Whale Song

Whale Song A haunting story of love tragedy sacrifice and transformation that will change the way you view lifed death Thirteen years ago Sarah Richardson s life was shattered after the tragic assisted suicid

  • Title: Whale Song
  • Author: Cheryl Kaye Tardif
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A haunting story of love, tragedy, sacrifice and transformation that will change the way you view lifed death Thirteen years ago, Sarah Richardson s life was shattered after the tragic assisted suicide of her mother The shocking tragedy left a grief stricken teen aged Sarah with partial amnesia Some things are easier to forget.But now a familiar voice from her pastA haunting story of love, tragedy, sacrifice and transformation that will change the way you view lifed death Thirteen years ago, Sarah Richardson s life was shattered after the tragic assisted suicide of her mother The shocking tragedy left a grief stricken teen aged Sarah with partial amnesia Some things are easier to forget.But now a familiar voice from her past sends Sarah, a talented mid twenties ad exec, back to her past A past that she had thought was long buried Some things are meant to be buried Torn by nightmares and visions of a yellow eyed wolf, yet aided by the creatures of the Earth and by the killer whales that call to her in the night, Sarah must face her fears and uncover the truth even if it destroys her Some things are meant to be remembered at all cost This haunting tale of change and choice sensitively explores issues of the right to die, integrating the optimistic spiritualism of native myth and the hard realities of modern day life This beautiful story, told in flashback, straddles the genres of mystery and family drama, and is set in the wilds of Canada Vancouver Island, Victoria, Bamfield and Vancouver.

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    1. I just finished Cheryl Kaye Tardif's book, Whale Song. What a wonderful, wonderful story. It read smoothly and the progression of events was well done. As in much of literature, a good book takes you to a place you know nothing about with characters that you come to know as friends, and by the time you're finished you feel as though you have moved in. That's how Whale Song is. It's a book that makes it possible for you to move in and set down roots.

    2. I really WANTED to love this book I tried really hard! But, considering how fascinated I am by most of the subject matter in this book--oceanic research, Native American lore, orcas/marine life, etc--I was somewhat disappointed. It's a quick read, started and finished in one evening, so at least it didn't take up too much of my time. It's not that it was awful, I just felt that the description could have been a lot better. The setting alone, an island off the coast of Canada, should have allowed [...]

    3. Anyone who has heard the haunting sound of a whale's song will never forget it. So it is with this story, mystical, honest, haunting and wonderful. So emotional in fact, that I am writing this review while my eyes are still damp with tears. Tears of joy, tears of sorrow, and a great feeling of enlightenment and belonging. The rich blend of lifestyles from the prairies of Wyoming to Vancouver Island's rugged west coast in British Columbia, both very remote, brings together a family who have never [...]

    4. Review by Tracee Gleichner"I once feared death. It is said that death begins with the absence of life. And life begins when death is no longer feared. I have stared death in the eye and survived." So begins Whale Song by Cheryl Kaye Tardif.11 year old Sarah Richardson is uprooted from her home on a ranch in Wyoming and forced to leave behind her best friend, some of her favorite possessions, and all of the memories of her childhood. Her father has accepted a job in Bamfield, Canada where he will [...]

    5. From the talented author Cheryl Kaye Tardif we are given a poignant and haunting tale – a coming-of-age story of a young girl transplanted to an island culture that combined Native mysticism with the beautiful animal world of the whales.When Sarah Richardson’s family moved from Wyoming to Vancouver Island, she was not happy. Leaving behind a life of familiarity and comfort, including her best friend, she could not imagine ever experiencing joy again. Her parents, however, immerse themselves [...]

    6. I don't know how to do justice to this book in a review. It's like trying to describe love or any other emotion--you have to experience it to really understand. And Whale Song is quite an experience! The story seems straightforward, moving along in a way that constantly keeps your attention. But underneath are layers of complex feelings and meaning, and they will stir your heart in a big way. Have Kleenex handy! I went through a whole box while reading this. And not because it was sad--although [...]

    7. The side stories of this book are what makes it memorable to me: tales of bullying and abuse, friendships fading and gained. When the book was just about Sarah's life, I liked it. But once it became about her mother's death, I became bored. While the twist was interesting, if predictable, so many cliches and severe misunderstandings and unlikely coincidences had to come together for the conclusions. I really disliked when ten years passed in basically a short and blunt summary form when the book [...]

    8. A POWERFUL, MOVING FAMILY DRAMA THAT SPANS THE GENERATIONS! BEAUTIFUL WRITING!The title of this book leaped out at me from its striking cover, but when I started reading, I was captivated by how meaningful the title was to this very moving story. Cheryl Kaye Tardif's words, scenes and characters flowed through the pages so smoothly I almost forgot I was reading. I felt as though I were in Canada with the characters.This is a story about an eleven-year-old girl, Sarah Richardson, who moves with h [...]

    9. I've read the first two chapters and can't wait to read the rest, fantastic author!!! Update: 4 of 4 people found the following review helpful: A Literary Master Piece!!!, November 24, 2008 By Chase von (California) - See all my reviews This is going to be an unusual review for me. I too am an author and I have also read other works by this immensely talented woman and also interviewed her. I also have a suggestion but I will mention that again at the end of this review. I'm also a two time war [...]

    10. Reviewed by Breanna F. for TeensReadToo11-year-old Sarah and her parents, Daniella (an artist), and Jack (a marine biologist), move to Canada from the States. Sarah is not happy about the move but she starts warming up to the idea when she sees their beautiful new house located right along the beach that has an amazing view. She's even more happy when she meets Goldie. The two quickly become best friends. Sarah loves Goldie's family, especially her grandmother who they call Nana most of the time [...]

    11. In the summer of 1977, eleven-year-old Sarah Richardson is filled with trepidation and resentment when her father’s new job forces her to leave her home and best friend in Wyoming to relocate in the remote town of Bamfield on Vancouver Island. But these feelings fade when she sees her gorgeous new home overlooking the ocean and befriends and Indian (a term commonly used for First Nations people in 1977) girl named Goldie. Of course, her idyllic summer with her parents and Goldie doesn’t last [...]

    12. Whale SongCheryl Kaye TardifKunati Inc. 2007In USA: 6901 Bryan Dairy Rd Suite 150, Largo, FL. 33777In Canada: 2600 Skymark Ave Bldg. 12, Suite 103, Mississauga, Canada L4W 5B2kunati cherylktardifSC 199 pages, $12.95 USAISBN # 1-60164-007-2Reviewed by Christina Francine WhitcherCFrancine@mail2worldWe try to make sense of our world. A logical explanation often provides some comfort, however, this is not always the case. Our brain may not find needed answers, but the heart may. Sometimes it is the [...]

    13. I wasn't sure what to expect from this book other than there would be whales in it. The summary above comes from the back of the book and doesn't say much. I'll tell you a little more about the book so you can properly decide if it's your kind of book but don't worry, I'd never reveal too much or spoil and ending.The main character is an 11 year old girl whose family moves to a small town where most of the inhabitants are Native Canadians. The book is Children's Fiction but for older children, s [...]

    14. 10/22/07TITLE/AUTHOR: Whale Song by Cheryl Kaye TardifRATING: 4.5/B+ GENRE/PUB DATE/# OF PGS: Fiction/2003/201 pgsSERIES/STAND ALONE: Stand-aloneTIME/PLACE: 1977/Vancouver Island CHARACTERS: Sarah/11-yr-old daughter of Jack/marine biologist & Danielle/artist FIRST LINES:I once feared death. It is said that death begins w/ the absence of life. And life begins when death is no longer feared. I have stared death in the face and survivedMENTS: rec'd from author 10/17/07 (THANKS!)Captivating stor [...]

    15. INSPIREDWhen Cheryl Tardif's publisher invited me to read Whale Song, I admit to beginning with a certain amount of trepidation. After all, the novel is YA, aimed at young female readers, and I'm 66 and male. I'm so glad I didn't let those things deter me. Cheryl Tardif is wonderfully talented. Her prose is clean, so economical I found the act of reading esthetically pleasing in and of itself. And yes, just as you would suspect, beneath this technically superior surface lurks a story of intensit [...]

    16. A touching story about life and heartbreak set against the backdrop of Canada's native people. Tardif's storytelling pulls you into the life of young Sarah and her family- taking you on a journey of pain and discovery. As Sarah and her family are transplanted from the USA to Canada, Sarah feels her world is coming apart. But she meets new friends and begins to like her new life. Just as she is feeling settled, life throws another curve ball, one that threatens to take away all the people she lov [...]

    17. Sixth grader Sarah Richardson's father is a marine biologist who lives and teaches in Montana. When he gets his dream job to study whales on Vancouver Island, he packs up the family and moves to a tiny First Nations community. Sarah experiences racism and bullying at her new school, but she also makes a new best friend, Goldie. Goldie's grandmother provides wisdom and love for the displaced Sarah and her mother. The tribe provide comfort during the tragedy which changes Sarah's life forever.Told [...]

    18. Got this as a free download because of the storyline, though it's not my usual type of book at all. More 'chick lit' than what I normally read, but the scenario of a girl moving from Wyoming to west coast Indian reservation, a reservation school and dealing with prejudice hit home for me. I've been there myself, many years ago.I found a great deal of realism in the book. The discrimination was accentuated for the fictionalized tension but I did not feel that it was badly presented or unrealistic [...]

    19. It's hard not to think about the influences on this lovely novel:Judy Blume's ear for the desperate seeking of adolescence, Garth Stein'ssense of the texture and mythos of the Northwest Coast. But past the influences,there's a pervasive spirituality that runs through this book.It's message is one of reconciliation, imagination and forgiveness. It underlies the questions of adolescent autonomy and the right to determine the end one's life. It is much deeper than the issues of bullying and fitting [...]

    20. I suspect this is a YA book- didn't notice that when I bought it. Even so, it's a thin read. (Harry Potter is a YA novel, too- just sayin'). The relationships are immature and not fleshed out with any depth (especially the male/female ones). I enjoyed the setting and the narrative is fine. The first third of the book does a nice job setting the stage and building a sense anticipation. But mixed into this is the overhanded foreshadowing of the mom's death, which is inexplicably announced several [...]

    21. Another hit for Kunati publishing! Cheryl Kaye Tardiff's story of a young girl's struggle to leave her home in Wyoming to move to Canada with her parents touches the very soul of the reader. Change is hard for any age. Cheryl weaves the uncertain path of life, death and recovery with a golden needle. Many times I found myself fighting back the tears because of the grip of real-life emotion. Ms. Tardiff spans multi-tradtions, as well as multi-races and brings you full circle through the murder of [...]

    22. For Anyone Young or Young At Heart!I found this book spiritual, mystical and very sweet. Cheryl Kaye Tardif writes like the flow of a river. I was transported to this tiny island in Canada and felt life I had also grown up there. Some people will say that since it is focused on a young girl coming of age, men/boys may not relate to it this is absolutely false anyone who is young or young at heart will love this book. I plan on buying copies for many of my friends and family this December. It wil [...]

    23. This was a lot different than I had expected. When I first started reading it, I thought that the tragedy would be a lot different than it was, and I was expecting it throughout the book. But when it turned out to be different than I was thinking, I really started to get into the book. There were quite a few twists in itoverall it was a really great read.

    24. Beautiful StoryWhale Song is a beautiful story of a young girl's emotional journey to the ability to let go and to gain freedom. Told from Sarah's perspective, this story is about making friends, learning a new culture, and learning to live with the death of her mother. In places this book brought me to tears, but it also has a happy ending.

    25. Great bookd I heard about it from ! Cheryl Tardif captured what it feels like to lose someone you love and so many of the different emotions you go through. She also captured an accurate portrayal of a girls adolescence--like the first kiss of an 11-year-old; that was very cute. This was a short, quick read that kept me entertained throughout.

    26. This was a sad story but mostly it was just too predictable. It was an easy read and didn't take any brain power at all. The story is a young woman's reflection on events in her life that involved a move and the death of her mother at an early age. You could probably guess what happened just from that description.

    27. The folklore in this book was really interesting and the author did a great job painting the scenery for me. I was ready to hop on a plane and go play with the whales. I guess my biggest issue was the constant foreshadowing of what was to come. I got annoyed with the references in every chapter to the horrible tragedy that the summary already said was coming.

    28. This was an easy read and a real page turner. I know it might have been aimed partially at young adults but it reached places -- sadness child abuse racism, bullying, losing a parentl in own little book.

    29. This was a warm story that deals with current issues such as bullying, growing up, and assisted suicide. For some people, I recommend having tissues handy because it may be emotional for some. I recommend this for young adults as well as for adults.

    30. This book was pretty interesting because it dealt with a lot of different and unusual themes- self-assisted suicide, native spirituality, memory loss and family relationships. It is set on Vancouver Island, which was kind of cool too.

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