One Rainy Night

One Rainy Night Formerly friendly neighbors turn to crazed maniacs A stranger at a gas station shoves a nozzle down a customer s throat and pulls the trigger A soaking wet line of movie goers smashes its way into a t

  • Title: One Rainy Night
  • Author: Richard Laymon
  • ISBN: 9780843946901
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback
  • Formerly friendly neighbors turn to crazed maniacs A stranger at a gas station shoves a nozzle down a customer s throat and pulls the trigger A soaking wet line of movie goers smashes its way into a theater to slaughter the people inside A loving wife attacks her husband, still beating his head against the floor long after he s dead As the rain falls, blood flows in thFormerly friendly neighbors turn to crazed maniacs A stranger at a gas station shoves a nozzle down a customer s throat and pulls the trigger A soaking wet line of movie goers smashes its way into a theater to slaughter the people inside A loving wife attacks her husband, still beating his head against the floor long after he s dead As the rain falls, blood flows in the gutters and terror runs through the streets.

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    1. This was just as good as the last book I read by the author (Endless Night) - although, not quite as funny. Bob Hanson, a patrol officer, returns to the scene of a gruesome crime: where someone has been tied to the goalposts of Lincoln High School's Football Stadium; and set on fire. After climbing the chain-link fence to gain entry to the stadium; he has a look around the crime scene, when suddenly, the stadium lights come to life, and he sees someone walking towards him from one of the stadium [...]

    2. I had never heard of Richard Laymon until I noticed a blurb on a Stephen King novel saying something like: Besides Laymon and Koontz, King hasblah, blah, blah. So I went to my favorite used bookstore in my hometown and decided to see for myself what this Laymon guy was up to. And, man, the dude had written like thirty books. Vampires. Aliens. The unexplained. Etc. Etc. I chose randomly, three or four titles. ONE RAINY NIGHT was among the fortunate to come home with me. As I began the book I thou [...]

    3. This is one of my new favorite Laymon books. What an action packed, fun-filled ride through a night of terror and violence! I would shelf One Rainy Night as "Classic" Laymon. Other such titles I have thought as highly of from this amazing, but grossly underrated author are Island, Body Rides, Into The Fire, After Midnight and The Cellar. I haven't read all of his books, as I am slowly working my through them. Unfortunately, we lost Laymon in 2001, when he was felled by a massive heart attack, so [...]

    4. Vote: 3,5Laymon's version of "The Crazies" (more the remake than George Romero's original one) meets "The Twilight Zone" with lots of the author's trademark "Sex, violence and bouncing boobs".A brutal action-packed page-turner that I finished in a few nights, sadly characters were so lame that in the end I was just not caring very much about their (often bloody) fate.Not best Laymon's novel I've read, still not worst, just not bad at all.

    5. Un estudiante de secundaria negro es asesinado brutalmente en la ciudad de Bixby. La noche siguiente, una extraña lluvia negra cae sobre la ciudad. Y de repente todos se atacan. Cualquier persona tocada por ella pierde todas sus inhibiciones, y queda reducida a un estado violento, lujurioso y salvaje. Curiosamente, los afectados únicamente atacan a las personas secas. La noche no ha hecho más que comenzar.‘Lluvia negra’ (A Rainy Night, 1991) es una novela brutal, visceral, escrita en el t [...]

    6. I wasn't sure at first what to expect from this book, whether it'd be just another duty-free shop mass-market paperback, or a truly great and worthwhile book. I'm glad to say that One Rainy Night was much better than I thought and that although it has some excessive violence that really seemed unnecessary, it was a creative story and the writing had evident thought put into it.

    7. First published back in 1990, `One Rainy Night' came at half way through Laymon's career. Following Laymon's fast paced, action packed, blood filled formula for creating a novel that will be adored by many horror fans, `One Rainy Night' does not disappoint when it comes to an intensive splatter-punk style tale of blood lust and unrelenting violence. With huge similarities to novels such as James Herbert's `The Fog', David Moody's `Hater' and Danny Boyle's 2002 film '28 Days Later', `One Rainy Ni [...]

    8. Been a long time since I have read a Laymon book so this was certainly a pleasure to embark upon. As I have said before as far as Laymon's stuff goes, you either like him or you don't. I happen to like most of his stuff. He writes with a dark, dry, almost humorous at times with grotesque/horror elements thrown in. In this book we start out with a murder of a black teen, he was burned to death. Shortly after the investigation starts, a storm comes to the town of Bixby and with comes a black rain. [...]

    9. This was a very entertaining read. The action was nonstop as well as the gore. The story was easy to follow. There's no thinking involved in this one just enjoy the ride.

    10. This is how books are meant to be. I read 165 pages in one day. Too me that only happens with specific kind of books. I really enjoy it. I couldn't stop reading it. I will make a big review this week. I read some reviews about racism in this book What racism? Because it was a black kid killed in the beginnig of the book and his grandfather made a voodoo ritual so everyone start kill one another? Oh please. An apart now One day I will stop reading reviews because of stupid things like that. What [...]

    11. Durísimo relato apocalíptico con zombis que no son zombis (cómo le gustan a Laymon estos detalles) y una fiebre asesina que se propaga "como el agua" por un típico pueblo yanqui. Ya lo dice el buen y viejo refrán, "pueblo chico, infierno grande". Y qué infierno se monta este hombre, madre mía.Situaciones descabelladas a más no poder que, si en un primer momento pueden echarte atrás, te recomiendo que sigas leyendo. Todo va cobrando un sentido aterrador y desquiciado a medida que Laymon [...]

    12. I read this book years ago, sneaking it off my mum's book shelf so she didn't know I was reading it - I think i was about 13/14. I found it fasinating that rain could change it substance and consistence like it does in the books and how this rain changed the behaviour of the people it touched. I thought it was really good at the time and still do, the reason I gave it 4 stars is because I think that at the age of 13/14 I could actually believe something like this happening - well we already have [...]

    13. One Rainy Night is probably the most brutally and consistently violent Richard Laymon title I've read to date, and if you are familiar with this author, you understand that that is really saying something. This book reads like the ultimate b-horror movie (in a good way). There are more bizarre and gruesome deaths than you can shake a (rain)stick at, as well as quite a few genuinely tense and frightening moments. Of course, Laymon's trademark lighthearted sense of humor in the face even the more [...]

    14. This was the first Richard Laymon book that I picked up and it is still my favorite. I don't think that any other author is quite as disgusting as Laymon, and everyone should know how gross the books are before reading them. This book starts with the murder of a black high school student by several classmates and what follows after can only be described as total insanity. A black rain begins to fall on the town of Bixby, and anyone touched by it instantly turns into a homicidal maniac. I liked t [...]

    15. If you've missed Laymon you've missed a treat. No truer words have ever been spoken when it comes to the late Richard Laymon. He was a man that delved into the darkest parts of the human soul and showed us that the greatest monsters are actually ourselves. One Rainy Night seems to show Laymon at a point in his career where he wanted to give everyone what he was accused of giving them. A total gorefest without any real characters or purpose. It would seem on the surface that One Rainy Night is ju [...]

    16. Nipples. So many nipples. And lots of carnage. Richard Laymon is up to his usual tricks in One Rainy Night, a 1991 novel about a mysterious rain that turns ordinary folks into homicidal maniacs.The story begins a day after a black youth is killed by a bunch of hooligans. Sadly for the mostly white town, the young man's grandpa happens to know voodoo. He literally rains down his vengeance, causing a black rain to fall on both the guilty and the innocent. Everyone caught by the downpour goes on a [...]

    17. The formerly alive Laymon was an over-the-top version of Stephen King, if you can imagine that. Reading his novels is very much a guilty pleasure. The books are short on characterization and occasionally logic and but long on violence, blood, sex and general depravity.

    18. To be clear, this book does not get four stars for being great literature. It gets four stars for being hella fun. This should really be a shitty horror movie.

    19. Typical Laymon fast paced, lots of action, gore, & nudity. In other words a fun read. Laymon such a guilty pleasure!

    20. he did it again folks, he did it again. Gotta hand it to ol Dick Laymon, man knew how to tell a tale. and he told it his way. i’ve heard many a horror fan sort of refer to Laymon as ‘Stephen King without a conscience’. personally i don’t subscribe to that analysis because it definitely shortchanges King, who lets face it, elevated the horror genre and went well beyond it in his writings; and that analysis also doesn’t give Laymon the credit he deserves for totally owning -no - embracin [...]

    21. Before I read a Richard Laymon book, I like to imagine that Richard Laymon himself comes out to introduce the story. For One Rainy Night, Uncle Dick comes out wearing a rain jacket, big floppy hat, and galoshes. He has a friendly smile on his face and he's drinking his signature Pepsi before he stops to speak."Hi there. Geez, it's raining cats and dogs outside. Big, black drops that just won't stop coming down! Oh well, it's in the most chaotic of times, like these, that we really see people. I [...]

    22. Un buen libro de zombis, que se vende sin serlo. En un pueblo comienza a llover negro, quien se moja se vuelve en un depredador con ansias de muerte. Los protagonistas tendrán que lidiar con estos zombis y con no mojarse. Narrado sin escrúpulos como bien sabe Laymon.

    23. A boy has been murdered and his voodoo priest grandfather decides to take revenge on the town by turning the rain into a deadly weapon. When you get wet you become a psycho with rape and/or murder on your mind and those inside houses, bars, restaurants all have to try and barricade themselves in against the rampaging lunatics who want to kill them. While most are trying to survive, a few are trying to find a way to stop the priest and restore the town to normal.One of my favourite Laymon books w [...]

    24. I flat out loved this book. It was gory, sexy, dramatic, thrilling, and it even touched on some important issues such as racism. If you have a weak stomach, I would recommend you stay away from this book. But if you can handle books like this, then give it a try. It was much better than I expected, and was interesting the whole way through.The one thing I didn't like (and this is NOT a spolier) is the ending. Not the ending of the story, but the actual last page of the book. It was terribly unsa [...]

    25. A racist bully, Buddy, in a jealous rage kills a black boy, Chidi, who was dating Lisa, Buddy's former girlfriend, a white girl. Chidi's grandfather, seeking vengeance, puts a voodoo curse on the town of Bixby, causing a strange black rain to fall during the night. All those caught in it go crazy with lust for blood. The story follows various characters throughout the night as they fight to survive. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was fast-paced, suspenseful and horrific, another Laymon favor [...]

    26. A black student is murdered by racist scumbags for daring to go out with one of their ex girlfriends. The arrival of "black rain" the very next night that turns the people it wets into crazed killers seems to be too much of a coincidence. The reader follows several groups of people as they struggle to survive the carnage. My thoughts throughout were that One Rainy Night is a run of the mill Laymon tale, nothing more, nothing less. Nothing awe inspiring, but a fast-paced, easy and enjoyable read. [...]

    27. A strange rain comes down over a small town. Whoever is touched by the rain becomes a bloodthirsty maniac. Those who are indoors must band together to survive the night.This is the setup for this Laymon's gory fest. It is one of his best.Expect a lot of sharp weaponry, bloody deaths, sex, scares and disgusting villains (some of which do not require the rain to be evil).For fans of Laymon this is a no-brainer. Pick it up, read it, your enjoyment is guaranteed.Anyone who liked horror and wants a q [...]

    28. I really enjoyed this story. A fair amount of gore, but it had a story behind it. The characters were engaging, and I found myself routing for our hero/ines. To say it all works out in the end isn't quite accurate, but the ending fits the story. The whole story truly does take place on one rainy night. And what a rain it is - let's just say it isn't a naturally occurring rain.

    29. this is on my to read pile picked it up today at my local second hand book shop first edition to for 1£ bargain or what only read the back but can tell I'm gonna love the sick and twisted mind of Mr laymonn next tale!!

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