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  1. Have you ever watched the TV programme "The Addams Family"? A strange way to start a book review, perhaps, but bear with me and all will become clear. Charles Addams was an American cartoonist and comic strip artist known for his black humour and macabre characters. His work regularly appeared in The New Yorker, where according to a biographer, he was "drawing with a happy vengeance". Ray Bradbury is a master story-teller, a science-fiction writer whose works are without fail extraordinary fligh [...]

  2. From the Dust Returned is a fix up novel by Ray Bradbury. He took several short stories such as “Uncle Einar”, “The Homecoming”, “The April Witch” and other of the October Country variety and bound them together into a new novel that would have made Charles Addams proud. Like most of his works and like the best poetry, it should be read aloud and enjoyed for the rich, descriptive language Bradbury commands. If a reader enjoyed The October Country or just the short story “Homecoming [...]

  3. How to make Tracey happy? Similes, metaphors, A house that's the epitome of gothic,ghosts,ghouls and strange beings, Egyptian mummies, creaking hinges, howling winds, and a certain Mr Bradbury telling the tale:)This book is more a collection of short stories all with a common denominator, They are familyWhen nobody believes in the good or in the bad then how can they exist?

  4. Maybe you've had the experience of not liking something because it turned out not to be what the marketing said it was? Seems to happen with films a lot e.g. films that are a lot more cerebral than the dumb action movies they are made out to be - or the opposite. The trouble with this is it isn't the fault of the artists involved. Maybe if you'd come to it "blind" you'd have liked it. Or if given an honest impression of its nature, you said, I'll skip this one until I'm in the mood for it and di [...]

  5. Spectacular. This is, hands down, the BEST Halloween-ish ghost story I've EVER read. Neil Gaiman, take notes. 📝This book is a part of the reading challenge I've signed up for. Gotta finish it in a week (not challenging at all, tbh)!

  6. This is the first Ray Bradbury book i've read. *cringes* But it was the most beautiful story i've heard in a long time. Mr. Bradbury knows how to paint the most vivid pictures in ones mind with his words. The dream-like atmosphere is enough to lull one into a mind-set where truly, a family such as this, can exist. It is a quick read, but so worth revisiting. Overflowing with imagery and poetry, this book is just amazing.It's like Shakespeare meets Poe & are married by Tim Burton. i reread it [...]

  7. "The rememberers of noons." I like that. It's Ray Bradbury and his wonderful phrases and words that keeps the reader interested in this book. This is pure October (albeit I chose summer to read it) with wraiths and ghosts and vampires and werewolves and mummies all combining into one big somewhat happy family.What ambience is there? Are we kin to autumn rains?As the cover of the book illustrates (by the great Charles Addams), the centre of this book is a house, a huge house, in midwest America. [...]

  8. This is a Halloween classic. When I first read it, it seemed a little disjointed, but now after the fourth or fifth re-reading, I think it fits together nicely. I'm still not sure if I completely understand it, but I always enjoy Bradbury's beautiful writing style.

  9. This is a re-read for me. Read from October to December 24th, 2014. (Started on one holiday, finished on another!)Ray Bradbury's beautiful language makes this a delightful read. I love the sentences and the pictures they form in my mind.". . e weather came in through broken glass, from wandering clouds going nowhere, somewhere, anywhere, and make the attic talk to itself. . . .""Invisible as autumn winds, fresh as the breath of clover rising from twilight fields, she flew. She soared in doves as [...]

  10. FROM THE DUST RETURNED BY RAY BRADBURY: Ray Bradbury’s “other” Halloween book, From the Dust Returned, is over some fifty years in the making, beginning as a spark from a single story in his early twenties that he would continue to add on throughout his career. This spark of a first story, “Homecoming,” was originally published in Mademoiselle magazine and featured unique artwork (which is here reproduced on the cover of the book) by a then relatively unknown artist by the name of Char [...]

  11. 4.5Esta es una recopilación de historias que Bradbury hilvanó entre 1945 y 2000, asi que son cuentos llenos de esa poesía que puede evocar Bradbury. Es la historia precisa para Halloween , la historia de la Gente de Octubre. Es una historia de una familia de monstruos, una historia llena de nostalgia vista con los ojos y los sueños y terrores de un niño. Desde momias faraonicas, a la hermana que vuela con su mente y puede estar en todas y ninguna parte, de fantasmas y vampiros, del tio que [...]

  12. Related short stories about the 'Eternal Family'. They have lived for centuries in a big old house in Illinois, coming and going at different times, where preparations are being made for a homecoming. Wonderfully written as only Ray Bradbury can, these stories introduce us to the members of the family, shapeshifters, telepaths, somnambulists, vampires and A Thousand Times Great Grandmére, who has been around since ancient Egypt. Originally conceived as a joint venture between Bradbury and illus [...]

  13. Tahtmatult tahaks hakata tõmbama paraleele hiljuti loetud Gaimani "Kalmisturaamatuga", jah ma tean, et viimane ju kirjutatud rohkem kui pool sajandit hiljem aga teema on mõlemal sama (rääkimata sellest, et mõlemaid raamatuid olen lugenud selle aasta alguses). Koolnutest-vaimudest seltskond võtab enda sekka inimleidlapse, kes siis kogeb surnute seas üht ja teist (näiteks esimene armastus) ning peab seejärel, kui tiivad juba kannavad, armsaks saanud surnud maha jätma ning laia ilma ränd [...]

  14. I read an interview with Ray Bradbury not so long ago, where he was talking about re-reading one of his own, older books (Dandelion Wine, I think), and he said he realized that he was never going to write anything that good again - he was amazed that he had written it. It was one of the saddest things from an author that I've heard Unfortunately, reading this more recent book (2001), I see what he means. The book is not without its charms - but parts of it were initially written in the 1940's, o [...]

  15. Granted sufficient time, I might do a study comparing this book, written late in Bradbury's career, to the late works of other artists. Without putting Bradbury in the ranks of, say, Shakespeare and Beethoven, it would still be possible to point out similarities and differences.In From the Dust Returned, we have the recapitulation of earlier themes and the repetition of earlier materials, comparable, for instance, to Richard Strauss's reuse of his Death and Transfiguration theme (from early in h [...]

  16. "The House was a puzzle inside an enigma inside a mystery, for it encompassed silences, each one different, and beds, each a different size, some having lids."This is the story of a House that has existed for centuries, slowly evolving, and the Family that has lived there for almost as long, as all its members arrive at Halloween from around the globe, under the earth, and over the winds for a grand Homecoming. Reminiscent of the Addams family, but with more poetry and mystery (as well as one ca [...]

  17. Podés leer esta y otras reseñas también en mi blog:ceresplaneta/2Timothy vive en una familia de fantasmas. Podríamos decir que De las cenizas volverás es una suerte de libro de relatos/novela que narra la vida, si puede decirse, de los familiares de Timothy, sabiendo que él es el único que crece y envejece, y por ende el único que llegado el momento morirá. Desde el principio me llamó mucho la atención la trama de este libro. Me interesaba mucho que ahonde en temas más ligados a lo [...]

  18. Bradbury en estado puro, una prosa que parece poesía capaz de sumergirte en imágenes fantasmagóricas. Humor, fantasía, personajes inolvidables.Una reunión de Halloween en la que hubiera querido participar, y una familia eterna vista a través de los ojos de un niño humano.Pequeños relatos que forman un todo perfecto.Imprescindible

  19. This is one of my all time favorite Bradbury novels. When I was a kid imbibing on his short stories, the ones that stood out concerned this family and this house. I always wanted more of them. I wanted them all together. I wanted them in a format where no rockets intervened between stories. Then later, this book came out. My edition has a Charles Addams artwork on the cover which I find very fitting. I found the book delightful and nostalgic, well written, and the added parts made good transitio [...]

  20. This is such a strange book that it is tempting to explain why at length. I dislike the book so much that it would be a disservice to me if I did. Briefly: Bradbury seems confused about his characters. Early in his afterward, the best part of the book, he indicates that they MIGHT be vampires. Later he speaks of the stories as ghost stories: ghosts that sometimes live within the living and sometimes not. Because the author is not fixed on who these people are, neither am I, and this diminishes m [...]

  21. After reading the short-story, "Homecoming," I was so happy to hear that Ray Bradbury had focused an entire novel on my favorite vampire-like family. Not vampire in the Twilight sense, but in the macrbre, rococo style as he puts it, where immortal destiny relies on a thin thread of human belief and fear. The problem is for everyone in the family, who lives at this house, who lives in the dark, the shadows, the wind, the un-dead, most mortal people believe in nothing. If everyone stop believing t [...]

  22. Ick.I'm not generally a fan of fix-up novels nor am I a fan of Bradbury's long form fiction. So his fix-up novels feel like the worst of the worst - cobbled together stories that don't necessarily go together very well - with a drifting, non-existent plot and a ton of continuity issues. Since only about half of this book was previously published, I'd hoped the other half would have make it into more of a cohesive whole but that wasn't the case.And maybe I'm in a bad mood or maybe it's the curren [...]

  23. Si bien es mucho menos clara en su trama y significado que obras como "Dandelion Wine" o "Fahrenheit 451", en "From the dust returned" está presente el lirismo de la prosa de Ray Bradbury en todo su esplendor. Ese lirismo que, sumado a la profundidad de los temas que son una constante en sus historias, lo convierten en uno de esos escritores que el lector sensible siempre termina disfrutando, aún cuando ese disfrute implique dejar un poco de lado lo lógico y abandonarse al fluir de esa imagin [...]

  24. I came upon this book at the library and the premise sounded right up my alley. I'm a big fan of Neil Gaiman and this sounded just like one of his books. The only other Ray Bradbury book I had read up to now was Fahrenheit 451, which was completely incomparable in style to this book. As I mentioned, the plot reminds me of a Gaiman book, specifically "The Graveyard Book", which was a fun read by the way. The similarities end with the the plot, however. Although the cover advertises this as a nove [...]

  25. Pulling a lifetime of short stories into one novel, From the Dust Returned is the story of one large, unusual, supernatural family which makes its home in a grand old house in the Midwest. The book begins with a promising combination of Halloween-esque figures and lush storytelling, but that's not enough to fill a book. The characters are intriguing, but they feel unrealistic; the lush language swiftly becomes repetitive; the plot eventually comes into itself but for the most part reflects too m [...]

  26. Bradbury's fantastic and very gothic tale of the truly odd Elliott family."To say that most of them slept days and worked at odd occupations nights would fall short of commencement. To remark that some of them could read minds, and some fly with lightnings to land with leaves, would be an understatement".Just a sampling of Bradbury's brilliant lyricism. The tale tells the story of young boy Timothy's gainful insight into the disturbed nature of his undead relatives, and his questioning as to whe [...]

  27. Related short stories about the 'Eternal Family'. They have lived for centuries in a big old house in Illinois, coming and going at different times, where preparations are being made for a homecoming. Wonderfully written as only Ray Bradbury can, these stories introduce us to the members of the family, shapeshifters, telepaths, somnambulists, vampires and A Thousand Times Great Grandmére, who has been around since ancient Egypt. Originally conceived as a joint venture between Bradbury and illus [...]

  28. As usual with Bradbury, the language and images here are really lovely and evocative. The story, in this case, is somewhat uneven and I was disappointed by how little was made of the intriguing tidbits and references to mysterious characters and events. Part of the problem is that this is really a collection of tales, featuring the same characters but written over a period of years and published separately, and so there are inconsistencies, changes in tone, and hints of stories which might have [...]

  29. Continuando meu desafio pessoal de ler tudo o que eu achar da bibliografia do Bradbury, peguei esse aqui da estante para aproveitar tanto o tema do mês no Desafio Corujesco quanto o All Hallow’s Read. Uma Estranha Família já estava esperando por aqui faz um tempinho, depois que o consegui numa troca pelo Skoob e foi uma leitura bem rápida e leve.O livro é narrado de forma fragmentada pelo jovem Timothy, um humano normal que foi abandonado ainda bebê na porta da Casa - um lugar de quartos [...]

  30. Este libro cuenta una historia formada por cuentos cortos, que convergen una una narrativa común, mientras explica la historia de los miembros de la familia que habita La Casa.Es un relato con momias, fantasmas y vampiros que no son para nada ninguno de estos seres. Es un libro corto, exquisitamente escrito. No puedo más que desear seguir leyendo más Bradbury y, espero, cuando conozca mejor su obra, poder llevármelo a mis estantes.

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