Alligator Arrived With Apples: A Potluck Alphabet Feast

Alligator Arrived With Apples A Potluck Alphabet Feast There s going to be a feast And everyone is here with food from A to Z There is Elderberry Elixir from Elephant and Mocha Mousse made by Mouse By the time Zebra Zips in with his Zaftig Zucchini there

  • Title: Alligator Arrived With Apples: A Potluck Alphabet Feast
  • Author: Crescent Dragonwagon
  • ISBN: 9780689716133
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Paperback
  • There s going to be a feast And everyone is here with food from A to Z There is Elderberry Elixir from Elephant and Mocha Mousse made by Mouse By the time Zebra Zips in with his Zaftig Zucchini, there will be enough food to feed a zoo So come and join the party and don t forget your appetite

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    1. SummaryThis book starts from a-z naming the different type of food that the animals are getting ready to eat for their potluck. Most of the animals comes from different types of cultures and are identify. The food and the animals are in a-z order. ResponseI like how this book helps students learn different types of food from a-z. I rate this four, because I see that there are some difficulty that can arise when a child is reading this. It’s an alphabet book which helps student learn their alph [...]

    2. Crescent Dragonwagon presents a delightfully fun Thanksgiving feast, delivered by animals A to Z. For each letter of the alphabet, one animal joins the feast bearing an appropriate contribution, and the verb designating its delivery also matches the letter. Most of the foods are fairly traditional for this time of year ("Cat Came with Cranberry Compote and Cherry Cobbler") but some are pretty unusual ("Koala Kicked in Kale, Kohlrabi, and Kasha"). All the food seems to be vegetarian, except maybe [...]

    3. It's difficult to write a good alphabet book -- I mean, really, how many words start with the letter x? This book gives it a good try, but it falls a little short. I like the idea of all kinds of animals getting together for a Thanksgiving feast, each one bringing something. It just doesn't have that x-factor.

    4. This book does a great job of first sound isolation. This allows children to have extra practice with the alphabet and the different sounds that the letters make. This would be great for a kindergarten class learning their ABC's. This could also be read around Thanksgiving to lead into other Thanksgiving based lessons.

    5. I really like that this book is about the coming together of a diverse group of animals to share a meal together. It reminds me a lot of partaking in communion at church. This is another book where I wish the illustrations were better, but I like the communion aspect of it enough to give it five stars anyway.

    6. I don't think they listened to the actual story much, but the kindergartners really enjoyed shouting out the letters of the alphabet and telling me other words they know that begin with their letters, especially when it was their names. I didn't love it, but we don't have many age-appropriate Thanksgiving stories in our library, so I had to make do.

    7. A playful look at the ABCs, I picked this one up after organizing the ABC section at work and noticed the author's name and the fact that it was illustrated by my favorite illustrators from when I was a kid, Aruego and Dewey.

    8. This is another ABC book with interesting vocabulary. A zoo full of animals gather with alphabetic food. Some of the words will be unfamiliar to the reader as well as the kids so a pre-read will be helpful. Z zebra comes with a zaftig zucchini - zaftig is a yiddish word for plump.

    9. This book is about a feast to which all animals are invited, and they each have to bring dish. It goes from A to Z with animal names and food names. Some of the food names were a stretch, and there were some that younger children have probably never heard of. This was not my most favorite story.

    10. Good read aloud book for preschool-1st grade. Can be used to teach letter, alpahbet, alliteration, foods, animals, or thanksgiving as long as that is what the class celebrates. Must use caution when teaching about thanksgiving since that is what the book illustrates.

    11. An alphabet book for young readers shouldn't be as wordy as this. I liked the idea behind story, a group of animal friends bring food from every letter of the alphabet to share at a Thanksgiving Feast, however I was ready for the book to be done long before the letter Z.

    12. Crescent Dragonwagon is possibly the most awesome name ever. My son read this to me when he was seven, and instead of saying 'Parrot', he said 'pah-root-to' we still tease him about that, especially when he brags about how smart he is. I'm a bad mother.

    13. Pulled this for a kindergarten Thanksgiving visit. Tried to tie it in a little more saying how some people spend Thanksgiving with friends. 11/20/13Used with a PreK 4 for outreach. Was a little long for the 4th book.

    14. It was a creative alphabet book. Every page says of someone bringing something that starts with that letter of the alphabet from A to Z and at the end all the friends have a wonderful dinner together

    15. Very good for teaching the alphabet and letter sounds. I liked the idea that each ingredient was a different letter. Colorful illustrations as well!

    16. Animals in alphabetical order bring food in alphabetical order for Thanksgiving. Very clever but some words maybe too complicated even for preschoolers.

    17. A good choice for a Thanksgiving read aloud! End with the students creating their own alliterations of their first name and the food they will bring to a Thanksgiving feast!

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