Leaving Yesler

Leaving Yesler Bobby a sensitive seventeen year old living in the projects of Seattle in copes with his mother s death from cancer and his brother s death in Vietnam and tries to determine his own identity i

  • Title: Leaving Yesler
  • Author: Peter Bacho
  • ISBN: 9781929355570
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bobby, a sensitive seventeen year old living in the projects of Seattle in 1968, copes with his mother s death from cancer and his brother s death in Vietnam, and tries to determine his own identity in the midst of many challenges.

    One thought on “Leaving Yesler”

    1. I so wanted to like this book. Non-macho Filipino youth, growing up in Seattle in the '60's. Father's a boxer, dead brother was a bully. Started out well: boy wants to go to college and struggles to escape his humble origins. Some of the early scenes were persuasive and interesting.But what a mess it turned into! The occasional ghost is tolerable in a fantasy ("Harry Potter") or comedy ("Blythe Spirits"), but in a serious, realistic novel, the dead should stay dead--and in "Leaving Yesler," ghos [...]

    2. It is a SHAME that Peter Bacho's books aren't better known. Leaving Yessler is a coming-of-age story set in Seattle in the sixties about 18 yr old Benny lives with and cooks for his father--brain damaged by his career as a boxer--and lives with the ghosts of his mother and brother. He is trying to catch his balance between his father and brother, both fighters, and his own desire to attend college and get out of the Seattle housing projects where he grew up. I found this a little slow to start-- [...]

    3. Some might describe this book as a coming of age novel and it is that, but more. Bobby Vicente's is missing his mother who died recently, then his brother is killed in Vietnam, and he knows his father is not long for this world. He knows he will be left alone but then a woman enters his life and they change each other. (Didn't like everything about this part). Through visions and conversations with his departed family he comes to realize that he is not separated from them forever and that he and [...]

    4. Peter Bacho's fascinating novel Leaving Yesler tells the story of a biracial teenager in the late '60s who lives in two worlds: the street life of Seattle and a dream life peopled by ghosts. One of my favorite things about this novel is Bacho's vivid and accurate descriptions of boxing. Check out this great book!

    5. Peter Bacho incorporates magical realism into his story of trans-generational changes among Filipinos in Seattle -- gives reader an informative and entertaining peek into this world through a great narrative

    6. this book is really good it takes place in the late 60s and it tells you a story of how not to give up your dreams of becoming something in your life. this book is good for someone who like to read about boxing

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