Fatal North: Adventure and Survival Aboard USS Polaris, the First U S Expedition to the North Pole

Fatal North Adventure and Survival Aboard USS Polaris the First U S Expedition to the North Pole It began as America s first attempt to reach the North Pole It ended with the captain s suspicious death a brutal struggle for survival on the polar ice and a government cover up With eight pages of

  • Title: Fatal North: Adventure and Survival Aboard USS Polaris, the First U S Expedition to the North Pole
  • Author: Bruce Henderson
  • ISBN: 9780451204134
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Paperback
  • It began as America s first attempt to reach the North Pole It ended with the captain s suspicious death, a brutal struggle for survival on the polar ice, and a government cover up With eight pages of rare photographs and illustrations, Fatal North is a harrowing account of one of the great tragedies in the history of United States exploration.

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    1. I'm embarrassed to admit how long this book has been in my TBR pile. It didn't deserve that. It was great! Halfway through I found myself binge-reading in the middle of the night like a teenager with a new dystopia series. It's the true story of the 1870s era American quest to find the North Pole. The conflict and suspense created by staggering human incompetence paired with Mother Nature's abject domination of us lowly human beings rivals anything Michael Crichton ever came up with. I'd love to [...]

    2. 3.5 stars is maybe more appropriate. If I line this book up with the wildly popular "In The Kingdom of Ice", I would have to give it 5 stars, as there is far more material here to chew on, and lots of intrigue, adding spice to the usual struggle against the ice one can and should expect. Henderson does a great job of drawing the characters. I know I have read of the Eskimo families who are a crucial part of the book, but never before felt that I understood them so well. A very interesting and me [...]

    3. I didn't know the story of the Hall Arctic Expedition so it was all new and an exciting adventure, told well. The information for the account comes from the journal of one man, George Tyson, so he is the hero of the story and we see everything happening through his eyes. It couldn't have been otherwise as the other journals don't seem to have survived but I would have liked an acknowledgment of this problem in putting together an accurate account of the journey. Anyway I'm not challenging the he [...]

    4. I loved this adveture story. Ever since childhood I have been fascinated by exploration adventures, especially to the arctic/antarctic. I can't belive how unenthusisatic the people on this voyage werewhy sign up to a trip to the north pole when you don't want to go? There was also a lot un unappreciation for those who were keeping them alive. I guess, in a desperate situation people allow there fear to turn them into morons!

    5. A very cold case. Polar expedition adventure that's got pretty much everything. The reason for the expedition is the least interesting part of the book. The crew is so divided and untrustworthy that there's no way it's going to end well. The book only drags in a couple of spots, mostly I ripped through it. The author's other books are going to the top of my to read list.

    6. A very interesting tale of bravery, cowardice, loyalty, insubordination and a murder mystery that turns into a true-life tale of polar survival. Highly recommended if you enjoy true stories of arctic survival and adventure.

    7. Considering the source material I think it would be hard to write a bad story about Charles F. Hall. It's one of those cases of the truth being stranger then fiction. However, I really didn't find anything new in the book. Well written, but the same story I've heard from other sources.

    8. Was the leader of the first US expedition to find the North Pole, Charles Hall, murdered by his own crew? An incredible tale of men at their ends and their polar (pardon) responses. Highly Recommended.

    9. Fascinating account of polar expedition that resulted in the murder of the captain, discovered many years later following an exhumation of his perfectly preserved frozen body.

    10. A great story about a forgotten tragedy. Bruce Henderson's blending of historical fact, personal diary, and narrative make this an excellent, if not slightly upsetting read. The final chapter puts a historical twist to the entire tale, which brings more questions than answers. However, as for the story itself. Henderson manages to capture the feel and mood of the historic voyage of the Polaris and subsequent events following the death of the captain (America's Livingstone, as one writer describe [...]

    11. Well in my opinion old school arctic explorers are the toughest SOB's ever. I dread over a cold toilet seat. -40 degrees? Not bloody likely. This event being well documented made for a really good book. I've read quite a few arctic exploration books and I never grow tired of them. This was a well written book and I would gladly recommend it to anyone.

    12. A solid real life adventure story with a possible true crime twist. It's not quite as good as Endurance, but it's still worth the read for anyone who loves tales of 19th century exploration and adventure.

    13. I bought this book on a whim when the used bookstore I was at had no Jon Krakauer books in the "cold/winter adventure" section. I assumed it would be interesting, but average over all. In the end I am glad I didn't have high expectations because I was able to simply read and enjoy this book. The author's foreshadowing sometimes gave away major points in the story and the map in the front of the book basically told the entire outline before I even started the book. I would avoid looking at the ma [...]

    14. Fatal North explores the mysteries surrounding the first US north pole expedition. The ill-fated voyage included minor discord amongst the crew, the captain's death, eighteen crew members being stranded on an ice floe, the ship's evacuation and then sinking, and the eventual investigation into the foregoing affairs. In this book author Henderson, investigates all matters related to the voyage through, original transcripts of investigations by the Navy, the captain's personal papers and journals [...]

    15. Loved this book. A fine adventure tale about one of the earliest attempts to reach the North Pole. The author has combined information from a lot of sources and makes a very persuasive case for Murder. So many incompetents on the boat and crew, and there are a few definite heroes (many of which were the Eskimo guides) as well as much bumbling and ineptitude by those in the Grant Administration when it came to staffing the boat and the inquiry. Fast moving, well written with enough source materia [...]

    16. Thoroughly absorbed in this book. An engrossing book that's hard to get out of your mind when through with the nights reading. Easy to read and visualize the events as they occurred. I recommend this book to anyone interested in nautical history. This book has a blend of history, mystery, drama and is a story of survival against incredible odds.

    17. Keeps you involved, entertained and guessing all the way.Very well written! Exciting story of unbelievable adventure, suspense and heroism. A must read for stories of the arctic lovers.

    18. An amazing story full of twists and turns, drama, colorful characters, and an attempt to survive a dark arctic winter on the ice. Recommended.

    19. Well written and interesting readthe stories of arctic exploration are fascinating- this book is among the best -exciting history and a little true crime story to boot

    20. RivitingHow hard for those who go into the unknown. Only speculation, theory and hope. Disappointment for all in the end.

    21. Exciting storyWas interesting from beginning to the end.I recommended it to a friend,and he enjoyed it to.How those explorers went throughwhat they did is beyond me.

    22. I read this book about 4 years ago so i was only 11. It was hard to under stand then. I want to re read it and find out what i missed.

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