The Mountain Between Us

The Mountain Between Us From the author of Where the River Ends comes this page turning story of love and survival On a stormy winter night two strangers wait for a flight at the Salt Lake City airport Ashley Knox is an at

  • Title: The Mountain Between Us
  • Author: Charles Martin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From the author of Where the River Ends, comes this page turning story of love and survival.On a stormy winter night, two strangers wait for a flight at the Salt Lake City airport Ashley Knox is an attractive, successful writer, who is flying East for her much anticipated wedding Dr Ben Payne has just wrapped up a medical conference and is also eager to get back EastFrom the author of Where the River Ends, comes this page turning story of love and survival.On a stormy winter night, two strangers wait for a flight at the Salt Lake City airport Ashley Knox is an attractive, successful writer, who is flying East for her much anticipated wedding Dr Ben Payne has just wrapped up a medical conference and is also eager to get back East for a slate of surgeries he has scheduled for the following day When the last outgoing flight is cancelled due to a broken de icer and a forthcoming storm, Ben finds a charter plane that can take him around the storm and drop him in Denver to catch a connection And when the pilot says the single engine prop plane can fit one , if barely, Ben offers the seat to Ashley knowing that she needs to get back just as urgently And then the unthinkable happens The pilot has a heart attack mid flight and the plane crashes into the High Uintas Wilderness one of the largest stretches of harsh and remote land in the United States Ben, who has broken ribs and Ashley, who suffers a terrible leg fracture, along with the pilot s dog, are faced with an incredibly harrowing battle to survive Fortunately, Ben is a medical professional and avid climber and in a lucky break, has his gear from a climb earlier in the week With little hope for rescue, he must nurse Ashley back to health and figure out how they are going to get off the mountain, where the temperature hovers in the teens Meanwhile, Ashley soon realizes that the very private Ben has some serious emotional wounds to heal as well He explains to Ashley that he is separated from his beloved wife, but in a long standing tradition, he faithfully records messages for her on his voice recorder reflecting on their love affair As Ashley eavesdrops on Ben s tender words to his estranged wife she comes to fear that when it comes to her own love story, she s just settling And what s she begins to realize that the man she is really attracted to, the man she may love, is Ben As the days on the mountains become weeks, their survival become increasingly perilous How will they make it out of the wilderness and if they do, how will this experience change them forever Both a tender and page turning read, The Mountain Between Us will reaffirm your belief in the power of love to sustain us.From the Hardcover edition.

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    1. On the surface, The Mountain Between Us appears to be nothing more than another survival story, but don’t be fooled. This is an emotionally laden journey—a story meaningful enough to leave a lasting impression on this reader. Stranded at the airport in Utah, with nothing but cancelled flights looming on the overhead screens, two strangers opt to share a chartered plane to Denver. Dr. Ben Payne is hoping to get back to his patients after having been away for a medical conference and some much [...]

    2. When it came to love, you taught me to crawl, walk, run, and then, somewhere on the beach, beneath the moon and running into a headwind, clipping away five-minute miles, you turned to me, cut the ties that held my wings, and taught me to fly. My feet barely touching the ground.If writing like this which goes on for pages and pages, makes you nauseated - this book is not for you. Think Nicholas Sparks. This author has a lot in common with Sparks. However, if you love this kind of talk, this book [...]

    3. I rarely go back and change my rating but this book has been haunting me. And although It read more like a wilderness survival manual than a "romance" novel. The story line is beautiful, I wasn't being fair to this book. I went back and re-read a few chapters just to make sure it was me and not this book. It's a good book that stayed with me and I debated over it on and off for a few months. Sorry.

    4. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/In what may be the longest synopsis in the history of the universe, nearly the entire storyline for The Mountain Between Us is presented so I’ll spare you all the excessive details. Basically, the tale here is of Ashley and Ben, strangers who meet at the airport while trying to get to their respective homes. When an epic snowstorm shuts things down, the two hop a puddle jumper in hopes of beating the weather and continuing on to their destinations. Unfo [...]

    5. Sometimes I wonder how you ever fell for me. You believe in things you cannot see and speak a language that only hearts knew.So if you're like me, you only picked up this book because it's been made into a film starring the delightful Kate Winslet and the very dreamy Idris Elba. Watching the trailer, I was thinking " Another action movie where characters battle the elements." Of course, I was also thinking "Gee that Kate Winslet is one lucky gal- stuck on a boat with Leonardo DiCaprio, getting v [...]

    6. If I could give it negative stars, I would; that's how bad this was. I guess no one edits books anymore. I just have to point out that "Leather and Lace" is NOT a Fleetwood Mac song, and it's Percocet, not Percoset.Aside from that, the story was just awful. I sure hope that if I am ever in a plane crash, in the mountains no less, that my companion is an ER trauma/orthopedic surgeon, because I will have a serious orthopedic injury that needs looking after. Oh, and he'll be an Eagle scout, super-f [...]

    7. I can't decide what I feel about this book. On one hand it was an interesting story, tender and well-told. The characters were real and the survival story was good enough that I stayed up late(r) to finish it. And, thank goodness, it had a mostly happy ending!On the other hand, why wasn't this man in a mental institution? Why does he still talk to his dead wife by means of a digital recorder, which, as it fills up, is placed on her burial place and another begun? Why did he bury his wife in the [...]

    8. I guess i don't get it. I could not finish reading this book so i skimmed it. Survival stories are one of my favorites but this was just too much to be believed. Everything goes too well for a male doctor and a female writer, both nearly at death's door after a small airplane crash into a mountain. How incredible that they have many of their survival tools at hand. Thank goodness we have a doctor as well. Isn't it great that this duo is dialoguing their wit to beat the band and throwing snowball [...]

    9. The Mountain Between Us was both a romance and adventure/survival story that kept me engaged. I wanted to keep reading to find out what was going to happen. Yes, some of the events were too convenient and predictable, but in IMHO it was worth the read. If you want to read a romantic, hopefully, wholehearted book, read this one. I look forward to the screen version.

    10. a survival story of a man and woman on ice mountain after a plane crash, two injured strangers relying on each other to stay alive, and through hard weeks they become closer Ben is the one who struggled hard to protect Ashley, several times when their situation worsens, Ashley asked Ben to leave her behind but he consistently refuses, till they finally found help this journey changed their lives, and their recognition of love came after a while so it's free from the pressures of the tragic event [...]

    11. This is the type of book I could barely put down, but also wanted to press pause on - only to make reading it last longer. I really enjoyed The Mountain Between Us! I first heard about this book last spring, in a “books to read before they become movies” type of article. I typically scan these kinds of articles but have so many books on my TBR list already, something really has to grab my attention. The premise of the plot for this one did. Then, to find out Ben and Ashley, the two main char [...]

    12. ★★★½“The High Uintas Wilderness. Largest east-to-west mountain range on the continent, home to 1.3 million acres of uncivilized wilderness, gets five to seven hundred inches of snow a year—more in some of the higher elevations. More than seven hundred lakes, some of the best fishing and hunting anywhere.” “Sounds remote.” “In the middle is a national forest that’s designated a wilderness, which means there are no motorized vehicles of any kind allowed. Hence, it’s one of t [...]

    13. Hollywood Movie NewsCongrats, Charles!Awesome Book! Full of drama and suspense with a twist of romance! Could not put it down- finished in 2 nights. A Florida gal, have all Martin's books (My favorite author of all time). All 5 Stars. If you have not read this author, you are missing out. “Forgiveness is a tough thing. Both in the offering…and the accepting.” ― Charles Martin, The Mountain Between UsBehind the Scenes: Cannot wait for the movie!!The Mountain Between Us | Going to Extremes [...]

    14. ”Who knows what tomorrow bringsIn a world few hearts surviveAll I know is the way I feelWhen it's real, I keep it alive”--“Up Where We Belong” – lyrics by Jack Nitzsche / Buffy Saint-Marie / Will JenningsSome journeys are physically demanding, physically draining, and some journeys are more emotional journeys. This is an intensely physical journey, although it doesn’t really start out that way – a cancelled flight, a man, Dr. Ben Payne anxious to return home after a medical confere [...]

    15. Gostei muito! Foi um livro que nem dei pelas páginas passar, foi sempre a ler sem qualquer aborrecimento. Gostei muito do clima de frio e neve, temperaturas baixas, gelontrasta com o calor que temos tido nestes últimos tempos. Como já tinha visto o trailer do filme, imaginei as personagens com a cara dos actoresnão temos assim muita descrição física de cada um, portanto foi bom ter caras para nomes! O final não me surpreendeujá calculava.Vou sem dúvida ver o filme!---()''A montanha ent [...]

    16. I really enjoyed this book, and if it wasn't for having to get up early and go to work on Monday I would have finished it in one day.If you're looking for a true blue, hardcore survivor story, this isn't the book for you. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect going into this book; I chose it for one of the categories on my reading challenge this year. What I got was a story that sucked me in from the beginning. I liked both of these characters and I wanted to know what happened next to them. We [...]

    17. The Mountain Between Us came across my feed a couple weeks ago (Thanks, Lisa!). I was quite intrigued, as this is a plane-crash-survival story AND it is going to be a movie (coming out in October per imbd)I was sold!! I absolutely love survival storiesd books that are turned into movies!I really enjoyed this book and even though there were times I had to suspended disbelief (which is common with fictional survival stories) I was hooked and couldn't read fast enough to reach the ending. Overall, [...]

    18. I loved this book. It had many of the things I love. First of all it is a plane crash survival story. I eat that stuff up. Then it had humor and pathos, a strong heroine and a very strong and morally upright hero. The writing was well done. I could feel the cold and ice an snow along with the characters. The author avoided using deus ex machine to get his characters out of their very tight spot. The story was told in the first person from the hero's POV interspersed with diary entries which he w [...]

    19. So far, this is my favorite Charles Martin book. I saw the movie trailer, (which looks amazing!) and I had a recommendation from a friend to read this. If I could have, I would have read it in a couple of days. It's one of those books you can't wait to get home and crack open! Ben & Ashley are complete strangers who meet up at the airport. There is a snowstorm, and they're stranded. Ben is a surgeon trying to get home. Ashley is getting married the next day. They charter a small plane that g [...]

    20. by Andrea Renee CoxThere's a great story buried in the muck, I just know it. The Mountain Between Us had the potential to be amazing, but unfortunately, it fell way short of that mark for me. The content issues were atrocious, particularly for a Christian book or a book written by a Christian guy. They ruined the entire story for me, leaving me feeling filthy, when I was really hoping to love this book and discover a new author to enjoy. While I was being shocked by the content of this book, Eph [...]

    21. Three and a half stars.Adventure/ survival stories don’t usually impinge on my radar but I after having read another Charles Martin book and enjoying it and recommendations from others about this one, I decided to give it a go. The story concerns surgeon Ben Payne and Ashley Knox, a young magazine writer, who is flying back home to get married. When the plane crashes they are plunged into an unenviable situation, trying to keep themselves alive in mountainous snow covered terrain. To add to th [...]

    22. OMG! If I could give this book ten stars I would. I absolutely loved it!! It is now on my list of my most favorite books. You must read this!!

    23. Да, наистина се чете на един дъх. Интересна история , много добър ритъм и диалози.НоСега разбрах точно как бих определила автора - истински скаут, до степен на перфекционизъм. Тази книга може да се използва и като наръчник за оцеляване в извънредни условия. Както и предишната [...]

    24. I really enjoyed this book! I stayed up way too late reading just to see how it ended and it wasn't the ending I had expected at all. It was so emotional. I can't stop thinking about this story and the characters, I thought about it all day yesterday. Now I can't wait to see the movie!

    25. I had never heard of this book until I saw a trailer for the movie that will be out soon. The concept sounded interesting, so I put a copy on hold at the library. I picked it up this afternoon and started reading. I couldn't put it down until the last page! Great book!Ashley Knox and Ben Payne are both waiting for a plane out of Salt Lake City when an incoming snowstorm shuts the airport. Ashley needs to get home because she's getting married and Ben has surgeries to perform. Thinking a charter [...]

    26. You may know the storyline from trailers for the recent movie, starring Kate Winslet and Idris Elba, which looked very good to me. Dr. Ben Payne and Ashley Knox are stranded in Salt Lake City because of a storm. For no sensible reason, Ben has to get home, hires a private plane, and takes pity on Ashey, who actually has a reason to get home: her wedding. The small plane crashes, and it's a classic survival story. Ben is an athlete and outdoorsman, and needs his doctor skills because Ashley's leg [...]

    27. 4,5Há imensos livros com histórias de sobrevivência. Ultimamente recordo-me de dois: “A Vida de Pi” e “Sozinhos na Ilha”. O primeiro vale por não ser um mote para o enredo romântico, pelo contrário: é sobre o ser humano e o seu lado animal. Daí que seja, de longe, o meu favorito. Depois temos o livro da Tracy Garvis-Garves, em que um rapaz jovem e a suposta explicadora de verão se perdem numa ilha paradisíaca. Tem o seu quê de sexualidade e muito pouco de condições inóspita [...]

    28. This is one of those rare books I think I want to own in softcover, because I can imagine I'd loan it out to a wide variety of reading friends. I couldn't put this adventure down. I loved the survival aspect of it, complete with the Macgyver techniques to stay alive. I loved the romance aspect of it, which came together in a way I only saw coming toward the end, and it still provided an amazing twist. This one delved into the deep, complex love of marriage and family in a memorable new way. Exce [...]

    29. DNF @ 45% Oh man, where to begin.I wanted to read this book because I was really interested in the movie and as a general rule, I prefer to read something before watching the movie/tv adaptation. I like to imagine the places and the characters without having the forced visual input from the movies, and then I like to compare my version to the one on the screen.It usually works out well, but I really needn't have bothered in this case.I thought that I'm going to read an intense, suspenseful survi [...]

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