Fantasy Lover

Fantasy Lover Dear Reader Being trapped in a bedroom with a woman is a grand thing Being trapped in hundreds of bedrooms over two thousand years isn t And being cursed into a book as a love slave for eternity can

  • Title: Fantasy Lover
  • Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • ISBN: 9780312979973
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Dear Reader, Being trapped in a bedroom with a woman is a grand thing Being trapped in hundreds of bedrooms over two thousand years isn t And being cursed into a book as a love slave for eternity can ruin even a Spartan warrior s day As a love slave, I know everything about women How to touch them, how to savor them, and most of all, how to pleasure them But when I wDear Reader,Being trapped in a bedroom with a woman is a grand thing Being trapped in hundreds of bedrooms over two thousand years isn t And being cursed into a book as a love slave for eternity can ruin even a Spartan warrior s day.As a love slave, I know everything about women How to touch them, how to savor them, and most of all, how to pleasure them But when I was summoned to fulfill Grace Alexander s sexual fantasies, I found the first woman in history who saw me as a man with a tormented past She alone bothered to take me out of the bedroom and onto the world She taught me to love again.But I was not born to love I was cursed to walk eternity alone As a general, I had long ago accepted my sentence Yet now I have found Grace the one thing my wounded heart cannot survive without Sure, love can heal all wounds, but can it break a two thousand year old curse Julian of MacedonSee original cover edition here

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    1. I couldn't wait to finish this book but for all the wrong reasons. Even a 2 star rating seems generous. Back in 2002, when this book first came out, it was probably fresh and exciting. But from then on a lot has evolved in UF/PNR-land and I think I've been 'spoiled' with good quality writing. The writing was extremely simplistic, repetitive and annoying. The POV changing wasn't done well at all. The story was (I know: even for a PNR about a 2000 year old Spartan demi God) totally unrealistic. Th [...]

    2. I've been in fantasy mode lately. Hence this book. If I could give more than 2 stars, I would. Sadly, I cannot.

    3. With a title like “Fantasy Lover” I was not expecting this book to be so riotously funny! Gorgeous man, yes. Sexual tension, for sure. Hot sex, hell yeah. But comedy? Who knew?!? HAHA! I’m on the verge of busting out into one of those snorting, wheezing laughs that makes your cheeks hurt just remembering the hilarious heinosity (I realize that isn’t a real word) that filled the pages of this book.HimJulian of Macedon is an ancient warrior of the Macedonian variety (hence the name “Juli [...]

    4. "So, what’s your style preference?""For what I have in mind, nudity works best."Fantasy Lover is an amazing prequel to the Dark-Hunter series, based on Greek Mythology, the love story of Julian and Grace.Julian, who was the most feared Macedonian general of his time, was betrayed and cursed to be a love slave for all time. Grace is the only one who is able to break this curse.Grace is always rational, maybe too rational: she tries to find sense even in lust.She couldn’t very well let him joi [...]

    5. This is not my first book by this author and I actually started off with this series by reading the sequel of this story. I know, strange, but it worked for me. I liked the sequel enough to read this story. And I love, love, loved it!!! The story is a mix of greek ancient time, where gods still rulled the world and the present time where the gods sadly still rule but more so in the background. But it's not just gods and myths, there are also some other supernatural beeings that make the plot rea [...]

    6. 3.75 wishful starsBlessed by Aphrodite’s divine touch, he grew into such a man that no woman could deny him her body. For when it came to the Art of Love, he knew no equal— his stamina far beyond that of any mere mortal man. His desires hot and wild, he could never be tamed. Or denied.Fantasy Lover is the first book in the Dark Hunter series, a delicious paranormal take on the genie in the lamp, except instead of rubbing the lamp you make a birthday wish, substitute a Greek love-slave for th [...]

    7. Fantasy Lover is the first full-length novel by Sherrilyn Kenyon that I have read, and I absolutely loved it. It was packed with thoroughly romantic moments and beautiful sensuality that was sheer perfection for me, and that was even without the hero and heroine actually having sex until the very end of the book. I consider myself to be a very girly girl, and I find that Ms. Kenyon's writing style has a very feminine quality that is very appealing to me. I like the balance that she finds between [...]

    8. Un libro romántico hasta la médula, con una muy buena dosis de erotismo. Es una novela livianita, pero muy, muy entretenida. Debo reconocer que me la devoré.Al principio, la utilización de la mitología griega para sustentar la parte fantástica se hace un poco absurda (probablemente es así hasta el final), pero la historia se va poniendo tan entretenida, que hasta eso se perdona.

    9. Well, this is the first book from the Dark Hunter series, and I have to say there wasn't any dark-hunting in this one XD As is with all the first books, we get to see the introduction in this whole new world the author created (Greek gods! I mean - YUMMY!) I was always fascinated with mithology, and this one is right up my alley :)Julian is a half-god, cursed in a book to be a love-slave through eternity. He is immortal, and has been cursed for two thousand years (!!!). One night, Grace and her [...]

    10. This was an okay paranormal romance, but it dragged a bit.Grace was a woman who didn’t have much experience with men, but knew that she didn’t need one, no matter what her best friend told her. I liked that she didn’t immediately drag Julian to bed when he showed up, even though she was attracted to him.The storyline in this centred on Julian trying to break his curse, and Julian and Grace slowly falling in love. That being said, although they spent time together, it still seemed like one [...]

    11. The best part of this book? Grace's dinner: Four pieces of pizza, two Hostess cupcakes, and four glasses of wine. Now, that's something I can relate to. Conjuring a Greek-god sex slave that finds the normal, slightly chubby Grace irresistible? Not so much.Considering how much this guy has been around.Anything Greek mythology related and I usually love it. There was a little bit of mythology, along with some Roman and Greek history. *But*, there was mostly a romance that included a lot of "heat s [...]

    12. The only way this book is even remotely tolerable is to read it aloud with a friend so that you can truly appreciate the ridiculousness of it. It is repetitive, stupid, and horribly written. I can't believe this woman is being published, and is a best-selling author on the NYTimes list. It's kind of scary. This books also takes the prize for being the worst book I've ever read in my life, and that includes that ones I read during my 8th grade romance novel phase.

    13. Fantasy Lover is the 1st book in The Entire Dark-Hunterverse Series and whilst it was not one of my favorites, I did enjoy reading it. One of the things I liked about it was the main character, Julian –son of a legendary Spartan general becoming commander of the Macedonian army.Betrayed and angering the Greek gods, he was cursed for all eternity, trapped inside a book and released once a month to be used as a sex slave by whoever opened the said book.Now, that doesn’t sound too bad!!!! To be [...]

    14. WOW I love love love it!!!! Great book I would give it more than 5 stars I cant wait to read the rest of the series

    15. What a great book. Definitely an A+. Sherrilyn just has a gift for making characters that you shed tears for and fall in love with. Julian really touched my heart and I felt for him in his pain. SK also has a great way with telling ancient history so that you're riveted. I admit I'm a history buff anyway, but she just brings it to light in a vivid and interesting way. And she seems fairly accurate in a way that Xena and Hercules aren't always. Her books make me want to go out and buy a book on a [...]

    16. 4 STARSJulian de Macedônia, Julian de Macedonia, Julian de Macedonia NADA, no aparece mi esclavo sexual.Ya poniéndome seria, me gustó mucho este libro y es que todo lo que tenga que ver con mitología griega me encanta sacan mi friki interior.Es una historia muy romántica, en muchas partes me conmovió sobre todo Julian por todas las cosas que tuvo que pasar y también tiene partes divertidas y otras sexys. Julian y Grace eran muy monos hace tiempo que quería usar esa palabra hahaha me enca [...]

    17. Opening Line: "Honey, you need to get laid."This was my first Sherrilyn Kenyon book and honestly it was a struggle to get through. All I could think was what am I missing? I mean the Dark Hunter series is SO popular there must be something wrong with me because this, well this was a grind. Fantasy Lover has its moments, the premise is unique and intriguing; an ex Spartan general cursed to spend eternity as a love slave trapped inside a book. He’s released every so often to be the sexual playth [...]

    18. Re-read EklemesiSon bir aydır, ne zaman çıbık makarna (spagetti değil, çıbık makarna) yesem aklıma takılan bir şey vardı. Bugün ayıptır söylemesi, gene hunharca makarnaya dalmışken aklıma düştü: Hangi aşık olunası kitap karakteri kendinden beklenmedik kibarlıkla yiyordu bu meredi? İşsizliğin böylesi! 😂Bugün sonunda hatırladım; Julian, Julian, Julian!O an yaşadığım mutluluğun tarifi yok inanın. Bunun şerefine hemen bir re-read yaptım.Çünkü. Neden. Ol [...]

    19. Posted on Under the CoversI’m late on this one, I know. But better late than never, right?The premise of Fantasy Lover is so unique and genius that I’m baffled to find that no other author has attempted to write something like this before. A Greek sex god emerges from a book to fulfill all of a woman’s sexual needs until the next full moon. Really, what more could a romance reader ask for? If only it were trueI enjoyed Julian and reading about his tortured past. Cursed forever and trapped [...]

    20. Pues la verdad no sé qué decir La historia está bien, me ha gustado, pero hasta ahí; no hay más tras cerrar el libro. Supongo que leeré alguno más, a ver si soy capaz de enamorarme de esta serie. :)

    21. No matter how much I tried, i couldn't take this book seriously. I don't think it was intentionally funny

    22. BR with ManjuI was literally afraid when Manju suggested this as our first Buddy-Read but surprisingly I ended up liking it to continue the whole series! (**PNRs are literally addictive!)Concept: 3.0/5.0Execution: 3.0/5.0 Characters Bespoken: 3.0 /5.0Cover: 3.0/5.0Overall: 3.0/5.0As for Julian and Grace:

    23. 23/8/2016Yeap I'll re-read the whole series!!***********************************************Dark Hunter is a very loved series for me. Being Greek  I grew up with the legends and myths the series is based on and that just makes the series extra special. Growing up I had this set of books(eight of them) that were the re-telling of Greek Mythology written in simple words and illustrated for children. I loved those books. Since kindergarden my mother would read them to me every night. I remember [...]

    24. This is going to be a comprehensive review for my thoughts on the 13 books and novellas that I've read in the series up to this point, so this review could be on the long side. Since I spent the past couple of weeks plowing through several of these books, I wanted to get some of my thoughts down on the series as a whole (so far) instead of writing out long reviews for each book, especially since many of my thoughts overlap from book-to-book. I might get up some mini-reviews/notes on the other bo [...]

    25. Fantasy Lover is a book rooted solidly in ancient Greek history. I quote:Blessed by Aphrodite's divine touch, he [Julian of Macedon:] grew into such a man that no woman could deny him her body. For when it came to the Art of Love, he knew no equal -- his stamina far beyond that of any mere mortal man. His desires hot and wild, he could never be tamed.Who knew mythology could be so hot interesting? I especially appreciated the capitalization used for emphasis in "the Art of Love". That's when I k [...]

    26. I read this because after reading The Pleasure Slave by Gena Showalter, everyone told me that her book was a pale imitation of this one.Not so.While I found Showalter's novel to be silly, funny, and sweet, this one seemed dark, sad, and clichéd. (All romance novels are clichédbut this one was worse than normal, IMO).I expect one or two problems in the novels - personal problems that the characters have - that will be solved by love and good sex. However, instead of presenting me with a managea [...]

    27. One moment while I confirm my blush in the mirror…. Yup… I’m still crimson after reading this book. Holy Greek GAWDS this book was steamy, but definitely a helluva lot of fun to read. :D I loved the two main characters Julian and Grace. Their dialog, their interactions with each other, their moments… wow!! All very squee-worthy and exciting.Fantasy Lover is definitely not my normal read, but every now and then, I enjoy putting some spice into the mix and this book definitely delivered. I [...]

    28. This was my first book by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I've read (and liked) some of the books she wrote under the name Kinley MacGregor, but I didn't know if I could use them as a reference because authors who change their pen names usually do it to establish different writing styles. Anyway, this couldn't be "bad" because, WTH, it's still the same person writing the books, right?Well I liked this book but didn't love it. I had some laughs - which weren't always from laughing with the story, but from laug [...]

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