A Night in the Lonesome October

A Night in the Lonesome October The bestselling author of the Amber series creates a delightful and dramatic period fantasy populated by talking dogs and characters from popular legend Accompanying and amplifying the text are a seri

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  • Title: A Night in the Lonesome October
  • Author: Roger Zelazny Gahan Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780688125080
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The bestselling author of the Amber series creates a delightful and dramatic period fantasy populated by talking dogs and characters from popular legend Accompanying and amplifying the text are a series of 31 full page illustrations by one of the masters of bizarre and horrific art.

    One thought on “A Night in the Lonesome October”

    1. Review updated yet again on October 26, 2017A group read with some of my greatest friends: Choko, Layla, and Tadiana. I will add more people to the list when they finish their reading. The most common cover of the book is so perfect I cannot help showing it here. Half of the fun in most of Zelazny's books is to figure out what is going on. For this reason I have to be as obscure as possible. Imagine Jack the Ripper, Sherlock Holmes, Count Dracula, Dr. Frankenstein, Rasputin, Larry Talbot (if you [...]

    2. Final review, just in time for Halloween! First posted on Fantasy Literature:During the entire month of October, in the late 1800s, in a year when the full moon falls on Halloween, strange forces gather in a village outside of London.Various iconic characters ― who will be familiar to fans of Victorian literature and classic horror movies ― create shifting alliances, gather herbs, instruments of power and the odd eyeball and femur, and prepare for a mystery-shrouded event that will take plac [...]

    3. Soooooooooooooooooo this was a group read I forced upon my nearest and dearest- I looooove my GR gals- even if you hated or loved every minute of it ladieeeeeees!!I am a watchdog. My name is Snuff. I live with my master Jack outside of London now. I like Soho very much at night with its smelly fogs and dark streets. It is silent then and we go for long walks.The story of A NIGHT IN LONESOME OCTOBER is told in a prologue and thirty-one chapters- one for each day in October. I read it in threemeti [...]

    4. "Carpe baculum!" (Seize the stick!)You know the feeling when you finish the book and with a quiet satisfied and slightly smug smile realize that it was just perfect, as though it was written just for you? Sometimes I get lucky like that. Roger Zelazny has a unique quirkiness in his narration that speaks directly to me, and A Night in the Lonesome October which I read in one breath over the wee hours of a late October night is no exception.Zelazny is a genius when it comes to telling a story. The [...]

    5. *** 5 +++ ***A buddy read with the Roger Zelazny Newbies Group, since we wanted to start with a bang!!!Where do I start??? Let's begin with my thanks to Evgeny, who had the good sense to invite several of us for the Halloween Read and made us read it! Thank you!!! I had no idea what I was getting myself into. After all, I am not a horror reading type of a gal. However, I believe Horror is the last thing I would associate A Night in Lonesome October with. The first would be smart and second, funn [...]

    6. Zelazny is a genius although I have a sneaking suspicion his genius may be drug related. Where else would you come up with the idea of telling a Victorian mystery-humor-horror story from the point of view of a dog?The first clue of the kind of upcoming weirdness comes from the dedication, which is to Shelley, Poe, Stoker, Doyle, Lovecraft, Bradbury, Bloch, and Terhune (dog breeder and writer). That means not only does the cast of characters include the watchdog Snuff, and his master, Jack, a man [...]

    7. A Night in the Lonesome October is about a gateway to a dimension of Lovecraftian horrors and the two opposing forces dedicated to opening the gate or making sure it stays closed. The story is told from the point of view of Jack the Ripper's dog Snuff. Yeah, you read that right.I was hooked right away, around the time Snuff and the graveyard dog had a funny conversation and asked to see one another's teeth. One of the characters calls The Game, as it is known, a lunatic scavenger hunt. That's pr [...]

    8. ➽ Everyone Luuuuurved It But Me Now that's a Surprise Buddy Read (ELIBMNtaSBR™) with Evgeny (aka The Culprit), Tadiana, Choko, Layla, Maria and Robin. So this was me while I was reading this book:Shrimpless Needless to say, I wasn't in the best of dispositions to read this classic Halloween read. By the way, worry not for I am not going to explain again how slightly pointless the whole Halloween read thing is to me, because been there done that and all that crap. Anyway, Halloween + Evgeny's [...]

    9. Imagine a brave Scooby-Doo at WorkI rarely get chance to read a highly admired book. "A Night in the Lonesome October" by Roger Zelazny is my first review read from Netgalley. Whether you call the genre humour or horror or lovecraftian or mystery, but I am not able to put it into single genre confidently. Unlike my other review reads this book shows clear cut difference between debut author and veteran author.I think one has to read the book to understand what the story is all about. And many re [...]

    10. Evgeny, thanks again for a great recommendation :)This book is a great blend of mystery spices, gripping suspense, funny dialogues and fabulous fantasy. Mr. Zelazny’s writing style just enchanted me: so straightforward, smooth and so compelling at the same time, with no difficult words or complex descriptions. The story simply is a page-turner.What gripped me in A Night in the Lonesome October? Definitely the talking animals, the monsters (who entertained Snuff with their mad requests and dang [...]

    11. I used to watch How I Met Your Mother and loved all the various challenges that Barney took on because someone in the group said there was no way he could do it. Like picking up girls in overalls or licking the Liberty Bell. So in my head this is how Roger Zelazny responded when someone told him it would be impossible to make Jack the Ripper into a good guy.I always try to read something for the Halloween season. Horror isn’t exactly my genre so I attempt to pick something more mysterious than [...]

    12. How many times have I read Roger Zelazny’s A Night in the Lonesome October? I literally can’t remember if it’s four or five or six. And it never loses its freshness or excitement.And how do I write a review for this book that will do it justice? So cleverly written, and readers will delight in figuring out one by one who each of the “players” in the game are — many of which are characters from Victorian literature. Even though this was my fourth or more go-round with these characters [...]

    13. Actual rating: 3.5I actually managed to stick to the one chapter a day format of this book, which made for a fun little adventure. This is the second Zelazny novel I’ve read, having only dipped my toe into his Chronicles of Amber with the first book. Zelazny is a science fiction and fantasy forefather of the 1960s through the 1980s, having influenced the likes of Neil Gaiman and George R.R. Martin. He won 3 Nebula Awards and 6 Hugo Awards, and is most famous for his Chronicles of Amber. In oth [...]

    14. Oct2017: Reading yet again with Fantasy Book Club. Many thanks to Helen for inviting me to read along. It is in memory of Brenda who recently lost a battle to cancer & this was one of her favorite books. Mine too, obviously. Definitely a Halloween tradition. I must watch "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" tonight. The one with Tim Curry, of course.It was a great read with a great bunch of people. I added some to my notes & we relabeled the characters on the front cover due to a great insigh [...]

    15. Halloween buddy read with some of my awesome friends.Growing moon. Angry cat. Feather in the wind. Autumn comes. The grass dies. "A Night in the Lonesome October" is a very different book in so many ways. In so many good ways. It is written from a dog's point of view and consists of a prologue plus 31 chapters, one chapter for each day of October. You have no idea what is going on in the major part of the book, but instead you come across all sorts of characters that you might for instance know [...]

    16. An entertaining, interesting story on the face, the understory is even better. Zelazny's sheer number of allusions and amount of sources truly make it a lunatic scavenger hunt that lead to research in some very dark & dusty corners of history, film, myth, & writing.2012: Re-reading yet again with the Beyond Reality group.By Day: /topic/show/1Cover & other Art: /topic/show/1Both of these topics contain spoilers. I'm armed with 20 pages of notes & a copy of the cover art. We're hav [...]

    17. 3.5 I'm a Universal Monster nut. I have the stuffed animal collection, the silver screen box, key chains, artwork for the poster of The Creature from the Black Lagoon signed by the artist (and autographs from Ricou Browning and Julie Adams from a convention on it years later), a few other collectables, the collector box set with statues of Dracula, Frankenstein and The Wolf ManI'd have much more but, you know, I'm poor.This book gets brownie points just for including some of these characters. My [...]

    18. Buddy read with Roger Zelazny Newbies Group. Thanks for suggesting this read Evgeny!This was a pretty interesting story, a lot more interesting than I initially expected. The way it was approached plays a big role in why I liked it so much. And because of the chosen POV I had a blast figuring out which characters was which famous literature hero. And when i couldn't I had my wonderful friends at RZN to help me out (even if I spend most of my time there just lurking).At first it was a slow going [...]

    19. 3.5 I read A Night in the Lonesome October with some of my favorite gal pals on . I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but what I got was not at all what I had imagined.The story is told in 31 chapters- each one is a day in October. You are following around Snuff, a watchdog who tells you all about his adventures for the day. There are other animals that are in the story as well working with their human companion to collect items and information for what they refer to as “The Game”. Imagine [...]

    20. Goodness gracious, I am super late writing this review. My schedule just exploded after the middle of October, and I had no time. Because it's been nearly a month, I don't have the best memory of all the plotlines. But I promised I would write a review for every book I read, so better late than never, and my review will be of the more general sort.I was fortunate to find this at my library and it fit very well thematically into my October Scare Fest reading. I enjoyed it overall. It's an odd lit [...]

    21. A very enjoyable read from Roger Zelazny, consistent with other material I've read by him.The tone is light, although the subject matter is grim. It seems that on Halloween night, unimaginable horrors will attempt to enter this world. A gathering of powers has come together, some to hold it back, and some to try to help it along.Throughout the month, these opposing forces are playing a game of positioning, alliances, and grabs for talismans to help their cause or hinder the opposition.The story [...]

    22. A wonderful book in every sense of the word, and perfect October reading. Jack the Ripper, the Wolfman, Sherlock Holmes, Dr Frankenstein ( and his monster), Dracula, a witch, a mad monk, an evil vicar and many more, all attempting to perform a ritual to either allow Lovecraftian old ones through to our plane, or prevent it from happening. And all ably narrated by Snuff, Jack's faithful, and possibly immortal, dog companion. Zelazny was on top form here, a towering talent, taken far too early.It' [...]

    23. Oh what a fast, fun adventure for us lovers of mystery, fantasy and horrorNarrated by Jack the Ripper's faithful (door opening) guard dog Snuff (with his best pal Graymalk the cat by his side) Roger Zelazny dedicates his last book to some of the GREATSShelley, Poe, Stoker, Doyle, Lovecraft, Bradbury, Bloch, Tenhune and makers of old movies.The wild and crazy romp with the supernatural begins on October 1 and ends.ly.on All Hallows Eve, and besides the thrashing Jack, you'll encounter favorites l [...]

    24. This amalgamation of Victorian gothic and penny dreadful cliches is the best example of Zelazny's tongue-in-cheek humor. Without taking itself too seriously, the book avoids the campiness of the author's Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming and manages to be exciting and plot-driven without losing its sense of whimsy. Zelazny also succeeds in capturing the requisite dark-and-shadowed-Victorian-London atmosphere without becoming unbearably heavy or going to extremes of nastiness, as many recent u [...]

    25. Noć u usamljenom oktobru me je baš prijatno iznenadila, prvi put kad se radi o Zelazniju - lišena je pretencioznosti koja kvari dobar deo njegovih radova (samo ću pomenuti Ružu za Propovednika) i zbrzanosti koja ih takođe kvari (pozniji nastavci Ambera) i do izražaja dolaze sve njegove vrline, duhovitost, šarm i erudicija, upravo jer se ne trudi da ih nagari do kraja. Tehnički, ovo bi trebalo da spada u horor, ali u pitanju je zapravo lepršava postmoderna fantazija o više klasičnih l [...]

    26. Pa ovo je tako lepo.Priča prati jedan oktobar, dan po dan, iz ugla super neobičnog psa koji je pomoćnik čoveka koji će, kada mesec istekne, odigrati veliku ulogu u metafizičkoj borbi čija nam priroda na početku nikako nije jasna. Ali sve i da priča ne vodi prema toj borbi i da ne prati mesec, već godinu, bilo bi lepo za čitanje jer je toplo i inteligentno na nekakav diskretan način. Baš milina.

    27. This was my second attempt at reading Zelazny, and although I enjoyed this one more than the last one, I am beginning to think that Zelazny's style just doesn't agree with me. The best way that I can think to describe it is that I feel like I'm seeing the events of the story out of the corner of my eye, that I can never quite get the full picture. We're given hints, references to puzzle out, dialogue that both reveals and obscures, and a narration that is restrained and secretive. Everything is [...]

    28. Posljednja Zelaznyjeva knjiga, i u pravom smislu labuđi pjev. S onom istom finom ironijom koju nalazimo u Azzie Elbub trilogiji, ali s još više suptilnosti i inteligencije, zelazny se poigrava s mitovima, poznatim i manje poznatim likovima, arhetipovima, i mada u samoj radnji nema velikih iznenađenje, knjiga je ipak prava poslastica. zaslužena petica.

    29. Read it for the 2nd time and absolutely loved it again. The literature recycling is a thing Zelazny was great in and here he did it in a funny and inventive way. He borrowed some best characters the modern classic literature gave us, sparkled it with the cameo of Elder Gods and played it all with great humour and a tad of twist to it. The dialogues are brilliant. And you just have to love Snuff. Whoever he is 5 Stars again, and I'm willing to re-read it in future.P.S. Btw - if you're a hardcore [...]

    30. Book Info: Genre: Lovecraftian fictionReading Level: 18+Recommended for: Fans of Lovecraftian/Cthulhuian tales, monster mash-upsMy Thoughts: This is a classic piece of Lovecraftian Literature; if you enjoy Lovecraft, Lovecraftian or Cthulhuian stories, be sure to sign up for the Lovecraft eZine (link where links are permitted), where each month an edition is released containing a number of new stories. Recently an issue was released that related directly to this book, so be sure to check out thi [...]

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