On Mother's Lap

On Mother s Lap A little Inuit boy discovers there s room for himself and his baby sister on their mother s lap

  • Title: On Mother's Lap
  • Author: Ann Herbert Scott Glo Coalson
  • ISBN: 9780395629765
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Paperback
  • A little Inuit boy discovers there s room for himself and his baby sister on their mother s lap.

    One thought on “On Mother's Lap”

    1. First, let me note for those interested in the subject that this book shows babywearing on the cover.But that's really just a lagniappe in a good book.Michael is, as you can guess, sitting on his mother's lap, and he keeps getting down and fetching more and more of his special things to be with him. Eventually all this wakes his sister, and his mother goes to sit her on her lap as well, and he makes room and they snuggle together.The author doesn't patronize kids by carefully spelling out "Micha [...]

    2. Very sweet story of a mother's all encompassing love as shown through her lap where there is "always room." The illustrations are lovely. I like the interesting setting (an Inuit village) compared to many of this type of book. I also like that the little boy has a doll. A dear book!

    3. One of my favorites to use with my Mothers story time. This year I had all the mothers rocking their children along with the story. 5/4/11Used again this year and had many mothers rocking their babies in lap time. 5/8/13Used again for lap time and many mothers joined in. 5/6/14Used for Story Time for a Native American program. 11/14Used for my Mothers lap time and the mothers joined in rocking. 5/6/14Used for Story Time again and the day care got into rocking. 11/17/14A little long for the last [...]

    4. On Mother's Lap by Ann Herbert Scott and illustrated by Glo Coalson is a quiet story about a young child and their patient mother. They want to be rocked before bed and Mama is willing to rock them. pussrebootsir/blog/

    5. I think this is by far one of the cutest books I've read because it really showcases the love that a mother has for her children. I think that kids will like this book because it will remind them of their own parents and I think a lot of kids will be able to relate to it. I think this would be a good book to have in your classroom library as an option for kids to read.

    6. Back and forth. Back and forth. Very gentle story - can be used in lapsit with good movement direction from text.

    7. A simply, slow, there's always room for more love kind of story capturing a loving moment between mother and children while teaching her eldest not to fret, there is more than enough of mama's lap to go around.

    8. Could be good for bedtime, with the subdued colours and simple story. I feel like an opportunity for humour was kind of missed, cause to me the idea of piling a bunch of stuff on your mom's lap could be really funny? But I get that the idea here is that mom has enough love in her "lap" for everyone.

    9. This book involves a boy not willing to adjust to the new member of the family. The little boy does not believe there is room for his little sister on his mother's lap, and the book follows his journey to acceptance. This book relates to my topic of families, and it shows an accurate representation of Inuit culture as well as a single mother family structure. The genre of this book is Realistic Fiction and it is appropriate for children in Preschool to Kindergarten. The book did a pretty good jo [...]

    10. On Mother's Lap provides a realistic, multicultural, story of a single mother spending time with her children (and her son becoming accepting of his new baby sister). The story will be interesting to children because it can easily make a connection between the students and the time they like to spend with their parents, or others who may be in their household. The stories plot is not rich or variant, but it is very important to the story. The story, in my opinion, is definitely a quality book be [...]

    11. Summary: The furnishings are few in this chilly Eskimo dwelling, but when Michael jumps in Mother's lap, the love between them warms the room, as "back and forth, back and forth, they rock." Michael runs to get Dolly, then his carved boat, a reindeer blanket and even his puppy: the small rocking chair is full. When Baby cries, Mother insists there's room for her too, but Michael pouts and hides. All of them end up back in the chair, crowded but cozy; Michael admits, "It feels good." Pastels in e [...]

    12. This book tells a story of a mother rocking her toddler sons in the rocking chair. The mother and her sons are of the Eskimo culture. The big brother keeps on bringing different objects to his mother's lap and cuddling with the objects and his mother. The baby bother wants to join in on the love fest, so his mother picks the baby up while still keeping everything in her lap. At the end of the book the mother tells her sons," There will always be room in my lap for ya'll." I really liked this boo [...]

    13. Set in an Eskimo dwelling, On Mother's Lap is a story aboutn you guess? Yes you are right, a little boy sitting on his mother's lap. The little boy, Micheal, gets various toys and puts them on his mother's lap as well, but when Micheal's younger brother starts crying he says that there is not anymore room. The mother insists that there is always room on a mother's lap. I really think this is a nice story for a child to read with their mother at home, but not one that would be appropriate in a sc [...]

    14. All my children loved this book, and that's really saying something. I have it memorized. This is one of those great books where the page turns happen fast enough, even for the kid listening. The illustrations are beautiful and interesting, set in an Eskimo home. It works great for boys and girls. And, any kid with a younger sibling will especially enjoy it.Michael wants to rock on his mother's lap with his dolly, boat, and reindeer blanket. "Back and forth, back and forth they rocked."When baby [...]

    15. On Mother's Lap by Ann Herbert Scott, illustrated by Glo Coalson, is the story of a little Inuit boy, Michael, who discovers that there is room for himself and his baby sister on his mother's lap. Coalson's pastel illustrations work well in this simple, loving story of boy adjusting to a new baby in the home. Scott's simple words and sentences make this a good read aloud for mother and child.For ages 2 to 5, babies, siblings, family, mother-son, self-seteem, Inuit, and fans of Ann Herbert Scoot [...]

    16. I remember first coming across this story when I was looking for books about families having a new baby. This book has a sweet message about even though there is a new baby in the family, there is always enough room on mother's lap for all her children. I love the repetition of this book "back and forth, back and forth they rocked." My kids love moving back and forth was we read this. When my son was younger, it was a sweet rock back and forth. Now that the boys of 3 and 5, they like to be silly [...]

    17. This book relates to my topic on family.This book captures a realistic view of a single mother home. She has a new child and its hard for her little boy to adjust to this.He feels that there isn't enough room on his mother's lap but book shows is road to adjusting to sharing his mom.This book is appropriate for kindergarten and younger. This book meets tghe criteria for a quality picture book beqcause is interesting to children, it offers a variety of things to think about, question, or consider [...]

    18. On Mother's Lap is a story about a young boy named Michael who sits on his mothers lap and gathers all of his favorite items. Rocking back and forth, back and forth, the mother tells Michael that there is always enough room on Mother's lap, even for his younger sibling. As a teacher, I would not use this text in the classroom. I would not want to offend any of my students who are adopted or do not have parents. The illustrations in the sdents to focus on and feel a part of the story. This story [...]

    19. Age: PreschoolMedia: pencil and inkIllustrator Style: Large, simple pictures with plenty of white space for an early listener to focusWith Inuit characters, this universal storyline explores the loving embrace of a mother and how it may sometimes lead to jealousy and greed for the child. In the end, mother explains to the older brother that there is always room on mother’s lap for everyone—even baby brother—to sit.

    20. PB:30 On Mother's Lap. This book brings back great memories of snuggling with my Mom on her lap and to this day, I still snuggle close to my Mom because there is truly not a lot else like a mother's touch of love. The story was not that interesting but I am glad that Michael decided to let his sister snuggle too and being a good big brother. It teaches children to always share their mother's lap because there is always enough room on a Mommy's lap!

    21. I loved this book. I had an edition from 1972 and from 1992, and the illustrations have changed over the years, which was really interesting to see. The mother in the 1972 edition looked more like a grandmother, and she was more rotund than the 1992 edition. It was the same illustrator, but she modified the illustrations, adding color and a more contemporary look to the newer edition.

    22. While this book has since been updated with more colorful illustrations, I liked this version just fine. Using it for my Mother's Day storytime, I especially appreciated the fact that the characters were Eskimo. Diversity ROCKS! This is a sweet story that shows there is always room on a mother's lapd how very true that is.

    23. It was a pleasure to read as a nap time story. The illustrations depict the cozy Native American Inuit family in a way that makes me want to raise children in Alaska and be kind of poor, and a single mother. The writing is kind of cheesy and sentimental. I guess that is the point of the book though.

    24. In this book the reader observes as Michael, a young Inuit boy, learns his mother’s lap, like her love, is all encompassing and still feels good even when shared with his sister. Every reader can connect with this simple universal childhood experience. It is illustrated with loose earthy pastel sketches.

    25. This is a great book for children who are adjusting to having a new child in the home. It is repetitive and easy for children to follow. It shows the bond between a mother and her son. The only down side is, I wish the illustrations were a little better and catch children eyes a little more. Other than that it was a great book.

    26. This is a caring and loving book for children ages 3-10. The little boy's favorite spot in the world is on mommy's lap and not even baby sister can fit. He soon finds that there's "always room" for the both of them. Great family story and lessons of love, acceptance, and sharing. This can also be used to prepare a child for a new baby in the family.

    27. A cute story with soft images. The theme that there is always room on mother's lap is reassuring for children since it, quite transparently, implies they will always have room in their mother's heart and life. A beautiful and moving little book.

    28. "There's always room on Mother's lap", a wonderful moral to help teach security and love. The artist's renderings of Michael, his mother, and all the things that accumulate on Mother's lap are simply gorgeous.Very sweet book.

    29. When I read this book my first thought was Mothers are always so giving and so selfless! This is a good book to read for the child who is about to have a sibling. Good bedtime book with great illustrations.

    30. This is a book about a little Inuit boy sharing some time on his mother's lap. He discovers that he is able to be with his mom and his sibling. The illustrations depict the Inuit lifestyle. It is a good way to have a discussion about what kind of culture this character lives in.

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