Os Crimes do Lago das Tristezas

Os Crimes do Lago das Tristezas Esta uma nova investiga o da patologista Nora Gavin que chega a uma rea industrial e desolada da Irlanda rural conhecida como Lago das Tristezas onde corpos foram descobertos O tipo de ferimentos s

  • Title: Os Crimes do Lago das Tristezas
  • Author: Erin Hart Cristina Lourenço
  • ISBN: 9789722031257
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Paperback
  • Esta uma nova investiga o da patologista Nora Gavin, que chega a uma rea industrial e desolada da Irlanda rural, conhecida como Lago das Tristezas, onde corpos foram descobertos.O tipo de ferimentos sugere uma liga o a pr ticas pag s tradicionais.Cormac McGuire, o arque logo que ir colaborar na investiga o, est ao mesmo tempo a tentar resolver um caso amoroso no quEsta uma nova investiga o da patologista Nora Gavin, que chega a uma rea industrial e desolada da Irlanda rural, conhecida como Lago das Tristezas, onde corpos foram descobertos.O tipo de ferimentos sugere uma liga o a pr ticas pag s tradicionais.Cormac McGuire, o arque logo que ir colaborar na investiga o, est ao mesmo tempo a tentar resolver um caso amoroso no qual se envolveu e que muito complicado.Nora e Cormac percebem que, al m da macabra sugest o de paganismo e da liga o perigosa, a Irlanda rural lhes reserva surpresas.Uma reinven o de Daphne du Maurier Um novo suspense g tico.

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    1. Lake of Sorrows, is Hart's 2nd novel with American pathologist Nora Gavin and Irish archaelogist Cormac Maguire. Lake of Sorrows once again takes the reader out to a mysterious peat bog where an ancient body has just been uncovered preserved. Dr. Gavin heads out to the bog to study the discovered body, and upon her arrival another body is found, this one from the 21st century. Thus the mystery begins.Hart writes a great character driven mystery that is an easy read when you're looking for someth [...]

    2. LAKE OF SORROWS (Amateur Sleuth/Pathologist-Ireland-Cont) – VGErin Hart – 2nd bookHodder & Stoughton, 2004 – U.K. HardcoverForensic pathologist, Nora Gavin, goes to an archeological site to investigate the finding in a peat bog of an Iron Age Body who seems to have been a human sacrifice having been slain three ways. Then a second, recent body is uncovered having been killed the same way. More, similar, deaths occur and Nora is nearly one of them.*** I found myself thinking of this as [...]

    3. Rating Clarification: 3.5 StarsGood follow up to Hart's debut novel, Haunted Ground. I enjoyed the plot and pacing of this one marginally better then her first novel. The characters, while depressive, were well drawn, and the mystery itself was an intriguing one (it's always good to unearth more bog bodies)This is definitely a series with promise, and one I will continue with.***Also recommended for fans of Hart: the books of S.J. Bolton.

    4. This was an interesting story, though not as good as the first in the series. We get the discovery of a bog body at the beginning, then the book ends with the archaeologist on her way to find out who it was. In the first book, the bog body had a parallel storyline with the contemporary one. I liked that much better.Most of the characters bordered on the unpleasant side this time round. Even the protagonist got on my nerves. During one glaring TSTL moment she rushes in to check to see if some clu [...]

    5. Thought it would be interesting 'cuz of its historical reference but was a bit too detailed which made it disconnect from the plot and characters. Before it was half done, I stopped caring about it and just wanted to finish it.

    6. My first venture into the books of Minnesota author, Erin Hart. I found Lake of Sorrows so interesting and engaging. Great writing. Interesting characters. Some history. A little archeology. Add in some ancient customs, a few murders and a romance. I truly couldn't wait to get back to reading it little by little each day. Set in the bog lands of Ireland, Nora Gavin an American pathologist, is called to help with an unidentified Iron Age body discovered in a bog. As that excavation begins, anothe [...]

    7. I enjoyed this book. The setting of Irish bogs is different from so many mysteries and adds a bit of interest because of the discoveries surrounding the prehistoric bog bodies found there. Forensic pathologist, Nora Gavin, has been asked to help with the discovery of another bog body who seems to have been killed in a prehistoric ritual “triple death.” When a more recent body turns up with the same “triple death” characteristics, the mystery widens. Is the ritual still being practiced?-A [...]

    8. Lake of Sorrows is the second book in Erin Hart's mystery series featuring American forensic pathologist Nora Gavin and archaeologist Cormac Maguire. This time Nora, who is in Ireland doing research, is called to the scene of an excavation where a very well-preserved body from the Iron Age has been discovered in the peat bog. It appears to have been a human sacrifice--slain three ways: strangled, throat cut, and drowned. The area is close to the site of an extraordinary find of Iron Age artifact [...]

    9. 2nd book featuring Nora Gavin This is an Irish mystery that stands above the typical murder novel of today. The story is atmospheric, the writing so colourful it is easy to fall into a spell and feel we are with Nora every part of the way. The story is very exciting; we follow a delightful female protagonist and her passion investigating ritual murders that have been committed many centuries ago and some recently. The author has filled the story with neat twists to keep her readers wondering wha [...]

    10. This book was such a disappointment after 'Haunted Ground' (the first of Hart's books re: Nora Gavin). The first half of the book is quite simply boring, and the second half is only marginally better. None of the characters are fully developed - there is no reason to care about any of them. I felt no sympathy for the murder victims, and so why care who killed them, let alone why they were killed? Had we not met Nora and Cormac in the first book there would be no reason to care about them either. [...]

    11. What can I say? This book was even better than the first. It's delicious. It makes you want to eat it until the very last bite, and long for more :) I've had a hard week and really needed some sleep yesterday - but couldn't close my eyes until I read the last page.Ireland. Mystery. A lot of mystery. Mysterious characters. Mysterious details.Bloody murders. Ancient history. Bog bodies. Romance. Suspense. On top of that, beautiful writing. What else can a person want from a good quality entertaini [...]

    12. Hart’s style and plotting truly improved in this sequel to Haunted Ground. The pacing was much more thrilling and the plot held some surprises. Unfortunately, the relationships between the characters felt even more unconvincing (and in some cases downright silly) here. The wishy-washy romance though was the most annoying aspect of the entire novel. It was so ridiculous and simply agitating (and not in a positive romantic-plot kind of way). And though it wasn’t as downright dull as the first [...]

    13. The beginning was very slow for me. Towards the end the story picked up for me and I couldn't put it down. Another couple of bodies are unearthed from a peat bog, so who better to call than Nora Gavin. One of the bodies is actually wearing a modern watch. This whole bog stuff is very fascinating, but a terrible way to die. I didn't suspect the killer was and the reasons behind it. Didn't hold my interest as much as Haunted Ground. The end leaves you wondering what will happen to Nora and Cormac [...]

    14. After reading False Mermaid out of order, I had to go back and read this one. Nora is back investigating bodies found in a bog. The difference is that one isn't hundreds or thousands of years old. This one is packed with interesting characters and settings. Hart made me feel like I was there--in the small cottages, the vast bogland, and the magical hillsides of rural Ireland. It's an enchanting, but dangerous place to wander.So glad that there are several more books in this series.

    15. Lake of SorrowsLake of SorrowsExcellently written book. I have come to expect the best from this author. She has kept me glued to these pages for the past two days. I recommend it to anyone who likes mystery and facts on Irish history.

    16. Mine is the large print hardcover, unabridged, ex-libe. Bought for its reference to the sacrificial burials of prehistoric Europe.

    17. I really enjoy Erin Hart's books. This is my last one until she releases a new Nora Gavin novel and I already know I will miss the characters. .

    18. Lake of Sorrows, Loughnabrone, does not appear to be a real place (at least it doesn’t exist beyond Erin Hart’s fictional novel) but County Offaly is, and I am going there in a few weeks. I reread this 2004 archaeological murder mystery in advance because I’m researching the landscape and Iron Age Ireland for a Hollystone Mysteries spin-off. Offaly is the omphalos of Ireland, lying as it does in the ancient province of Leinster, centred between Galway in the west and Dublin in the east. It [...]

    19. This book got off to a slow start then got really good as the story began to unfold. The characters are well drawn and the plot made for an interesting murder mystery. I especially like the Irish history that is the foundation for the story. I read Haunted Ground a couple years ago and look forward to reading the next book in the Nora Gavin series.

    20. Intriguing and captivating Excellent blend of mystery, Irish history, music, myth, landscape, and language. Spot-on characterization. Plenty of potential villains & mis-direction. Very good read.

    21. Sequel to Haunted Ground - another murder mystery, this time less history/archeology involved. Still good, just not as good.

    22. Thoroughly enjoyable Nothing spectacular, but a good solid murder mystery. I enjoy the archaeological tidbits thrown in as well.

    23. I met Erin Hart at the Grand Marais Readers & Writers Festival the first weekend of November 2017.Read the Prologue to this book, and begin to understand the long history of central Ireland's peat bogs.I could not have guessed the outcome of this mystery until the final chapters. Anticipate more stories to follow the surviving characters.

    24. Author recommended by a friend. I started with this the second as I was unable to locate #1 in the series. Lovely writing style. I was kept guessing right to the end. Enjoyed the location and descriptions of Ireland . If you are looking for a "new" suspense/mystery author I would recommend this series. About to start #3.

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