The Prince of Tennis, Volume 1: Ryoma Echizen

The Prince of Tennis Volume Ryoma Echizen There is a rumor going around that a twelve year old boy is going to enter the sixteen year old and under tennis group How can someone so young ever hope to compete with kids much older and experience

  • Title: The Prince of Tennis, Volume 1: Ryoma Echizen
  • Author: Takeshi Konomi
  • ISBN: 9781591164357
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback
  • There is a rumor going around that a twelve year old boy is going to enter the sixteen year old and under tennis group How can someone so young ever hope to compete with kids much older and experienced than him This is no ordinary kid he is none other than Ryoma Echizen, the Prince of Tennis Ryoma s father was destined for greatness until he injured himself duringThere is a rumor going around that a twelve year old boy is going to enter the sixteen year old and under tennis group How can someone so young ever hope to compete with kids much older and experienced than him This is no ordinary kid he is none other than Ryoma Echizen, the Prince of Tennis Ryoma s father was destined for greatness until he injured himself during a match, ending his career forever His talent was passed on to his son, who is determined to be the best tennis player in the world Can the prince gain the respect of his fellow teammates despite his small size and young age Find out in this intense sports manga

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    1. As far as sports manga goes, The Prince of Tennis is one of the most popular, long-running series ever developed, and I see why Takeshi Konomi's dramatic artwork would inspire a loyal following. The story starts with twelve-year-old Ryoma Echizen traveling to a tennis tournament where he's entered in the sixteen-and-under division, unheard of for a boy his age. But Ryoma is no ordinary athlete. This spectacularly talented and psychologically disciplined phenom inherited his gift for tennis from [...]

    2. This is a review for all 42 volumes of Tennis no Ouji-sama manga series4.5 Stars for the adrenaline pumping goodness!I totally enjoyed the feel-good adrenalin rush this series gave me. So high!What I love most about this manga is the passionate drive to win and excel shown by most of the characters especially the protagonist. Even the antagonists has such intense fighting spirit too. It totally showcase the spirit of sportsmanship. Apart from this I am also fascinated with the tactical aspect of [...]

    3. I'm reading this series in Japanese in part because it was recommended to me as entertaining and largely because this is the best kind of manga to start with when you have minimal language skills (like me!).First, the Kanji have furigana, which means that you are given the pronunciation (in tiny Hiragana or Katakana next to the right of the Kanji characters) which makes reading MUCH EASIER (re: possible). Second, this series is VERY easy to follow (so much so that I probably wouldn't have much l [...]

    4. (This is a review for books 1-18)No spoilers! (I think if so then they're not major)Alright. I'll be honest. I was reluctant to pick this up at first. Because honestly, I hate sports.*ducks as sports fanatics throw balls at head*Alright, alright! I gave it four stars, you know! Because even though I hate sports, this was a read that I really enjoyed. It gave me information about the sport, to the point that even though I had never played or watched a tennis match in my life before I read this (N [...]

    5. My neighbor and I used to regularly mock The Prince of Tennis anime, so my opinion may be biased. Sports--manga or otherwise--has never been my thing. So why did I pick up PoT volume one? Because it looks cool.Ryoma, our twelve year-old "prince," is your stereotypical tennis prodigy. He's ambidextrous! Indifferent! Kinda hot! (For real, this manga makes me feel like a pedophile.) The kid's hardly relatable, but it wasn't the library copy's sticky cover keeping PoT in my hands. The slick art real [...]

    6. As an avid tennis player, this manga had me hooked from chapter one. Ryoma Echizen is an all-star tennis player about to enter Seigaku Middle School (seventh grade). While it offers a semblance of a romantic subplot between Sakuno and Ryoma, Konomi doesn't beat readers over the head with it. The tennis is relatively realistic (at least, it is in the first few volumes - my later reviews will deal with this). Ryoma is cocky and grating, and from working at a tennis club, I can affirm that many pro [...]

    7. Bought this book for my girlfriend's students so I hope they enjoy it more than I did. I'd rather cuddle with a rabid mongoose than read it again.

    8. This rating and review are for all completed volumes.Baca komik ini sejak SMA, which is sekitar 6 tahun yang lalu, dan baru berhasil menamatkannya hari ini. Finally! Yay! *tebar confetti*Baca versi terjemahan selalu pinjam dari sepupu karena dialah yang rajin mengoleksi sementara saya sudah lama anti dengan komik yang volumenya bejibun sampai ybs tidak pernah update lagi begitu masuk volume 32. Selanjutnya saya membacanya lewat mangascan site karena sepertinya sayang kalau tidak ditamatkan. :pHm [...]

    9. This review is for the series.Sports manga. Echizen Ryoma, new first-year member of Seikagu Tennis Club, shouldn't have a chance at a spot on the regulars, no matter how many junior championships he may have won in the U.S. But Ryoma is good - really, really irritatingly good, as the second and third years discover. With him, and with the rest of their talented lineup, Seikagu could get all the way to the Nationals - and maybe win.I'd tried this several times before, but the characters were bein [...]

    10. I'am a tennis fanatic. Although I am not a player of it and don't even know how to play it, I love watching the game. I am an avid fan of Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams. That is why when I first watched Prince of Tennis on Television, I was hooked by it and started to follow the series on anime. But when our local channel stop airing it, I was been frustrated because they didn't have a chance to end it. So I have decided to read its manga.Volume 1 - The introduc [...]

    11. Lately I've been dying to watch more J-musicals, but before doing it, I prefer to read the manga, then watch the anime and then the musical (there are several Tenipuri musicals, I need to catch up). The first volume is very good, starts a bit MEH maybe, because Ryoma is a brat boy, but slowly I started to like him, specially since he has reasons to be so cocky. I used to watch a lot of tennis years ago (until my favorite player retired *sniff sniff**) so I liked to read and see the games between [...]

    12. (This review is for the series as a whole.)I read the whole series again for the third or fourth (don't really remember lols) time this Easter break. Still super fresh, heartening, inspiring and exciting!!! I was "fangirl-ing" every single character (esp those Seigaku guys) soooo hard that I even fell off the bed hehehe. Also can't count how many screenshots I have taken lols like a hundred ?!? :">Definitely my all time fav manga o(//v//)o

    13. I've been recommended this manga for two years now and I was finally able to get my hands on vol. 1 and read it. I loved the book. The main character is a 12 year old know it all. He is amazing in tennis but the attitude really hoked me. Laughs. I can't wait to read the rest of the series and see the anime too!

    14. This book was amazing! A book souly based on my favorite sport. I love the idea of a seventh grader whooping high schoolers at their favorite sport. This book did this perfectly.

    15. If you hate sports, then you shouldn't even touch this book. But, if you're a definite fan of playing them (specifically tennis) than this is the manga for you. This realistic story follows Ryoma Echizen on his journey to a tournament at the Kakinokizaka Tennis Gardens. Or at least it did until Sakuno Ryuzaki (a girl that he'd met at the subway station) had accidentally given him wrong directions, causing him to be late & get disqualified. Still, Ryoma shows the older, stuck-up tennis player [...]

    16. 2 1/2 starsWhile I do tend to like stories about people who are underestimated and then fight back to display their talents, the cockiness of Ryoma Echizen is off-putting. Plus, it isn’t really the fact that he is underestimated (well, it is), its that they don’t know his track record. Usually with underestimated characters, they conquer obstacles with latent potential and the sheer force of their will, but with Echizen, people just don’t know his limits and don’t realize they aren’t r [...]

    17. I'm not much of a sports person so this is difficult for me to review. I honestly didn't care for this one but that's all because of personal preference. For what's there, it's okay. I don't really hate anything in this manga so I'll go to the stuff that works well with me.The story is simple and understandable because this is a sports manga. A twelve year old prodigy signs up to the team with the sixteen year old players and then it's just a bunch of second years picking on him because he's got [...]

    18. My first tennis manga! You can experience this upper class sport through manga! Not the usual baseball manga which is quite common in shonen manga. There was a little bit fantasy involved, like a ball which could curve like a snake and the mighty dunk smash ball from a monkey *coughs* well, it was a shonen manga anyway, what did you expect? The Prince of Tennis might be the only manga that could enrapture a whole class in my entire life, boys and especially girls (my class, back then when I was [...]

    19. What a fun manga series. It's about a stellar tennis player, but will appeal to anyone who likes silly, personal drama. And I'm saying silly in a good way.Ryoma Echizen is a tennis phenom. And boy does he know it. This volume is basically about him challenging players older than him and wiping the floor with all of them. It's all the same scenario. An older player sneers at Ryoma because he's young or he's new or because he's cocky. They challenge him, he starts playing coy, but almost immediate [...]

    20. I love sports mangas and animes. They're so thrilling to read and inspiring. Prince of Tennis is basically like Kuroko no Basuke in the sense that it is more fantasy than a straight up realistic sports manga/anime. I know a lot of people dismiss this manga because it's unrealistic. Most of the tennis moves shown in this manga are impossible to do in real life with some possible but in a very, very tone down fashion. But heck, what do I know, I only played tennis like thrice in my life. Anyway, e [...]

    21. Little chibi Ryoma and his smart mouth and unbeatable tennis talent and the attitude to go with it! Yet adorable through and through. Who would have thought that a manga about junior high school tennis could be so much fun and so exciting? I love the anime even more. What I love most about this manga series is that, despite it being a manga, it has such a simple yet profound message. It reminds us that the heart of the matter to anything we do is the love and the passion for it. Don't pursue thi [...]

    22. Grades: 7 to 12 Genre: Manga, Sport/GameReturning to Japan after living in America, Ryoma Echizen joins the prestigious Seishun Junior High tennis team. As a four time junior champion in the United States, he knows he has the skills be a part of the varsity team but many belittle his small stature and the fact that no seventh grader has ever been on the team. Ryoma quickly proves his worth in the varsity matches and makes it on to the team, beating several of the older students to do it. As his [...]

    23. Me lei los 42 volumenes de Prince of Tennis, cuando se supone que debía hacer otra cosa, como estudiar para los finales o hacer tarea. El caso es que lo que más recuerdo de este manga, son los movimientos increíblemente imposibles que hacían los jugadores y que parecían sacar otro más en cada set. Para cada juego un individuo increíble y claro, sus movimientos especiales que lo hacían tan especial. No entiendo como los pobres tenistas japoneses normales tienen alguna oportunidad contra e [...]

    24. Ryoma Echizen is a 7th grade tennis genius. He’s in a new school and he’s itching to prove himself to the guys on the tennis team. The older ones aren’t ready to take him seriously and every chapter shows him pounding new sense into some cocky older boy. The team captain, however, seems to value him and his skills. He’s also got a female admirer, a timid girl with long braids who joins the girls’ tennis team in order to be close to him. She’s completely…annoying. Not too much happe [...]

    25. udah lama sih bacanya, waktu kelas 5 gitu kalo ga salah. sempet males soalnya dibeliin yang versi inggris (oleh-oleh dari blok m), tapi karena penasaran ya dibaca juga meski masih ga ngerti kosa-katanya. baru re-read dan masih sama serunya kaya pertama kali baca—malah lebih seru sih soalnya sekarang udah ngerti keseluruhan.dan baru nyadar kalo Ryouma Echizen itu ganteng hshshs padahal di sini masih kelas 7 kan ya. tapi masih paling suka sama Kapten Kunimitsu-san. auranya cool gitu duhpengen no [...]

    26. I haven't read much sports manga but this is pretty typical of my idea of a sports manga in the late 90's. (Which is what it is.) It wasn't much of an interesting read, the only thing that kept me reading to the end was I wanted to see if it would turn into a romance. It looks like there's going to be an unrequited love for the main girl character in this series. (Who has only appeared in maybe five or six pages thus far.)Prince of Tennis is about a 7th grader who's a champ at playing Tennis des [...]

    27. i love this manga. sportif, lucu dan penuh perjuangan, pantang menyerah. walaupun tokoh utamanya echizen ryoma PDnya ga ketulungan, tetapi cool. paling suka sama tokoh tezuka kunimitsu. keren, cakep, dewasa, pinter and cool.tipe gw bgt!! ada ga ya, manusia yang kayak gini??terus ada ryusuke fuji yang always smilling. genius yang keren bgt. bahkan kayaknya bakaln lebih hebat dari 'the perfect tezuka'. terus ada lagi kikumari eiji yang lucu bgt, kaidaoh n momoshiro yang rival abadi tapi kocakbelum [...]

    28. Primo volume di un classico shonen di ambientazione sportiva, il volume di per sé non presenta particolarità per chi sia già a conoscenza della tipica struttura di questa tipologia di manga, ma grazie da un paio di elementi, la particolarità dello sport scelto, che essendo uno sport individuale e non di squadra rende difficile sviluppare la tipica trama incentrata su rivalità e amicizia tra compagni di squadra, e la notevole cura per i dettagli inserita sia nella veste grafica che nei dialo [...]

    29. This one is soooooooooooooooooo cool About Junior High Students (JUNIOR HIGH! U won't believe it)who play tennis. Funny, bikin penasaran, nyebelin, seru, konyol TOP deh. Komik ini udah diangkat ke versi anime dan versi orang (live action).All characters are cool, the SEIGAKU regulars and their rivals! Meskipun kalo ketemu di dunia nyata gue bakal sebel banget sama Echizen Ryoma (just like people said, PDnya nggak ketulungan and belagu banget! pdhl dia baru umur 12 tahun!!), tapi dia emang jago [...]

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