Blank Confession

Blank Confession Shayne Blank is the new kid in town but that doesn t stop him from getting into a lot of trouble very quickly The other kids don t understand him He s not afraid of anything He seems too smart And his

  • Title: Blank Confession
  • Author: Pete Hautman
  • ISBN: 9781416913276
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Shayne Blank is the new kid in town but that doesn t stop him from getting into a lot of trouble very quickly The other kids don t understand him He s not afraid of anything He seems too smart And his background doesn t add up But when he walks into the police department to confess to a murder, it quickly becomes apparent that nothing is as it seems There s toShayne Blank is the new kid in town but that doesn t stop him from getting into a lot of trouble very quickly The other kids don t understand him He s not afraid of anything He seems too smart And his background doesn t add up But when he walks into the police department to confess to a murder, it quickly becomes apparent that nothing is as it seems There s to Shayne and his story than meets the eye As the details begin to fill in, the only thing that becomes clear is that nothing about Shayne s story is clear at all Blank Confession is a compelling mystery that will keep readers turning pages, from National Book Award winning author Pete Hautman.

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    1. "You know how sometimes you meet somebody, and afterwards you just can't go back to being what you were?""Because it's like they're watching you," I said."Exactly. Or because whatever you do, you're thinking, If so-and-so could see me now, what would he think?"It's not every day that a high school boy walks into a police station and confesses to murder. Even though his wife will be mad that he missed dinner, the detective in charge decides he'd better stay and take the kid's statement. Some 140+ [...]

    2. Finished in 5 hours. Bypassed homework for this book. It was that amazing.I fell in love with the main character Shayne Blank on practically the 3rd page of his appearance. That's sorta his character's purpose I think. To make readers captivated by him so his actions later on are all the more justified and even later actions mysteriously intriguing.His sarcasm, nonchalant, ninja ways are oh so very alluring. Especially since I'm a teenage girl haha. Everything about him makes him seem so attract [...]

    3. Blank Confession by Pete Hautman is a solid story told by a skilled storyteller. That might sound like a weak or oversimplified compliment, but let me explain my deep admiration for storytellers.Have you ever been in the presence of a gifted orator or storyteller? Someone with a pitch perfect tone, attitude, build up, posture, and language coupled with the right amount of sighs, smiles, eye contact, and hand gestures to pull you right into the story. To really make you a part of the tale or worl [...]

    4. Why I Read this Book: I didn’t know about Blank Confession until I saw it at the library one day. I was pursuing the new stock in the Teen section when I stumbled across this book. The first thing that caught my attention was the title. Well, that and the length of this book – it’s short. So I picked it up off the shelf and read the blurb. I thought to myself that’s an interesting premise. Then I noticed who the author is – it’s the same guy who wrote How to Steal A Car. I thought th [...]

    5. I had no intention of reading this today. But I picked it up at the library, and started it while I was waiting for my wife to get her books. When we got home, I laid down in bed, thinking I'd read a bit and then take a well-earned nap. That plan was scotched by distilled adrenaline rush that is Blank ConfessionThe protagonist, Shayne, is the answer to this question: What if Jack Reacher were a high school kid? Yes, he's that awesome.I need to create a bookshelf of Best YA Thrillers--Blank Confe [...]

    6. Personal Response:I really enjoyed this book. This is the second book I have read that was written by Pete Hautman and I really enjoy his work. Plot Summary:The book starts out by introducing you to the main character Mikey. He is a short, scrawny kid with an abusive dad. That say there was a new kid at the school. He dressed in all black and rode a motorcycle, his name was Shayne Blank. He asked Mikey where the school parking lot was and after he showed him they went to first hour together. Aft [...]

    7. I felt sort of like an idiot when it hit me that this book actually is the high-school retelling of Shane, the western by George Stevens. I mean Shayne Blank is the name of the mysterious stranger who rides into school on his BMW motorcycle. He's not particularly special in any way, but has a distinct air of danger about him. He gets mixed up with some really bad characters while trying to help some kid who is out of his depth, and he becomes tangentially involved with everyone in the kid's fami [...]

    8. ** spoiler alert ** This book was so awesome.I thought it was going to be an ok book but I loved it.Especally the ending which was very surprising.It's a story about how a new boy in town confesses to a murdre and it is told from the point of view of his friend mikey and the interview room Shayne(the new kid)he is telling it from.The book leaves you in suspense about whow Shayne killed.I loved this book because of the awesome unexpected ending,humor,and the point of views they were telling it fr [...]

    9. Book Review Title: ____Blank confession Paragraph 11.Summary- What it’s all about:In the book blank confession, It is about a murder that had taken place, by middle schoolers.2. What’s the theme?Is a murder committed by middle schoolersParagraph 23. Opinion- I liked/didn’t like this book becauseI liked it. Because it had mystery and thrill in it, when u were reading about a fight in it it was like u where in the fight -Evidence to support my opinion-It felt like this could actually happen. [...]

    10. Blank Confession by Pete Hautman is a story about a kid who gets himself into some trouble that involves one of the school's drug dealers and he has to find a way out, luckily for him there's a new kid in town. I would rate this book with a 4 out of 5 stars, my reason why is because some of the instances that appear in the book may happen in real life, it also helps people get over some tough choices and teaches you how to overcome your fears.I feel that everyone should read this book because th [...]

    11. The story felt like it just kind of dragged on and on. I didn't care for any of the characters.One thing that bothered me was how the cop looked at women. One girl was wearing a short skirt so he thinks she's a slut.Another girl was chubby and I guess he didn't think she was pretty because of it but when she lost some weight he says she looks like a supermodel. I was like "Really"? I guess he doesn't like girls with a little extra weight.

    12. I thought that this book was very good because throughout the whole book it kind left you hanging with figuring out a mystery. There also was a good ending and plenty of action.

    13. Plot SummaryMikey has a pretty average life; his only problems involving his sister's boyfriend, Jon. Mikey meets a new student named Shayne, who's completely different from anyone else he's ever met. One day Jon gives Mikey a bag and tells him not to lose it. Known for his drug dealing past, Mikey doesn't trust him, and when a locker check is announced, Mikey has no other option but to throw the bag away, and Jon is not happy. Shayne and Mikey try their best to prevent Jon from doing something, [...]

    14. One of the foremost reasons I've adopted young-adult fiction as my literary poison of choice is, it reads so fast you don't get bogged down in unnecessary detours, metaphors, poetic license or fringe characters. YA is about plot, character and dialogue. It's perfect for a grown adult like me who's got a full-time job, small children and a latent case of arrested development. Even so, I'll occasionally get tied up with something that feels like a YA epic - The Miseducation of Cameron Post, The Dr [...]

    15. When I first started reading this book I found it somewhat boring and expected it to be about a boy committing murder because right at the beginning of the story they are already in the interview room and then that kind of confused me. Then I thought it’d just be chapter after chapter something new but Hautman set it up with it just about Mikey and then another chapter about the interview room and then another chapter of Rawls which really kept me excited and really into the book.This story ha [...]

    16. This book begins with Shayne Blank entering a police department to confess a murder. The question for readers is how this kid who is new to school got into the situation. Mikey is a kid whose mouth always gets him into trouble. Though he thinks he wants to blend in and be invisible at times, he dresses in secondhand suits that make him stick out from the regular high school crowd. When Shayne seems interested in being his friend, Mikey has just ticked off his sister’s boyfriend, drug dealer Jo [...]

    17. Shayne Blank is a mysterious character througout the story. Basically the book is narrarated through Shayne, Rawls, and Mikey. So the story starts off by Mikey being bullied by his brother-in-law, Jon Brande. Jon Brande bullied him more when Mikey lost his "dough" bag and thats whenShayne comes in. Shayne Blank is a very mysterious kid that comes through an unknown background. The main character Mikey Martin is a tiny kid with glasses that is Haitian, but looks like a mexican. So in the story Mi [...]

    18. Blank Confession is a story of Shayne Blank, he comes in to the police station to confess a murder. He's the new kid in town and is very mysterious, he meets a average suit wearing kid named Mikey. Mikey who on the first day of school loses a bag of dope from the schools dope seller, Jon Brande. Mikey is forced the pay back Jon for the bag. MIkey struggles to make the money for Jon and Shayne is getting sick of seeing Mikey get hurt from not getting the money to Jon. Shayne and MIkey soon get th [...]

    19. I read Blank Confession because I needed a book that looked like a quick read to finish off wide reading. Blank Confession fills in the category for a book with a male main character. I don’t read books because of the main character’s gender, but for certain books, a certain gender works better as a main character. A character I liked was Shayne, because he was mysterious, and he remains that way, even after you find out his identity. He’s different and has a unique personality, and he act [...]

    20. Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka "Readingjunky" for TeensReadTooAlthough Shayne and Mikey have only been friends for a week, they are both involved in a murder investigation. One of them has confessed, but is he really the guilty one?Shayne describes Mikey as a "dink." Combine Mikey's tiny stature and the odd thrift store suits he wears to school every day, and you have a bully magnet. Their friendship begins on Shayne's first day in the high school when he comes to Mikey's rescue. The two couldn't [...]

    21. This whodunnit kept me up late and I really liked Shayne Blank, the confessor who says he killed someone. I found his friend Mikey, who narrates part of the book, kind of annoying at times, but was glad to hear he came into his own a little bit at the end, and was maybe less of a 'dink.' I think YA readers will really enjoy this, if for nothing else than the action bits. Lots of fights, lots of the undertow of what really concerns kids in high school, and so lots of drama. Most characters are fa [...]

    22. Blank Confessions is told in a series of flashbacks. The story opens with Shayne Blank confessing to killing Jon Blande, a bully in high school. Shayne is a mysterious character that shows up on the first day of high school. He meets and helps high school junior Mikey Martin. Jon Blande is dating Mikey's sister. Mikey's troubles start when he throws away a bag of drugs forced on him for safekeeping by his sister's drug-dealing boyfriend. Consequently, Mikey is threatened with bodily injury unles [...]

    23. This book was short and fast paced. It kept me hooked from the start. It definitely took a different take than I thought it would but I liked it. It was different and definitely a (somewhat) satisfying ending. I would of liked a better ending for Shayne Blank but I can live with the ending he got was a bitter sweet ending for sure.

    24. I'm really into crime novels, and as such, I have such high expectations for them. This book didn't disappoint. This is the first piece by Hautman I had the pleasure of reading. If there's any more, I will be happy to check those out as well. Such a good crime novel.

    25. Review: In my opinion, this was a really good book. Blank Confession by Pete Hautman starts the book by introducing one of the main characters, Shayne is the new kid whose parents are in the army, he lives with his aunt. At the beginning of the book, Shayne is in the police department waiting to tell Officer Rawls something that happened a few hours earlier. Something bad happened that night so it was important for Shayne to speak up. Just a few weeks ago, everything was completely normal. I gue [...]

    26. This novel is a very easy read and always keeps you on the edge of your feet. Every chapter switches from what is happening currently, in the Interview room and flashback moments of what happened between Jon, Shayne and Mikey. As soon as one chapter ends, it makes you want to read more. It represents a high schooler's life very well for when it comes to making difficult choices, making new friends, and seeing who your real friends are. It teaches the readers a valid lesson on how violence is not [...]

    27. Blank Confession was a very well made storyline and played out very good. This book has characters that make you feel much more in tune with the book and attitude of the characters. There are some spots in Blank Confession that are slow but this book has a nice steady pace.When I started reading Blank Confession my thought was that the book will lean more towards a good storyline but not so good characters, but right off the bat a character named Shayne really instigated the story.

    28. Good book, couldn't stop turning the pages. This story takes your normal high school drama to a new level, the use of figurative language really helps the reader capture the feelings of the characters. Pete hautman did a really good job overall, five out of five stars.

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