One thought on “A Presence with Secrets”

  1. Man to Woman: "God help me, what can a man do with a woman he's out of his mind over, but offer her any excuse he can think of for doing what he helplessly hopes she'll do no matter what he says?" Woman in response to Man: "Oh sweetie are you charming me again?"And then to bed. In this novel 23 year old students (female) are always lusting after their 53 year old professors (male), who live lives that might make rock stars jealous. Since the male charms offered are indiscernible, I surmise the f [...]

  2. I am not sure which I like more Presence with Secrets or Difference of Design but oh my does Spackman write beautifully - here, in offering us entree into the life and times of Hugh Tatnall, as usual he offers us a delightful sensual feast as he guides us in and out of the beds that Tatnall finds his way into, rake that he is, but there is also a sweet poignancy as Spackman asks us to consider how well we ever really know anyone, even those we most adore in this triple portrait that is delicious [...]

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