Outrunning The Darkness

Outrunning The Darkness Themes Hi Lo High school neighborhoods family loyalty friendship urban teen fiction self esteem teen relationships unrequited love Written for young adults the Urban Underground series confr

  • Title: Outrunning The Darkness
  • Author: Anne Schraff
  • ISBN: 9781616510008
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Paperback
  • Themes Hi Lo, High school, neighborhoods, family, loyalty, friendship, urban teen fiction, self esteem, teen relationships, unrequited love Written for young adults, the Urban Underground series confronts issues that are of great importance to teens, such as friendship, loyalty, drugs, gangs, abuse, urban blight, bullies, and self esteem to name a few More than entertaiThemes Hi Lo, High school, neighborhoods, family, loyalty, friendship, urban teen fiction, self esteem, teen relationships, unrequited love Written for young adults, the Urban Underground series confronts issues that are of great importance to teens, such as friendship, loyalty, drugs, gangs, abuse, urban blight, bullies, and self esteem to name a few More than entertainment, these books can be a powerful learning and coping tool when a struggling reader connects with credible characters and a compelling storyline The highly readable style and mature topics will appeal to young adult readers of both sexes and encourage them to finish each novel Harriet Tubman HS Series Sereeta Prince is a honey skinned beauty with glossy, black curls making little halos around her face Jaris Spain has been in love with her since junior high Now his feelings are growing even stronger But she seems to look right through him like he is made of plastic wraps.

    One thought on “Outrunning The Darkness”

    1. The protagonist in this book is Jaris Spain. He has had a crush on Sereeta Prince since junior high. His feelings for her now are growing even stronger. But he feels like she never notices him. He feels like he’s invisible to her. When she finally does notice him and he tries to talk to her, she doesn’t really listen. Then right when he was trying to make his move Marko Lane called her over and they kissed. Jaris realized they were dating and his heart sank. But he wasn’t going to give up. [...]

    2. Fans of the Bluford High series will enjoy this series by one of the Bluford authors, Anne Schraff writer of Lost and Found, Until We Meet Again, The Bully, A Matter of Trust, and Secrets in the Shadows. Outrunning the Darkness is the first in a new series called Urban Underground, which will catch teens with its dark covers featuring ethnic teens. Like Bluford, the students of Tubman high school face the same teenage problems. In Outrunning the Darkness, Jaris Spain struggles with keeping up hi [...]

    3. This book a for the people who love a little romance and catches a sense that can relate to you and your life. As Jaris Spain tries to outrun the darkness of his life, trying to get good grades in school, chasing the girl of his dreams, and dealing with problems at home. I feel this book will catch your eye and make you think about your own life and see if u are outrunning a type of darkness or problem you have. The only thing disappointing about the book was that it was too short. I would have [...]

    4. I enjoyed the book because when I was reading I noticed that the person is relatable. I also noticed that the boy got help from his friends and family when he was having trouble. I found it relatable when things went good for him, it would turned bad and when things were bad the would become good. Finally I liked that the son was able to cheer up his father and made his a sober and happy person.

    5. Jaris Spain is a junior at Tubman High. It might not be the best school in the ‘hood, but Tubman’s not all bad and Jaris attends with his closest friends. Jaris works hard to get good grades and he also has a part-time job. He isn’t always happy with his home life, since he never knows what kind of mood his dad will be in and his parents argue all of the time. Gangs are moving closer to his neighborhood. But there is someone who makes life better, even if she doesn’t know how Jaris reall [...]

    6. High school junior Jaris has hit a rough spot. His parents argue constantly, the girl he loves sees right through him, and he has to work extra hard to achieve the kinds of grades he needs to get into college. Despite these problems, he hangs out with a good crowd of kids, even if his school borders a ghetto. When one of his friends suggests he try out for the school play Jaris is extremely hesitant, but with the encouragement from his father and friends, and the attention of his crush, he begin [...]

    7. It was good,I could relate to the main character,Jaris Spain's, rejection he got from his crush,Sereeta.Jaris is the main character,and Marco is his enemy,who Sereeta pays more attention to,and hangs with.The story is set in Georgia, and the setting is in Jaris's school and house.The conflict is Jaris loving Sereeta,who rejects him and spends time with his enemy Marco.Another conflict is Jaris coming home to his negative,alcoholic dad,who doesn't like the fact Jaris doesn't play sports.The theme [...]

    8. My thoughts on this novel is that its great for teens in high school because some may have the same situation as Jaris Spain (main character).This book will help the reader if he or she has this situation and if they do have this same situation the reader will actually finish the novel even if he doesnt really read books, just like myself, i dont like reading but since it was a problem that a lot of teens have in high school i though it would be interesting and it was.The story is basically abou [...]

    9. There's this boy named jaris spain , characters was seereta , mark and jaris spain . he has been liking this girl seereta for the longest . his feelings are now growing stronger , and stronger for her , he can't help but to look at her , but seereta seems to just look right through him , seereta was a nice sweet , curly headed girl , she was very smart . but when it came down to "boys" she wasn't the best . this book take place at school , majority of the time , and at home . jaris had a difficu [...]

    10. Jaris is worried that his father's attitude about life might be correct--if things are going well, just wait because it will all get ruined eventually. He has a crush on Sereeta, but she's the prettiest girl in school and she doesn't seem to return Jaris's feelings. His friend Alonee is trying to talk him into trying out for the school play. But is Jaris even worth a part in the play or Sereeta's attention? I liked that this book serves a demographic in need of young adult fiction, but I think k [...]

    11. I thole this is a very good book. lesseon well learned! Some problems in this book is drugs, romance trouble, and violence. The main character of this book is javaris he has been in love with his class mate since the beginning of highschool! He tries to get close to her then he boyfriend to beat up javaris. Then things go wrong with that girl and she decides that javaris will love her and not harm her. These books always are wonderful to read. I love action, drama, suspense anything.

    12. there are too many things wrong with this book to list. overall, I think it's just very poorly written. I don't think that it would ring true with the urban teens that it's trying to reach. I think the story goes absolutely nowhere. there's too much going on with too many different characters, all with their own life stories to share. in the end, everything is just resolved a little too easily for my taste. none of it rings true. I'm sure there is better urban lit than this.

    13. Unfortunately, I felt this book tried way too hard, but ultimately was just too poorly written. There were too many instances of something being described, and then the character would speak exactly what had just been described. I felt the language was stilted and didn't seem realistic at all. There were too many characters with too many problems for any of them to be developed enough for us to care about any of them.

    14. Wasn't blown away by the start of a teen series called Urban Underground. So far, it has the covers going for them and a cast of characters that any student picking it up could relate to. The writing isn't strong or deep, although it does delve in to topics of achievement, depression, teen life and it's ups and down, family life and how it affects performance, and of course, love.

    15. Anne Schraff is one of my favorite authors but this book wasn't one of her best :( I have been wanting to read this series for a while now and I am very disappointed that the first book I really didn't care for. I AM going to give the second book in the series a go anyways.

    16. jaris is in love with sereeta for a long time but she doesnt notice him really. jaris is trying to to see what he can do to get sereeta to like him

    17. The ending was very rushed and not too satisfying but overall I enjoyed the story. Reads just like a Bluford book.

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