Dance with the Devil

Dance with the Devil Zarek s Point of View Dark Hunter A soulless guardian who stands between mankind and those who would see mankind destroyed Yeah right The only part of that Code of Honor I got was eternity and solitu

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  • Title: Dance with the Devil
  • Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • ISBN: 9780312984830
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Zarek s Point of View Dark Hunter A soulless guardian who stands between mankind and those who would see mankind destroyed Yeah, right The only part of that Code of Honor I got was eternity and solitude Insanity A condition many say I suffer from after being alone for so long But I don t suffer from my insanity I enjoy every minute of it Trust I can t trust anyone.Zarek s Point of View Dark Hunter A soulless guardian who stands between mankind and those who would see mankind destroyed Yeah, right The only part of that Code of Honor I got was eternity and solitude Insanity A condition many say I suffer from after being alone for so long But I don t suffer from my insanity I enjoy every minute of it Trust I can t trust anyonet even myself The only thing I trust in is my ability to do the wrong thing in any situation and to hurt anyone who gets in my way.Truth I endured a lifetime as a Roman slave, and 900 years as an exiled Dark Hunter Now I m tired of enduring I want the truth about what happened the night I was exiled I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.Astrid Greek, meaning star An exceptional woman who can see straight to the truth Brave and strong, she is a point of light in the darkness She touches me and I tremble She smiles and my cold heart shatters.Zarek They say even the most damned man can be forgiven I never believed that until the night Astrid opened her door to me and made this feral beast want to be human again Made me want to love and be loved But how can an ex slave whose soul is owned by a Greek goddess ever dream of touching, let alone holding, a fiery star uscmillan dancewiththed

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    1. I’m really not getting any points for originality, am I?Dark Hunter Flashcard #3Name: ZarekAge: 2,150 give or takeFormer Occupation: Greek slave to the RomansSpecial D.H. power: Telekinesis, Enchanted hearing, Energy blasting, Pissing everybody off…Reason why he became a D.H.: The Romans were beating the crap out of him since the day he was born.Best thing that came out of his mouth: I don't suffer from my insanity -- I enjoy every minute of it.He finds his one true love when: She is sent to [...]

    2. Dance with the DevilI'm thinkingPhury + (-) + Zadist = Zarek.Zarek was very much like Zadist from Black Dagger Brotherhood, and I LOVE ZADIST!! If you take Phury away from Zadist you'll be left with Zarek. This probably makes no sense at all but that's all i could think throughout the whole book. Maybe it was a mistake to start this series with this book because now i hate all other hunters! Except Ash. Full review to come

    3. “Dying’s easy. It’s living that’s hard.”Dance with the Devil is a perfect romance, the beautiful love story of Zarek and Astrid. Certainly, it's not simply a romance: there is an incredible plot and fast-paced action, suffering and dread, twists and turns, revealed secrets, humor, one of the most heartbreaking background story ever, and fascinating secondary characters.But the main attraction of the novel is the story of the two of them, the development of the love and relationship of [...]

    4. I felt quite sorry for Zarek in this one, he’d had a terrible life and hadn’t even been shown love by his own father. He and Astrid made a good couple though.6.5 out of 10

    5. Zarek of Moesia (Hunter) & Astrid (Nymph of Justice/ Dream warrior) Why Zarek become a dark hunter: For many awful reasons. His mother was a whore who wanted him dead since the day he was born. His father was rich and from a noble family but also the cruelest man alive. His father hated Zarek, his half brothers hated Zarek, the servants hated Zarek. Before he realised what life is, he became the family whipping boy. He was starving his whole life, he became crippled and half blind from the b [...]

    6. This is the story I was most excited about and I'm so glad it didn't let me down. I loved it. I loved Zarek, loved Astrid and above all I loved their journey to each other. Zarek's past is so sad and I'm amazed how strong he turned out to be despite all the pain and loneliness. He's one of my favourite characters and I'm really glad I got to read his story. I adored Astrid and her undiing strenght to not let go of Zarek and to show him the beauty of kindness and love. they really are perfect for [...]

    7. 3 REAL STARS, 5 ROMANCE STARS - Yes, this an elusive "5-star-romance' that I rarely stumble upon.DISCLAIMER: This review has some discussions about the correct use of the word "fuck." If the word "fuck" bothers you, please skip this review. Some sex will also be discussed, although not graphically.Zarek has had a rough life. Born with his father a nobleman and his mother a whore, his mother paid some servants to kill him by leaving him in the snow to die. But a servant took pity on him, and gave [...]

    8. Reviewed for THC Reviews"4.5 stars" At last.other Dark-Hunter book that I could really sink my teeth into (pun intended;-)). I had greatly enjoyed the first book of the series, Fantasy Lover, but the stories in between that book and Dance with the Devil had left me feeling underwhelmed and less than satisfied. As I suspected it might, Dance with the Devil gave me a meatier tale with two well-developed characters that I could totally root for and who were very relatable, as well as getting back t [...]

    9. Upon revisiting this (long time) favorite of mine, I decided that Zarek deserved a review. This was my first Sherrilyn Kenyon book (once upon a time) and it was the book that started my love of the Dark-Hunters. Zarek has remained my favorite hero all this time, and while there are others that I love, none match Zarek for me. Every glimpse of him throughout the series is a treasured moment. Reading Zarek's story breaks my heart. He was a truly tortured hero who deserves all the good things in li [...]

    10. 4.5 starsLast book of 2016 and I'm so glad it was a great read! More importantly, it's my 200th book! YAS.It's about time I got to writing this review, so I apologize in advance because it sucks.I really enjoyed this! Much better than the previous book. When I read the previous book, Night Embrace, I liked Zarek so much I got super excited to start this story, which is this book. Zarek is a very deep and complex character. His past is very troubled and difficult, the most troubled I've read so f [...]

    11. This fourth book in Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series is one of my favorites. Zarek is an incredible hero with a horribly tortured soul. I wept for him, and I was angry in his behalf words can't express just how much I adore him.Interestingly enough, Zarek is one of the most tormented heroes I can think of, next to Zsadist, Brother extraordinaire from the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Zarek and Zsadist hmmmm. must be a "Z" thing.

    12. My favorite one so far! I love me a damaged hottie who just needs someone to love him in order to fix him.So, this is Zarek's story. He had one messed-up life - but I guess they all did in order to become Dark Hunters. Zarek was a whipping boy and then a slave during his mortal life. He was beaten daily, to the point of being disfigured when he met Ash. Luckily, Ash was able to restore his body before becoming a Dark Hunter. Of course, no one could restore his soul. Dun dun dun!!! So, he turned [...]

    13. I give this book 5 stars solely for Zarek. I cried so many times for his story. Was she inspired by JR Ward's Z who'd been a slave. Coincidence or not? Anyway, I cried buckets over Zarek. Now it's a toss up between Kerian and Zarek for who I like better. My only beef is more new characters were brought in. Where are those from the last story?

    14. I loved this book!When I picked up this one, I didn't expect a ton of mixed emotions that would flood over me; the compassion, the pain, the depression, the tenderness, and the happiness. This story was not only much better than the previous one, but also held itself and my hands together like glue! (hahaha)Zarek was the hero whose emotions were badly damaged. He had a very miserable life before he died, and later became a Dark-Hunter. Ever since he could remember, he was repeatedly tortured and [...]

    15. 4.5 MI Príncipe Encantado STARS Este libro me dejó con el corazón roto 💔💔💔 emocionalmente hecha papilla 😭😭😭 y con deseos asesinos para cierta Diosa 😠😠👊👊🔪🔪Más adelante haré una reseña mejor

    16. I have a love/hate relationship with Sherrilyn Kenyon. I love her world, her writing and her characters. I hate that all of her men are tortured and self-hating. Could we have one male who likes himself and his inner child? Other than that, I liked this story. Zarek was last seen protecting Sunshine and Talon (so un-Zarek-like) and we catch up with him as he's being flown back to his Alaskan prison. Astrid is the judge who Themis sent to either save him or kill him. Is Zarek really insane as eve [...]

    17. Sherrilyn mi diva de la escritura, creo que no tiene libro malo para mí, me pueden decir que si la saga Dark hunters no cambia, que todos los personajes masculinos está cortados por el mismo patrón (Duros, poquito machistas, atormentados, con sed de venganza y el corazón roto) Bueno puede ser, pero a mi es lo que me gusta leer, no digo que las novelas con protagonistas sin estos adjetivos no me guste, pero normalmente me gusta este tipo de personaje para leer.Bien dicho esto, a Zarek que le [...]

    18. Dance with the Devil is the fourth book in Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series and, in my opinion, has to be one of the best of the series. In this book, we get to see more than just the surly, hateful side of Zarek; we get to see his pain, his hurt, and all the love and tenderness he is capable of. In this book, both Artemis and Dionyous have condemned Zarek to death, calling out everyone they can to kill him. Acheron, however, is able to convince Artemis to have one of Themis' justice nymphs [...]

    19. This is how Italians envision Zarek of Moesia. Yum. And let me tell you, his love words to Astrid, “la mia stella” (my star) ahhh they sound much sexier in Italian.★★★½✩ Okay. This was a good read. By that I mean well written and a well developed world setting. It is just that it is pretty depressing reading about all the abuse Zarek suffered through-out his lifetime. Especially as a child. He was feared and rejected – for the most part unfairly – over and over. And for centurie [...]

    20. Zarek is a Dark Hunter, who has commited some terrible act in the past -about 1000 years ago- and was punished in exile in Alaska during all this time. Every other Dark-Hunter avoids him and is forbidden to talk with him. He's consider insane and dangerous and his creator, goddess Artemis, demands his execution. Acheron, leader of the Dark Hunters, steps in and asks for a judge to decide whether Zarek should live or die: the judge is to be Astrid, daughter of Thetis.Zarek, is the epitome of a to [...]

    21. There are already tons of reviews with significant information about the plot so I will try to be brief.I loved the hero Zarek. I feel pain and sorrow thinking about his life both before and after he became an immortal. The facts of his life are HORRIBLE. It is not possible to not be affected by it. So this is not an easy book to read. I will say that this did not make me cry. It made me rage! I wanted to hurt something/someone. I found myself taking long walks to work off some steam. I was not [...]

    22. I´m only four books into the series, but it just keeps getting better and better!!!Thanks Aly for recommending this series :)))My Zarek:

    23. Pense que este libro no me iba a gustar tanto como los anteriores y me equivoque, TERMINE AMANDO A ZAREK ♥♥Artemisa es una puta que merece morir,Adore a SimiY me encanta AshSasha me hizo reir mucho!Sin lugar a dudas este libro entro en mi corazon ♥♥

    24. Dance with the Devil is the third installment in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series. I’ve really enjoyed these books because they are filled with a ton of great characters and packed with fast-paced action.In this book, we meet Zarek who is a soulless Dark Hunter responsible for protecting mankind from the Daimons that want to destroy humans. Z’s past is long and tortured and when the story commences we learn that the goddess Artemis is about to condemn him to death for crimes that go a [...]

    25. 5+++ Stars*All Time Favorite Book List*This book inspired so many emotions for me.Long before I fell in love with the King of all Tortured Heroes, Zsadist (from JR Ward's brilliant Black Dagger Brotherhood series), there was Zarek. A truly frightening lone-wolf assassian who delights in shocking and scaring the hell out of anyone who even attempts to get to know him.Zarek's backstory is heartbreaking. And in fact, a lot of the flashback scenes are a bit hard to read. But that only made me love t [...]

    26. this was cute! And this series hasn't tended towards the cute, so I'm happy with this one! I'm hit or miss on the rest of the books, but I enjoyed this one!

    27. Sen, Sherriyn Kenyon, ne yapıyorsun böyle?!Amacın ne kadın? Beni delirtmek, parçalamak mı? O halde alkışlar sana gelsin, hepsini becerdin!Bir seride her kitap zirveyi zorluyorsa o kitabı okuyun lütfen!Hâlâ kendine gelememiş bir Kübra çizin buraya. Zarek’i düşündükçe içi titreyen versiyonu olsun elbette.Hatunun kalemi ilk kitabından bu yana beni cezp ediyordu. Yazdığı binlerce yıllık yaşamlar, ruhsuz adamlar, mistik bir dünya… Bunları harmanlayıp ağzınızı su [...]

    28. This is my 5th re-read and I still love this book. Zarak is by far my most favourite asshole character. You want to punch him in the face, then give him a big hug. He's been through so much pain and lashes out so he isn't betrayed yet again. He doesn't want to care for anyone as they all screw him over in the end.What I love best about him is that he doesn't change his character for Astrid. He's still a caustic asshole who enjoys pissing people off, but he lets her see his tender side. For her a [...]

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