Expiration Date

Expiration Date In this neighborhood make a wrong turn and you re history Mickey Wade is a recently unemployed journalist who lucked into a rent free apartment his sick grandfather s place The only problem it s in a

  • Title: Expiration Date
  • Author: Duane Swierczynski
  • ISBN: 9780312363406
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this neighborhood, make a wrong turn and you re history Mickey Wade is a recently unemployed journalist who lucked into a rent free apartment his sick grandfather s place The only problem it s in a lousy neighborhood The one where Mickey grew up, in fact The one he was so desperate to escape.But now he s back Dead broke And just when he thinks he s reached rockIn this neighborhood, make a wrong turn and you re history Mickey Wade is a recently unemployed journalist who lucked into a rent free apartment his sick grandfather s place The only problem it s in a lousy neighborhood The one where Mickey grew up, in fact The one he was so desperate to escape.But now he s back Dead broke And just when he thinks he s reached rock bottom, Mickey wakes up in the past Literally.At first he thinks it s a dream All of the stores he remembered from his childhood, the cars, the rumble of the elevated train But as he digs deeper into the past, searching for answers about the grandfather he hardly knows, Mickey meets the twelve year old kid who lives in the apartment below The kid who will grow up to someday murder Mickey s father.

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    1. A decent little pulp tale of time travel and revenge that's all a bit obvious if intricately plotted, you've surely read or seen this story before but the setting is different and the characters have had their names changed. That's not a criticism of Swierczynski, modern pulp authors have as much right to churn one out on an interesting subject as much as the guys who worked by the word during the golden age of pulps but there's no way you can then legitimately qualify the work as a highlight of [...]

    2. The pills in this book should have this warning sticker on the bottle: Side effects may include drowsiness, headache, and traveling through time. Use only as directed.Mickey Wade is a reporter who just lost his job due to downsizing at his paper. Since his grandfather is in a coma in the hospital, Mickey moves into his apartment to save money, but he hates returning to the neighborhood he grew up in because it’s decayed into a slum.When Mickey takes a couple of pills he thinks are aspirin out [...]

    3. Das Buch hat mich jetzt nicht von den Socken gehauen. Es ist schon ziemlich verwirrend aber der Autor hat ein roten Faden den er nicht verliert und das Buch zu ende bringt. Die Geschichte erinnert mich an viele Filme wie Butterfly, In meinem Himmel und noch einer aber da fällt mir der Name nicht ein. Es hat was aber es war nichts für mich, ich dachte es wird bisschen brutaler aber fehlanzeige.

    4. Hey, dummy! You weren’t impressed by the last book you read by this guy, so why the heck would you try another of his titles? What were you thinking?Butbut this one’s got time travel! The blurbs all said it was kind of like Life on Mars! I love Life on Mars!Since when do blurbs ever tell the truth?Yeah, okay, that one turned out to be totally bogus. Buttime travel?There really aren’t any interesting time travel ideas in this book. It’s boring and pointlessly violent, just like Swierczyns [...]

    5. I'd never heard of Duane Swierzynski before I saw Expiration Date as one of the Early Reviewer books on LibraryThing. I didn't win a copy, so I purchased one based on the summary of the title and the enthusiastic responses I found to the author's previous novels.Expiration Date is a fast-paced, twisty time-travel mystery written in a first-person hardboiled crime pulp style, and featuring occasional B&W ink illustrations by comic book artist Lawrence Campbell (this is a novel, not a graphic [...]

    6. EXPIRATION DATE tells the tale of a down-on-his luck and out of work newspaper reporter who moves into his grand pop’s apartment in a downtrodden and seemingly dangerous part of town. There, Mickey Wade discovers an innocuous bottle of pills in the medicine cabinet which he greedily takes in hopes of them having some medicinal purpose as a means to pre-empt his impending hangover. Rather than take the edge off, they send Mickey back in time, to the date he was born. Being a reporter and natura [...]

    7. Mickey Wade, a newly unemployed journalist moves into his grandfather's apartment in a run-down Philadelphia neighborhood. One night, after quaffing some aspirin he finds himself transported back in time to the year of his birth. Back and forth he goes, and then he decides to thwart the kid who would grow up to kill his father. Some fun weirdness ensues and it's a super-fast read. I'm putting more Duane Swierczynski books in my To Read List.

    8. An excellent try-to-wrap-your-head-around-this-time-travel story, complete with a whodunit and a surprise ending. Just when you think you've got it figured out, the author throws another twist in the story. And make sure to read the background of this story and how it came to be published. Almost as fascinating as the story itself! Highly recommended.

    9. I read this book in one night. It was great. It went by so fast and I could imagine a movie in my head while I was reading it. I was not disappointed at all with the ending and I realized I had to get to it without waiting for another reading session.

    10. Very different kind of book. Started out being written as a serial for a magazine then morphed into a fast-paced sci-if thriller. A quick but entertaining read about a laid-off journalist who moves to his grandfather's vacant apartment where he takes some Tylenol that transports him back in time to earlier parts of his life

    11. A few years back I discovered a pretty cool crime novel called “The Wheelman.” It was a gritty caper novel full of interesting characters and blasts of dark humor. I missed “Secret Dead Man” the debut novel by book’s writer, Duane Swierczynski, so I had no idea he was interested and capable of crafting a more fantastic but just as entertaining tale. I soon discovered that was the case though. Hints of science fiction showed up in “The Blonde” the author’s excellent follow-up to t [...]

    12. I don’t know why, but about every few times i go to Powell’s Books, i end up checking out the shelf that holds Duane’s work. i am never expecting anything new, i don’t know what i am expecting to be different, but it looks like repetition does eventually breed results. When i was there over the weekend, look what was waiting for me Expiration date, a book i didn’t even know was ready for release…So, what the hell is this book about? self discover and that exact moment when your life [...]

    13. Duane Swierczynski wrote two of the most entertaining books of the last decade. The Blonde and Severance Package are a one-two punch from a guy tied in at DNA-level to the noir zeitgeist. Exciting, character-driven and hi-freaking-larious, they scream to be filmed, and they transcend recommendation.Expiration Date is Swierczynski's first novel since joining the Marvel Comics bullpen, and its' essence is highly informed by those days spent telling stories in such a stylized environment. The roots [...]

    14. I'll readily admit that my failure to love this book is more my problem than Swierczynski's. It's decent for what it is and it's one that I would recommend to comic-book-action-film-noir-lovin' friends (those interests tend to overlap in people, I've noticed). But though I enjoy comics and action films here and there, and certainly books and films that incorporate elements of comics and action, they aren't my main loves. I knowI'm boring. Swierczynski's writing, although it has nice noir phrasin [...]

    15. After reading and loving Swierczynski's incredibly violent, fast-paced novels The Wheelman, The Blonde, and especially Severance Package, I was expecting more of the same with Expiration Date. I was pleasantly surprised that the novel, while fast-paced, was significantly different from those other books. This is definitely not a bad thing!Expiration Date is, simply stated, a novel about time travel, and Swierczynski handles the plot shifts and twists with admirable precision. If you enjoy puzzle [...]

    16. Duane SwierczynskiExpiration Date (Minotaur 2010) is the story of Mickey Wade, a recently unemployed journalist who moves into his grandfather’s apartment in the old Philadelphia neighborhood where Mickey grew up, the very place he was so eager to escape from. Mickey’s grandpop is in the hospital, so the rundown apartment is available and free, an important factor to Mickey, who has only enough money to afford peanut butter, apples, and very cheap beer. After too much to drink one night, Mic [...]

    17. I won this book as part of one of the First Reads giveaways. I read it having never heard of the author before and slightly put off due to the first copy getting lost in the mail.The novel seemed like it was supposed to be a mix between a 1950s detective novel, a noir style film, and possibly an alternate history novel. This comes complete with flat first person narrative, obvious plot twists, and a not so mysterious mystery. From the blurb, one could surmise that the kid is going to do somethi [...]

    18. Mickey Wade is at the end of his rope. He's out of work, out of pocket and out of luck. Taking his grandfather's old apartment, he comes across a strange bottle of pills in the medicine cabinet. Thinking that they will cure his hangover, he takes a few, and is instantly transported back in time to 1972. But the Philadelphia of the early 1970's was just as dangerous as the one he lives in today, so Mickey must unravel the mystery of the grandfather he barely knows, the mysterious pills, and the w [...]

    19. With an instantly riveting storyline and dysfunctional, but lovable characters, “Expiration Date” captures your imagination from the first page and doesn’t let go until the end. Smoothly transitioning between the present and past, Swierczynski takes you on an unexpected journey through time as down on his luck and recently unemployed Chris Wade unintentionally falls into the past. Arriving on the morning of his birth, Chris doesn’t understand that there are rules to slipping through the [...]

    20. I was a little dubious of the sci-fi meets pulp crime fiction cross-over, but Swierczynski carries if off with aplomb. The start is a big, juicy worm baited on a razor sharp hook; one of the best openings I’ve read in quite a while. The story is meticulously plotted and surprisingly credible given the time travel element, and the pacing is high tempo without being rushed. The characterisation is strong and the dialogue snappy and realistic. Unusually, the story is accompanied by some illustrat [...]

    21. I've yet to be disappointed by any of Swierczynski's books and this one was no exception.At some point in his life, someone must have told Duane Swierczynski to "write what you know", and what Duane Swierczynski knows is Philadelphia. Living in Philly, as I do, makes his stories just that more real for meeven if they tend to include a bit of sci-fi or fantasy. It's an automatic connection to what I'm reading, so that makes the level of enjoyment that much more automatic for me.This time he explo [...]

    22. Mickey Wade loses his job as a journalist and moves into his grandfather's unoccupied apartment in a run down section of Philadelphia. He takes some pills that he thinks are Tylenol, but which end up transporting his spirit back into the 1970's. Once he figures out the connection with the pills, Mickey starts to make repeated trips into the past, and starts to learn more about his family history and the murder of his father. His spirit can only interact with the world in limited ways, but Mickey [...]

    23. An intriguing premise, but one that ultimately doesn't fully live up to its potential. Three and a half stars for effort, three for execution.Mickey Wade has just lost his job as a newspaper reporter. Unable to keep his apartment, he accepts his mother's suggestion that he move into his grandfather's apartment. (Mickey's grandfather was just admitted to the hospital.) After a drunken binge he goes looking through his grandad's medicine cabinet and takes four pills from an old Tylenol bottle. But [...]

    24. I generally like Duane Swierczynski’s work. I haven’t given all of his books high ratings, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading each of the four I read before this one. But Expiration Date was not enjoyable at all. It was an urban version of Tree of Life, full of nostalgia for the days before white flight left the cities considerably darker than they’d previously been. That’s not my thing.The story itself wasn’t too bad, but there were too many places where I shook my head and said, [...]

    25. What a fun read. I was looking forward to writing a glowing review then the last 40 or so pages came along and I got very discouraged. Not with the writing or the story but with the printing of the book. For example, what should be page 229 is actually page 29. It's numbered and appears the same exact way that page 29 does. And it's not the only occurrence. I must have missed 10 pages because of printing errors. I got the gist of it but I'd really like to know exactly what happened on those pivo [...]

    26. Very good book, definitely recommend. The characters were interesting, the plot, pacing etc. were done very well. The concept was very different and anyone who likes mysteries and science fiction will certainly enjoy this book. My only problem with the book was the lead female character. As is too often the case the woman that the main character is in love with doesn't really participate in the story. In general she is too passive. Meghan's role is to be a mothering figure - she dresses his woun [...]

    27. I was enjoying this book until half way when the writer drops a bombshell and decides it's not about time travel after all but astral projection. That for me killed the book. I thought the original idea for time travelling was good and it promised a lot. In the end the book was a let down. The main character was pretty weak (actually all the characters were weak), and did nothing but flounder about in the same area, in a plot that was ultimately confusing and didn't really hang together. The boo [...]

    28. A fast-paced story which lives up to expectations. The 'hard-boiled' tone holds well and the different locales are well established as viable and believable backdrops for the unusual and innovative action.My one complaint would be the publisher - this book looks horrible! I ordered it after reading the synopsis and was looking forward to getting stuck in. On its arrival, however, it sat gathering dust for a fair while. The book looks like some sort of YA fiction and every page has fairly tacky l [...]

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