Pike Douglas Pike is no longer the murderous hustler he was in his youth but reforming hasn t made him much kinder He s just living out his life in his Appalachian hometown working odd jobs with his part

  • Title: Pike
  • Author: Benjamin Whitmer
  • ISBN: 9781604860894
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Paperback
  • Douglas Pike is no longer the murderous hustler he was in his youth, but reforming hasn t made him much kinder He s just living out his life in his Appalachian hometown, working odd jobs with his partner, Rory, hemming in his demons the best he can And his best seems just good enough until his estranged daughter overdoses, and he takes in his 12 year old granddaughter, WDouglas Pike is no longer the murderous hustler he was in his youth, but reforming hasn t made him much kinder He s just living out his life in his Appalachian hometown, working odd jobs with his partner, Rory, hemming in his demons the best he can And his best seems just good enough until his estranged daughter overdoses, and he takes in his 12 year old granddaughter, Wendy Just as the two are beginning to forge a relationship, Derrick Kreiger, a dirty Cincinnati cop, starts to take an unhealthy interest in the girl Pike and Rory head to Cincinnati to learn what they can about Derrick and the death of Pike s daughter, and the three men circle, evenly matched predators in a human wilderness of junkie squats, roadhouse bars, and homeless Vietnam vet encampments.

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    1. Reformed criminal Pike's life is turned upside down when his estranged daughter dies and a twelve year old granddaughter he never knew existed is tossed in his lap. Pike and partner Rory head to Cincinnati to find out what happened to his daughter. Meanwhile, a dirty Cincinatti cop named Kreiger has interests in Pike's daughter and granddaughter Benjamin Whitmer's debut novel is a bleak noir tale that explores the Kentucky backwoods and seedy underbelly of Cincinatti in the old days of 1985. He [...]

    2. This book comes at you like a redneck with a broken bottle in a roadhouse on a Saturday night after you insulted his favorite NASCAR driver. As a young man, Pike had left his Kentucky home town and embarked on a trail of criminal shenanigans that culminated in some Mexican misadventures. Now back in Kentucky in the mid-1980s, he’s trying to live a quiet life working home renovations with a young man named Rory. Rory dreams of being a boxer and is engaging in weekly fights staged at a bar while [...]

    3. The holes they dug themselves into were exactly the shape of their dreams.Whitmer's writing is contemporary noir in perfect pitch. Just like his title protagonist, his prose is muscular but spare. It only speaks when it has something to say, and when it has something to say, it packs a punch with very little. This is the type of fiction I love.The book focuses on four damaged characters who know what they are and don't ask for sympathy. Pike, a hard-ass with a violent past who seems to be quietl [...]

    4. Never judge a book by its cover may seem like sage advice, but for the avid reader it’s a rather daunting proposition. With aspirations of exploring as much as the vast ocean of stories as humanly possible, before that little bald doctor cuts my balloon string, there’s no time to waste on potential duds. Pre- I wouldn’t have given this book more than a passing glance. I could only surmise from the cover art that the story is probably something along the lines of “Little Hiawatha’s Nort [...]

    5. PIKE is the kind of book that when you've set it down after reading "The End", you want to grab the next person you see and force them read it. It's dark, but vulnerable. Violent, but human. Entertaining, but personal. This is a book that hopefully people will continue to discover for years to come.Think of it as a backwoods GET CARTER. Not a revenge story per se, but a story of the driven badass looking for answers. Morals and personal codes are run through the ringer. Violence is doled out in [...]

    6. I'll start with full disclosure: the publisher of this novel is also the publisher of my novel The Wrong Thing, and the author chose my book as the one he's most looking forward to this year. So you might think there's a conflict of interest in my reviewing his book. If so, that's your problem.Pike is one of the best American novels in a while. It's so vivid that to read it is also to see, hear and feel it. It's short - 213 pages - and the chapters are also short - some of them only half a page [...]

    7. "THE HOLES THEY DUG THEMSELVES INTO WERE EXACTLY THE SHAPE OF THEIR DREAMS." Loved this book, lyrical and yet still brutally honest, a great read. Will definitely read more of Whitmer's work.

    8. 22 jan 15, thursday morning, 6:20 a.m. e.s.tis is the first from whitmer for me. what happened is i saw it on a page top-right readers also enjoyed, a page that had to-do with something i readi scroll through the covers, like this cover, click on it, read a descriptioni'd already purchased A Single Shot a moment earlier and since i was in a buying mood, i found a used copy of this one. here i am. life is good.looks like this isoupedi guess, with other stories and they're calling it switchbladeoo [...]

    9. Never judge a book by its cover they say and that's certainly true in the case of Benjamin Whitmer's debut novel Pike. The cover actually reminds me of a children's novel but nothing could be further from the truth.Pike is a builder with a violent past, who renovates houses, assisted by his young partner, Rory, who boxes locally but has dreams of bigger and better things. When Pike's granddaughter, to his estranged, drug addicted, prostitute daughter, turns up on his doorstep, Pike and Rory go t [...]

    10. Though not quite as good as Cry Father this was still an excellent though dark read. I was impressed by the author's spare style, both the small town Kentucky and Cincinnati settings, and the intriguing characters.

    11. One the most brutally violent works of literary realism I’ve ever read, certainly on par with Blood Meridian, or the Evening Redness in the West but the style here is direct and concrete and inescapable whereas McCarthy’s prose is mannered and convoluted and allows distance between reader and the violence depicted. What does this book feel like? Feels like this: “Pike exits the house feeling like he’s been beat all over with a tire iron, and wouldn’t mind beating something back.” No [...]

    12. I really wanted to read something that satisfied my taste for dark, depressing, and captivating literature. Pike hit the spot on all three fronts. I have no complaints about the book at all. The story is written in short 1-3 page chapters that flow nicely. The dialog is pretty stripped down but these are the type of folk we are dealing with here, those that only say what they mean. Whitmer's pensive prose and desolate descriptions of Cincinnati and other parts of rural Ohio give the book a melan [...]

    13. Très bon roman noir! Une description des décors et des scènes fabuleuse, méticuleuse et soignée! De la violence mais jamais insupportable, très belle découverte de cet auteur.

    14. Pike, the novel’s eponymous main character, is not a good person. Never was. Be it running drugs and people across the border, beating his wife, going down the rabbit hole of drug and alcohol addiction, or committing murder, Pike’s past is a bleak portrait of a squandered, meaningless life. And he knows it.While he’s nowhere near at peace with the brutalities he committed as a younger man, with age he’s removed himself from that destructive and criminal lifestyle, finally reaching a poin [...]

    15. Some books are character-driven. Some books are plot-driven. The best are more or less equally driven by both."Pike" mostly seems to be shock-driven. It's a long sequence of scenes of filth, depravity and violence, held together by something that's supposed to be a plot but can't quite make it, populated by characters that are very hard to give a damn about.The synopsis of this book identified the main protagonist as Douglas Pike, but nowhere in the book is he ever referred to by any name other [...]

    16. From ISawLightningFallI think the way a person takes his coffee reveals interesting things about him. I know a high-powered derivatives trader who can only stomach Frappuccinos and a retiring artist who daily downs multiple cups black as midnight. Forget the pedigree of the beans or the brewing method: You can gauge an individual's bitterness tolerance by how fast he reaches for sugar and cream. Dark novels seem to function the same way. Place a title that's concerned with grimmer stuff than sun [...]

    17. I’m not a drink the Kool-Aid type of guy, but sometimes you can’t ignore the buzz that falls off the lips of friends and colleagues. This past holiday season one book made a very loud buzz and so I imbibed.And it was good.Benjamin Whitmer‘s PIKE is a barn burner. Once you crack open the book you won’t stop until the bitter end. PIKE is a hard book, wrapped in shards of reality the casual reader may object. This book won’t find itself on any Cozy List anytime soon.The book’s protagoni [...]

    18. This one blew me away from the opening.I know it seems like a lot of 5 star books here, but this deserves no less and I'm avoiding posting books I wasn't sure of.

    19. Easily one of my favorites of the year. Probably some years to come, too.Full review here: spinetinglermag/2011/0

    20. This is one dark, brutal 'FUCK YOU' of a book.FUCK YOU from page one. FUCK YOU for reading it, FUCK YOU for loving it.And yeah, fuck me, because I loved it.This story is nothing but degenerates fucking their lives up, hard cases doing horrible things to each other, paltry lives being broken and gouged. And it's all written so hauntingly well.

    21. Disappointed overall. It seemed like a forced/not to original story to me. Unfortunate but entertaining enough overall. Worth a read for crime novel buffs, if at least to better appreciate the good ones.

    22. A violent and meaty novel with a protagonist who is complex and damaged. Pike grabs you and shakes you, throwing you into his world of violence and reprisal.Can't wait for the next Benjamin Winter novel.

    23. The plot was decent, if not underdeveloped, but the super short chapters and scene changes took me out of the moment every time I was just starting to connect with it.

    24. First off, I don't know how we know Pike's first name is Douglas, because it doesn't say that anywhere in the book, but all right. The synopsis is perhaps understating it by saying Pike is "relentlessly visceral." You finish the book and feel like you've just woken up from a nightmare to find yourself hungover and beat-up. Whitmer doesn't skimp on the taboos, managing to work in graphic violence, drug use, squalid poverty, prostitution, necrophilia, incest, child abuse, and animal cruelty at var [...]

    25. Finally got around to reading this after having it on my list for a couple years, and thoroughly enjoyed it! It's not an easy book to read (for me at least, as someone who is seriously affected by violence in literature) but it's so well written and the story is so compelling I often had a hard time putting it down. It revolves around one Douglas Pike, a man whose past is a dark one, characterized by dirty dealings, spousal abuse, and murder. In his later years he has calmed down somewhat, but h [...]

    26. This is an American noir novel with all of the hallmarks of the genre: blood, violence, guns, knives, brass knuckles, criminals, bad guys, bad cops, wayward women, children caught in the middle, drugs, booze, hookers, dark and unsavory places. And on and on. Recommended for noir fans, and the rating reflects the ability of Pike to meet noir standards.

    27. Well, this one really blew me away. It's like being run over by a steamroller & then having it reversed back over you just to make sure you got the message. We meet Pike as he gets the news his estranged daughter has OD'd. Left with a young granddaughter he didn't know he had he sets out, with the help of workmate Rory, to find out what really happened. So far so good - the plot is fairly familiar but it's what Benjamin Whitmer does with it that stands out. What set the book apart for me was [...]

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