Friends (Mostly)

Friends Mostly Henry and Ruby Ruby and Henry Best friends Most of the time They give the best gifts and know the best games and are the best at keeping secrets Most of the time But even when Henry and Ruby don t get

  • Title: Friends (Mostly)
  • Author: Barbara Joosse Tomaso Milian
  • ISBN: 9780060882211
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Henry and Ruby.Ruby and Henry.Best friends Most of the time They give the best gifts and know the best games and are the best at keeping secrets Most of the time But even when Henry and Ruby don t get along, they know one thing nothing is the same without your best friend.Henry and Ruby.Ruby and Henry.They belong together.All of the time.

    One thought on “Friends (Mostly)”

    1. My copy had been donated to our library from one of our resident patrons. It was dedicated to two wonderful ladies whom I work with in our Youth Department. This story instantly brought back memories of childhood friendships of my own, including those betrayals and apologies, the jealousies and all the fun and laughter and imagination bundled into a single summer, or several years depending on the friend with whom I shared those memories with. Even though Henry and Ruby might not always get alon [...]

    2. Ruby and Henry are best friends and do everything together. But when secrets get spilled, will their preschool relationship be able to pull through? This had potential to be a really cute book, but it failed on all accounts. The writing was confusing and choppy. The dialogue of each character was separated by only a colon making it a hard book to read aloud. The illustrations were confusing as well because at some points the kids looked like giants and it was too busy.

    3. I liked the idea about the fickle nature of preschool friendship but this story was a bit confusing as the two characters voices were prefaced with their names before their "lines". I found that to be somewhat awkward and would never rely on this title to flow smoothly in a group setting (but that is just me).

    4. Best friends have ups and downs and everything in between as Barbara Joosse and Tomaso Milian have uniquely shown us in their picture book, 'FRIENDS (MOSTLY)'. Ruby and Henry have been best friends forever and even they make mistakes in their friendship. Can they forgive one another? Hmmm, I guess you will read it to find out.Published by Greenwillow Books.#PB #friendship #BFFs

    5. This book was a little hard to read aloud. When the author would have the characters name followed by a colon, it made it seem chppy and disjointed. Plus, my son was confused by the illustrations where the characters were significantly larger on some pages. He kept wanting to know if they were giants.I like the concept and the message, but the execution for this one just wasn't quite there.

    6. Loved this.Kids will get this.Sometimes friends argue--sometimes friends are jealous of each other--sometimes friends hurt each other. But mostly, we know we would be heartbroken without our best friend!

    7. Henry and Ruby don't always get along, but they are always best friends. Story is hard to follow sometimes. Colorful artwork.

    8. Liked the theme, but the markers that show when the dialogue changes could have been better (another font maybe)

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