The Desert Lord's Baby

The Desert Lord s Baby But there was nowhere Carmen could hide from this prince of Judar No stone he wouldn t turn to find her no wall he couldn t tear down Nothing would stop Farooq Aal Masood from claiming the mother of

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  • Title: The Desert Lord's Baby
  • Author: Olivia Gates
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • But there was nowhere Carmen could hide from this prince of Judar No stone he wouldn t turn to find her, no wall he couldn t tear down Nothing would stop Farooq Aal Masood from claiming the mother of his baby She had betrayed him And she would pay In his bed As his wifeuntil he tired of her And though Carmen professed to love him, that it was all a misunderstandiBut there was nowhere Carmen could hide from this prince of Judar No stone he wouldn t turn to find her, no wall he couldn t tear down Nothing would stop Farooq Aal Masood from claiming the mother of his baby She had betrayed him And she would pay In his bed As his wifeuntil he tired of her And though Carmen professed to love him, that it was all a misunderstanding, wellFarooq would never fall for her lies again

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    1. This was so intense! It played like a movie in my head and the passion of the hero and heroine was off the charts. And then there are the incredible, exotic details of Judar, the culture, marriage customs, royal intrigue and that henna night!! Not to mention the wedding itself THEN the wedding night! Amazing! It got me hooked on Olivia Gates's books, and now I wait for each book of hers to get a dose of that larger than life passion and drama. Can't recommend highly enough!

    2. The Desert Lord's Baby is the first book in the Throne of Judar series, although it's the second book I read. This book is one that sucks you right in. The writing is so vivid and poignant. The characters are never lukewarm in their emotions. In fact the book seethes with violently intense emotions. Carmen and Farooq are a couple that never should have been parted from each other, but misunderstandings and fears crop up and come between them. I feel that if they had just made a commitment to eac [...]

    3. Seriously ??!!!???Olivia Gates has just reinvented the Silhouette Desire line. All my friends are talking about this new author and we're actually buying (BUYING) her books instead of sharing! This means a personal library keeper for future re-reading.The Desert Lord's Baby is still reverberating in my mind a week after reading! Talk about sizzling hot!I'm into the first chapter of The Desert Lord's Bride and cannot wait to devour the rest!With all due respect, whatever Harlequin/Silhouette is p [...]

    4. The Desert Lord’s BabyFarooq & Carmen’s StoryFarooq Aal Massood & Carmen McArthurThis is the first book in the Throne of Judar Trilogy. This book sets the scene for the other two books. Farooq is the eldest brother and along with his two brothers are not just passionate men but Crown Princes of Judar.In the first book Farooq and Carmen are two intense individuals. Farooq is a man that knows what he wants and takes no matter what the consequences. Carmen a very passionate woman strugg [...]

    5. I love this book! Olivia Gates used her characteristically flawless style of deep emotions, intelligent layers, and vivid descriptions to write one dynamite book that I read in a single sitting. The chemistry between the two characters jumped off each page, then to boost it into the stratosphere, she added a baby. A baby! The description of her cherubic face alone caused me to ovulate on the spot! Throw in a 6'4" alpha male whose guarded heart has turned to jelly at the first glance of her two-t [...]

    6. It was a good read enjoyabled I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE OTHER BROTHERS they sound yummy!.From the first page you were drawn to the characters also this was my first book from this author.

    7. This is the first book I sat down to read in months. I read it in one night. Olivia sure knows how to draw the emotions out of you. I had tear wiping moments.

    8. This is a reread for me and it was still just as intense as if I'd read it for the first time. Love sheikhs, love this book!

    9. I picked this book up because of its cover. But I sort of thought the cover would actually work against the book, since nothing inside it would live up to its sumptuousness. How delighted was I when I discovered the opposite was true. The inside of the book is far more lush and exotic and magical. Every word was like a gem strung together with other gems to form this treasure of a story. No wonder it won a best book award. It certainly deserves it and then some. It transports you into the world [...]

    10. One of the best books I've ever read. It's got everything. Incredible writing, setting, love story, sex scenes. Just WOW. I've read and reread it so many times my copy fell apart and I had to download it to my Kindle. Now I keep rereading favorite scenes on my Kindle. Farooq's first time feeding Menna breakfast. The hennah scene. The wedding scene. The wedding NIGHT—Phew! And every time, I discover more stuff to appreciate and the book becomes more wonderful! Keep a hankie handy!

    11. This was the first book I've read for Olivia Gates, and I've since gone searching out everything she's ever written, and devoured it all. This was how FANTASTIC this book was. It started an ongoing love affair with this author's writing!I won't rehash the story, since other reviews must have mentioned it, and it's not the point of my review. It's the writing that is. Olivia Gates writes in a way that makes her characters' passion burn off the page. Her writing is larger than life, her descriptio [...]

    12. I don't usually read this kind of book, but I picked it up because of the cover, then on the back cover, I found something that convinced me to buy it. The heroine had my name! I know, two silly reasons to buy a book, but there you go. And am I GLAD I gave in to the impulse!! This book is incredible, I can't even begin to pick what I like about it most. The hero was the perfect alpha without being a jerk. You enter his heart and mind and understand why he does and says everything, and empathize [...]

    13. Olivia Gates is a guaranteed winner. She always writes compelling heroes and strong heroines and what could be better than that?

    14. This is a modern 1001 Arabian Nights but emotional, and far more passionate and erotic! I loved the details, Farooq and Carmen and baby Mennah, I love the brothers (who star in the next two books in the trilogy) I've been rereading this book from time to time and every time I find more things to appreciate. That hennah scene and the wedding scene and night parts are coming apart!

    15. Yet again Olivia Gates has delivered - MAGNIFICENTLY !This book needs to come with a warning label and a bucket of ice-cold water as someone said!A great read with such intense emotions I was practically hyperventilating!Highly recommended along with the other 2 in the trilogy (especially The Desert King!!)The story of Carmen and Farook is sizzling and tender and fabulous. It will leave you salivating and wanting more!

    16. Totally awesome book. It was like being transported to another world. Olivia Gates has a natural talent for helping the reader feel like they're right there, whether it's in the room or half-way across the other side of the world. This story will stay with you and you'll want to re-visit it often - just like an old friend. I highly recommend it and look forward to reading Mrs. Gates' up and coming novels.

    17. Incredible book with an unbelievable Arabian Nights feel (though it also remains modern) with an irresistible hero, scorching love scenes and terrible dilemmas. So passionate and detailed and just all around fantastic.

    18. One of the best books I've ever read! The Desert Lord's Baby has everything a romantic escape should have, and it delivers on all fronts in spades! Deserves more than five stars!

    19. Carmen McArthur who specialises in organizing international events, both diplomatic and for businesses fell in love with Sheikh Farooq Aal Masood; heir to the throne of this small but rich Middle East kingdom, the first time she saw him. And her world stand still when Farooq asked her to be his mistress temporarily. She was beyond happy but her world came crashing down when she found out that she's carrying his baby. Knowing that their affair was just temporary Carmen flees from Farooq's apartme [...]

    20. The Desert Lord Baby wowed me from the first line "Do you know what it felt like, being trapped for two days in those hellish negotiations, away from you?" to the last line "She twistedin the slickness of water and bubbles, gliding over his flesh, inventing new erogenous zones for starters, then proceeded to invent new reasons to love, new reasons to live. As he knew she always would."Amazing love story between two people find their way to each other against all odds, and an alpha hero who does [...]

    21. Devoured in one sitting and then I went on to download the two other books in the trilogy (every book could very satisfyingly be read alone, btw) Some fantastic imagery and writing and a scorching hot romance. I learned some very interesting things about the desert cultures and Arabic, too. I'd give it more than five stars if I could! ;)

    22. Fantastic book from start to finish. I read it so many times my copy fell apart, and I had to go download it to my Nook to reread to my heart's content. Really amazing book in every way.

    23. "The Desert Lords Baby" is the story of Farooq and Carmen.16 months ago Carmen broke up with Farooq, the prince of Judar when she finds herself unexpectedly pregnant.Months later, he invades her life again asking for both his daughter Meenah back, as well as Carmen his wife.Granted there are a lot of misunderstandings- the H thinks the h conspired against him as said by an evil cousin and the h never confesses the truth about her reasons to run away, it was still a well written story.- loved the [...]

    24. While the book's prologue is not as passion-filled as The Once & Future Prince, its sombre tone sets the stage for a novel that bleeds emotion on every paged I do mean every page. The story of Prince Farooq Aal Masood, Carmen and their beyond-adorable daughter, Mennah, demands that you experience just about every human emotion before you turn the final page. Expect confusion, sadness, shock, outrage, anger, panic, fear, and so much more. But above all else, expect to fall in love with the ch [...]

    25. Take a deep breath. Where do I begin with this one. I've had this book on my shopping list for months so I can read the two sequels. It is well worth the wait. This is a reunion story and ticks all my favourite buttons.The heroine Carmen fled Farooq sixteen months ago when their time limited affair resulted in her pregnancy. She has rebuilt her life around her miracle child Mennah, the child she'd believed she would never have due to infertility issues that destroyed her first marriage.Farooq ha [...]

    26. I just recently reread this story March 2014. I enjoyed it the first and second time. This is the story of Farooq and Carmen. This is Book #1 of the Throne of Judar series. The story takes you on the journey of lost and found love. Their journey was heartfelt. Lies had torn them apart but when Farooq found out that Carmen had his baby without telling him and the baby was all he needed to claim the throne, he was going to make it happen. Duty comes first. The author Olivia Gates, puts you there w [...]

    27. I love love loved this book, it had everything alpha male and stubborn female and intense chemistry and to top it all he flirted with her in Arabic. I actually speak 4 language -Arabic included- and have to say job well done to Olivia Gates.Farooq: An Arab Prince who gets what ever he wants__and his eyes are set on the woman who stole his heart and left him high and dryCarmen: A woman determined to keep what little she had left of a lost love *her daughter*.Great love story with an amazing endin [...]

    28. Olivia Gates writes the absolute best sheikh romances, and this was the first one I read for her and ever since I've been addicted! The Desert Lord's Baby is a fantastic modern 1001 Nights fairytale and Farooq and Carmen's passion is larger than life. This was an exhilarating read and an icnredible begining for Throne of Judar.

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