Strange Embrace

Strange Embrace A tortured modern gothic tale of madness death and sexual longing The world of Strange Embrace is one of pain and sorrow obsession and damnation a world that twists and pollutes the lives of all tha

  • Title: Strange Embrace
  • Author: David Hine
  • ISBN: 9780974056722
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Paperback
  • A tortured modern gothic tale of madness, death and sexual longing The world of Strange Embrace is one of pain and sorrow, obsession and damnation a world that twists and pollutes the lives of all that enter it FOR MATURE READERS.

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    1. First, let me say that this story was pretty weird. It wasn't really that scary, but it was disturbing, especially as it got close to the end. I had to deduct a star because I thought the very last panels were a bit convoluted. This comic was done in entirely black and white and I have to say I thought it really worked with the weird twilight zone on magic mushrooms vibe. I didn't like the drawing style at first, but it kind of grew on me as I went through the story. In the end, I have to say th [...]

    2. Entre o gótico e o grotesco, não há bondade nesta história de terror onde se cruzam um sociopata com capacidades telepáticas e o velho dono de uma loja de antiguidades, sexualmente reprimido, incapaz de ter relações normais com familiares e mulher, e que vive fascinando por estatuária africana. Uma família tortuosa, um suicídio, e uma imagem mental que o telepata quer à força arrancar para completar o puzzle formam esta história inquietante. O estilo gráfico é tenebroso e fortemen [...]

    3. I feel like I need to instate a "tawdry" shelf for this one. Although I'm not sure why the description say s FOR MATURE READERS - this is no worse than many of the dark comics written for adults. it's a nested story fueled on melodrama and a Dark Secret that causes our proxy protagonist to become obsessed with the worldview he reads in his collection of African statues and masks - his story is told via a telepath who has a collection of dead people. he's telling the story to a delivery boy whose [...]

    4. I worked with David Hine to create the definitive edition of Strange Embrace for SEQUENTIAL. This new version contains audio commentary by Dave for each and every page, productions sketches, an interview conducted by Paul Gravett, an academic article on the book + the whole 150-page initial script. More details hereorequential/catalogue/

    5. Excellent art and a really intense story. Incredibly nihilistic and depressing as well, so avoid if you are looking for an up-lifting read!

    6. This is an excellent bizarre comic for readers looking for something a little more obscene. I was lucky enough to have ordered the deluxe hard cover edition with extra goodies from the author which I highly recommend if you enjoyed this comic.

    7. I can't believe that this is a comics book! Don't get me wrong, I harbor no prejudice against comics, I love them. It's just that I so rarely stumble upon one with such intense and compact story as this one! So I wasn't expecting it. By the end of it, I had a feeling I've been reading a 2000 pages epic, not a comics book. There are layers and layers of story line here almost none of it good for the characters and enough twists to make you wonder what will they have to endure next?!! This story i [...]

    8. Silence. Pure Silence after finishing this book.You are taken for a very interesting journey that makes you believe the world we live in,at the moment, is a utopia. Honestly the artistry of this graphic novel is superb, somehow it's creepy styling conveys the true atrocity of everything that is taking place. Everyone in that novel is hard to look at, but somehow it comes across as beautiful. Just wow. I heard about it from comicbookgirl19 on youtube and I am glad that I ordered it. I did get an [...]

    9. I finished this one in one night. It was definitely a page-turner. The story of Mr. Corbeau was the main focus for me and it was beyond disturbing. I also enjoyed the story of Alex as a mind reader, I especially enjoyed reading how life at school was for him and I would like to read more of his experiences in daily life. However, I was hoping for more depth in the story. The frame story which begins with Sukumar never develops enough for me and I kept waiting all three stories or at least Alex's [...]

    10. David Hine sold me some of his original artwork a bit earlier this year, so when he did a signing at Orbital Comics, it only seemed polite to pop down and say hello. I also thought I should probably read some of his more recent work, so he talked me into a nice Hardback edition of this series. I'm quite glad he did, to be honest, as it's a very unsettling and original piece of work. I had no idea he coud write as well as draw! The story is complex, but worth a bit of effort, and the artwork is g [...]

    11. Definitely a good, solid horror comic. Think Charlotte Bronte meets H.P. Lovecraft and you've got a start. I hear it's coming out in paperback soon, in fact I first found out about this through a teaser in the back of one of the issues of Hine's Bulletproof Coffin. Hopefully the library will buy it (I had to interlibrary loan this).

    12. Dark, morbidly erotic, hopeless, mythical and memorably disturbing.There are technically three villains in this piece, and it's difficult to pick who is the true monster when nearly everyone's actions are unbearably despicable.

    13. Ryan recommended this to me, saying it was one of the craziest graphic novels he had ever read. Boy was he right. The story was very intense and unexpected, and leaves you with chills. I don't really know what to say about it, other than that it is the story of a very messed up family, told through a very strange lens. I recommend for anyone to check it out, but note that it's definitely not light reading.

    14. Really dark and creepy. I didn't realize just how much it had affected me until I started having dreams about it that night! eek! Not good before-bed reading for sure. Though I think that just goes to show how good it is. I've never been so creeped out by comic before. So if you like the weird and disturbing, it's definitely worth picking up.

    15. For me, this wasn't really scary horror. More of the Alfred Hitchcock suspense style. It was an OK story. Actually, it was a pretty interesting/intriguing story and I did want to know how it would all play out, but at the same time, it wasn't that gripping, probably because I never developed an attachment to any of the characters.

    16. A very dark and fairly compelling graphic novel about a sadistic telepath and an intensely dysfunctional family. I enjoyed it, even if it got somewhat overwrought in patches and one of the centerpieces of the narrative, African tribal masks and statuary, is used in a quasi-offensive and simplistic way.

    17. Wonderfully compact, dense storytelling, and beautifully unsettling art, combine to tell a twisted tale of family and madness. Didn't quite pull together at the end as I was expecting, but certainly was a great journey on the way.

    18. Twisted stuff.Like the folks from Spongebob read too much of Lovecraft's non-mythos stuff (the Hound, Terrible Old Man etc) and then went to a fetish club before writing and illustrating this.Ultimately a bit of an unsatisfying ending but a very creepy journey to get there.

    19. David Hine has a twisted brain. This book was amazingly written and gave me a serious case of the hooky spooks! It's now being adapted into a series, which you should also read.Check out the website, which is incredible: strangeembrace/

    20. Wonderful modern gothic tale. I'd probably assign it as such in any literature class on gothic horror. Going to have to track down more by this author. One of the better books I've read in a while in this genre (regardless of format)

    21. Very strange indeed. Gripping story. Fascinating and creepy. Jarring artwork adds to the twisted plot. Story went to a place I could not see coming. On the down side, it ended rather abruptly after a such a twisty and ghastly tale. Worth the read nonetheless.

    22. Re-read for my graphic novels reading group at the Frisco library. Nicely creepy. The end, though, still strikes me as too abrupt or underdeveloped.

    23. Unsettling horror dripping with dread. Both the main story and the shorts are some of the best horror comics I've read.

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