Timeshares Sixteen original stories about taking your dream vacation in any era you desire Take a vacation through time with the help of a Time Travel Agency offering excursions into the past and future Readers

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  • Title: Timeshares
  • Author: Jean Rabe Patrick McGilligan Jody Lynn Nye Chris Pierson Kelly Swails Robert E. Vardeman James M. Ward Kevin J. Anderson
  • ISBN: 9780756406158
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Sixteen original stories about taking your dream vacation in any era you desire Take a vacation through time with the help of a Time Travel Agency offering excursions into the past and future Readers will find themselves in exotic, adventurous locales and in all manner of trouble and mysteries And figures from the past will be able to squeak by the other way PictureSixteen original stories about taking your dream vacation in any era you desire Take a vacation through time with the help of a Time Travel Agency offering excursions into the past and future Readers will find themselves in exotic, adventurous locales and in all manner of trouble and mysteries And figures from the past will be able to squeak by the other way Picture Cleopatra in modern day New York City, or Hannibal searching for elephants at Wisconsin s Circus World And that s just the beginning of the thrills and danger

    One thought on “Timeshares”

    1. [Full disclosure: I have a story in this anthology. I will not be discussing my story in this review.]Timeshares starts with a simple premise: Where – no, when – would you go if you could go on vacation anywhen in time?Like most people, I’ve been exposed to lots of time travel stories. The 19 stories all imagine the time-vacation agency in slightly different ways, which keeps each story in this anthology fresh. Some stories are action-packed, some are mysteries, and some center on characte [...]

    2. Like any anthology, Timeshares comprises hits and misses. Mostly the former, for me. What fun it will be if a new VOD series uses the time travel agency as a premise. Netflix, , anyone? On a side note, I am formally appealing to any time traveller out there, for a copy of the recording by John Lennon's collaboration with Bonham, Entwistle, Johnson and Strummer.

    3. Includes my story, "A Night to Forget" by C.A. Verstraete - a woman finds a visit to an exhibit about the Titanic more real than she expected.

    4. Time wastersMost of the stories here are quite short, and quite shallow. A few are plain bad. Very little is even memorable enough to comment on.

    5. Anthologies are always hit or miss for me. Usually if I like the premise then I'm likely to find it harder to enjoy the individual stories. If I am only mildly interested in the premise and picking the book up more for the authors included, I fare far better. Such is the case with Timeshares. Six of the authors listed are of interest to me for various reasons and the premise was interesting enough to garner my attention.Who hasn't wanted to travel back in time? I know I used to dream about trave [...]

    6. The not-so-good: What started out as a great sci-fi concept, turned out to be a little less interesting (from a sci-fi standpoint) than orignally anticipated. Most of the stories were written by authors from different genres, making each not only done in a slightly different writing style (to be expected), but also handled the common threads of the book in a completely chaotic fashion (somewhat surprising). Most were period pieces, many only included one or two quick references to anything remot [...]

    7. An interesting, and sometimes fun, collection of time travel stories that center around a "travel" agency offering time travel. While the stories were a little uneven and some only loosely arranged around the original concept, some of the stories could easily be adapted into longer length stories or even full novels. You may want to skip around a little, but there should be something that satifies most fans of time travel stories.

    8. If you are a time travel enthusiast you will probably like this book. I must say that I didn't care for the short story compilation format, but the real issue with this book is that is suffers from the same problems most time travel books too. Namely, there are two many unnecessary restrictions placed on the time travelers. The other issue is that the motivations behind the travelers where somewhat lacking. The premise is also suspect. Still, worth a read for fan of this genre.

    9. Timeshares is a collection of short stories about time traveling vacations. The stories range from the standard paradoxes of time travel to implications of bringing people forward to religion to visiting relatives. While none of the stories are long, they are easy to get lost in. The collection is well edited so they give you a picture of the Timeshares world even though each story is by a different author. The last one even manages to provide closure.

    10. An interesting collection of short stories by a variety of authors, centered around a central premise: a company that lets you go back in time.The best feature of this collection is the tremendous variation within the stories. In what is largely individual preference, some stories are too simple and not as entertaining; but some are complex and thought provoking. A little something for all sci-fi fans, although I doubt that anyone will like the whole collection.

    11. Every so often, there's an anthology of short stories that's worth the time that you spent reading it.This is not one of them. The sole saving grace is Stackpole's "By Our Actions" -- a shame that I had to slog through nearly the entire book to get to it. The other stories largely concern themselves with sophomoric retreads of tired old tropes. (Of course, this opinion is based on my belief that time travel itself isn't already overdone)

    12. I did not enjoy the early stories in this anthology as they were too similar. It seems the editors provided a lot of detail about the "Timeshares" travel company to authors and too many of them "stuck to the script." The stories collected towards the end of the book tended to go "off script" and were more enjoyable as more of the author's vs. editor's voice came through.

    13. I usually don't care for time travel stories, but most of the stories in this collection about the company known as Timeshares were really interesting and well-written. I found myself wanting to read the sequel anthology. Is there one? I will definitely have to look.

    14. I bought this in ebook format at fictionwise, but the publisher decided they wanted more money, so I couldn't download it.Fictionwise refunded my money after a few weeks, so now I have to decide if I'll ever buy this again.Unlikely.

    15. A collection of time travel stories. Some I liked, some were ok and then disappointed you with their ending, a few weren't good at all

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