The Building

The Building With an unparalleled eye for stories and expressive illustration Will Eisner the master and pioneer of American comics art presents one of his renowned celebrations of the Big Apple No illustrator

  • Title: The Building
  • Author: Will Eisner
  • ISBN: 9780878160242
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Hardcover
  • With an unparalleled eye for stories and expressive illustration, Will Eisner, the master and pioneer of American comics art, presents one of his renowned celebrations of the Big Apple No illustrator evoked the melancholy duskiness of New York City as expressively as Eisner, who knew the city from the bottom up.The Building is a story filled with ghosts, and a testament tWith an unparalleled eye for stories and expressive illustration, Will Eisner, the master and pioneer of American comics art, presents one of his renowned celebrations of the Big Apple No illustrator evoked the melancholy duskiness of New York City as expressively as Eisner, who knew the city from the bottom up.The Building is a story filled with ghosts, and a testament to our greatest human qualities a deeply moving chronicle of a city building and the people who inhabited it.

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    1. 4 o 5 stelle? 4 o 5? E vada per 5, non sono molti quelli in grado di trasformare dei banali stereotipi (la bella, l'omino invisibile, il cattivo imprenditore) in una storia che si è chiusa con la necessaria lacrimuccia

    2. When it comes to graphic novels, most people need some kind of "gateway" book. In other words, some graphic novels are going to be better first graphic novels than others. I talked with a lady recently who's first graphic novel experience was 'Ghost In The Shell.' Yikes. If you're going to try and get someone interested in the genre, try handing them a copy of "The Building" by Will Eisner. Eisner has a real easygoing graphic style - he doesn't always use boxes or speech bubbles, and some of the [...]

    3. One of my major seventies collections was of Eisner' 'The Spirit'. Had a great many of the comics. Loved them. This is a much later work but still has Eisner's wonderful pen line and tangible materialism down on paper.The stories are quaint and while they have charm the work is a one idea notion to excuse a few storytelling profiles. But as a graphic work: wow! effortless stuff. Will Eisner is a god.

    4. I personally found it kinda one dimensional & corny. Corny is a word you'll see a lot in my lower-rated reviews. I know this is older & all, but it just didn't really interest me.

    5. This is a ghost story. In New York City, a brand new building has risen where another one stood for eighty years. But not all remnants of the old building’s history are gone. Today, four people from the past appear, their tales entwined with this site.Will Eisner (1917-2005) was one of the first creators to produce original material for comic books, which had started out as reprint magazines for newspaper comic strips. His best known creation was The Spirit, who ran from 1940 to 1952. The stri [...]

    6. The short of it: I loved it. I believe this to be one of Eisner's strongest stories. Definitely recommend it.The long of it: Holy hell, what a trip. The Building focuses on four different ghosts of people who had frequented the building in question before it was torn down to accommodate a bigger structure. We hear of a woman who soled her soul to a loveless relationship only to stay connected with her humanity in an unconventional way through a very unconventional man, the story of a young boy w [...]

    7. Just stumbled upon this while browsing , and remembered reading it quite a while ago (in the late 80s, which was when it first showed up in the magazine stands around here). This is a powerful and very moving story, and masterfully told with drawings and words; I vividly remember almost all of it despite it being more than 30 years since reading.If you like old buildings and often find yourself staring at them and wondering what stories they have witnessed, this is a must-read book.

    8. Très belle BD avec une sensibilité et une poésie de l'auteur assez touchante. Un regard sur la vie urbaine très juste et presque ethnographique

    9. Grazie alla 2015 Reading Challenge ho iniziato a dare un'occhiata al mondo delle Graphic Novel e, consigliata da un amico, me ne sono trovata in mano ben tre! Senza neanche doverlo pregare ha immediatamente iniziato a sgarfare tra le montagne di fumetti che possiede e mi ha dato ciò che lui riteneva potesse piacermi di più, brancolando anche lui nel buio. Ho capito però che forse non è esattamente il mio, mi sono piaciute molto, ma forse forse preferisco i libri. Con i libri hai più possibi [...]

    10. Three interlocking stories of lost love, or purpose in life, or obsession with greed (perhaps ownership substituting for something more meaningful that the person never had). The drawing is fantastic, as is the text - it's possible to read it in about an hour, yet it's so well-drawn you derive quite a lot from reading it, it does transport you to the various locales, eras, lives of misery of the characters. It really conveys a lot of information very quickly by means of the scene selection and h [...]

    11. This book operates on a premise that, as a historian, I absolutely love: that the old buildings in our lives accumulate the stories of the lives that take place inside them, and they hold these memories even after the building is destroyed. The book follows the lives of 4 individuals whose lives were intertwined with an old building in New York City, and who are still a part of that space even after the building is torn down. It's a quick read with beautiful imagery, and is absolutely compelling [...]

    12. I continue to think Will Eisner is infallible. Once again, as he did with the Contract With God trilogy, he infuses urban dynamics with the human condition to great effect, this time detailing four stories connected with a torn down building in the city. Eisner's writing is remarkable and has this great old-fashioned sensibility to it. If his writing is great, his art is phenomenal. The way he illustrates a characters posture somehow says everything you need to know about them and there are gorg [...]

    13. J'ai lu ça en anglais il y a longtemps - à peu près vingt ans. Quand je l'ai relu je ne rappelais pas l'histoire lui-même mais j'ai encore été touchée par son regard vers les gens. Eisner voyait l'âme de chaque personne. Il y'a 20 ans j'ai compris l'importance de son œuvre dans l'histoire américaine du 'graphics novels' mais maintenant je le comprends beaucoup mieux parce que je vis près de Paris.

    14. La memoria colectiva girando en torno a un inmueble que está por derribarse y cuatro personas cuyas historias se encadenaron irremediablemente en torno a él. Eisner dando lecciones de narración en una de sus mejores entregas.

    15. Do buildings remembers? Do they retain the memories of those who lived within them. Eisner tells four stories about a group of people whose lives revolve around a building that once was. Eisner is the ultimate storyteller in the graphic medium.

    16. Its triteness relieved only by its bleakness, though still deeply felt and even affecting (as a result of the bleakness reverting to triteness; I'm part sucker); but for all that the expressive spontaneity and controlled detailing of the drawing is masterful and a joy to behold.

    17. Excellent work by Will Eisner, showing his command of the medium. Great use of non white and non black (ink) worked very well. Stories all meshed well, but like all portmanteau stories, it doesn't quite gel. However, the next one, Heart of the Storm, I read was superb.

    18. Por mucho que leo de Eisner no logro desbancar a 'Contrato con Dios' de mis favoritos, pero 'El edificio' quedaría en un honorable segundo lugar. Las cuatro historias que convergen en el edificio Hammond son emotivas y brillantes.

    19. Huzzah! James has had a bunch 0f this guy's stuff in the h0use all year and I have never picked 0ne up, but last night I'd finished a b00k and didn't have an0ther that I was dying f0r, and anyway it was late, s0 that is the perfect time f0r c0mics.

    20. Encontrei está graphic Novel em um sebo, pensa no pulo que dei.Will Einsner vai muito além de um edifício, é uma história sobre vida e morte

    21. Absolutely beautiful. The body language and emotion drawn into these characters is stunning, and the story is incredibly well told.

    22. I love the way he illustrates. The way everything ties up in the end is marvelous. He gave life to bricks and mortar. I love the way he thinks.

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