Left of Centre

Left of Centre When self confessed player Brand Faulkner arranges to meet three different Goth guys over the course of one weekend he isn t expecting to meet someone like Enigma Enigma isn t like anyone Brandon s m

  • Title: Left of Centre
  • Author: Zathyn Priest
  • ISBN: 9781603709132
  • Page: 459
  • Format: ebook
  • When self confessed player Brand Faulkner arranges to meet three different Goth guys over the course of one weekend, he isn t expecting to meet someone like Enigma Enigma isn t like anyone Brandon s met before He s unpredictable, volatile and well, downright weird To make matters worse, the gorgeous Enigma isn t at all impressed with Brandon and is unafraid to crusWhen self confessed player Brand Faulkner arranges to meet three different Goth guys over the course of one weekend, he isn t expecting to meet someone like Enigma Enigma isn t like anyone Brandon s met before He s unpredictable, volatile and well, downright weird To make matters worse, the gorgeous Enigma isn t at all impressed with Brandon and is unafraid to crush the man s ego at every opportunity For the first time in his life, Brandon has to work hard to win the guy Will Brandon agree to Enigma s left of center, bizarre requests, or is the player about to get played

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    1. OMG! I loved this book! I thought the heroes were unique and so well written, they felt like old friends. I wish Zathyn could clone himself so he can write faster because I absolutely love every one of his books! Do yourself a favor and buy this book! Better yet, buy all of his books, they are all awesome!

    2. If you’ve just read a very angst book, a tense one and you are in deep need of a change, something to liven up your mood, give you a good laugh which is always what’s known as the best medicine than I urge you to read this one by Z. Lewis aka Enigma is a real work of art. He’s wonky, he’s out of this world and he’s totally and completely whacked, but what’s not to like about the guy. Did I forget to add quirky as all Hell? He cracks me up! The shit he pulls on Brandon will not only m [...]

    3. 4,5 starsAwww.e story - a bit evil and very funny, unexpectedly turned to being a bit sad and so,so sweet. - A true comfort readloved it!

    4. What a fantastic story! Another short sweet read from Zathyn Priest who's writing style, characters and quirkiness tick my yaay box in a big way. This is the third story of his I've read now, one a full length novel and including this one, two shorts. I've given 5 stars each time, regardless of length, and as much as I've loved each one, this is definitely my favourite up to now. I have a thing for quirky off the wall characters and ' Enigma ' aka Lewis has to be one of the most weirdly endearin [...]

    5. This has to go on my fave list. My hats off to Zathyn Priest. He has given us a short story that easily rivals some full length novels . This quick read has packed in not just a humorous fun story line, but a punch to the gut you never expected. I started this thinking it would be a pretty safe fun easy read with nothing really out of the ordinary. I was looking at it for the comedy value. What I got was exactly what I expected but with just that added bit more that elevates this from a great 4 [...]

    6. Oh my goodness! What an expectedly sweet novella, accompanied by fabulous artwork. This is a very different love story, but also a warm and touching one. Brandon isn't very likeable at first, then meets his match in the one person capable of bringing out his finer qualities. Lewis flat broke my heart, but as I learned more about him, I discovered he wasn't to be pitied, but admired. He'd been dealt an horrible hand, and played it to the best of his ability. He's one of the most memorable charact [...]

    7. This is really an amazing story.Brandon is really an unusual hero: a true casanova, unscrupulous, selfish, egocentric. He uses people without any remorse.Enigma always looks bad tempered and has a nasty tongue, he is a worthy opponent for him. I loved how Brandon's ego is trampled and these scenes are hilarious. Their meeting disrupts his live. We have lots of surprises: the author reveals things layer by layer.Zathyn Priest has the art of creating characters that are not found in any other book [...]

    8. This was such a sweet story. In the beginning I didn't think I would really like Brandon since he was such a player/slut. Lets just say he learned his lesson and found out how much of a bitch Karma can really be. It was laugh out loud funny, too. I actually had to stop reading a few times because I was laughing so hard I couldn't see through my tears!Its really short so won't take much time to read.

    9. Another 5 star review for this cute short storyLots of reviews have already been done, so this one is short and to the point. Lots of laugh-out-loud moments, really engaging characters and a Happy Ever After!!

    10. Quite an unforgettable story. Enigma, what a wonderful name it describes him perfectly. No run of the mill romance here, its a cleverly written, wicked, inspiring story. Loved it.

    11. Okay, this book is freaking hilarious! I was laughing non-stop from the start Enigma definitely gives Brandon a run for his money. Enigma lives up to his name (even though that's not his real name) he's puzzling, sarcastic and blunt with an erratic personality. He's creepy but at the same time captivating to Brandon. Brandon's freaked out by Enigma but that doesn't stop him from chasing after him and doing every ridiculous thing Enigma asks which is a total contrast to his player lifestyle. This [...]

    12. I was debating between 2 or 3 stars mainly because I didn't like the fact that half of the book was focused mainly on Brandon's exploits of having one night stands detail. But I did like the fact that Lewis made for an interesting character. (view spoiler)[ especially after finding out he had a massive brain damage in the past(hide spoiler)]I noticed that Zathyn Priest has quite the interest in Goth since one of the main characters in The Curtis Reincarnation, Tyler, was also into gothic style a [...]

    13. In the beginning, Brandon is the lexicon entry of an essential prick: narcisstic, self-centered, lying, shallow, cowardly - you name it, a type many of us might know from annoying firsthand experience. Until he meets his master in beautiful, mysterious, capricious Enigma, who makes Brandon taste a big spoonful of his own medicine. Being forced to look into a mirror and to face the ugliness behind his shiny facade changes Brandon forever. But by the time he realizes what is really important to hi [...]

    14. Brandon has always been a player -- he even arranges to meet three person and well, get it on with them. Until the night he meets "Enigma"; who really goes up his name for being weird but at the same time making Brandon hopelessly wanted to pursue him. What a quirky and at some places wonderfully weird story :). Brandon has truly met his match in Lewis (a.k.a. Enigma). There are some really hilarious (in a smart way) parts. It's witty, it feels original, and the little twist in the end, the trut [...]

    15. I really, really wished this story had been longer!!!It was funny and cute, but also serious and sad! I wanted more!!!!!!

    16. A very cute/sweet goth story with some unique characterizations. As is often the case with such short stories, I wanted MORE MORE MORE (but not because it felt incomplete )

    17. I loved every bit of this, and usually I’m not one for shorts, there’s just too little to sink my teeth into, so I’m definitely glad I took the bait (a player and a goth, how could I resist?). This was an original (in spite of the opposites attract shtick, which let’s not mince here, is one of my absolute favourite slash formulas), full of shenanigans and even a little honest-to-goodness intrigue, which warmed me a bit to the short-fiction genre. Needless to say, I was very sad to see it [...]

    18. I loved this book. It is deliciously funny and had me laughing out loud throughout. I loved everything about Enigma and watching Brandon's transformation was a total joy. I only wish this were longer. This has quickly become one of my top favorite must read authors.

    19. This made me seriously belly laugh and then moved me deeply.The last bit is still resounding in my chest, clenching my heart.

    20. It's official, I am in love with this author realize that while I try to remain unbiased I may not do the best job of it!Left of Center focuses on the life of a self-absorbed, sex-crazed Veterinarian (Brandon) whose online forays have led him to meet up for a one night stand with "Enigma". As the story progresses, for the first time, Brandon is made to face his own shallowness and take stock of a life that is less than stellar while falling hopelessly in love with Enigma's real life persona, Lew [...]

    21. Another great book by Zathyn Priest! I am definitely going to be reading anything I can get my hands on by this very talented author! It is amazing to me how much story he is able to pack into only 47 pages.I was completely taken with Lewis aka “Enigma” what a fitting name, he is cute, funny, sweet and what a wacky personality. That boy had me laughing with his antics, but at the same time he was a sad, frustrated and lonely boy. He meets Brandon aka "Shade"("Shallow" would have been more fi [...]

    22. This was a really cute little story. It was a steady 4 star read for me until about two thirds of the way in, and then it just got better and better and there was no way I could rate it any less than the 5 stars it so clearly deserves. It's really amazing what this author has achieved with a story of this length. He's managed to deliver something so sweet and touching, something that some authors can't even do with a full length book and a couple of hundred pages.At the start, Brandon annoyed th [...]

    23. I really liked this book. It's hilariously funny, well written and has a "lesson" about how we deal with our fellow human beings that is so well hidden, you swallow it almost before you notice what is going on.Brandon is a very selfish, arrogant veterinarian who is after nothing other than his own pleasure. He never even considers what his partners think or feel when he fucks them and leaves them. He lies his way into their beds, telling them whatever he thinks they want to hear, and vanishes be [...]

    24. It must be amazing living inside Zathyn Priest's head. He comes up with the most ingenius story lines ever. You laugh, you cry and you sayWTF more times then you can count. This story wasn't really one of his more angsty ones but it did have an "aww" moment. I tend to figure out the plot pretty easily in most books but this one kept me quessing and more times then not I ended up being wrong. It's quirky as all hell but it was a fun and fast but so worth it read.

    25. 4.5 starsWhat a great story, funny and quirky. This author can put so much into such a short story and then make you sad when it ends. I wanted so much more, but at the same time was given a complete and very satisfying story.

    26. Quoting brainandspinalcord:"Damage to this vital lobe can cause impairments in judgment, attention span and organizational ability, as well as a loss of motivation. In addition, the frontal lobes are charged with the task of regulating mood and emotions. Consequently, when they are compromised, a patient may become impulsive, act rashly, and adopt risky behaviors such as substance abuse."Now, this has no significant to my review what so ever, but, this book made me open up Google and check out t [...]

    27. This is a really funny short book. I am a huge fan of this author and any of his book I have read have been 5 star reads. This was no exception and it's the reason I plan on reading more of his work soon. I was amazed by his writing talent and amazing storytelling abilities.Brandon was not a likable character. That was pretty obvious in the beginning. Even when he was talking about the connection he made with one of the guys he was chatting with, he still wanted to have sex with others. At first [...]

    28. Zathyn Priest was the first author I read in the genre and I've been a fan of his ever since I picked up that first book. Left Of Centre was my 2nd of his, read almost 5 years ago. When I found out a few months ago that it was being re-released through Wilde City Press I was eager to jump into it again. I have to say I think I loved it more this go round than when I read the original version way back when. I laughed a lot and fell in love with all the characters all over again. If you're looking [...]

    29. This novella brought tears to my eyes. Not from angst or sadness like we sometimes get from reading romance, but from happiness that the MCs met each other.(view spoiler)[Mr. Priest managed to highlight the issue of mental health without making the story an angst fest one. It's painful and messy, but, unlike in most m/m stories we read, he didn't even bother to 'cure' the illness. No unconditional love that heals the wound. No prolonged self destructive behaviors to create as much angst as possi [...]

    30. Funny, quirky, and a beautiful love story that left me all content and happy and dreamy. The first part was hilarious and had me laughing out loud more than once, and I loved Enigma from the start with his attitude and quirkiness. The twist towards the end hit me by surprise and gave the light and funny story a meaningful depth I didn’t expect. It was sad but heart-warming and fairytale-like and it turned me into a puddle of goo. Although this story was way too short for my taste, it was quite [...]

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