I can't resist reading. The main character, Quinn, was your typical high school smart girl. She was, according to her parents and teachers, brilliant. On the outside, Quinn was a good girl. She did her homework, didn't sneak out, and was mature about the decisions her family made. But inside her, new feelings were beginning to stir. She began to act more like her crazy, unruly sister Allison, whose story was told in the [...]

    16. I loved this book because it was very entertaining, it kept me wanting to read more and more. Instead of watch TV I wanted to read this book. This book was about a witty, smart, and sort of geeky character who, after her room is painted to boring white, has a total change. From partying all night to almost getting caught by the police. She has a crush on a boy named Oliver who is in college, and is also her piano teacher. The best part about this book was the how to author wrote it, she used gre [...]

    17. Innocuous but disappointing; I kept waiting for something to happen. While YA novels often fall into one of two categories: ordinary characters encounter extraordinary situation (I guess the problem novels of the 70s fall into this category but perhaps also the paranormal genre so popular today) or ordinary characters cope with the normal adolescent rites of passage. This fell primarily into the latter category (although the heroine and her siblings were coping with their mother's alleged embezz [...]

    18. I like this book because I can see myself as Quinn, the main character. This book is one of my favorites because Quinn faced her fear of telling Oliver, her piano teacher that she really likes him and she wants to stay in her house that she has grown up in, because she wants to be by Oliver. This book made me realize that you shouldn’t take what you have for granted and to just be happy with what your parents can afford. I think every high school teenage girl should read this book because this [...]

    19. This was a great ending to the trilogy. I can relate to Quinn's character of the first born good girl who has to act like she has it all together. It's very interesting across this trilogy to see how each of the different sisters interprets their family's situation and their mom's role in all of it. All three books are about perception - the way the characters see themselves, the way they see others, and the way they think others see them, and how they find that it all doesn't necessarily reflec [...]

    20. The final installment!I could relate terribly well to this trilogy be Sarah vail.It's about a wealthy family winding down with the economy because of the economy, because the mother made some fool-hardy investments into a failing business and got fired. Undergoes major changes (i.e. moving in with Grandparrents, selling house, repo'ed piano, etc.) but the three Avery girls find love and are tested to their limits.Not as extreme as my situation, but still very relatable to many in this economy.

    21. Eh. My enthusiasm for the series ran out about 100 pages in, but I felt compelled to finish it. A big issue for me in this one was the mother, who seemed to be almost neglectful. Quinn also seemed way too young for her age and too naive, though I did appreciate her actions at the end. My other complaint was that there was not enough resolution after a big build up to the climax. There was a lot I wanted answered that Vail seemed to just give up on. Glad I read all three, but glad to be moving on [...]

    22. This book was so interesting. I was able to connect with her because I understand what it is to be all over the place. She was braver than I would be in the situations with the boy, O liver which she liked since forever. It taught me about not driving with drunk people because it never ends well. It taught me not to kiss my sister's boyfriend but most important it taught me that family is the best. Life is funny and life never goes as plan, seriously, it NEVER goes as planned but sometimes thing [...]

    23. The book brilliant by rachel vail was an awesome finale for the series of the avery sisters this book is about a teenage girl name quinn that has to go through hard times. foe example her room painted whie, her house being sold even her piano what i like about this book is it compare to me. i know how it feels being older than your other sibilings. this book wants you to wish their is another book. finally the third book os the avery sisters really impacted me. i really liked the ending of the b [...]

    24. Can someone please type down the last 10 pages for me? From page 240 onwards? I have read until there and I won't be able to access the book Brilliant by Rachel Vail until the library opens ohhh. its just so confusing and I want to know what happens next!!! I hate it when I don't fully finish books so please??? From page 240 onwards

    25. I think what I really liked about this book was how I could relate. I'm pretty quiet myself, and this is a story that seems real, like it could actually happen. The romance of it made me wistful and wanting it to happen to me. I hope, someday, this could happen to me (without the drunkeness) and make me a good sister as well as a good friend.

    26. Brilliant by Rachel VailThis is one of the three books in the Avery sisters trilogy. Quinn, the goody-goody you might say, is in a tough situation. Her mom lost her job and she has to give up the house that she loves. What will she do in order to keep it? I felt this story was one of the better ones that I've read. I would recommend this book to those who like series and adventure.

    27. Graded By: MeghanBFF Charm: Yay!Swoonworthy Scale: 7Talky Talk: I Got an 800 on the SAT Verbal SectionBonus Factor: Summer CampRelationship Status: College RoommateRead the full book report here.

    28. I havent read this book yet, But seriously I really want to read this book, and many others of Rachel Vail. The reason why I like to read Rachel Vail's books, beacuse I already read one, and i love it so i think Rachel Vail is my type.

    29. I thought this was a good and dramatic ending to the Avery sisters trilogy! But also it left me wanting more which is bad when you know the author is not going to right another!! Some content not appropriate for younger children.

    30. I didn't like it as much as I liked gorgeous(the second book) because I found this one a little dull and Quinn is much less relateble then Allison. The plot was okay I found it kind of obivious as to what was going to happen.

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