Gods' Man: A Novel in Woodcuts

Gods Man A Novel in Woodcuts The most important work of American artist and illustrator Lynd Ward Gods Man is a powerfully evocative novel told entirely through woodcuts Ward in employing the concept of the wordless p

  • Title: Gods' Man: A Novel in Woodcuts
  • Author: Lynd Ward
  • ISBN: 9780486435008
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback
  • The most important work of American artist and illustrator Lynd Ward, Gods Man is a powerfully evocative novel, told entirely through woodcuts Ward 1905 85 , in employing the concept of the wordless pictorial narrative, acknowledged his predecessors the European artists Frans Masereel and Otto N ckel Released the week of the 1929 stock market crash, Gods Man was the fThe most important work of American artist and illustrator Lynd Ward, Gods Man is a powerfully evocative novel, told entirely through woodcuts Ward 1905 85 , in employing the concept of the wordless pictorial narrative, acknowledged his predecessors the European artists Frans Masereel and Otto N ckel Released the week of the 1929 stock market crash, Gods Man was the first of six woodcut novels that Ward produced over the next eight years It presents the artist s struggles in a world characterized by both innocence and corruptions and can be considered a forerunner of the contemporary graphic novel, popularized by artists such as Daniel Clowes.Although best known for his novels in woodcuts, Ward was also a successful illustrator of children s books In 1953 he won the Caldecott Medal for The Biggest Bear, which he both wrote and illustrated His illustrations also appeared in numerous books that received the Newbery Medal Ward s final work was the acclaimed wordless novel The Silver Pony 1973.Until now, Gods Man has only been widely available in high priced original editions This top quality, low cost republication of Ward s masterpiece will be welcomed by collectors of his work as well as by readers new to his achievement.

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    1. I have a hard time with the mostly visual. I need to read the words, then process them into an image, translate that image back to words, and THEN glean the meaning. So when I'm confronted with something like a graphic novel, it can be a challenge—I zoom through all the text and finish the thing in like a half hour, and I always feel like I'm missing something. I heard about God's Man from a Jim James interview; he credits the novel for almost totally inspiring his solo album and claims he fel [...]

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    3. Gods' Man is the generally-acknowledged masterpiece both of Ward and of the American wing of the entire early-20th-century wordless woodcut-novel vogue (described by Sarah Boxer in this informative piece on Ward). As such, it is often cited as a precursor to the graphic novel, even as a masterpiece of comics (per McCloud's expansive "sequential art" definition) in its own right. The 139-image sequence, in which a storm-tossed painter comes to the City (i.e Babylon, the corrupting city of the pas [...]

    4. A retelling of the Faust theme; a struggling young artist sells his soul to a mysterious stranger for a magic paintbrush which brings him fame and wealth. Disillusioned, he returns to the countryside and marries, only to have the stranger return to collect on his bargain. This novel influenced Allen Ginsberg's beat poem Howl and Art Spiegelberg's graphic novel Maus among other works.

    5. Read this in the forty minutes of my first listen to Regions of Light and Sound of God by Jim James, and it was a profoundly moving experience. I know Lynd Ward's work stands alone (and does so well) but the way they complement each other is worth exploring if you're interested.

    6. Though it is my first attempt at his work, I am in love with Lynd Ward's style. This book, or rather Ward's oeuvre, is an equivalent to pure cinema. Kubrick believed that a piece of pure cinema should be devoid of words and usual narration and should succeed in telling its story through light and sounds. "2001 Space Odyssey" was a step towards that goal I believe. But much earlier, Ward had achieved "pure storytelling", I wonder if there in any such word, through his art. German Expressionism is [...]

    7. In popular culture - maybe it will be interesting to someone to know that concept for Jim James's Regions of Light and Sound of God, is based on this graphic novel, as stated here: RollingStone musicIn my opinion music really accompanies novel very well. Someone might want to try it out. :)

    8. Conheci em boa hora as ilustrações de Lynd Ward num cd de Tomahawk. Custou a acreditar que ele tinha feito ilustrações em livros de crianças perante a agressividade de muitas imagens e que os trabalhos tenham sido feitos por gravuras em madeira. Não custa nada a acreditar porém que é um dos maiores ilustradores norte-americanos e que God's Man tenha sido um precursor das graphic novels, que influenciou muitos ilustradores e obras de culto que se seguiram.

    9. My mom owned an edition of this from the 1930's and I would read it as a child, thumbing to the scenes of the dark-eyed temptress. The pages were yellow, soft, and smelled of cigarettes. At the time this book seemed voluptuous and dangerous, but it also seemed to inhabit the worlds of high art and high morality.

    10. Flat out amazing, from an art standpoint--gorgeous woodcuts. The story--the artist in a world of corrupting commerce, exploiters, and love and beauty--may be old hat now, but was probably fresher in the 1920's. Well worth checking out for the beauty of the woodcuts alone.

    11. I encountered the book Gods' Man when I was reading a book on documented cases of demon possession. In the book, one of the women who had been possessed revealed that as a child she had often read a book of pictures from her parents' bookcase called "Gods' Man." The book has no words, but is a collection of "woodcuts," a type of picture made from a block of carved wood being pressed on paper. The book was written in the 1930's, and is a precursor of later graphic novels. In Gods' Man, the pictur [...]

    12. Perhaps it is strange to write a book review on something that has no words, but nevertheless, here I am.To be quite honest, I didn’t have any particular thoughts on this book prior to diving straight in. I had to read this book for a three week long class and I didn’t particularly have time to think about it before hand. The only two things I knew about the book were that it was originally drawn in woodcuts, and that it was completely silent - that is, it had no words. Being someone who wan [...]

    13. I first heard of Lynd Ward when I attended a talk given by Art Spiegelman at Oberlin in 2014. Spiegelman was accompanied by a jazz band, which provided a musical accompaniment to the presentation of early "graphic novels" on a large screen. No mere set of slideshows, it was an attempt to dynamically present these wordless stories from the 1920s and 30s, since a weakness of the sequential image format is a certain lack of dynamism. I first experienced "Gods' Man" in that context, but I recently s [...]

    14. Does one thing lead to another?Yes it does it explains the character life in order threw pictures. It shows you how in the beginning he was a nobody, but yet a man with a talent for drawing. So he meets this man along the way and the man tells him to sign a certain and he will gain fame for his artistic talents. So the man uninformed signs the deal. He becomes famous meets a girl but just as quick as he got it he lost it. in the finial pages at shows how he meets a girl marries her and has kid a [...]

    15. Lynd Ward's first novel in woodcuts, and so far my favorite. There is a cleaner element of line in his artwork here, and the story is by far the most coherent of the ones I've read. I'm starting to get the impression that as he progressed in his career he overextended the medium of the wordless novel by making the artwork somewhat busy and the story harder to follow. This lines up with things I've read about his artistic evolution; his style becomes more complex and the he attempts to make the c [...]

    16. ini adalah buku cerita pertama tanpa kata yang terbit di negeri Paman Sam. Lynd Ward juga menjadi inspirasi artis - artis novel grafis seperti Art Spiegelmann dan Will Eisner.Yang istimewa bagi saya adalah medium penulisan buku ini. Buku dibuat dari lukisan dengan teknik mencukil kayu. Pernah liat lukisan semacam ini? Ward membuatnya dalam 149 halaman yang dirangkai menjadi satu cerita.Kisah dalam buku ini adalah tentang seorang pelukis yang dipinjami "kuas ajaib". Benda konon ini menjamin kesuk [...]

    17. The wood cuts are gorgeous, similar to German Expressionism of that era. The story is compelling and thought-provoking. Reading the reviews on about some Mr. Peck who claims this series of woodcuts is somehow evil and poisonous to one's spiritual health extremely stupid. As a Christian I find it almost laughable that a girl was supposedly possessed with the aid of this "book." The story raises some timeless questions about life, art and greed. it's not for children but it would be ridiculous to [...]

    18. I love woodcuts, woodblock prints and lithography, and Lynd Ward's imagery is very powerful. I would like to frame some pages (I noticed one of the woodcuts was adopted as a cover for Dostoevsky's Demons). The story is a very old one, i.e. cliche, and his moralism hits you over the head with the woodblocks themselves. Sarah Boxer of Slate suggests that the medium itself requires such heavy-handed, bleak, "sturm and drang" approach (see slate/wTxeUe) and was popular during this period (published [...]

    19. Lynd Wards' debut woodcut novel is a mysterious journey of an artist navigating the dark world of commerce, exploitation, sex, beauty and deception. Throughout the book there is an atmosphere of strangeness and secrecy, never fully realized or understood. Ward was influenced by the woodcut novels of Belgian Frans Masereel and studied under the German engraving master Hans Alexander Mueller, and that is evident in the the woodcuts here. The book can be read quickly, but a true understanding may t [...]

    20. being a big fan of Maus and Persepolis, it was interesting to read one of the earliest precursors to the graphic novel. I'll have to go back even further and find some of the german graphic novels that inspired this one to see what they are like. The story here is pretty simple, and a familiar one, and the pace is fast (it probably only took me 20 min) but it was worthwhile and has some really great little woodcuts in it. I went back and flipped through it a copule more times enjoying some of th [...]

    21. I recently came across the work of Lynd Ward, specifically his graphic novel God’s Man, while researching art for a book cover. Ward published six wordless novels of woodcut illustrations between 1929 and 1937. His Expressionist prints have strong Art Deco elements, with an obvious German influence, as well. In 139 panels, Gods’ Man tells the story of a struggling artist who sells his soul for fame and fortune. This morality tale is predictably dark and Ward’s art is effective in communica [...]

    22. Dark, abstract tale told in wood cuts on art, the corruption of the world and a sort of Faustian agreement. Artists afraid of 'selling out' should read this. The small wood cuts initially repelled me, but soon pulled me in to their grainy grey truths.It's short, the art could be a bit more specific at the beginning and the Faustian bargain could have been made a bit clearer to me, it was missing somethingTrue Rating: 3.6 Stars

    23. This book has such beautiful graphics that many stories can be imagined after looking closely at each page. A man is transformed into a successful artist only to live his life and find love and have a family, he looses it all just as soon as he was awarded it. I think this book can be used for creative writing, sequencing, for interpretation and for signle pages of analization with children and adults. All of these drawings expres so much detail that they are all conversation staters.

    24. I choose this book because i was interested in the religious aspect when i read the title. it is an interesting story about rise to sucess and deathe strengths is the beautiful artwork in the book. it shows the characters emotions as they go through adversities very strongly ( a picture tells a thousand words). The weakness in this book is that there were no words and the message is left to interpretation.

    25. É a história, já banal, de um artista esfomeado que vende a sua arte mas acaba por encontrar o seu espaço, vida e felicidade, até que o mais exigente dos seus clientes, a morte, o vem buscar. Este livro antecessor das modernas graphic novels, distingue-se pelo duro estilo expressionista do autor e por contar a história apenas por imagens, sem quaisquer palavras. Deixa ao leitor a tarefa de olhar, interpretar, e construir na mente a narrativa.

    26. The art itself is wonderful. I personally didn't find the story terribly engrossing. At any rate, I'm still impressed by his ability to tell a story in only images. To those interested in the form, I would recommend Milt Gross' He Done Her Wrong which I thought was amazing and which led me see this work out.

    27. No words, 136 wonderful wood engravings by one of the finest masters - Lynd Ward. The story is iconic, a very familiar Faustian tale. But the "white line" engravings are superb. A landmark work in graphic fiction which showcases Ward's wonderfully stark white on black, Depression era printmaking. "Read" this book for artistic enjoyment, not for fantasy or adventure.

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