Paint It Black

Paint It Black Paint It BlackFlorida s Gulf Coast community of Sereno Key has been shaken to the core by a grisly ritualistic murder Though an arrest is quickly made Detective Louis Kincaid feels strangely unsettle

  • Title: Paint It Black
  • Author: P.J. Parrish
  • ISBN: 9780786014194
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback
  • Paint It BlackFlorida s Gulf Coast community of Sereno Key has been shaken to the core by a grisly ritualistic murder Though an arrest is quickly made, Detective Louis Kincaid feels strangely unsettled His uncertainty is confirmed as a second body is discovered, and then a third each branded with the bizarre trademarks of a serial killer whose blood lust is growing NowPaint It BlackFlorida s Gulf Coast community of Sereno Key has been shaken to the core by a grisly ritualistic murder Though an arrest is quickly made, Detective Louis Kincaid feels strangely unsettled His uncertainty is confirmed as a second body is discovered, and then a third each branded with the bizarre trademarks of a serial killer whose blood lust is growing Now in a race against time, Kincaid will do whatever is necessary to stop the slaughter.Before becoming the next victim of a predator twisted than he ever imagined.Praise for the novels of P J Parrish Dead Of Winter is a wild ride with a really fine writer John Sandford, New York Times bestselling author A suspenseful tale.Parrish s latest will appeal to those seeking a fast paced thriller propelled by a cast of charismatic characters Publishers Weekly Fast paced.well conceived Chicago Tribune Full of intrigue and edge of the seat suspense Michael Connelly, New York Times bestselling author

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    1. RATING: 4.25The one constant in Louis Kincaid’s life has been inconstancy. Put into the foster system as a child, he has had a very rootless life which has continued into adulthood. As Paint It Black opens, he has moved from Michigan to Sereno Key, Florida. There are many allusions in the book that lead to the conclusion that he experienced a lot of trouble in his professional life in Michigan. Those readers who have read Dead of Winter will understand what is being referred to. I’m not so c [...]

    2. The third in P.J. Parrish's series featuring detective Louis Kincaid, "Paint it Black", is another suspenseful thriller, which, like the first two, examines race and racism in an interesting and entertaining way.Kincaid, taking time off from official police work after his horrendous experience in Michigan, has been invited to the Florida Keys by former boss and friend, retired Mississippi sheriff Sam Dodie. He isn't invited for rest and relaxation, however. His investigative skills have been req [...]

    3. Louis Kincaid is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. This third book of the series is my favorite so far. It had some good secondary characters, and an interesting storyline. Louis Kincaid's career as a police detective is in limbo after a bad experience in Michigan. While he is trying to decide what to do next, he is contacted by his former boss from his short stint as a police investigator in Mississippi. Louis agrees to look into a murder case in Florida. Shortly after he arrives, [...]

    4. This is the third book in the series and it just gets better and better. This time Louis leaves Michigan and heads to Florida to see his old boss from when he worked in Mississippi. He gets hooked with another small town police department and the mystery begins again. Loved all the characters and their interaction. It left me thinking Louis might actually stay in Florida. Can't wait to start the next book, already checked it out from the library!

    5. I am not sure about this series or if I like Louis Kincaid enough to keep reading. I would have like this book more if I had not read the previous two. Louis has a quick temper and doesn't follow orders well, and it gets him into trouble every time. I am a little tired of race being the main theme of the book. I don't think I will read another in the series for a while.

    6. I really enjoy this book series! This was a great book, but some of the other books in the series are better. I still recommend reading though!

    7. I could hardly wait to get my hands on this thriller, starring Louis Kincaid again.Fresh from the Michigan debacle, Kincaid is invited to Florida to investigate a strange murder. Kincaid arrives with his cat - Isobel - in a cat carrier and stays with his friend, Dodie - a retired investigator - and his wife, Margaret who loves to look after her men.It soon becomes apparent that the strange murder is one of many - a serial killer is on the loose and the local police are desperate to solve it befo [...]

    8. This is the first book I've read by P.J. Parrish and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's pretty gruesome so not for the weak stomached. No romance, strictly police work and murder.A serial killer is hunting black men on a small peaceful island off the Florida coast. Louis Kincaid, out-of-state cop on "vacation" is working with the local cops to solve these murders. A female FBI profiler is also involved. This is well written with great clues that lead and mislead at the same time. Great twists and turns [...]

    9. found this book at Savers for a couple of bucks. really enjoyed it as part of my favorite murder mystery genre. it is an older book and so the idea of FBI profiling was new. now, we just "know" that idea because of shows like "criminal minds". anyway, still a solid mystery. i would only recommend it if you like this genre, because as always you deal with unsavory characters and some language

    10. I'm enjoying this series with Louis Kincaid as a black detective. In this book, he is down south at the request of a former boss looking into the murder of a black man. The wife was initiallly arrested and charged but as the case progresses, the facts point to a serial killer. His new boss has a force that is inexperienced in dealing with this case. A sole rookie from the FBI is brought in to assist. Louis has to bridge the gap between the FBI agent and his new boss as the victims pile up.

    11. This was an awesome psychological thriller! I also enjoyed how it talked about new things with the FBI, since this takes place in the 1980s, like profiling personalities and whatnot of the killers, and entering them in their big computer data base. VI-CAP.t sure if I spelled that right. Anyway, this was another good Louis Kincaid book! Louis is one of my fave fictional cops! lol! On to the next book!

    12. I won Paint It Black in a contest. I started it late last night, and could hardly put it down to get some sleep. I hated that I had to wait until this evening to finish it. LOL I loved it. I live in South Florida so I recognized many of the places mentioned. It is a great read. Makes you really think and change your mind about who did it. Loved it and have to hurry out to get some more of this series.

    13. At the time I wasn't having much finding great books. This was OK, no major faults or anything, it just wasn't very exciting. The plot was reasonable, we didn't find out whodunit until the end but the premise for the murders was a bit lame and the pace a bit lacking. The series has some reasonable reviews so maybe I'll try one more book sometime.

    14. 3rd book in series. Louis Kincaid is called down to Florida to assist in solving several murders. Thrown in with the small town police department, the FBI and other jurisdictions fighting for control, Louis needs to pull all the information together to solve the murders. Suspenseful read.

    15. PJ Parrish is just good readin'There has not been one of the sisters books that I have not given a minimum of 4 stars to I believe. The Louis Kincaid character is one that a reader can easily buddy up to and looks forward to getting to know more and more!

    16. This was a great, fast paced novel. For a "cop novel" it moved really quickly. I really enjoy the misadventures of Louis Kincaid and watching him develop and age throughout each novel. This had a lot mystery and twists and turns.

    17. Perhaps its because I'm presently snowbound, but I really enjoyed reading this novel set in the Fort Meyers, Sanibel, Captiva area. The three main law enforcement officers were well painted and the villian was very interesting. A good read for a cold day.

    18. No romance!Male authors often provide too much violence. I avoid them as I avoid romance in a mystery novel.These two sisters meticulously avoided it. This despite one of them being a romance writer.Well done!I did, however, find much of the ending objectional and unnecessary.

    19. Why are the murdered men spray-painted black? That's the crux of the story, with Kincaid in Florida still trying to find a comfortable place. And I'm still with him, despite the meager three stars the series keeps getting.

    20. Another great book. I only wish I could have read #2 in the series first but still haven't found it- 3 libraries and 1 used book store have not produced results. But I'll keep trying. Now on to #4 in the series.

    21. This is the third PJ Parrish book - all featuring Detective Louis Kincaid. Like the others, this is excellent. This time Kincaid is in Florida looking for a serial killer. Parrish paints vivid locales and writes great stories.

    22. Paint it Black was a quick read. Fast paced and interesting I still feel like it lacked something but couldn't put my finger on it. I would read another Parrish novel though, I like where this story is going.

    23. Good fast-paced crime thriller, keeps you guessing and has likeable, realistic characters. An enjoyable quick, undemanding read.

    24. I like this Parrish person(s). He/she/they write an excellent thriller. I never would have guessed whodunit however I would have guessed what Kincaid was choosing to do with his future :)

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