One thought on “American Means”

  1. This may sound cliche but Oprava is one of the most prolific writers of our time. American Means is almost a saga,juxtaposed with the brutal epic of a country and it's past mistakes, building--one feels, though not entirely--into a hope that is not false. David Oprava is no happy liar.You want to say his meter is flawless, but that's not how it's supposed to read. I felt shifts and hard turns and sometimes it seemed as if I was being pushed, not to "get it", but to simply look and decide for mys [...]

  2. Reading Amercian Means, a year after Obama was elected into office, shows that the struggles still show through the so - called Amercian Dream. But this book is not spitting on the Stars and Stripes as such, its one of hope. The characters stay with you days after first reading and demands another reading, no gaps needed. For a poetry book, its a repeating page turner.

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