La Trilogie divine

La Trilogie divine In Philip K Dick Four Novels of the s became the fastest selling title in The Library of America s history The companion volume Five Novels of the s s broke series records for ad

  • Title: La Trilogie divine
  • Author: Philip K. Dick
  • ISBN: 9782207252413
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Paperback
  • In 2007, Philip K Dick Four Novels of the 1960s became the fastest selling title in The Library of America s history The 2008 companion volume, Five Novels of the1960s 70s, broke series records for advance sales Now comes a third and final volume gathering the best novels of Dick s final years, when religious revelation, always important in his work, became a domIn 2007, Philip K Dick Four Novels of the 1960s became the fastest selling title in The Library of America s history The 2008 companion volume, Five Novels of the1960s 70s, broke series records for advance sales Now comes a third and final volume gathering the best novels of Dick s final years, when religious revelation, always important in his work, became a dominant and irresistible theme In A Maze of Death 1970 , a darkly speculative mystery that foreshadows Dick s final novels, colonists on the planet Delmak O try to determine the nature of the God or Mentufacturer who plots their destiny The late masterpiece VALIS 1981 is a novelistic reworking of the events of 2 3 74, when Dick s life was transformed by what he believed was a mystical revelation It is a harrowing self portrait of a man torn between conflicting interpretations of what might be gnostic illumination or psychotic breakdown The Divine Invasion 1981 , a sequel to VALIS, is a powerful exploration of gnostic insight and its human consequences The Transmigration of Timothy Archer 1982 , Dick s last novel, is by turns theological thriller, roman clef, and disenchanted portrait of late 1970s California life, based loosely on the controversial career of Bishop James Pike a close friend and kindred spirit.

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    1. “I chose God over the material universe.” ― Philip K. Dick, The Divine InvasionI know. I know. I gave most of the individual novels (Valis Trilogy + A Maze of Death) 4 stars, but gave all four books together 5 stars. The math doesn't add up, but shit man, that is the whole dilemma of life. The Universe doesn't compute. God doesn't compute. Just accept it, bro.1. A Maze of Death - Read August 2013 (3-stars)2. Valis - Read 2011 (4-stars) - need to reread soon.3. The Divine Invasion - Read Au [...]

    2. The three Library of America editions of Philip K. Dick's work contain nearly all of his best material, with only a few notable exclusions. Valis and Later Novels, however, just might contain his very best. Besides A Maze of Death, published in 1970, the others here are his three final novels before he died in 1982. Sometimes referred to as the "Valis Trilogy," these three loosely connected novels represent a huge leap forward in terms of Dick's prose, as he was able to dedicate more time to the [...]

    3. i've really come to love PDK, but this collection? a bunch of human-shaped exposition machines blasting out humorless profundities like so many breezy farts whooshing out of a loose anus. but the transmigration of timothy archer is something else entirely: it dispenses with the sci-fi elements and windy assthoughts, and turns out to be a pretty affecting piece on belief and loss.

    4. These books are for the serious soul searcher, but like all of dicks books you will come out of the experience seriously questioning your sanity. Highly recommended for those who have suffered wisdom teeth problems. That's what they are about is the insanity that ensued after he had an impacted and infected wisdom tooth.

    5. -La realtà è quella che quando uno smette di crederci non sparisce-Le riflessioni di una mente geniale e disturbata allo stesso tempo sulla natura ultima della realtà.

    6. Sci-fi meets theology--This is the last volume of PKD collection by the Library of America, and after reading all three LOR volumes and thirteen novels included in them, I can say he's one hell of an interesting author, though not all his works are mind-blowing.In PKD's final phase as presented in this third LOR volume, he turned to everything religious and theological, starting with VALIS, followed by The Divine Invasion and The Transmigration of Timothy Archer. Of the so-called "VALIS trilogy, [...]

    7. My reviews of each book in the collection: A Maze of DeathVALISThe Divine InvasionThe Transmigration of Timothy ArcherDamn. This is a good collection of books. For me, Philip K Dick is one of those authors who leaves me dissatisfied every time I finish one of his stories. Same thing happens with Flannery O'Connor, Roberto Bolaño, Tao Lin, H.P. Lovecraft and Thomas Pynchon. It's like, each of their works is getting at something intriguing, but it never really gets there. Which forces me to read [...]

    8. Volumen final de la colección de novelas dePhilip K. DICK publicada por The Library of America. Este tomo contiene cuatro novelas, incluyendo la "Trilogía VALIS":"A Maze of Death""VALIS""The Divine Invasion""The Transmigration of Timothy Archer"Los libros de The Library of America se distinguen por su cuidadísima edición, que no escatima en detalles y se concentra en preservar y rescatar la obra de los escritores estadounidenses más destacados. Vale mucho la pena conseguir tantos tomos como [...]

    9. Actually, I've never read this particular volume; this rating is more for the SFBC-exclusive edition of The Valis Trilogy my dad got in the 70s that he never read and I first tried to get through when I was around 12. It would have to wait until later in my teen years for me to actually understand Dick's writing enough to finish it off, but those three novels (the ones in this edition minus the perfectly fine but unrelated A Maze of Death) make for a brilliant, beautiful, occasionally mad and tr [...]

    10. 800 pagine di affascinanti farneticazioni."Valis" - *****"Divina invasione" - ****1/2"La trasmigrazione di Timothy Archer" - ****

    11. Life is too short for tedious "is he insane, or is he speaking to God" novels. Maybe a shot of psychedelic drugs would have helped.

    12. It wasn’t until this year that I finally sat down to read the Valis trilogy: Valis, The Divine Invasion, and The Transmigration of Timothy Archer. It is easy to see why these books made him a popular author. But any idea that they are in some way radically different from what came before is wrong. They were not written to be a trilogy, though they narrate in different ways the same event, Philip K. Dicks encounter with a new reality, or descent into madness. He never made up his mind about it, [...]

    13. Just finished the fourth novel in this collection, "The Transmigration of Timothy Archer," and I found this story similar to VALIS in some ways but the focus was more on the loss that entails when those around you that you love start 'offing' themselves. The whole thing was poignant with sadness, yet we still had the profound explorations of philosophy and religion and human nature that is the hallmark of these late novels. It has been somewhat difficult to slog through these novels in this coll [...]

    14. Wholly disappointed. VALIS was decent, but the other two in the trilogy were not continuations of the same story, only tangentially related. A Maze of Death started out really well, but it seems that my copy of this book was bound incorrectly as the story shifted weirdly toward the end. All novels seemed to leave me dissatisfied as their endings were so abrupt.

    15. This would get five stars, but the last book, The Transmigration of Timothy Archer was not nearly as good as the first two.

    16. Personal I think this a semi-autobiographical work of his religious experience and beliefs. PHD's personal comprehension and explanations of the subject

    17. Just OKReReading this 25+ years since I first read it, I am now wondering what I was thinking the first time I read this that made me think this was really good.

    18. I will not pretend to be an expert on Philip Kindred Dick, his life and work. Others have said more and better things than I'll manage here. But I will say that this scholarly edition of Dick's later novels (comprising A Maze of Death; VALIS; The Divine Invasion; and The Transmigration of Timothy Archer) will, if closely read, make you feel like an expert. Shorn of their lurid covers and surrounded by sober bibliographic and biographical information, these novels still stand both as great storie [...]

    19. I first tried to read VALIS years ago, and the experience went a lot like my first attempt to read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. Basically, I threw the book across the room. No, not literally, but I was surely tempted to do so. It was only a couple years after first giving up on Do Androids Dream that I finally read it, but it was many, many years after first putting it down that I finally read VALIS. And, the reading experience? Well, I had read a lot more PKD since then and was much bet [...]

    20. Questo testo raccoglie tre libri di Dick, con il comune denominatore della religione, della filiosofia, e a volte di Valis.Il primo libro, Valis, è di gran lunga il peggiore.Parte malissimo, lento e soporifero, tra divagazioni misticiste, filosofiche e religiose che fanno addormentare. Non dubito della conoscenza in questo campo di Dick, tutto sembra ben documentato e ben ponderato, ma è di una noia unica.Nel finale, con l'arrivo del film, le cose migliorano un poco ma non è sufficiente quest [...]

    21. per molti anni dopo averlo comprato (per completismo dickiano e perchè costava usata assai poco) sono stato restio ad iniziare questa trilogia: in parte perchè non reggo trilogie e saghe, in parte per la fama di apice folle e "difficile" della produzione di dick. poi dopo averlo iniziato mi son trovato a divorarlo, pagina dopo pagina, libro dopo libro. fantascienza? no, qui la fantascienza è solo una scusa, in "valis" -il primo dei tre libri- c'è ad esempio più la più seria descrizione del [...]

    22. The third and final Library of America collection of the great science fiction writer finds Philip K. Dick trying to reach beyond the genre writing he'd been confined to by publishers. "A Maze of Death" is the only novel that fits the standard Dickian mold, with reality turning in dark and disturbing ways and a twist ending worthy of an old EC Comic. VALIS is an account of Dick's mental breakdown and the spiritual vision he believed he gained from it. While there is a bit of sci-fi patched into [...]

    23. *1/2Per chi non sia un esperto e/o un appassionato di filosofia, metafisica, gnosticismo cristiano ed esegesi biblica, La trilogia di Valis risulterà un bel mattoncino indigesto.Il primo Valis è sicuramente il più pesante dei tre: libro lento e con eccessive speculazioni filosofiche, ontologiche e metafisiche sulla ricerca della verità, di Dio e della realtà ad opera di Horselover Fat, protagonista ed alter ego di Dick.Il secondorientra più nei canoni classici della fantascienza "dickiana" [...]

    24. I can see why some think these later novels by Dick were ingenious. I can also see how someone might hate them.The first story A Maze of Death was great, more sci-fi dark comedy than philosophy essay. I highly enjoyed it and think most sci-fi fans wouldLIS was a bit different.It's quasi-autobiographical and more philosophy and theology than story.I liked it because I relate to it. No, my madness never went as far as Dick's, but I understand the sort of craziness that goes with spiritual seeking [...]

    25. This volume includes four of PKD's last novels.The masterpiece in this volume is VALIS. A semi-autobiographical account of Dick's psychotic break/theophany in 1974 that led to a theological trip unlike anything else in literature. Impossible to really summarize in a review, but brilliant and sad/funny and engaging. Unprecedented.Two other works in the volume, A Maze of Death and The Divine Invasion, are interesting but not nearly as groundbreaking and masterful as the title novel.I'd already rea [...]

    26. Valis recounts Dick's brief incarceration in a mental hospital following a massive suicide attempt. It seems that Dick is trying to make sense of an experience he had, when his life was invaded by a divine presence and he received knowledge about his son's precarious physical state, which he couldn't possibly have known about. In fact, he saves his son's life. The novel begins from a third person perspective with a protagonist called Horselover Fat, but Dick the narrarator intervenes and eventua [...]

    27. The biggest assumption about an all knowing God is that such a deity is also an all telling God. Based on the events surrounding his drug-induced breakdown, [Author: Philip K. Dick] explores a God who doesn't tell all - not even enough. It's one blast from a pink beam and then gone.As raw as the opening chapter of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep was funny, VALIS is a painful, challenging read that offers the audience no relief until the very end.Three other novels are included in this volume [...]

    28. Dick's later period of religious themed sci-fi is probably unlike anything you've ever read. It seems like the ramblings of someone trying to come to terms with an unexplainable situation, someone desperately searching for answers in a way that only Dick's imaginative brain can, forming complex stories and weaving in theological ideas. I was impressed that The Transmigration of Timothy Archer's protagonist was female, as after reading all books in this three-volume collection, I noticed Dick has [...]

    29. Non è una trilogia: questo è un intero mondo.Si incastrano considerazioni metafisiche sullo spazio/tempo, gnosticismo, giudaismo e Messia. Philip K. Dick si dimostra sempre più postmoderno con protagonisti che forse sono lui stesso o forse sono altri personaggi che parlano di lui, e pagine in cui ti rendi conto che non riesci a staccarti da un libro che descrive un film mai esistito.Ho già cercato di esprimere questo concetto nella recensione di "Scorrete lacrime, disse il poliziotto" e sper [...]

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