One thought on “The Push”

  1. This is copy 31 of 150 signed and numbered copies signed by Dave Hutchinson and Eric Brown.Cover Artist: Andy BigwoodThis is Newcon Press Book 018.Released as a limited edition of 150 dust-jacketed hardbacks signed by the author and the introducer limited edition of 200 paperbacks signed by the author.

  2. nwhytevejournal/1394928ml#cutid5This is an excellent hard sf novella, combining a couple of plot elements from Zelazny's "This Moment of the Storm" and GRRM's "Sandkings"; the narrator has spent decades fleeing his own past, and then finds it catching up with him, as the dumb aliens on the planet he helped colonise turn out not to be so dumb after all. The resolution of the hero's emotional and moral predicament is both imaginative and satisfying.

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