Horse Shy

Horse Shy When one of Pine Hollow s students makes a terrible mistake causing a tragic accident Carole is done with riding forever Unless Stevie and Lisa can remind her what friendship and the Saddle Club are

  • Title: Horse Shy
  • Author: Bonnie Bryant
  • ISBN: 9780553484038
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Paperback
  • When one of Pine Hollow s students makes a terrible mistake, causing a tragic accident, Carole is done with riding forever Unless Stevie and Lisa can remind her what friendship and the Saddle Club are all about.

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    1. If you love horses and want to have a story to use as an example this is it. Used it to help the niece get back on the horse.

    2. 'The Saddle Club' takes a surprising twist for its second book in the series - I didn't remember this happening and was duly shocked. I feel loss like this isn't often handled in children's books, although perhaps more so in books about animals. Nevertheless, it surprised me, but positively. The book shows Carole pulling through and becoming stronger from it. An interesting follow-up to a strong beginning.

    3. One of the quieter Saddle Club books, still infused with moments of humor (provided by Stevie, of course), but heavy on the life lessons.

    4. Reviewed by Andie Z. for TeensReadTooIn HORSE SHY, the second book in THE SADDLE CLUB series, Stevie, Carole, and Lisa finally get to go on the long-awaited Mountain Trail Overnight (or MTO). They have a great time, and things get even better for Carole when she gets back: she gets to care for Veronica's stallion, Cobalt. Veronica may be snobby, but Cobalt is beautiful and Carole loves him. Then there's a tragic jumping accident and Cobalt is killed. Carole is devastated and swears that she'll n [...]

    5. Carole,Stevie,and Lisa and more girls from pine hollow stables were going on the MTO (Mountain Trail Overnight).Caroles riding horse Delighla was acting a little bit strange and Carole was wondering why.When all of the girls got home from the MTO soon Carole was going to her aunts house for a little bit.When she got home Veronica's horse Cobalt died.Since she really liked Cobalt she was really sad,so she quit riding.When she heard that there were new kittens in the stable,One day she started to [...]

    6. Stevie, Carole and Lisa are best friends. They all belong to a club that loves horses, and rides. When a selfish and rich girl in their riding group causes her horse, Cobalt a fine stalion to die, Carole says she is done riding forever. Lisa and Stevie need to get Carole back on a horse.I loved this book because I love all the saddle club books and I ride 3 times a week. It is a little sad, though not heartbreaking.

    7. Carole Lisa and Stevie are all learning how to ride at Pine Hollow Stables and are best friends. They have one enemy a rich, snobbish girl Veronica Diangelo who refuses to ride properly and listen to instructions and Carole always takes care of her horse for her. She grows very close to the horse, Cobalt. However, one day veronica carelessly rides him over a jump and he is in a fatal accident. Carole wants to stop riding but Stevie and Lisa try and convince her to stay.

    8. Relecture. Celui-ci est plus triste mais il explore une autre facette de la vie du cavalier, et je trouve que faire lire ça à un enfant ou à un adolescent rencontrant quelques difficultés à se remettre en selle peut l'aider. Encore une fois, c'est court, c'est facile à lire et on n'a pas le temps de se lasser.

    9. well, I'm glad veronica is no longer pure evil. this book deals with the death of a beloved pet/friend. I kind of hate the rebirth thing at the end, but know it will lead to interesting plot lines in later books. this is a good book to show kids the old fashioned way of researching, you know, before the Internet.

    10. This is a really great book. It shows coruge and yes I had a little disappointment because on the show carol was there when the tragic acsedent happened, the only fult I think is that the book is really ahead of the showAnd max isent as bossy and serious in the show

    11. this one made me cry many times. but i have always been a marshmello when it comes to books. but it shows determanation and what you are capable of saying when in pain

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