Bridges Amir wants to meet a guy outside of a bar Kinzi wants someone who won t cheat on him Vico just wants a quick lay In Gateway when you need to meet someone there s no one better than sexy flirty Hayw

  • Title: Bridges
  • Author: Kyell Gold Keovi
  • ISBN: 9781935599166
  • Page: 340
  • Format: None
  • Amir wants to meet a guy outside of a bar Kinzi wants someone who won t cheat on him Vico just wants a quick lay In Gateway, when you need to meet someone, there s no one better than sexy, flirty Hayward to get you just what you want or at least have a good time trying But when Hayward himself needs someone, who will be there to help

    One thought on “Bridges”

    1. After exactly three historical/fantasy and three contemporary furry romances, I can say for sure that my favourites are the contemporaries. Kyell Gold is an awesome writer in both genres, but maybe the fact that the contemporary stories are less far from mine perspective, allow me to not get lost in an anthropomorphic universe that is already a fantasy for me. The main difference between this last one, Bridges, and the previous two, Waterways and Out of Position, is that this is apparently a lig [...]

    2. Re-read this book when I was skimming past my reviews/ratings of Kyell Gold books and was wondering how a book of his could have deserved a 3 star rating (now, corrected to a 5 star rating).I'm not quite sure why I didn't really appreciate how amazing this little "Cupcake" (in the author's words) of a novella was the first time I read it. All I vaguely remember is getting a little frustrated at the plot line and skimming/skipping past the second half of the book. This time, however well, let's j [...]

    3. The book's premise is that each of its five chapters is told from a different character's perspective, and the gimmick is in the first three chapters we have some severe overlap of three characters doing the same scene. While it provides you the character perspectives, by the third time the hotness is gone. This would be absolutely tiresome had not the author done something nice: in one chapter, a conversation was glossed over. In the next, he fully plays out that conversation. So you get the fu [...]

    4. Yeah I read this back when it came out but it never ended up on my . Either I forgot about it or I was too self-conscious at the time to put the more porny stuff on my . Anyway, Bridges is short and sweet, and I applaud Kyell Gold for being able to make me feel novel-length attachment and empathic response to characters in such a short work. Great and interesting story but it's got a relatively high ratio of gay sex scenes (with animal people, of course) that I probably wouldn't recommend it to [...]

    5. Noticed that I failed to write a comment on this, so adding it now. I've re-read this book at least 3 times. While I'm not enthused about the sex scenes, I am never disappointed by the author's ability to develop multidimensioned characters who seem real enough to create empathy (or sometimes revulsion) for me as a reader. The main character, Hayward, is adorably sweet and well-intentioned whether I agree with his methods or not. It is singularly satisfying to see something good happen to him in [...]

    6. After reading others of his set in "olden" style periods, it's quite different to read one set in a more modern period. But his definitions of characters and their relationships with others is still at the heart of his stories and that's what makes his stories so enjoyable. (Although others may lean towards the "mature" elements in the furry fandom)

    7. Actually listened to the Audible recording and loved it!Kyell Gold is a fantastic author for the YA Gay Furry genera.

    8. The beginning is the respective od the same escene from the three mayor characters, but after they have separate stories and the story of the red fox is touching and unexpected.

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