The Rogue

The Rogue Discover the magic of Trudi Canavan with her brand new novel in the Traitor Spy TrilogyLiving among the Sachakan rebels Lorkin does his best to learn about their unique magic But the Traitors are rel

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  • Title: The Rogue
  • Author: Trudi Canavan
  • ISBN: 9781841495934
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Discover the magic of Trudi Canavan with her brand new novel in the Traitor Spy TrilogyLiving among the Sachakan rebels, Lorkin does his best to learn about their unique magic But the Traitors are reluctant to trade their secrets for the Healing they so desperately want.Meanwhile, Sonea searches for the rogue, knowing that Cery cannot avoid assassination forever buDiscover the magic of Trudi Canavan with her brand new novel in the Traitor Spy TrilogyLiving among the Sachakan rebels, Lorkin does his best to learn about their unique magic But the Traitors are reluctant to trade their secrets for the Healing they so desperately want.Meanwhile, Sonea searches for the rogue, knowing that Cery cannot avoid assassination forever but the rogue s influence over the city s underworld, however, is far greater than she feared.And in the University, two female novices are about to remind the Guild that sometimes their greatest enemy is found within

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    1. Ugh. Where to begin? It was about three years ago that I read the Black Magician's trilogy. It was quite good. When the Magician's Apprentice came out I read it with glee. It was pretty good. And then Canavan began "The Traitor Spy Trilogy". What was she thinking? The first book in the series, "The Ambassador's Mission" Takes place 20 years after those in the Black Magician Trilogy. It was an okay story, but most of it was spent attempting to recover lost history, history the reader is aware of [...]

    2. SpoilersThis was a chore to read, it was boring and slow paced. The characters and arcs didn't hold my interest. I didn't care about Lorkin or the Traitors, there was nothing remotely entertaining about either of them. Also, Lorkin's relationship with Tyvara was dull.The addition of Lillia was annoying. She would have been a half decent protagonist but her stupidity and naivety ruined her character. I lost count of the number of times she was manipulated, if she'd been used once or twice that wo [...]

    3. This is a hard book to review. Whilst I did enjoy a lot of it, it also suffered from middle book syndrome in that the main plot isn't even close to being resolved. Obviously, if it had been wrapped up, then there'd be no trilogy, would there? Don't answer that.So after the events at the end of the last, the two main points are that everyone is desperately searching for Skellin and Lorkin has been taken to the home of the Traitors. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you're starting in [...]

    4. Lorkin, der Sohn der schwarzen Magierin Sonea, wurde in Sachaka entführt. Seine Häscher hoffen, von ihm die Kunst der Heilung durch Magie zu erlernen, die in Sachaka unbekannt ist. Lorkin weiß jedoch, dass diese Fähigkeit im Falle eines Krieges einen enormen Vorteil birgt. Er ist fest entschlossen, das Geheimnis zu wahren. Aber dann lernt er Tyvara kennen – und verliebt sich in sie  Währenddessen verfolgt seine Mutter Sonea in ihrer Heimat Kyralia einen abtrünnigen Magier, der seine Die [...]

    5. I think I'm being generous here, another lackluster installment of the traitor spy trilogy only my love of the BMT is keeping me reading in the vain hope that they might improve. Alas never has a piece of work been such a lead-up to it's next installment since I saw pirates of the Caribbean 2. There is hardly any action in the book, a look at the Duna tribe was about the hi-light of the entire thing for me. Stick to your strengths Canavan, you're excellent at world-building not so much at creati [...]

    6. It was a bit annoying due to the fact that there's a lot of unnecessary factors in the book. It would seem as though Trudi Canavan is seriously trying to put the spotlight on the homosexual community in the series, and that's even more pronounced in this book where she introduces not just two but 3 entirely new characters (all chicks) who have the hots for each other (or so they claim). In the last book, it was the guys, now it's the opposite side of the spectrum. So out of all the characters in [...]

    7. It's been a long time since I last visited Sonea and co. in this series, and I was not disappointed. This novel introduced a new central character- a young, female novice named Lilia, who falls in with the wrong crowd early in the story. It was great to introduce some new blood into this series, and Lilia provided a fish-out-of-water perspective that Sonea had previously represented in the original trilogy. Meanwhile, the rest of our main characters' plots carried on in much the same manner as i [...]

    8. libro de relleno. estoy un poco sorprendida de las relaciones mujer - mujer , y hombre - hombre que existe. lo aborda de forma natural sin tanto drama.

    9. I've read this one twice. Once very quickly, skipping through a LOT, and once carefully, trying not to skip as much. My opinion, though very bad at first, has slightly changed. It's better than I first thought it was. You can see how it's a middle book, but it has interesting scenes. One thing I've never liked about Trudi Canavan was the romances in her books… and I still think they're sometimes quite ridiculous, but that might just be my opinion. There are scenes that I was not sure whether t [...]

    10. This book suffers from the same affliction as the first installment in the series: it was too long for the material. There were too many scenes that didn't need to be there, that only serve as a bit of unnecessary character development and did nothing to advance the plot. The worst offender is the thread where a naive novice is introduced who is lead astray by an older girl, and it is blindingly obvious what was going on almost immediately. There is no need to take us in detail through the whole [...]

    11. did not enjoy this book nearly as much as I had hoped. It is not like I hated it, but I found it to be very dull. I couldn't get into Trudi Canavan's writing style at all and the way she kept jumping from character to character to character annoyed me. I never managed to know or care about them, though several seemed like they could be interesting if given the opportunity.Lilia, for example. She is a gentle, naive girl just learning about love and she is led to do a foolish, dangerous thing. Ins [...]

    12. **SPOILER ALERT**I much preferred this book to the previous installment in the Traitor Spy Trilogy, 'The Ambassador's Mission'. I felt that this book focused more on the characters we know and love, and was much more exciting and fast paced. I also loved references and parallels to th Black Magician Trilogy - especially the waterfall! ;) :')The only thing I really don't like about this book is Dannyl and Tayend. Now. I fell in love with Dannyl in the first book, and when I found out he was gay i [...]

    13. Better than its predecessor, Canavan gets and keep the plot rolling through the entire book. I liked the introduction of Lilia to the cast, as we haven't had a Novice in this mix yet. (Although it's actually nice that the majority of the protagonists in this trilogy are middle-aged.) The plot moved much more steadily and continues to not revolve around the magical abilities of the characters as a device to move forward.The aspect I continued to have the most trouble with, however, is connecting [...]

    14. Yet another character gets dragged into the series. Ok, so nothing wrong with many POVS, just they all gets so few pages. I got used to it, but it would have been better with longer stories.Right so Sonea was a bit dull in this one. She is still trying to find that rogue. But nothing really happens to her.Lorkin is with the traitors. They are women who wants an equal society, right so that is why men are below you all? I would leave, he is just too nice.Then there is the new girl, Lilia, an easy [...]

    15. This is the second book in the latest trilogy by Trudi Canavan, which takes place 20 years after the events of the Black Magician trilogy. I really enjoy Trudi Canavan's writing. There is the perfect mix of magic, mystery, romance, and adventure. It's fun to see Sonea, Dannyl, and Cery again. Can't wait for, but will also regret, the conclusion of this enjoyable story.

    16. 3.5 stars I finished this book yesterday evening and I liked it. It was a bit slow and I knew how one of the storylines would end pretty fast but I flew through this book anyway and after the epilogue I can't wait to read the next one!!

    17. Stumbled across this on my bookshelf when we were rearranging the study and I love Trudi Canavan's work. My own fault I stepped straight into the second book of the trilogy and and it took me some time to get into it. There was more flitting between story lines than I remember in other of her books, but once I got into it the characters started to flesh themselves out more and I was disappointed when I reached the end. Now I need to search out the follow up - I'm sure I would have bought it. Kee [...]

    18. This review was originally published on Blogs of a Bookaholic.An enjoyable meander around the world of Kyralia that lacked some of the fire of Canavan’s previous works.This book felt a little like an overindulgent chess game. There are sets of characters on each side of the board in the lands of Kyralia and Sachaka, and the story flits back and forth between the two. With Canvan’s key characters spread so widely it really slowed down the plot. Each time the reader visits a different characte [...]

    19. Druhý díl Trilogie Zrádkyň. Ohledně očekávání jsem byla opatrná, protože druhé díly trilogií nebývají zpravidla nejlepšími kousky trilogií. Smutné, ale pravdivé. Bohužel i v tomto případě. Tím nechci říct, že by snad kniha byla špatná. Canavan umí psát, ve svém světě už po pěti, vlastně dokonce šesti knihách už chodit umí a má fantazii, která poutá. Takže přestože není Čarodějova zrada vrcholem Canavaniny tvorby, přesto je to poutavá kniha, k [...]

    20. Lorkin is living with the Traitors' in their safe haven within the mountains of Sachaka. He has been assigned work in the hospital section where he helps healing the sick inhabitants. So far he hasn't had to use magic to heal anyone but he realises it's not going to take long before he's going to need to use magic to save someone's life. But he is just as sure that when that day comes, Kalia is going to everything in her power to make sure the kowledge is shared – even if it will cost lives to [...]

    21. Although Trudi Canavan is a terrific author and I love the world she has created, I have to say I was a little dissapointed by this novel Things happened very slowly (escpesially in the beginning) and the constant change of the different storylines alternated between being somehow relieving or being terribly annoing - the moment you really wanted to know what happened next the story changed to a different character. The characters in The Rogue are pretty much the same as in The Ambassador's Miss [...]

    22. You know what I really don't like about this series? If the next book wouldn't be waiting on my shelf, I'd be so angry with Trudi Canavan. The story just ends abruptly and there's nothing left to say in the end. You have lots of questions left open and you have no idea what the f*ck is going on. Fortunately, I do have the next book next to me and I can read on, so that's cool. Just crossing my fingers that the last book won't end like that as well.To the story itself, I gotta say it's a lot bett [...]

    23. Amo a Trudi Canavan y todos sus libros. media.tumblr/d724775e5ba80Aunque sí es verdad que esta nueva trilogía está un poco por debajo del nivel de "Crónicas del mago negro", es una pasada. Y, si la otra tiene cuatro estrellas, esta tiene cuatro.Tanto los personajes (especialmente Sonea y Lorkin) como la trama están muy bien desarrollados, y en ningún momento me aburrió. De hecho no hacía más que pensar en seguir leyendo mientras estaba en clase xDDDYO OS RECOMIENDO QUE LEÁIS TODOS LOS [...]

    24. I was taken back once again to the land of Imardin. Although, I did find the first few chapters a little out of Trudi's voice, if you will, it did come back to her style, and it was like I never left there.A new character is born, young Lilia. We have to follow her in some parts on a wild journey of her discovery of not only herself, but of higher magic. I was captivated from, perhaps the forth chapter, lol, which lasted to the end.We had to ask once before, just what might happen to Cery and An [...]

    25. Another mostly mediocre book in this series. Although Lorkin's storyline is interesting and getting to see more about the traitors was fun, I felt like a lot of things were pretty contrived. The (view spoiler)[Dannyl/Tayend/Achati (hide spoiler)] was good, but I feel like their journey was a little pointless and like 90% of it was (view spoiler)[them on a ship. (hide spoiler)] Also I DO NOT FEEL a vibe at all between Dannyl and Achati. None whatsoever. I'm fully on team Tayend.Whatever is going [...]

    26. The Black Magician's trilogy was good, nothing to thrill until the High Lord, but still entertaining and nice, plus the action. I really liked The Magician's Apprentice, very interesting, especially Tessia's progress and her character, as well as the environment of an old world and the war. The Traitor Spy was interesting during the first book, but this one was a disappointment I must say. It was boring, plain, no action at all and the plot dragged a lot. The only thing that could have been a bi [...]

    27. I don't know. This book is either a weak 4 or strong 3 stars. I'm giving it the same rating as the previous one, but I'd just want to underline that I enjoyed this one much more than The Ambassador's Mission.

    28. Much better than the first book. I had to stop myself doing a little happy dance in the library when it showed up :P Still not as good as the first trilogy though, it has a lot to live up to and for me it doesnt. Still worth a read.

    29. I bought this book on my kindle a few days ago, not realising I had already read it. I think this pretty much sums up how much I enjoyed it; didn't even remember reading it. On a second-flick through, I vaguely recalled a few parts.

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