Piggins Piggins the butler solves the mysterious disappearance of Mrs Reynard s diamond lavaliere with the help of a delightful set of characters One of a kind and sure to provide a great deal of fun for many

  • Title: Piggins
  • Author: Jane Yolen Jane Dyer
  • ISBN: 9780152616861
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Paperback
  • Piggins the butler solves the mysterious disappearance of Mrs Reynard s diamond lavaliere with the help of a delightful set of characters One of a kind and sure to provide a great deal of fun for many readers and listeners School Library Journal

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    1. What a delight! In an elegant stately home, faithful butler Piggins serves up not only a fine pot of tea, but the sage detective skills needed to solve a mystery when a jewel is stolen at a dinner party.I love house party mysteries, and I love the upstairs/downstairs aspect to the story. The illustrations are just so cute and full of lovely period detail mixed with the whimsy of the cast of animal characters, from alligators to hedgehogs. I thought the pacing could have been a bit better, but ov [...]

    2. Jane Yolen wrote this with "Upstairs, Downstairs" (the Masterpiece Theater) series in mind. Piggins, the butler, solves a mystery with the help of the rest of the staff. What really makes this special are the beautiful and humorous illustrations of Jane Dyer.

    3. I cannot emphasize enough how much I detested the illustrations of the various animal characters: pig, rats, turtle, foxes, rabbit, dog, yes dog, etc. I actually had to look away at times in order to enjoy the other parts of the illustrations and the story. I didn’t find them aesthetically pleasing; I thought they were ugly.The illustrations of the rooms and their contents, and the outdoor scene, those I really enjoyed. It was fun to view all the details in the pictures.The story is just somew [...]

    4. A great and fun book to read aloud to students. It has great vocabulary words and could be used to teach students how to use context clues in reading.

    5. Piggins / by Jane Yolen; illustrated by Jane Dyer -- Orlando, FL : Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Publishers, c1987. (32 pages)SUMMARY: During a dinner party, the lights go out and Mrs. Reynard's beautiful diamond necklace is stolen, but Piggins, the butler, quickly discovers the real thief. (verso)REVIEW: I remember this being around when I worked in the children's department at the local library. I remember reading it, but nothing about the plot. So when I came across it recently, I decided to rea [...]

    6. Imagine if you will that you’re invited to a lovely dinner by Mr. and Mrs. Reynard, a foxy (and ritzy) couple living at 47 The Meadows. You know such esteemed guests as Inspector Bayswater, Professor T. Ortoise, and the world-famous explorer Pierre Lapin, and Lord and Lady Ratsby will be there. Why not enjoy some wonderful service by the Reynard’s well-renowned kitchen staff and their astute butler, Piggins? You’d certainly be foolish to not attend! Thankfully, Jane Yolen has given you a s [...]

    7. Mr. and Mrs. Reynard dress to the nines whenever they throw a party, and this time is no different. Mrs. Reynard shimmies into her embroidered pink gown, drapes a glittering sash over her bare shoulders and clasps her beloved diamond lavaliere around her neck while Mr. Reynard throws on a stark white button down with a tailored suit to top it all off. As the Reynards happily greet their fellow friends and neighbors, the guests admire her gleaming necklace with quiet compliments. As everyone sits [...]

    8. This is the first book in the Piggins series. This series is about a butler, who also happens to be a pig, that solves mysteries. There are three books in the series so far. The style of the pictures are Victorian.Piggins serves Mr. and Mrs. Reynard, two foxes at 47 The Meadows. The book explains what goes on throughout the house before guests arrive in a comic book fashion layout. When the guests arrive, Mrs. Reynard’s diamond necklace goes missing and Piggins solves the mystery. Everything g [...]

    9. Piggins the pig is the butler for the Reynards, a very rich couple who are foxes.Hosting a party, The Reynards greet guests as they arrive, each couple decked out in their finest.The couples are depicted in humorous fashion.Before the event, the Mrs. cannot find her lovely expensive necklace. Intimating that perhaps Piggins stole it, when it is discovered, nary a word about their implied accusation.When the dinner begins, the lights go out and when turned back again, it is discovered that Mrs. R [...]

    10. Pigginsby jane Yolen tells the story of some expensive, mysterious gems that go missing at a dinner party. You are given clues throughout the context of the book and are expected to make inferences about who stole the necklace with the expensive gems on it. In the end the butler, Piggins, solves the mystery. This would be a great book for the 2nd and 3rd grade level students. A great lesson to go along with it could be to make inferences as the story is read. Students would have to give evidence [...]

    11. This adorable mystery book with a staring butler that is a pig solves a dinner party mystery of missing jewels. Now at first starting to read this book I assumed it would be the typical dinner party with a mystery party problem in waiting to be solved with a murder or missing money or in this story missing jewels. Well this is no typical murder mystery party. But this adorable mystery party surrounds the missing jewels around the butler. This adorable little pig butler goes through clues and mys [...]

    12. Piggins tells the story of Butler who possess the talent to be the perfect butler. Piggins work at an elegant household and is amazing at what he does. In a rich household, crime and theft are prone to happen, and it is up to Piggins to solve the crime. Piggins pays great attention to detail and knows everything that goes on in his household. I really enjoyed following the mystery of what happen in this elegant setting. The story is very delightful and the illustration is so cute and phenomenal. [...]

    13. This is a charming concept of mystery novels such as those written by Agatha Christe. This is a classical mystery set in the olden times. In this story though, the butler most certainly did not do it as it is the butler who solves the mystery. The characters in this story are all English animals dressed in typical clothing of that era. The illustrator Jane Dyer did a wonderfully detailed and colorful job in this story. Each of the animals more or less portrays an individual who perfectly matches [...]

    14. "Piggins," by Jane Yolen, is a Victorian-ish talking animal mystery that taps into a lot of the tropes and conventions of classic mystery novels and shows but in a format kids can and will appreciate. The eponymous Piggins is the very able Butler for the Reynard family. During a dinner party, Mrs Reynard's diamond lavalier is snatched. Who could have done it, and why? Is it because it's cursed, or are more mundane forces to blame? The book is very well written and stands up admirably to re-reads [...]

    15. This is a fun book to share either one-on-one or as a read aloud to a group. It depicts a classic setting of a mystery. The mystery centers around a stolen diamond lavaliere, which goes missing when the lights go out during a party. As the story progresses, there are clues to solving the mystery which attentive readers will pick up on. The dignified butler, "Piggins" solves the mystery. The illustrations are very detailed. This book could be ready to children pre-school through 5th grade. The my [...]

    16. I have to admit, I found this one to be rather dissapointing primarily because it seemed like such a traditional who dunnit mystery story. Piggins played the astute butler in a story where on more than one occasion it was suggested that the butler did it. He not only played the traditional classy servant which seemed strangely Victorian, but he didn't stand up for himself against the fact that one of his two employers didn't even trust him. There are a few minor literary devices spinkled very li [...]

    17. This was a great mystery novel. There are so many ways that authors can make a so called "Mystery" novel, but Jane Yolen has definitely done it in a really fun and creative way. I loved that the butler, "Piggins" was the detective in this story and with the help of other friends along the way, he was able to solve the mystery. This is a great book that I think would grab the attention of a lot of younger readers.

    18. “Piggins” by Jane Yolen is a classic mystery picture book. “Piggins” tells the story of a butler named Piggins who is great at solving mysteries. Piggins uses his keen sense of judgment to figure out who had stolen the diamonds. This would be a great book to have students make their own parody of. Kids could have lots of fun choosing which animals to use and which clues to leave behind. Then, they could have other students trying to solve their mysteries from the clues they have provided [...]

    19. This book has very pretty and humorous illustrations that really help the story unfold. This is a fun book and something children could read for fun or in groups. Mr. piggins is the butler and must find a diamond and solve the mystery. It is a very fun book and i think that children would really enjoy it.

    20. Piggins is a full-service butler, who brings a steadiness that makes sure that the house and events run flawlessly, but also turns out to be an in-house detective who solves a crime. PIGGINS is a good example of a book, entirely populated with animals (although dressed like people and living in human environments), where all the characters come off as the "people" they portray.

    21. I had fun solving the mystery in this story, so I believe that kids will have fun solving the mystery as you read the book to them. Part of the fun is looking at all the details in the drawings of the house. There are many things for a small child to look at. It is a great read and it keeps your attention the whole time.

    22. Author: Jane YolenTitle: PigginsPlot: Piggins solves a mystery of the missing diamond lavaliere. Setting: The home of Mr. & Mrs. ReynardCharacters: Piggins, Mr. & Mrs. Reynard & Party GuestPoint-of-view: First PersonTheme: Character & ValuesCopyright:Style: fictionNotes: This is a wonderful children's book that could be used to teach character.

    23. In this story, when a diamond pendant disappears at a dinner party, don't take for granted that Piggins, the butler is the one who took it. Good picture book for introducing the mystery genre to young children.

    24. This one reminds me of "The Eleventh Hour" - a dinner party mystery that must be solved. Only this one spells out the solution at the end. It was little too complicated for my five-year old to figure out without some help, but he enjoyed it none-the-less.

    25. the first book i read by jane yolen was a brutal, fictional account of a nazi death camp. this book is about a pig butler (Piggins) and the family he works forkes me think ms yolen is a bit strange.

    26. I liked this, but my kids weren't so hot on it, so I gave it 3 stars. It's clearly well-crafted in terms of story and weaving things together, and the illustrations are lush and full of detail, but I think it just took too long for anything to really happen.

    27. Piggins was my favorite picture book series as a child. I loved the detail of the artwork and the sophistication of the characters, which is rare in a children's book.

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