Thou Shalt Not Dump the Skater Dude

Thou Shalt Not Dump the Skater Dude Readers who love Sarah Dessen will enjoy this companion to My Not So Terrible Time at the Hippie Hotel Just when Kelsey is finally fitting into her new California life C J Logan comes along He s hot

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  • Title: Thou Shalt Not Dump the Skater Dude
  • Author: Rosemary Graham
  • ISBN: 9781440638756
  • Page: 180
  • Format: ebook
  • Readers who love Sarah Dessen will enjoy this companion to My Not So Terrible Time at the Hippie Hotel Just when Kelsey is finally fitting into her new California life, C J Logan comes along He s hot, popular, and revered as the best skateboarder around Girls want to be with him, and boys want to be him And Kelsey is lucky enough to be his girlfriend But when she decReaders who love Sarah Dessen will enjoy this companion to My Not So Terrible Time at the Hippie Hotel Just when Kelsey is finally fitting into her new California life, C J Logan comes along He s hot, popular, and revered as the best skateboarder around Girls want to be with him, and boys want to be him And Kelsey is lucky enough to be his girlfriend But when she decides that their relationship is over, she could not have imagined what would happen next With rumors flying, she is forced to figure out who her true friends are and, importantly, who her true self really is.

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    1. Most of the time I go to the library I already know which books I want to get, but occasionally I randomly pull books off the shelf based on the title/cover without any prior knowledge of the author or book. This is one of those.Thou Shalt Not Dump the Skater Dude is one of those weird books that is really easy to read, but when you're done you kind of sit there and go "huh?"Kelsey is in the 8th grade at the start of this book and has just been forced to move from Boston to California due to her [...]

    2. Kelsey is less than pleased when her mother informs her they’ll be moving to California prior to her eighth grade year. On top of this, she’ll be enrolled in Susan B. Anthony—a high profile, exclusive private school for girls. Which, as Kelsey will soon inform you, is not at all what it’s cracked up to be. Despite it’s pleasant PR promises, Kelsey’s only friend that first year comes from outside the school. And if not for shared family events, she and Amy might never have hit it off [...]

    3. Before C.J. Logan, Kelsey was an outcast. In the snotty all girls’ school she attended, she was ignored and friendless. She finally takes initiative and decides to try out a public school. There, she meets C.J. Logan, a competitive Skater Dude. To her surprise, he’s actually interested in her! But she soon finds out that everything about C.J’s life revolves around skateboarding. For the first year, Kelsey is living blissfully. Soon, she realizes that it’s time to dump him. When she does, [...]

    4. Graham, Rosemary Thou Shalt Not Dump The Skater Dude and Other Commandments I Have Broken, 281 pgs. Speak. Language- PG-13; Sexual Content- PG; Violence- G; This is an awesome story about a girl who endured vicious rumors spread by her ex-professional skateboarder boyfriend and tries to salvage her reputation while trying to earn a place on the high school paper. I really liked this story. It is a story that I'm sure many people can relate to in one way or another. I couldn't stop reading. It's [...]

    5. I wish I could give this book a 3.5 stars. It was actually pretty good as far as readability and likeability of the main character. The only problem I had was the fact that the story told had very little to do with the premise of the entire book.Kelsey is forced to move across the country to Berkley, California, after her parents divorce. She spends a miserable and lonely 8th grade year in a posh private all-girls school, so when she catches the eye of super-hot, celebrity skateboarder dude C.J. [...]

    6. I thought that this book was really good. I got this book at a Kiwanis Thrift Store in Black Mountain, NC. I got it this Summer and started reading it. I got to chapter 3, then took a little break. Then picked it back up again. I think that Kelsey really changed by the end of the end of the book. I gotta say though, I can not believe how long this book was. Not in pages, but in how long the book was. The Summer before eighth grade to sophomore year of high school. At first, I put myself in Kelse [...]

    7. Reviewed by Randstostipher "tallnlankyrn" Nguyen for TeensReadTooKelsey just can't believe that her mother would decide to up and leave Boston and take Kelsey and her brother along to Berkeley, California, just so she could follow her dreams of going to law school. Except that, for her mother, it seemed like the perfect chance after the divorce was final. Sure, Kelsey may look like a character on The O.C but she sure doesn't feel right at home in California. She just wished that her mother would [...]

    8. Thou Shalt Not Dump the Skater Dude and Other Commandments I Have Broken by Rosemary Graham is all about a teenage girl’s life through out high school and all the typical and non typical things that happen in one’s life. She goes into a private school Susab B. Anthony Academy for Girls in California, because she had to go through her parent’s divorce. Parent’s divorcing is hard to overcome for any people of any age. There she becomes the girlfriend of the most popular boy name C.J. Logan [...]

    9. I liked this book more than I thought I would. The humor is on point and I think "the lesson" is an important one for many young freshmen and sophomore girls. Kelsey's parents decide to divorce and decide Kelsey and her brother will move cross-country with their mother from Boston, MA to Berkeley, CA. For 8th grade, Kelsey gets sent to a private all girls' school, where she is mean-girled into unhappiness. She then convinces her mother to allow her to go to the local public high school the follo [...]

    10. Honestly, i initial reason of buying this book was because of the title of the novel. It intrigued me, plus secretly i have a thing for skateboarders. The story was short and sweet. It follows the story of Kelsey, whose parents have gone through a divorce, never mind the fact that they still act like that they are still dating, and her mother up and moves her to California so that she can fulfill her dreams of studying law.To me the story seemed to be very realistic. Kelsey struggles to find her [...]

    11. I can relate to Kelsey, the main character, because of the things that she has had to go through. And just like any other teenager that you’ve known she really makes you want to snap your fingers in that Baruchian style because of her actions and the way she perceives things. There were ups and downs in her new school as well as her new home and she had to get used to the laughter and the tears that came with this abrupt change. The things that Kelsey goes through really made me realize how im [...]

    12. This book was the funniest and shortest most interesting book i've ever read. Last year over the summer I read it and it was a book that made me smile and laugh. Kelsy moves to California and feel she really doesn't fit in. The one day C.J. Logan a skateboard dude ask her to be his girlfriend. Kelsy becomes popular but she doesn't like it. She just goes to the skateboard park talks about how cool he is and that's it. So, she dumps C.J. He then makes rumors that he dumped her because she was real [...]

    13. First Kelsey's mother moves her from Boston to California. Then Kelsey becomes the girlfriend of superstar skateboarder, J.D. Logan, and then when she breaks up with him, she has to endure him spreading false rumors about her on his blog - which she finds out about after spending weeks in MA with her father. Kelsey survives by ignoring the rumors and getting involved with the school newspaper, with the support of a good friend Amy, grandmother Mim, and grandfather Leonard. When after months, she [...]

    14. I think because I picked this book up in the library with no premeditated ideas about what it would be like, (I thought the name sounded cool :) I was able to really like this book! Someone was saying that it wasn't what they expected. I had no expectations and was happily surprised.So what is this book like? I remember there being lots of drama, in which many people can relate to (he-said she-said, how to comeback from a falsely ruined reputation, and seeing how fame effects everyone around you [...]

    15. I've slowly been reading my way through a stack of books my neighbor gave me. She thought my 12-year-old daughter might enjoy this one, but suggested that I read it first.I think it's written with a slightly older girl in mind, so I won't be passing it along just yet. But there were some elements in the story that I liked. Kelsey dumped the skater dude because he didn't treat her well. I'm not sure many girls would recognize his behavior as disrespectful and uncaring, so I was glad to see a fema [...]

    16. Kelsey is new in town--and seems to have found the perfect way to fit in. She catches the eye of skateboarding champion C.J. Logan and soon starts dating him. But she gets tired of his skateboarding obsession--and the way he keeps pushing her to the side. So she dumps him. Which, it turns out, is not something that happens to C.J. He responds with a scathing post about her on his blog, claiming that he dumped her because she was "a total sex fiend." Now Kelsey has to reclaim her reputation by wh [...]

    17. Author is a professor at my work. She kindly came and spoke to a library group in my area. She gave away some free books. This one takes place in my neighborhood, so it was fun to pick out those parts. And her voice as a teenage protagonist was believable. Topic of finding your own place in the world and dealing with high school rumors was and always will be relevant.

    18. Part 1 - A pretty rich girl moves cross country. Struggling to make friends in California. Meets a friend, then meets a boy. Chooses boy over friend, and loses friends. Part 2 - Gets friend back and gets over boy. Pinkity Pink Pink Cover. Best quote: "The celebration threshold in our house is low."P/Q: 3/4, Jr./S High

    19. Omg this book was soooo boring like i actually, SWEAR TO GOD, made me fall asleep!!!it held no interest in my mind. oo you cant dump a guy so intresting. oo ur not popular well i have sumthin to say to that NOT EVRYBODY ISS!!!!jesus this book annoyed me i couldnt even completely finish it i just stopped.

    20. I enjoyed reading what was going on in this book and it reminded me of being careful about 'certain' decisions teens make. At the same time, this book was based on Kelsey's perspective and based on how Kelsey's life takes stirs up a dramatic glitch in her social life not long after her divorsed parents made the decision of moving to Calfornia.

    21. I underestimated this book. I usually stay away from books like this, but I pulled it out at random, so I just decided to read it. It was a fun, easy read. It teaches you that you shouldn't abandon your friends and work for a guy and that you shouldn't always believe what you hear.

    22. This book was very relatable but I don't think this book is good and I don't suggest it for anyone. I broke up with my ex who was almost exactly like the skater dude and I regret it because he treated me awful.

    23. i love this booki'v read this book 3 times and all 3 times i'v read it in 2 day's .i can read it all the time. and some skaters remind me of people in my school especially the last one. i love this book

    24. Not one of my favorite book. it is a good book, but you have to be into it in order to enjoy it. The book was interesting up to the end when it seemed to trail off. I do also wish that the author would have said a whole lot more about the guy.

    25. I picked this up while browsing YA literature, looking for something contemporary and not paranormal (harder than you'd imagine). I have been reading it off and on for a while now, hasn't really sunk hooks into me the way Evolution, Me and Other Freaks of Nature did - or at least not yet!

    26. Good summer(or anytime really) read for those of you that are really tuned into your inner preteen/teen girl.

    27. This book wasn't that good. I thought it would be better, but the author mostly told the story, and there wasn't that much stuff about the guy.

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