Miss Julia Paints the Town

Miss Julia Paints the Town The inimitable Miss Julia is back and ready for a fight in her latest rollicking adventure The sleepy town of Abbotsville is abuzz over the mayor s plans to replace the old courthouse with luxury reti

  • Title: Miss Julia Paints the Town
  • Author: Ann B. Ross
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The inimitable Miss Julia is back and ready for a fight in her latest rollicking adventure The sleepy town of Abbotsville is abuzz over the mayor s plans to replace the old courthouse with luxury retirement condos On top of that, several of the town s husbands seem to have flown the coop As usual, it falls to Miss Julia to save the day and the courthouse even if she hasThe inimitable Miss Julia is back and ready for a fight in her latest rollicking adventure The sleepy town of Abbotsville is abuzz over the mayor s plans to replace the old courthouse with luxury retirement condos On top of that, several of the town s husbands seem to have flown the coop As usual, it falls to Miss Julia to save the day and the courthouse even if she has to expose a few of the town s not so well kept secrets Fans simply can t get enough of Ann B Ross Her author events consistently draw crowds of readers craving another book featuring her feisty, white haired heroine Miss Julia Paints the Town is certain to satisfy their craving and draw new fans to this hilarious and heartwarming series.

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    1. I know these are not high literature, but I just love this series of books. The dialogue is wonderful, the characters are so rich and believable. Southern women being strong but also revealing inner fears - friendships and social mores and changing society are all in there.I appreciate the conciseness of the plot. The way we have rich background and an interesting setting without long sections devoted to building the background. It's just there in the lives and conversations.My mother is from th [...]

    2. Miss Julia Paints the Town by Ann B. Ross. Miss Julia knows how to size every situation up and does it in a hurry when it comes to any changes to her town. That's not all Julia is capable ofe knows how to express her feelings on every idea or insinuation that comes her way. That's what I love about Miss Julia.The person I must lift up and praise is the narrator for the Miss Julia seriesCynthia Darlow. Cynthia not only narrates the story, she brings each character to life and does it with perfect [...]

    3. Life continues to hold excitement in Abbotsville, NC in Miss Julia Paints the Town by Ann B. Ross. First, her friend's husband disappears with a lot of money that people have invested through him. As her friend mourns the loss of her husband, having given him up for loss, another man in the town disappears and then another. This keeps Sam, Miss Julia's retired lawyer husband, busy trying to represent the wives and find practicing lawyers for them to help the women out. Read the rest of this revi [...]

    4. I enjoy the old style southern influences in the text, such as "bumbershoot," umbrella!Miss Julia books are entertaining and move along at a gentle pace.

    5. Having been a fan of Miss Julila since the beginning of the series, I had become less than enthusiastic with the last book because the author had turned her into a worrisome, fretting, 'fraidy-cat, which was totally out of character with the original book. Well, in this book, she's back! This time, Miss Julia it taking on Arthur Kessler, a developer from New Jersey, who wants to tear down the old courthouse and erect an 8-story condominium complex for retired people, people who will move in from [...]

    6. Miss Julia defies type--whether she's skulking around in the middle of the night or putting one in their place with a look, she's always a hoot. The story of a northern (!) developer coming to Abbotsville to tear down the semi-historic courthouse for condos takes a backseat to the unusual absence of many of Miss Julia's friends husbands. The cast of characters has been refined throughout the stories, so not much time is wasted on explaining who people are and we get right into the meat of the st [...]

    7. Spent a hilarious day yesterday with the inimitable Miss Julia and her goodhearted yet quirky antics. Her indirect approach to stopping the old Abbottsville courthouse from being destroyed & replaced with an eight-story condo and her interactions with Abbottsville's exaggerated cast of friends and characters had me laughing aloud on more than one occasion. When I finish a "Miss Julia" book, it feels a little to quiet, as if I've been visiting family and have to leave them behind in order to [...]

    8. #9 in the Muss Julia light mystery series set in the small, somewhat rural town of Abbotsville 2 hours or so inland from Raleigh, North Carolina. This was a fun book to read.Guessing Miss Julia is in her 60's and a real whirlwind along with being a very proper Southern gentlewoman. Filled with interesting characters, humor and rapidly moving plot. The story has a little bit of everything as Miss Julia tries to save the town's old court house: unsavory developer, disappearing husbands, fraud, pos [...]

    9. Another jewel in the Miss Julia series. In this one, she tries to save the historic and beautiful, but unusable courthouse from demolition at the hands of a condo developer. Plus there's the business about husbands going missing around town.I enjoyed this book but detracted a star from my usual five rating because there wasn't enough explanation at the end to suit me. Nothing major, but I still had a few questions.Check out the audiobook for this one. Cynthia Darlow's impressions of Poochy and B [...]

    10. When I read the first of this series through a reading group at work, Miss Julia was quite stiff and unmovable from her limited view of the world. It was black and white, and she had difficulty accepting change of any kind. She was also in a loveless marriage and when she went to her pastor for guidance, he was not sympathetic to her new circumstances in life nor understanding of women in general. Well, the pastor hasn't changed, but Miss Julia sure has! Each tale is more enjoyable from the last [...]

    11. For a little old lady Miss Julia can sure stir up some trouble. She organizes the town to try to stop the courthouse from being torn down thinking it is an historical landmark. The antics she gets involved in to save the build are often scary and funny. Her poor husband!

    12. Sometimes you just want to read an enjoyable book that isn't dark. I keep the Miss Julia books for just those times. Sassy, funny, nostalgic- in a lovely Southern town. Miss Julia is a kick!Also, listened to the audiobook this time, and it added to it. Great performance!

    13. I picked this up from the library hoping it'd be about a plucky protagonist with a quirky attitude who would stop at nothing to save the day. Well, I was right, but not in the way I was expecting.I seem to have stumbled upon the ninth novel in a series of novels intended for an audience composed primarily of people who are not me. By which I mean, I didn't like this book all that much, but most of my objections are based on personal taste and not on the book itself. If you've enjoyed previous Mi [...]

    14. Three husbands are missing (not Sam) and a NJ developer wants to demolish the old courthouse and put up a multi-story condo complex. Julia is determined to stop him, and enlists the aid of newfound buddy Etta Mae to try. These plots tie together at a soirée designed to discourage the developer from investing in Abbotsville. The soirée comes off well — before it unravels, revealing what has been behind the disappearance of two of the three husbands and their connection to the developer. Hazel [...]

    15. Miss Julia is back for another madcap adventure! There’re many storms brewing in Abbotsville. The mayor is trying to sell the town’s historic courthouse to developers. That has her hackles standing up straight. Her friends, LuAnne’s, husband want to “find himself,” preferably alone, and Emma Sue’s husband is considering taking a preacher job in another town. Her friend, Helen’s, husband has run off with the investor’s money. And the worst crisis is that Sam may be consoling Helen [...]

    16. In Miss Julia Paints the Town, #9 by my count, Miss Julia and Etta Mae take on a stereotypically evil developer who wants to tear down the old, charming courthouse and build expensive condominiums, plus buy old family land from quaint elderly people and create a golf course. Somewhat beyond belief is her not telling Sam about the more dangerous aspects of this venture, mainly, climbing up to the top of the courthouse cupola in a rainstorm. She wrestles with and drags ladders and a statue. The ph [...]

    17. In this book we join Miss Julia fighting to keep the Courthouse from the hands of some developers who want to knock it down and build condos. There's never a dull moment in Abbotsville for some of the towns most prominent husbands have gone missing too, one of them with the investments of half the town. Miss Julia is kept busy trying to deter the developer with the help of Etta Mae, which has amusing results, whilst consoling her friends on the loss of their husbands and trying to keep up their [...]

    18. I absolutely love Miss Julia. She represents all the best about stereotypical southern mannerisms of "genteel white females". When annoyed she walks off, she is highly suspicious of an octogenarian stealing her "man", she will often "bless their hearts" when speaking disparaging of people and religion and "proper behavior" plays a huge role in her daily routines and behaviors.Miss Julia should run for President since she approaches things sideways, overlooks consciously the shortcomings of allie [...]

    19. The adventures of Miss Julia is captured by Ann B. Ross in this popular series. While this is not high literature, I thoroughly enjoy the situations that Miss Julia finds herself in. She is like a madcap Angela Lansbury careening through her small southern town trying to please everyone while dealing with her many personal crazy friends and relations. These are hilarious and often you can't put them down. I don't know why they never made this into a comedy series.I would recommend that you read [...]

    20. Miss Julia seems to always find an adventure in her small North Carolina town. In this latest book, Arthur Kessler, a New Jersey developer plans to tear down the town's "historic" courthouse. Miss Julia finds herself trying to make Kessler believe the town is too kooky for a new development center. Including her own "vision" of a water stain of Mary in a brick wall. Besides this, throw in three husbands in the town who have mysteriously disappeared. Of course, Miss Julia is in the middle of tryi [...]

    21. It's springtime in Abbotsvile and Miss Julia is busy being the good friend and citizen that she is. The new mayor wants to tear down the historic courthouse and sell the site to developers who want to build condos (condos!!!). Then there's the case of the missing husbands -- yes, more than one. Helen Stroud's husband has taken off with investors' money; Mildred Allen's husband has disappeared after a car wreck; LuAnne Conover's husband has left to "find himself"; and Emma Sue Ledbetter's husband [...]

    22. I love Miss Julia books and this was one of the funniest. We meet Etta May's Granny and she is hilarious. I loved it when she said that you could go to the Dollar Store and not get dressed up like you had to do when you went to WalMart. Miss Julia enlists Etta May's help again as she tries to save the court house from being turned into condos by, of all things, somebody from New Jersey. I met Ann Ross last spring and told her that I get depressed when I finish one of her books. I wish they would [...]

    23. This set of books has been one of just pure enjoyment. Light, cute, very Southern, and some darling strong personalities that are very enjoyable for me. This one is quite a hoot, and the tearing down of the courthouse with all it's problems, the political issues, and two old ladies climbing on top of the courthouse to retrieve "Lady Justice" and getting ready for the soiree is a lot of fun. So many people go missing or disappear, and the stories of their reappearance is fun too. Lots of gossip a [...]

    24. Another episode in the life of Miss Julia, a spirited Southern lady. This time, Miss Julia is trying, in vain, to save the old county courthouse from demolition. She does not want the planned new condos to go in its place! To do this, Miss Julia enlists her able partners-in-crime, Etta Mae and Hazel Marie, as well as Lillian and Little Lloyd, to show the developer how crazy the town is. She's easily helped by strange goings-ons of her friends' husbands, 3 of whom have mysteriously disappeared. A [...]

    25. I don't usually give Miss Julia books 4 stars - although I notice that I read them all - but I guess she's growing on me, and I got the humor of this one more. This story came between the last 2 I read, I think - definitely it filled a gap in the series. It also told us about how Hazel Marie and Mr. Pickens went to San Francisco, a fatal trip that is referred to in later stories.This one is mainly about how Miss Julie deals with a New Jersey developer who comes to town, but is also about how she [...]

    26. This is my second Miss Julia book, reading completely out of order. I listened to both on tape and find the reader is what makes the story delightful. I am able to believe all the nonsense in these stories because the reader makes me believe Miss Julia herself is telling me this story. I am not sure reading the book would give me the same satisfaction. I highly suggest the audio version of this series over the written word - something I almost never do. I am now listening to a third Miss Julia b [...]

    27. I was looking for some light reading & stumbled upon The Miss Julia series. I was not aware that I was reading book #9 of the series until I was well into the book. Never the less it proved to be easy to follow, light and most of all funny. The story revolves around several men in Abbotsville suddenly disappearing. About the same time a developer from New Jersey shows up wanting to tear down their old court house and build condos. Looking forward to going back & reading the series from t [...]

    28. I love the Miss Julia series of books. They aren't literary masterpieces but there are so many aspects about them that I enjoy---the characters, especially that of Miss Julia, the Southern dialogue, and the setting in North Carolina. It never fails to amuse and amaze me the predicaments that Miss Julia gets herself into and the risks she takes for a cause! Having lived in the South in the past for many years and driving through this part of North Carolina countless times, it brings back it to li [...]

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