Play Dead

Play Dead Librarian s Note This is alternate cover edition ISBN ISBN See Original Record HereNo sooner had supermodel Laura Ayers and Celtics star David Baskin said I do than trage

  • Title: Play Dead
  • Author: Harlan Coben
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Librarian s Note This is alternate cover edition 1ISBN 10 0451231740ISBN13 9780451231741 See Original Record HereNo sooner had supermodel Laura Ayers and Celtics star David Baskin said I do than tragedy struck While honeymooning on Australia s Great Barrier Reed, David went out for a swim and never returned Now widowed and grieving, Laura s search for the truth wLibrarian s Note This is alternate cover edition 1ISBN 10 0451231740ISBN13 9780451231741See Original Record HereNo sooner had supermodel Laura Ayers and Celtics star David Baskin said I do than tragedy struck While honeymooning on Australia s Great Barrier Reed, David went out for a swim and never returned Now widowed and grieving, Laura s search for the truth will draw her into a web of lies and deception that stretches back thirty yearsNote All information herein, such as number of pages, publisher, etc refer to this alternate cover edition and may or may not coincide with the main entry for this ISBN or any other alternate covers.

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    1. It's official. Major crush on Mr Coben. Loved his letter at the front of his book stating please don't start with this particular book if you haven't read any of his work before, he'll happily wait for you to come back, as he was only a young lad working in advertising and he's a tad fresh.This is his debut, and it was so cool! I think he's a legend, you could tell he was green just from simple things like lots of parenthesis and a large use of italics, but suspense, entertainment and style is t [...]

    2. Can I give this book 10 stars?! 20? 50? 100?! Oh my gosh please pardon my language but reading this book and getting to the end was like a really good orgasm :) This was Coben's first novel and it reads like his most recent. I've never been so entranced in a novel as I was with this one. The story was freaking fantastic. Laura and David on their honeymoon and then David dies?! Then the spider web starts to unravel Laura finds things out that were supposed to be hidden forever but two can't keep [...]

    3. Wow! This book was great - much better than I expected. Lots of twists, turns, mysteries, betrayals, and shocks. Almost everyone in this book seems suspicious at at least some point in time. Several times I thought I had it figured out, and then it blew my mind with a new revelation. I will definitely be reading more Coben in the future.

    4. At the beginning of this book Harlan Coben apologises for it saying he wrote it when he was very young. Well maybe he did and maybe it is not perfect but it is very, very good! I read the whole thing over two days and it was actually unputdownable. I suppose it has some over the top moments and the reader has to be prepared to suspend belief occasionally but it is an excellent mystery and I was way out on the identIty of the killer. The main characters are very likeable, especially Laura who car [...]

    5. Let’s avoid lengthy introductions and just get down to the point. As a Coben fan (a person who tries to collect all of his novels), I will honestly tell you to please don’t buy this one. Nuh-uh. Save yourself the money and just buy Tell No One or Gone For Good or any other novel of his, EXCEPT this one. Why? This is the first book he has written which just so happens to be re-released after 20 years (the very obvious reason is to cash in on his loyal fans, like me for example) which is why i [...]

    6. When the author himself writes a prologue asking you to please not read the book and apologizing in advance for it being completely idiotic, you know something's wrong. After that prologye, i had to read it of course. How bad could it be? Well, pretty bad and ludicrous in fact, but also fun and with a good energy to it. Harlan Coben was right to warn people away. The plot is idiotic, the characters laughable. If i have to read one more time that the heroine is breathtakingly beautiful, i'll puke [...]

    7. I am a huge fan of Harlan Coben. I love reading his books. This particular book is his first ever novel and I can honestly say, that I have never read a book before that had a disclaimer in front written by the author himself. I laughed out loud when he gave a warning that this book contains faults and that he wrote it when he was in his twenties. I was glad that this disclaimer was in there because it saved me from excessive eye rolling and I felt less critical. So that alone is the reason this [...]

    8. OK, so this was a major disapointment. When I read the introduction (AFTER I had bought the book) I could have know it would be bad. This is a book Harlan Coben wrote when he was in his 20's and you sure can see it. It is kitschy, very predictable, with un interesting caracters. And yes, it might be interesting if you are deep, deep into the person of Coben and his development. But I am not. I am into his books which I mostly enjoy a lot, but not this one.I feel cheeted and it's is a shame the p [...]

    9. Our reading group selected this book a few months ago despite its opening disclaimer from Coben. It does feel quite an immature work, with implausible characters and plot and yet it is possible to see that despite this that it did show promise.It is my first encounter with Harlan Coben's writing and I'm not put off by it. I look forward to reading his later, more polished works and I am glad that he did include that disclaimer about its roughness. If nothing else, it kept me entertained for a co [...]

    10. Possibly one of the worst books I've read in the past 50 years. Mostly my fault because (A) I didn't read the author's disclaimer at the front of the book, (B) I didn't look at the original copyright date until I was more than half way through, and (C) by the time I realized my mistake, I wanted to finish it for no good reason. (Even before this, it was easy to solve most of the "mysteries" and there were many of them.)I have read many of Coben's more recent works and enjoyed them quite a bit. [...]

    11. Recommended & given to me by my dentist, who said this was Coben's first book & not bad. Coben is a favorite of his. I hope the books got better. The foreshadowing was so bad that I had everything pretty much figured out in the first 50 or so pages. I made it up to about 100 & then started reading a paragraph every 50 pages or so to see if I was missing anything. Nope. It took him over 500 pages to tell the story & I just wasn't that interested in it. While all the characters wer [...]

    12. I am a huge fan of Harlan Coben books usually This book is not horrible but there were a lot of flaws. There are a few red herrings that are placed in the way which makes the book interesting and worthy of being finished. But I was annoyed by the use of beauty or pretty to describe every person who was attractive in this book. It seemed like everyone was a perfect human speciman. And we all know the real world is nothing like that. I feel like this is a story that was told before a lot of times. [...]

    13. An excellent novel from one of my favourite writers.He writes such good original stories that have strong characters and believable plots.

    14. You know, I didn't have very high hopes when jumping into Play Dead because first of all I read a lot of mixed reviews, and secondly it's Harlan Coben's first published book and I guess it was reissued in the late 2000's, and also for those of you who have read the book or have seen it you'll notice a note to readers that Coben wrote, that if you're just getting introduced to him or his writing style, to not start with Play Dead, which I never understood because I personally liked the book! You [...]

    15. I'm a big fan of Coben but this is the first novel that didn't work for me. Interesting enough this was his first published novel back in the day and wasn't changed much.I got in about 40 pages and realized I was wasting my time. Too much exposition (like pages and pages at times about characters I had yet to connect with) so I stopped and that's one of the best services you can do for yourself when you have too many books and not enough time.Just stop.Nobody is going to punish you.Or will they? [...]

    16. I keep alternating between two and three stars for this book. It's a fairly enjoyable read but definitely not as good as Coben's more current books. The real problem that I have with this book is that the story is just so incredibly implausible. A star basketball marries a woman he loves (who happens to be a top supermodel and incredible business woman), and then on their honeymoon find out that she's actually his sister. So what does he do? Fakes his own death in Australia with the help of his [...]

    17. Boston Celtics superstar David Baskin and ex supermodel LauraAyars have decided to get married and are on their honeymoon in Australia. For some unknown reason David fakes his deathin a drowning accident.Laura turns to Terry Conroy or TCa Boston detective and David's best friend for help. Lauradiscovers on her own that a bunch of weird things have happenedincluding the disappearance of one half million dollars fromDavid's bank. Now she no longer trusts TC and her family is also acting strange. M [...]

    18. 518 pages in total. I must say, this is one of the most lengthy book I've read without stopping for some time. It came as a surprise for me because this is the first book by Harlan Coben I've read and I can safely say it is not going to be the last. ;)Love how he weaved details of lust, romance, funny and touching moments into his story. True, it may be abit confusing at first as the story kept alternating between the past and present but you will get used to it eventually. His way of writing ma [...]

    19. The summary for Play Dead is reminiscent of the fantastic Gone Girl and I've never read any of Coben's work, so I thought I would give his first book a shot. Unfortunately, after 40 pages I gave up - I was just so bored I had to put it down. Sorry Mr. Coben, I tried, but you're just not for me.

    20. I got this book from the store book exchange at the store I have coffee at. I enjoyed reading it. It had a good story to it. I liked the variety of characters in it. I hope to read more books by this author.

    21. Google a photo of a young George Clooney, it'll be goofy with a fabulous mullet to boot. But if you really look, you can see the handsome man he's bound to become as he matures. It's the same sort of thing with Play Dead and Coben even does readers the courtesy of warning them in his caveat emptor of a preface. This book was so long ago, it's old enough to be legally drinking and then some. Coben must have been very young and his style was, shall we say, less polished. It's cheesy, corny and wri [...]

    22. I am a big fan of Harlan Coben's work and have already bought and read most of his books, which I usually end up devouring in one day and giving a 5 star rating. When it comes to his earlier works though, like his debut novel "Play dead", which was first published 26 years ago (1990), it hasn't always been easy to lay hands on them. I still miss some of his first books in my collection, but am very happy I finally got round to reading his debut "Play dead".On the first page - Coben anno 2010 apo [...]

    23. Harlan Coben is fast becoming one of my most favorite authors. He is so in touch with people's emotions and is able to put them down on paper so you can really feel them.Laura and David Baskin are very much in love and enjoying their honeymoon on the coast of Australia, when David goes for a swim and drowns.Laura is devastated. She has no idea that David's death is linked to a series of events that took place more than thirty years previously, but when she discovers one of David's bank accounts [...]

    24. If you didn't know this was Harlan's first book from the note from the author in the reprint then you'd know from reading it. It's not bad but you can definitely tell he's grown and learned a lot.Same page turning plot Harlan is famous for, though a little far fetched. It's the characters that are lacking. The dream couple are the most perfect people who have ever walked the earth since Jesus Christ. The villain is unexpected but overly simple. But even with its flaws PLAY DEAD is still better t [...]

    25. Coben has come a long way from this book (published in 1990). His current books are tight, less wordy, and develop the story line with alacrity. Play Dead read more like a soap opera with way-too-attractive and flat stereotypical main characters. I don't fault Coben for this book, but I do think his editors needed to help him tighten up this text. I didn't finish this book, but I will continue to read others of his. He is a true entertainer.(Sorry Harlan Coben!!!!)

    26. One of my favorite authors but they weren't always as good as they are now. This is his first book and it is pretty bad; awkward dialogue, unbelievable characters, in need of a good editor. I've read worse but don't judge him by this book. I've read a few others and they are top-notch. He acknowledges all this in the forward so believe him and read something later if he is new to you. Otherwise, read it so you can see how much he's improved since this book!

    27. Harlan Coben and his publishers are lucky this is not my first Coben book. Had it been, I'd never read another. It was the most far-fetched, ridiculous, Lifetime-movie plot of anything I've ever seen. Even in the most diabolical of minds, none of the major events of this novel would ever, or could ever, happen in real life. So, say someone does fake their death? Do they then re-enter their EXACT life and try to start living it again as a different person, or do they stay far, far, far away. And [...]

    28. This book had so many twists and turns, it was like riding a roller coaster. Oh my goodness, what a ride. The second I thought I had figure it out, the author threw the wrench into the mix."No sooner had supermodel Laura Ayers and Celtics star David Baskin said "I do" than tragedy struck. While honeymooning in Australia, David went out for a swim-and never returned. Now widowed and grieving, Laura's search for the truth will draw her into a web of lies and deception that stretches back thirty ye [...]

    29. This was Coban's debut novel written in the 1990s. The plot was surprisingly good. I had a hard time putting it down so neglected all sorts of things to finish it. I will say Coban's character development has improved dramatically over the years. His easy, readable writing style seems to have been with him from the beginning. I LOVE his novels.

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