Ira Sleeps Over

Ira Sleeps Over Ira is thrilled to spend the night at Reggie s until his sister raises the question of whether he should take his teddy bear

Ira Sleeps Over Bernard Waber Ira Sleeps Over Bernard Waber on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Ira is thrilled to spend the night at Reggie s, until his sister raises the question of whether he should take his teddy bear. Ira Sleeps Over Novel Ties Study Guide Bernard Waber Ira has a dilemma he is thrilled to be invited over to Reggie s house for his very first sleep over, but his older sister got him really thinking. Moraira Luxury Villas Luxury Villa Rentals in Moraira We accept that most people go on holiday to get away from TV, and Moraira is a lovely town with much to offer However we have listened to the parents of young children Many of them worry about over exposure to the sun. Oppenheim Toy Portfolio by Oppenheim Toy Portfolio The Independent Guide to Children s Media Products reviewed by the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio are provided by the manufacturer at NADART Hands Over k Keys to Empower napa net In another sign of record keeper consolidation, NADART, the retirement plan offered by the National Automobile Dealers Association, has announced that it is exiting the k plan business and moving all plans to Empower Retirement. Eli Wallach Eli Wallach, Actor Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo One of Hollywood s finest character Method actors, Eli Wallach was in demand for over years first film TV role was on stage and screen, and has worked alongside the world s biggest stars, Moraira Luxury Villas Rentals Luxury Villa Rentals in Moraira on the Costa Blanca Home Availability Search Enquire Villas About Moraira Restaurant Guide Moraira And The Area Sons of Anarchy season The first season of the American television drama series Sons of Anarchy created by Kurt Sutter, about the lives of a close knit outlaw motorcycle club operating in Charming, a fictional town in California s Central Valley.The show centers on protagonist Jackson Jax Teller Charlie Hunnam , the then vice president of the club, who begins questioning the club and himself. Anger Anger or wrath is an intense emotional state It involves a strong uncomfortable and hostile response to a perceived provocation, hurt or threat A person experiencing anger will often experience physical conditions, such as increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, and increased levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline Some view anger as an emotion which triggers part of the fight or Moraira and Javea Villa Rentals Costa Blanca Spain Sleeps Bedrooms Bathrooms Weekly rental from to Terraced villa in a fantastic location, just a km stroll to the main beach in the pretty resort of Moraira.

  • Title: Ira Sleeps Over
  • Author: Bernard Waber
  • ISBN: 9780395205037
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ira is thrilled to spend the night at Reggie s, until his sister raises the question of whether he should take his teddy bear.

    One thought on “Ira Sleeps Over”

    1. I loved, loved, LOVED, this book as a kid! I recently found a copy at a library sale and read it again and, guess what? I still love, love, LOVE it! Even now my mom could recite the book almost word for word, which I think proves how much it was requested when I was growing up.Ira has been invited over to his best friend Reggie's house for a sleep over. Ira's first ever!Everything is great until Ira's sister asks him if he's going to take his teddy. Ira says that of course he's not taking his te [...]

    2. This story and its pictures work in wonderful concert together. I loved them both. This book is utterly charming, funny, and sweet. It really gets parent-child, sibling, and child friendship relationships. It’s just adorable. And I think it’s wonderful to read one to one or to groups, for independent readers too, just for fun or when there is any issue of peer pressure, and it’s an ideal book to read before a first or any fraught with anxiety sleepover. It’s also a wonderful book for fan [...]

    3. I remember my grandmother reading Ira Sleeps Over to me as a child and I wanted to read it again because I had honestly forgotten what it was about. After reading this book again today I remember why she liked it so much. Although this book seems just a little outdated by today’s standards, it’s still a fun story with a cute message. I think this book would be appropriate to read to any child who may be nervous about attending their first sleepover. I think a lot of children reach a point in [...]

    4. My daughter and I read this book last night (we've read it a few times before, too), and I read it years ago as an older child. My parents actually gave the book to my brother when he turned three, and there, inside the front cover, is a very sweet inscription. This book is about -- among other things -- the teasing that big sisters can inflict on little brothers (which neither I nor my brother know anything about), and the struggles between growing up and holding on to childhood comforts. As an [...]

    5. This wasn't terrible. It just, well, lacked likableness. All day a boy goes back and forth about taking his teddy bear with him to his friend's house that night. His sister taunts him, his parents say to take it. And in the end he discovers his friend sleeps with a teddy bear too.Ages 4+Cleanliness: children mention doing magic tricks. Children tell ghost stories at night. An older sister taunts her brother about needing to sleep with a teddy bear and he denies that he needs it to feel safe.

    6. Text to SelfThere have been several times in my life when I was embarrassed and felt as though I didn't fit in. This story reminds me so much of myself when I was a little girl. Ira who's going to a sleepover wants to take his teddy bear to a sleep over but, doesn't know what the other kids will think of him. As a little girl, I was always judged for being dark skinned and didn't quite understand why people judged others for many things. This is a great book to use as a teaching tool for both te [...]

    7. "Ira Sleeps Over" is a cute book about a little boy who is excited to sleep over at his friend, Reggie's, house for the very first time. His only problem is, he's not sure if he should bring his teddy bear because he doesn't know how Reggie will feel about it. His sister of course is being hard on him and saying that Reggie will make fun and call him a baby, while his parents are saying the opposite. In the end, Ira goes over without his bear, but later after telling scary stories Reggie gets ou [...]

    8. On a whim, I pulled this book off the shelf to read to 2nd grade. I hadn't read it in years and years, and I'm not even sure why it came to mind, but I am happy to say that I was surprised at how much the kids enjoyed it. They paid close attention, got a little exasperated at the way Ira kept changing his mind about taking his teddy bear to Reggie's house (I kept hearing little sighs and comments like, "Just take it!"), and openly shared about the stuffed animal(s) they sleep with. I had a lot o [...]

    9. Typical older sister picking on the younger brother for his first sleepover at a friends. Poor Ira, is excited about staying over at his friends house until his sister gets him to thinking about how big a baby he would seem if he took his teddy bear with him. He is tormented repeatedly by her words.Author/illustrator Bernard Waber captures this childhood dilemma with panache. The illustrations are engaging and the story well thought out.Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

    10. A perfect read-aloud that will be completely understood by every child who has ever slept over at a friend's house. I love the family interactions shown here. Poor Ira has quite the sister! In the beginning, I didn't like the illustrations, but as I continued reading, I felt that they fit really well with the story. I love how Ira's friend Reggie refuses to talk about teddy bears - until he absolutely has to!

    11. This is a great story to prepare youngsters for their first sleepover. Although our girls are still too young for it, I like that Ira's first sleepover is just next door, so he is able to go home if need arises. I also like the sibling angst between Ira and his sister; it provides a good opportunity to start a conversation about peer pressure and bossy older siblings. Overall, it's a great story to read aloud to children, especially at bedtime.

    12. This book deals with the real problems of big sisters and bringing a teddy bear to a sleep over. It is so cute and funny and will make you laugh out loud. Students will be engaged while reading or listening to this book.

    13. This books main characters are Ira, her parents and her sister. The story was based on Ira and if she should take her teddy bare to her sleep over or not. The story begins with Ira being very excited to to be invited to Reggie's house for a sleep over. As the story continues Reggie and Ira have a conversation about how much fun they are going to have but Ira just keeps asking what do you think about teddy bears? Reggie would never respond. When it was time for her to go to the sleepover Ira deci [...]

    14. When Ira is invited to sleep over for the first time at his friend Reggie's house, they have big plans - but Ira isn't sure if those plans include his teddy bear. His sister convinces him that Reggie will think he's a baby if he brings a teddy. Sweet, tender story of a child's apprehensions and fears and how children console themselves with beloved objects. Growing up doesn't need to be quite as fast as Ira thinks, as long as Reggie has a teddy bear, too. I loved the fun they have and the childh [...]

    15. A child's first sleep over can be exciting and scary all at the same time. In this story, Ira is invited to his first sleep over, but is not sure if he should take his teddy bear or not. Young children will understand his attachment to his bear and also wanting to be seen as too old to need it. The ending shows how his attachment to his teddy bear helps to build his friendship and makes for a successful first sleepover. This is great book for a child who might be embarking on a first sleep over [...]

    16. Genre: Realistic Fiction and Children's Picture BookUnique Feature: I have come across several courage type books, but I especially appreciate the message of this book. Even though some people might tell you something is a "big deal" and might try to convince you to do otherwise, you should ultimately do what is best for you, not that other person. This book can help to instill courage in students. Grades K-4

    17. This story really struck home because it reminded me of my daughter. I read it to her because she, too, has an attachment to a stuffed animal. This story was really interesting and is great for 6-7 year old kids. This is a wonderful story with great illustrations. I loved it.

    18. Ira is spending the night at his friend's house, and he's not sure if he should bring his teddy bear. His sister keeps telling Ira that his friend will laugh at him.

    19. For Ira's first sleepover he is torn as to whether or not to take his bear. He ends up taking his bear after his friend tells a scary ghost story. His friend has a bear, too.

    20. Ira Sleeps over is story about a boy who is hesitant to take his teddy bear to a sleep over, only to find out his friend sleeps with a teddy bear too. A bit old fashioned, but cute.

    21. Believable characters deal with that awkward phase when kids begin to outgrow their childhood playthings; entertaining illustrations.

    22. Great book, wonderful illustrations that were so detailed - loved the way the mom and dad interacted with Ira and yet were doing their own things.

    23. I observed my CT use this book in a lesson about opinion writing and I was surprised how engaged my second graders were. This book was originally published in 1975, but children today can still connect to Ira's dilemma. I would recommend this for 1st-3rd graders, and I encourage teachers to consider using it for an opinion writing prompt.

    24. No matter our age, human beings have a want and need to be accepted by their peers. Often questioning if something is too childish or “uncool” for that age group or social level, we change to ourselves to better fit in with our friends/peers. Packing childhood into boxes hidden in the backs of closets as adults, we leave childhood intact at home in our journey to college, hiding our action figures and dolls in adolescence and as children young we question whether or not to bring out teddy be [...]

    25. I read “Ira Sleeps Over”, by Bernard Waber. I rated this book a 5 because it was really good and brought back memories of when I used to sleep over my friend’s house and always had to take something with me, even if I was scared of what they would say about it.The book starts off with a little boy telling us that he is going to sleep over at his friend’s house later on that night. He was so excited. His sister then asked him if he was going to take his teddy bear with him to sleep with l [...]

    26. Having never been to a sleepover before Ira was invited to his friend Reggie's house for just that. Ira had one problem that his sister brought up, whether or not to bring the teddy bear along because he had never had a night without it. He tried hard at first not to worry about it but like any child who slept with a teddy bear he was having conflicting ideas about leaving it behind. Both of Ira’s parents insisted he take the teddy bear but Ira was worried what his friend would think of him. A [...]

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