Troublemaker Narrator Alex Barnaby and NASCAR driver Sam Hooker fight crime the only way they know how leaving a trail of chaos Hooker s friends Rosa and Felicia call for help To find a missing man Alex and Sa

  • Title: Troublemaker
  • Author: Janet Evanovich Alex Evanovich Joëlle Jones
  • ISBN: 9781595824882
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Narrator Alex Barnaby 30 and NASCAR driver Sam Hooker fight crime the only way they know how leaving a trail of chaos Hooker s friends Rosa and Felicia call for help To find a missing man, Alex and Sam go deep into the underbelly of Miami, survive Petro Voodoo, explosions, gift wrapped body parts, a deadly swamp chase, and Hooker s mom.

    One thought on “Troublemaker”

    1. This feels like it starts in the middle of a story. I guess it does. There is a 1st and 2nd book in novel form that I have not read. I feel like you can't jump in without reading it. I felt like I missed a lot of stuff. The story is short and quick. They just start to build when it was over.The art is peppy and upbeat, just like Janet's writing. I can tell that Janet penned this, it has her crackling wit and the energy between Alex and Hooker is Classic Janet. It was good enough to read the seco [...]

    2. Really quick and easy to read, but the story kind of ended abruptly and did not end how I would like it to. But over all, it was a good book.

    3. Don't waste your money on this train wreck of a comic with no story. Ms Evanovich must have gathered unused partial chapters from early books, added a not believable premise of Rosa getting kidnapped, and spit out a so-called graphic novel of barely 100 pages and 1,500 words from a scap heap. That makes it shorter than the usual magazine article. Allow 20-30 minutes tops to read this, even if you stop to enjoy the art. Janet and Alex Evanovich should be embarrassed. Only Artist Joelle Jones has [...]

    4. Overall, this book was very adventurous and fun. "Troublemaker" had many clues and mystery beneath the text. Very good book for a graphic novel!

    5. Wenn Rennfahrer Hooker und seine Mechanikerin Alex Barnaby loslegen, ist das Chaos vorprogrammiert. Als Freundin Rosa entführt wird, führt die beiden die Spur in die Sümpfe der Florida Keys und zu einer Voodoo-Sekte. Werden sie Rosa retten können? Als Krimi darf man TROUBLEMAKER nicht lesen, die Story ist nicht als typischer Krimi mit Spannungselementen angelegt. Im Vordergrund stehen Situationskomik, witzige Dialoge und Sprüche. Die Artwork von Joelle Jones enttäuscht nicht; wie die Story [...]

    6. This book was a very quick and easy graphic novel read. It had some twists and turns through out it which made it more enjoyable to read. Personally I don’t really enjoying reading graphic novels, but I thought that the sporadic adult like humor in it made it less horrific. Overall it was a pretty decent book.

    7. The parenthetical bit "(A Barnaby and Hooker Graphic Novel #3)" is a bit confusing. From what I gather, there are three Barnaby and Hooker series - Metro Girl, Motor Mouth, and Troublemaker - but as far as I can find only Troublemaker has a graphic novel form.I do wonder to whom this book is aimed. This being the only Evanovich title I've ever read, I suspect it's meant for those who already follow any of the Barnaby and Hooker series, since the graphic novel doesn't do a great job at introducin [...]

    8. Janet Evanovich is taking a new approach to her Alex Barnaby series (Metro Girl, Motor Mouth) and teamed up with her daughter, Alex, to create a graphic novel. Trouble Maker features the artwork of Joëlle Jones and shares many of the characters in the traditional novelsSCAR mechanic Alex Barnaby seems to always find trouble and often NASCAR driver Sam Hooker is in the middle of it. A man has gone missing and it’s up to Alex and Sam to find him. In their quest they encounter Petro Voodoo, seve [...]

    9. The graphic novel Troublemaker is the third in Janet Evanovich's Alex Barnaby series following two print novels - Metro Girl and Motor Mouth. I had no problem following the graphic novel without having read the previous books. The short character introductions were invaluable.Troublemaker is wonderfully drawn. I enjoy graphic novels with clean lines and crisp colors over heavily shaded or unnecessarily complicated drawings and Troublemaker was absolutely perfect in that respect.Book One of Troub [...]

    10. Would rather this be a novel, but I'm just happy to have another Barnaby storybut not this story! I was really disappointed. I mean, I was a big fan of the novels and I thought it would be fun to read a graphic novel, but to story sucked. Nothing was built, nothing was exciting and it wasn't a page turner. Nothing really happened. I mean, it was okaywhich is pretty generous for me to say, but nothing happened. Alex and Janet should have spent more time developing the story to at least make it so [...]

    11. Not real sure what to think about this book. I'm not really into "graphic novels" and I really don't like getting into a story and then it ending. Very frustrating.I prefer that she write books rather then "graphic novels".Disappointed

    12. A Janet Evanovich graphic novel?? And it’s on sale today only? I had to test drive it. I enjoyed the graphics and the story wasn’t too bad, either. But, I probably won’t be buying any of her graphic novels in the future. One was enough for me.

    13. TGIF, and welcome to another doubleheader here @ The Scoop. Tomorrow is Digital short Saturday and we have another doubleheader coming at you. First up is Barry Eisler’s The Lost Coast, and then later in day is Big Daddy Abel’s Open Mic. His debut is making noise on Kindle garnering almost 20, 5 star reviews in its first week of release. Good stuff as far as I am concerned. Okay, enough of that, put on your cape and cowl and to the graphic novel, “Holy novelist crossing over to graphic no [...]

    14. This was truly terrible. I've read books by Janet Evanovich before, and enjoyed them. The problem in this graphic novel seems to be that neither Evanovich has any clue how to write for this medium. It's like they thought, "Hey, it has pictures! That's less work! We don't need a plot, or character development! They can see it all for themselves! In the pictures!" Just because a comic has a visual element doesn't mean you can slack off on the storytelling, ladies. Hooker and Barnaby are annoying a [...]

    15. A short, but a fun introduction to two of Janet Evanovich's characters, Alexandra Barnaby, aka Barney, an auto mechanic and race car driver Sam Hooker. When not working on and in a race car, these two pursue a relationship and whatever mystery comes their way. Basically romance novels with adventure and humor thrown in, which is Evanovich's forte. This is a graphic novel, and it may not be for those of Evanovich's fans who aren't used to that medium, but tt made me want to go out and read the tw [...]

    16. I just received the book and didn't expect what i am seeing I am a kindle owner and have read ALL of Janet's work and I am very disappointed I will read the bok and re-comment but I am not sure i am a graphic novel person.I like detail and this doesn't seem to have itMy grandson's graphic novels have more content than what i am seeing here just paging through.I was hoping for a good series for Alex Stephanie Plum but don't see that coming Only time will tell I will however NOT buy the secon [...]

    17. *Book source ~ LibraryFrom :Narrator Alex Barnaby 30 and NASCAR driver Sam Hooker fight crime the only way they know how - leaving a trail of chaos. Hooker's friends Rosa and Felicia call for help. To find a missing man, Alex and Sam go deep into the underbelly of Miami, survive Petro Voodoo, explosions, gift- wrapped body parts, a deadly swamp chase, and Hooker's mom.Not a terrible story, mostly fluff which isn’t always a bad thing. Beware the cliffhanger though. The story may have failed to [...]

    18. This graphic novel was the first graphic Novel I have ever read. At first I wasn't use to a graphic Novel style but once I got used to it the book started and turned out to be really good. It didn't take long to read at all and it was an enjoyable read. I recommend this book to anyone that needs to fill there graphic novel section or who just wants a quick good read. Thank you Mrs. Morgan for getting this book!!! :)

    19. So awesome seeing some of Evanovich's characters come to life! I really enjoyed the first two books in this series so it was nice to revisit Miami, Rosa, Hooker and Barney- even Beans.Fast paced, funny and well-drawn. If you like the Barnaby series you'll enjoy this.Does end in a cliff hanger though.

    20. Boy, this book was really dissed on . I thought it was kind of cute. I guess it was the art I liked best. Since I got it at the library, I didn't feel too bad. I'd hate to pay $18.00 for a comic book. I do agree though, that Evanovich books have been going down hill.

    21. This has to be the funniest graphic novel I've read to date. There were times I was laughing so hard, I was crying. It's definitely worth reading!

    22. This is the first graphic novel I have ever read and it was really good. For anyone who has not read a graphic novel, I recommend this as your first one. It was really good.

    23. Comic Bento is a monthly subscription service for comic book collectors. It’s a lot like the Jelly of the Month Club. Only instead of a variety of jams to smear on your toast, you get several graphic novels to read. There’s theme-months, like Marvel Females or School Days. You can subscribe for one, three, or six months, as well as a year. You can enroll yourself or a friend could register you for a Bento as a gift.Troublemaker by Janet Evanovich and Alex Evanovich was one such graphic novel [...]

    24. Hooker's boat is missing. Nitro blackmails them to bring rest of Baron Samedi wooden statue to Miami. Sitting outside, snacking with Rosa, Felicia, and dog Beans, suddenly Rosa spies Walter and gives chase. Back in his rented bungalow, full body size mannequin with top hat on skull is Baron Samedi "Loa who controls the passage between the world of the living and the world of the dead" p 24. Loa is "a god in the voodoo cult". God is wooden? Legend says "Hounigan -- that's a voodoo priest -- from [...]

    25. Comic book men hold this book in such low esteem that this mid-2011 publication was purchased for just TEN CENTS in new condition at my local comic store in late 2013, and that simply doesn't happen with other books. The art makes you want to classify this as a juvenile adaptation of a novel, but it's not, largely because of the sexual double entendre. The art might be considered.zy some. I simply don't care for it. It reduces bodies to squat little things with big eyes and smirks. Common object [...]

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