One thought on “The Goebbels Diaries 1942-1943”

  1. It's too long and very repetitive, but then again it's a guy's diary so you kind of know what you're getting into from the outset. Overall it's a fascinating perspective on a very familiar history; WWII as seen by the Nazi's most brilliant tactician.There are several interesting aspects to this collection of Goebbels' entries. Most impressive is the fact that for essentially the entire book (1942 onward), the Nazis are losing quite resoundingly yet maintaining an absurd degree of optimism and fa [...]

  2. This book should be required reading. For me, reading the first hand accounts of those who perpetrated the madness in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s is the only way to grasp it. Goebbels writes of his plans and horrible plans for everyone with the flatness of an accountant. Most enlightening are his repeated declarations of his plans for Christians when the Nazis had completed their extermination of everyone else who opposed them. It was interesting to read this book at the same time I read a boo [...]

  3. I have to say that this isn't a 5-star work because of the writing, the criterion I normally use when dishing out parts of galaxies. It's because I think the book should be read by anyone wanting to gain a glimmer of understanding into what became one of the most powerfully focused minds in the last century. Regardless of the pros and cons of Goebells being allowed to retain even honorary posthumous citizenship of an Earth he seemed bent on destroying, it is enlightening to read the words he set [...]

  4. Call it 3.75 stars. Learned that Goebbels-Hitler relationship was really close and personal. Also that Goebbels, while extremely full of himself, also was capable of being realistic about the terrible prospects for Germany after the disaster at Stalingrad. Also lots of worrying after the overthrow of Mussolini. Some slight worry that the Nazis would be tossed out (betrayed!) as the Fascists were. Funny how much time he and his compadres spent talking about how to deal with Italy and Mussolini, w [...]

  5. Goebbels had a unique relationship to information and rhetoric. A friend once recounted that Goebbels had, at a Nazi rally, given 4 consecutive speeches, one for monarchism, one for liberalism, one for communism, and finally one for nazism, and at each one the entire crowd rose to its feet and applauded. The friend further remarked that listening to Goebbels speak, you'd've followed him anywhere! to any ideology! . . .This is Goebbels' first-hand account of the whole Nazi game. Pay particular at [...]

  6. This book is Goebbels' dairy entries from Jan. 21, 1942 to Dec. 9, 1943. Some entries are missing due to lack of source material (i.e. it was lost or destroyed). The editor translated the entries into English and included some notes about the people Goebbels mentions and events referred to by Goebbels which happened during the missing entries. It's clear the man had no sense of right or wrong beyond he was always right and everyone else (unless it's Hitler) was always wrong. Some entries were a [...]

  7. I got it long time ago as a gift and I finished it just recently. It was fascinating to read from historical point of viewbut hard to swallow considering who wrote them and the presented ideas were scary.

  8. Interesting but not too. Verified what I understood about Goebbels, a few new facts, but all and all an OK read.

  9. A horrifying inside look at Nazism from a Nazi who was very much a true believer in their genocidal ideals. However, I will admit I couldn't finish it out of exhaustion.

  10. note to self: recommended by "logic of failure", p. 104-105 as good examples of "vertical" and "horizontal" flights of thought.”

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