Hellfire The old mill has been silent for a hundred years its dread secrets locked from view Still the people of Westover Massachusetts rememberd whisper of that terrible day when horrifying flames claimed

  • Title: Hellfire
  • Author: John Saul
  • ISBN: 9780553258646
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The old mill has been silent for a hundred years, its dread secrets locked from view Still, the people of Westover, Massachusetts, rememberd whisper of that terrible day when horrifying flames claimed eleven innocent young lives The day the mill s doors slammed shut forever.But now, the last of the once powerful Sturgess family is about to unlock those doors againThe old mill has been silent for a hundred years, its dread secrets locked from view Still, the people of Westover, Massachusetts, rememberd whisper of that terrible day when horrifying flames claimed eleven innocent young lives The day the mill s doors slammed shut forever.But now, the last of the once powerful Sturgess family is about to unlock those doors againd unleash an elemental fury For behind the padlocks, deep within the dark, abandoned building, a terrible vengeance waits A vengeance conceived inHELLFIRE

    One thought on “Hellfire”

    1. This book was given to me, I have not read that many of John Saul books. John Saul has a very solid plot line dealing with a family business of hiding secrets, driving family members crazy and haunts from the past in the old mill that the Sturgess family owned. It was not the ending that I thought it would be. Hellfire is mixed with old town folklore, family secrets and legends of the town. I really enjoyed the book and would recommend it as a book worth reading.

    2. John Saul is noticeably inferior to many of the big-name writers, and Stephen King has openly criticized his writing, but although his writing doesn't have the same power or finesse as King or Straub or must I say it, Dean Koontz he is more than capable of turning out a simple and entertaining story that takes us from point A to B. Sometimes, in the case of 'Hellfire', he even manages to scare us - or at least creep us out a little. But the best part of this book is that it continues to shock [...]

    3. Vengeful murderous spirits are released when the local entrepreneur decides to reopen the century old mill which made his family their fortune (thanks to exploitive child labour of the times). Carolyn is married to Philip Sturgess, head of a rich and once-influential family that has resided in the small town of Westover Massachusetts for generations. Carolyn has a kind and sensitive 11-year-old daughter, Beth from a previous marriage and Philip has a rotten-to-the-core 13-year-old daughter Tracy [...]

    4. This was a story about a rich family's past and secrets, about one spoilt girl and another sweet innocent girl being bullied by the first all throughout the book, and a lot more. Good versus evil with the main character ending tragic and unfair. The epilogue was very characteristic for the author, showing us an ending that I like to call 'x-files' endingnd of happily ever after but with the possibility of everything going south once again later in the future.I don't know why I liked the story es [...]

    5. This was a fun easy read. It almost reads like a young adult novel, but is still a good story. Also, I'm a peacefull guy but I found myself wishing horrible things on Tracy throughout the book. I hope she gets her fingers shut in a drawer, papercuts from a manilla envelope, and burns her hand while getting a pizza out of the oven. Oh no. I've said too much. But like REM said, "I haven't said enough." Anyways, Hellfire. Yeah!

    6. 4.5 starsThe old mill has a horrific past, with the exploitation of child labour and the unimaginably shocking and cruel action of one man a century ago. There are unexplained incidents involving the mill which escalate when plans to develop the building begin in earnest and turn into something very dark and menacing as the terrible secrets kept locked away for so long are set free. This will be vengeance on a huge scale.Carolyn Rogers married Philip Sturgess, the owner of the mill, after her di [...]

    7. Saul does not disappoint in this book. As with many of his other books, the pace is quickly set and the need to put the book down doesn't come. Instead, I found myself reading faster and faster in order to try and finish what I could before I absolutely had to put the book down. This book is captivating and a quick read, at least for me. Do the sins of our previous generations actually harm the lives of the current generations when it comes to families? Hellfire takes a look at this scenario alo [...]

    8. Carolyn Rogers marries Phillip Sturgess -- rich, eligible, successful bachelor with a heart of gold despite his snobbish breeding. Phillip, along with Carolyn's ex-husband, plan on reopening a mill where a group of the town's children burned to death in the late 1800s and has recently become the site of many mysterious accidents. And that's about all the Carolyn and Phillip have to do with the story.The main focus of the story is Beth Rogers, Carolyn's daughter from her first marriage, and Trace [...]

    9. Another ghost story is cleverly and skillfully delivered to us by John Saul. While the book starts out a little slow, it soon turns into a fast-paced page turner. Saul is amazing at including imagery that makes us feel as if we are part of the story and he has a great talent for developing characters that we find ourselves feeling strongly about. We know immediately who to root for and who we want to fail.This story is a little “creepier” than The Unwanted and Nathaniel. While Nathaniel was [...]

    10. This was a good fun read especially so close to Halloween. I wouldn't exactly call it high art but if you are looking for something light with a bit of a disturbing quality to it then this is the book for you. It's all about the greed of a rich family and the consequences of their actions. Saul develops some rather absurd and stereotypical characters. It is very clear who is good and who is evil. I expected to plod along a rather predictable plot but still found myself a bit surprised and horrif [...]

    11. I don't really know what to think. The writing was good and the characters were fleshed out, but they were all either really good or really bad and no real intermediate levels. It was like watching a slow burn horror movie only instead of a slow burn there were several scenes that went real quick and then went back to almost nothing. By the end I just really wanted to see what was going to happen and the ending was perhaps the most disappointing part. I found no satisfaction in either the last c [...]

    12. The first book I ever read. It is this book that got me into reading. While getting ready for a family vacation, I picked this book from my mother's shelf so I wouldn't be bored. I rather enjoyed this book. I read the whole book in a weekend. I became a huge horror fiction fan because of this book. I enjoyed the fact that it took place in a very small town, like the town I grew up in, in the neighborhood of a closed textile factory. Awesome! After a century of being closed, an abandoned factory [...]

    13. This is a horror fiction novel. I would recommend this book if you enjoy this type of genre. Synoposis:The old mill has been silent for 100 years, its dreaded secrets locked from view. Still, the people of Westover rememberd whisper of that terrible day when the horrifying flames claimed 11 young lives. The day the mills doors slammed shut--forever. But now, the last of the once-powerful Sturgess family is about to unlock these doors again. Behind the padlocks, depp within the dark, abandoned bu [...]

    14. John Saul's books have always been deliciously creepy with just the right amount of morbidity. Hellfire was no different. It was very interesting and I found it extremely difficult to put it down. The story of the old mill grasped my attention, and having a child be the antagonist was very intriguing as well. The ending was surely shocking, and although it wasn't a very happy one, it was amazing all the same.

    15. This book reminded me of a female version of the good son almost. It was a good fast read, it kept me interested but until near the end it was a little to PG-13 for me. But I still enjoyed it. Sometimes the writing didn't always make sense, it wasn't really scary just interesting and fun to read.

    16. I pretty much read every John Saul book that I could find in the 80ies from my local library and then for some reason I either fell out of love with his brand of ghoul or my library no longer carried his books and I have not read one in a very long time.

    17. The creepy parts were good and I was pleased that the author was not afraid to kill off likable characters. Even though the storyline was a little weak and the characters were pretty two dimensional, I would be interested in checking out this author's more recent work.

    18. So I am really liking John Sauls books. During a few points I was even getting scared enough to wake my Fiance up haha. The stories are interesting,unique and well thought out. So far my only complaint is they never end happy! I know they are horror, but come on!

    19. Thrilling rather than Scary !Tracys character and her hatred towards her step sister Beth neatly potrayed !However,So many deaths but characters get back with their normal lives as if there is nothing happened!GOod Read and hand grippping once it picks up pace.

    20. A period piece at first, complete with horse drawn carriages and farm estate quickly became a tragic episode of murder on murder, with lots of blame on ghosts from the past. Parts enjoyable, but also a lag until I got halfway into it.

    21. I admit it I just don't buy John Saul. His books are entertaining enough but they always have something missing. Just suspense perhaps? Mill to reopen following tragic accident 100 years prior. You know the rest I think. It will pass the time but not live long on the memory.

    22. I read this years ago and it stuck with me. I like horror stories that involve old buildings, rich families, secrets, mansions, ghosts, spooky kids, etc. It does not disappoint. I never got into Stephen King books as much as John Saul. This is where you start if you want to dive into horror.

    23. This novel was recommended to me by a fellow "goodreader" and I have to say that it changed my first impression of John Saul. This is a very solid book, with a thrilling climax and enjoyable ending, not exactly great literature but worth a read if you enjoy old town folklore and legends.

    24. Loved this book! The story was very interesting, especially the vengeance that took place because of one mans horrid deed! Was a very fast read. But I find this happening every time I open a Saul book!

    25. Excellent book by a great horror book author. I have enjoyed all of John Saul's books so far and plan on reading many more. Looking forward to another great scary story.

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