The Play About the Baby

The Play About the Baby In this black comedy a young couple who are madly in love with each other have a child the perfect family that is until an older couple steal the baby Through a series of mind games and manipulation

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  • Title: The Play About the Baby
  • Author: Edward Albee
  • ISBN: 9780413773845
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this black comedy a young couple who are madly in love with each other, have a child the perfect family that is, until an older couple steal the baby Through a series of mind games and manipulations, they call into question both couples sense of reality and fiction, joy and sorrow.

    One thought on “The Play About the Baby”

    1. Albee does another Baby Situationagainwhen an older couple want a baby belonging to young kids. In the Off-Bwy production, the youngsters had a nude scene. It was a hit. Surprised ? When in doubt, as Albee often is, he mixes Theatre of the Absurd w realism, and adds a baby burp of Dadaism. Depending on the casting, it can be an entertaining sniff and to hell with what it means, as with most of Albee. Leave mum at home reading Grace Livingston Hill.

    2. And I’m back to being indifferent to Edward Albee.Having found the other two 2001 Pulitzer finalists quite strong, The Play About the Baby is the weird cousin by comparison. For me, The Play About the Baby represents the worst of mid-century theatre – too obtuse, experimental and absurd. It feels like it’s weird for the sake of being weird. This is the sort of play that always makes me think of The Emperor’s New Clothes in that I wonder if people actually enjoyed it or merely said they d [...]

    3. THE PLAY ABOUT THE BABY. (1997). Edward Albee. ***.This is a strange two-acter from Albee that can best be described as a black comedy. There are only four players: A Man, A Woman, A Young Man, and A Young Woman. In the opening scene, the young man and young woman are in the hospital, the young woman is waiting to deliver her baby. When the baby arrives, they then meet the older man and woman. It soon becomes obvious that the older couple are there to steal the baby. Why? It seems as if they wan [...]

    4. Perhaps I need to read it again. Perhaps I need to be much older with more life experience. Perhaps I need to be on drugs.Whatever it is that I need to change in order to understand or appreciate this play, I am not willing to do. Simply put: There is a reason that, when you think of Edward Albee, you think of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and not The Play About the Baby.

    5. In general, I think absurdist plays are difficult to read and are more enjoyable when seen (assuming you can find a good production). The Play About the Baby is supposedly a companion piece to one of Albee's earlier, very famous works. I'd tell you which, but that might spoil the fun.

    6. This is a modern passion play: stark, cool, removed - that gets under the skin, penetrates to the bone, generally makes one uncomfortable as only human interactions can.

    7. I see now what they meant when somebody said that if you do not understand it the first time, you never shall.

    8. A bit of an odd duck, definitely a challenge to describe. Wish it was a bit more linear; a lesser Whose Afraid of Virginia Wolfe?

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