The New Teen Titans: Games

The New Teen Titans Games Harking back to the era when NEW TEEN TITANS was the best selling monthly comic series comes this lost tale from legendary creators Marv Wolfman CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS and George Perez FINAL CRISIS

  • Title: The New Teen Titans: Games
  • Author: Marv Wolfman George Pérez
  • ISBN: 9781401203184
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Harking back to the era when NEW TEEN TITANS was the best selling monthly comic series comes this lost tale from legendary creators Marv Wolfman CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS and George Perez FINAL CRISIS LEGION OF THREE WORLDS starring their fan favorite characters just in time for the NEW TEEN TITANS 30th anniversary Set in the 1980s during the height of New Teen TitanHarking back to the era when NEW TEEN TITANS was the best selling monthly comic series comes this lost tale from legendary creators Marv Wolfman CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS and George Perez FINAL CRISIS LEGION OF THREE WORLDS starring their fan favorite characters just in time for the NEW TEEN TITANS 30th anniversary Set in the 1980s during the height of New Teen Titans popularity, this standalone hardcover features a mysterious villain playing a deadly game with New York City as the gameboard and the Teen Titans as the pieces Like something out of a timecapsule, this never before seen epic is the New Teen Titans story from their original creators that never got tolduntil now Twenty years in the making, TEEN TITANS GAMES is a can t miss for fans new and old.

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    1. It was great to see Marv Wolfman and George Perez back in the saddle again. The book has a tremendous amount of build up, but a completely ho-hum ending. A must read if you were a fan of the original book series.

    2. I was soooooooooo looking forward to this graphic novel. The New Teen Titans from the 1980s was (and probably still is) my favorite comic book. It was what got me hooked into reading comics for decades to come. When I heard that original creators Marv Wolfman and George Perez were teaming up to do a graphic novel based on my favorite team (ever!), I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! Sadly, I was a bit disappointed.The story "Games" was just average. It reads like your basic technological acti [...]

    3. This book was STUNNING!!! And it should be, since it took twenty years to get published. This graphic novel drives home how incredible the original series was and how defining it was to the comics medium and 80's comics especially. In the company of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, et. al. this series took the teenaged sidekicks of the DCU and not only made an engaging series out of their exploits, but made a series whose plot lines blew their adult counterparts' plots out of the water!!! "The Ne [...]

    4. This is a four star book that gets five stars just for nostalgia. I bought the original New Teen Titans by Wolfman and Perez off the drug store rack as an adolescent. Theses characters were formative for every comic geek my age, and to read this fresh new story, with the stunning art of Perez both retro and timeless, it was enough just to get the feel of what it was like to be twelve again. Wolfman does melodrama like no other, and he hasn't forgotten how to wrap soap opera and superheroes into [...]

    5. Veintitrés años de espera para que se concretara esta historia del equipo creativo compuesto por Marv Wolfman y George Pérez. Juegos es, por lo tanto, un cierre digno a su etapa en los Nuevos Titanes.El villano de esta historia no es uno cualquiera y tiene un plan macabro del que, en momentos, no se ve que exista una salida posible. Habrán varias sorpresas en el camino y más de algún doloroso sacrificio.Suspenso, acción, drama y una dinámica de los personajes como que no hubiera pasado e [...]

    6. It turns out you really can go home again. This worked better than I hoped for. It's by no means a timeless classic, nor is it likely to be. However, it was a lot of fun. Mr. Perez in particular does an excellent job. If this particular line up is "your" Titans, then you will be glad to have picked this one up.

    7. This stopped and started and started again project shows Marv Wolfman and George Perez at the top of their game on their signature project. Due to the nature of the creative process, the comic is a bit of a time capsule. Good comics if a bit dated.

    8. The New Teen Titans: Games is a story that has literally been over twenty years in the making. Back in the mid to late-1980's, Marv Wolfman and George Perez (two men who have since become major heavy-weights in the comics' industry) were working together on the comic book The New Teen Titans, when they had an idea for a cool story. Unfortunately, due to various issues at the time, their idea never came off the ground, other than some sample artwork and a basis for a tale that they assumed would [...]

    9. I've said in previous reviews that Marv Wolfman and George Pérez's The New Teen Titans: The Terror of Trigon was the apotheosis of their run on The New Teen Titans. And I've also said that The New Teen Titans: Who Is Donna Troy?, from the tail end of Wolfman and Pérez's collaboration, was something of a letdown as a swan song. Well, The New Teen Titans: Games is the best of both worlds: A swan song for the Wolfman-Pérez collaboration on The New Teen Titans that also finds the creators at the [...]

    10. While Games is undoubtedly visually beautiful and it's narrative well done for the most part, the fragmented construction of it over several decades make the conclusion stick out poorly. The conclusion, and in particular, the wrap-up and attempt to explain the Gamemaster's motives leave the reader confused.I'll just give a quick background of me, the reader, for review based context. As a fan of the Teen Titans cartoon show I watched some years ago and my recent growing interest in comics (recen [...]

    11. I have held on to reading this until now. George Perez's artwork has always been one of my favorites. Games is a really solid graphic novel. It has some wonderful twists ad turns. I miss Marv Wolfman's characterizations of these characters. I felt that he always had the characters voices. I give this five stars strictly for the Perez artwork. He was firing on all cylinders when he drew this. He knew/knows how to tell the large story. Perez always made his artwork jump off the page too. One thing [...]

    12. How many times do you hear comments like “this (fill in the name) was decades in the making”? In this instance, it is true. Many years ago, Marv Wolfman and George Perez rebooted a cancelled title called the Teen Titans. The outstanding combination of writing and art took the title all of the way to the top. Fans debated whether Teen Titans or the X-Men were the better title. At the time, Chris Claremont and John Byrne were on their legendary run on X-Men. Which title was better? For me it d [...]

    13. This stand alone graphic novel features the definitive New Teen Titans creative team, Marv Wolfman and George Perez, finishing a story they began two decades ago. A new foe called the Gamesmaster is playing on a board no one else can see, and his pieces and pawns have targeted the Titans and their loved ones.I've read a smattering of New Teen Titans over the years and have a fondness for several of the characters, though I've never been a completist nor particularly well versed in their continui [...]

    14. It's been a long time since I've visited with the Teen Titans, who were amongst my first real experiences with superhero comics and who I collected for a number of years as a teenager.And Marv and George were my favourite of all the Titans creative teams back in the day, but revisiting them in this all new story felt a little weird. And given the choice of costumes and the addition of the Danny Chase character, it puts it in a particular point in the Titans timeline. And even though I'm sure I r [...]

    15. This ranking is probably a little higher than it should be when the story is evaluated objectively. But, I think nostalgia affects my opinion a little bit here, as this is a fun read from the old Wolfman/Perez team. Not only are they one of my favorite creative teams, I have to be honest and I think Wolfman's writing block problems show a little bit in the story.What also shows is the fact that this book originally was started about 30 years ago, and various factors saw that it wasn't completed [...]

    16. One of the great legends of 1980s comic books was (along with the lost pages of Camelot 3000) the unfinished Teen Titans graphic novel by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, who assembled the team and created half the characters. Amazingly, they ultimately finished the book, using 70 pages Perez had already drawn.Reading this today, I took my time, savoring what would probably be the last Titans story by these two characters. It was notalgic and enjoyable, but ultimately it was not particularly earth [...]

    17. Just finished that one last night. Some of it was really enjoyable. The art was lovely, and pretty much everything with Raven came across as particularly beautiful and emotionally strong. Strangely - to me - I also really liked the Jericho scenes, especially the early one with the girlfriend and also the way he participated in the final battle.The story itself felt a little disjointed, as if a lot of the pieces didn't quite fit together. Some of the clever artwork choices that others have praise [...]

    18. Comics are a funny thing. Things change, but then they often go back to the way they were new authors change teams, characters, settings, etc.Everyone has their favorite heroes, writers, artists, etc. The Wolfman/Perez Titans (sort of as seen on TV) is one of mine, and having new material, set back in their heyday, is very much like meeting an old friend you'd not seen in a long time.Some things are very familiar, others make you wonder 'is that really how it was' and sometimes you think 'you've [...]

    19. Reason for the missing star: Garfields mullet and the "villain"Otherwise this novel was a nostalgic homage to the creators of the New Teen Titans, the DC revitalization of teen sidekicks and "hip" modern stars like Cyborg (which is still sadly one of the few casually Black superheroes in mainstream comics) with a modern foe who has studied them for annihilation as well asPlanning on taking out Manhattan (yeah rings a lil Watchmen). Marv Wolfman still has the talent to write circles and emotional [...]

    20. Great artwork. Surprised at how long Perez has been in the business because it is truly a modern style. Interesting story with a pretty good twist. I guess it didn't rate higher because I'm only a fan of a few of the Teen Titans (Nightwing, Cyborg, Raven).e rest I truly could care less about and some I don't like at all (Changeling, Danny). all things considered if you are a Teen Titans fan-then you will love it. If you are a so-so fan of the series. than likely you will be like me and give it a [...]

    21. Simply put, this book isn't for me. I didn't read the Titans books in the 80s so I have no connection to the source material here. Marv Wolfman is a comics legend but this does read like its straight of the 80s which I guess is the point but it seemed dated. George Perez, another legend, does a fantastic job its just hard to take the costumes seriously in 2014. The plot was insane and ended up very strangely with ramifications that I don't know mattered. Overall, I can see how this would be a gr [...]

    22. Chissà quanti altri scheletri nell'armadio ha George Perez.Prima saltano fuori Avengers/JLA, poi questo Teen Titans. Comunque, la storia è decisamente interessante, i disegni stupendi come sempre. L'idea di base è profondamente disturbante per l'epoca in cui fu concepita, ovvero gli ultimi anni '80. C'è molta psicologia nella sceneggiatura di Wolfman, ben resa da Perez. In alcuni punti la trama si fa inutilmente complessa e si nota verso la fine, scritta quasi 25 anni dopo l'inizio, la neces [...]

    23. A few years ago, Wolfman and George Perez returned to a Teen Titans graphic novel they'd begun in the late eighties and radically rewrote it to come up with a changed plot that fitted the 70 pages of finished art. The battle between the Titans the terrorist Gamesmaster reminds me how good the series was at its peak, and it's great to see the characters again. However the ending is weak and Wolfman insists on giving one of his least popular characters, teen spy Danny Chase, a starring role here ( [...]

    24. Visually 'The New Teen Titans: Games' is beautiful, but who doesn't love George Perez's art. The story was mostly exciting and some of the personal touches on our characters are very nice, but the villains weren't fleshed out, i.e. Raven has a sister(!) & Holox's power could be fascinating, and that made the twist and the big reveal rather obvious. As Marv Wolfman stated in the Forward, this could've been improved if not constrained by the single-volume format.

    25. TNTT: Games is an enjoyable nostalgia fest by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, but gets hard to follow near the end. The Wolfman-Perez team, however, still works so well in pulling together a closing chapter to this era of the Titans you don't really mind. They even made Danny Chase somewhat likable--quite an achievement. A shame, though, that they couldn't get Romeo Tanghal to ink it, but you can't have everything.

    26. So far I only knew the current Teen Titans and Titans issues. Contact witth old story was to a minimum. But I have to say this is truly a good story that you can understand without even knowing much of the old Teen Titans Days. You really get the feeling that this is truly a matter of heart for Wolfman and Perez and they didn't betray their hearts. So I think my New Teen Titans Omnibus Vol.1 had enough time to stand unread in my shelf.

    27. Nuevos Titanes: Juegos, el esperadísimo canto del cisne de una de las sagas superheroicas más queridas de todos los tiemposEdición en castellano de una novela gráfica que tardó más de veinte años en completarse, y que ECC tradujo en un lujoso tomo de tapas duras. Imprescindible para fans de la serie, los personajes, los autores y de los buenos comics en general. Incluye una enorme introducción de Marv Wolfman.

    28. Despite the existence of Danny Chase, this was still like attending a high school reunion with old friends you haven't seen or heard from in a while. The New Teen Titans were my comics, my groupsd I miss them. Thank you Marv Wolfman and George Perez for giving us this finally finished classic story.

    29. A marvelous harkening back to a golden era of comics. Perez's art is exquisite. The story (Wolfman and Perez and figuring out a plot thirty years later) holds up, but is a bit too complex for its own good. Still, triffic stuff of what comics can (and, I'd say, should) be -- entertaining, inspiring, and not exploitative.

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